Human Technosphere – Fast Passenger Ferries and Freighters

Human Technosphere – Fast Passenger Ferries and Freighters

Human Technosphere – Fast Passenger Ferries and freighters

Everything about human life revolves around the world of biosphere or environement we inherited and the technosphere we build out of pressure , demand , facilitation and quest for hapiness , speed, comfort– under technosphere, I will discuss about transportation of people by water and of course environmental issue that surround it which i will discuss later are very important and it involve hot issues surounded by tough regulation — why ? Because human life is important from the perspective of fact that the creation of human itself is a big thing and we must not take chance to loose life nor render one into lost- and also , mankind, being God~s ambasador on the planet , must equally take care of other things that has been existing on earthbefore we inherited it . Lets have a look at passenger ferries!!

Early vessels qualified to be called fast ferries if they exceeded 25 knots. International Maritime Organization(IMO) mandate that PASSENGER vessel carrying more than 12 passengers on international voyages to comply with IMO regulations.

Trend-Early ferries and development

-Fast ferries have started seeing years of glamour since 1950 . In 1960 the early craft being mainly surface piercing hydrofoils and hovercraft.

-The modern catamaran passenger ferry first appeared in Norway 1970 .

-Early vessels qualified to be called fast ferries if they exceeded 25 knots with a goal of achieving, perhaps, 30 knots. Speeds quickly rose to 30 knots, but 40 knots seemed to present a natural barrier .

-The market continues to be dominated by Catamaran development , as a vessel which could give high speeds, coupled with stability, good sea keeping and simplicity.

-Car and Passenger Ferries Very fast car ferries have been with us since 30 years ago when British Hovercraft Corporation introduced 50 knot onto the English Channel.Although, still in operation, high manufacturing costs have limited further applications of this technology.

-A recent design study examined the carriage of cars and passengers from Scotland directly to the European continent thus bypassing the congested English motorway network .The route length is approximately 400 miles and this can be achieved in 10 hours at a cruising speed of 40 knots.Vessels of this type would certainly have to meet the requirements of the IMO High Speed Craft Code which preclude the use of closed cabin accommodation.

Passengers would have to be accommodated in aircraft style seating.bellow is Stella Queen- one of early modern ferries.

Trend continue

– there was change in design and speed revolution Throughout 80’s most new passenger ferries were built for speeds in the range 35-40 knots .

-The 90’s have brought a resurgence in the quest for higher speeds with the title “Fastest Ferry in the World” changing hands several times a year! Previously unheard of speeds are now being seriously contemplated.

-In this Millennium, there is a real acceptance by operators that radical changes are possible and desirable. Exemple of new generation fast ferries pentamaran is shown below:


-There is strong and continuing market for fast vehicle and passenger ferries. There is currently a market for 30 vessels per year having an average value of US million representing a total annual sales potential of US.5 billion.

-90% of these vessels are currently built by only 6 shipyards, mainly in Australia and Europe, but recently joined by Catamaran Ferries International in Canada.

-Today, 650 catamaran vessels have been built and annual deliveries have stabilised at around 40 vessels per year. Total high speed passenger vessels of all hull forms now operating exceed 1300 .Now there are very large examples in operation including the Stena in Europe.

-Speeds have increased to a staggering 60 knots achieved by Luciano Frederico L operated by Buquebus.

lets look at some of the modern fast ferries design and technology:

1-Patricia Olivia sea trial at 55 knot

-The fastest passenger only carrying vessel in the world is the Patricia Olivia II, owned by South-American operator Buquebus and built by Derecktor Shipyards in New York state.

-The vessel on trials in December 1998, when it achieved a maximum speed of 57 knots and a fully loaded speed of 53 knots. The speeds were achieved safely and comfortably and with noise levels in the main passenger saloon of around 70dB(A).

-The vessel is in daily service on the River Plate between Argentina and Uruguay. This high top speed will certainly be eclipsed in the near future by vessels exceeding 60 knots as operators demand higher speeds on longer haul routes to compete with local airlines.

2-passenger ferries-Pentameran

-Pentamaran is a long slender monohull stabilised by sponsons port and starboard. The vessel is essentially a single catamaran hull stabilised by the low drag slender sponsons.

-The hull form solves the problem of the high wave-making drag encountered by shorter, fatter monohulls and significantly reduces the frictional drag suffered by twin hull catamarans.

-The very high efficiency of this hull form allows this vessel to be built in steel and propelled by medium speed diesels and still compete with lightweight aluminium catamarans and monohulls propelled by high speed diesels or perhaps gas turbinessee typical general arangemen bellow.

A particular variant of this hull form is the ultra high speed passenger vessel and one of these has been developed for SeaConn of the United States .This vessel is designed to carry commuters from Long island Sound into Manhattan .The question arises as to whether the travelling public will be prepared to spend 10 hours, on day or overnight crossings with only a seat (albeit a very comfortable one) and not a bunk and cabin

3-High speed freighter-Fast ship

-The increase in speed of the sea freight to 40 knots represents only 4% of the speed increase by sending cargo by air freight It seems unlikely that a 200-300% in freight rate could be justified.

-International container operator Norasia of Switzerland has determined a set of requirements for a high speed freighter which could trade profitably within current freight rate structures.super feeder/fast liner container ships building for Norasia in Germany and China. -The first 5 ships are in operation and the first of class completed its maiden voyage from Zebrugge in Belgium to Montreal in Canada at a record speed for the route, averaging 26.15 knots.

4-Transatlantic ultra high-speed freighter

Halter Marine invested in R&D to explore 60 knot, 4000 tonne transatlantic freighter There are obvious applications for this type of craft for military sealift commands both in America and Europe.

Transtlantic ultra high speed freighter

The future ship of 12000 tonnes of containerised cargo at 40 knots vessel can use medium speed diesel engines burning low cost heavy fuel –With fuel economy trade off. specialised cargoes like Vehicles, electronics, pharmaceuticals, Fedex packages etc would benefit from a higher speed freight service .

More on future

Because of good speed, trends in recent days have seen enquiries from owners for passenger and car ferries capable of speeds between 75 and 100 knots are increasing in frequency.

-The technology for such ferries certainly exists and the limiting factors will be safety, economy and comfort.

-Beyond 100 knots becomes more difficult to forecast, since at these speeds the possibilities for aerodynamic lift is such that “marine” vessels will undoubtedly be lifted far enough out of the water/air interface to be considered as true marine/aero hybrids.

-Where will these development go in the future? If a 75 knot ship is at the design stage, why not 100 knots?

-As speeds approach 100 knots designers will have to pay far more attention to the aerodynamics of the structures they are designing. Aerodynamic drag and noise will become very important and designs will have to be routinely wind tunnel tested.

-The possibilities for aerodynamic lift at these speeds are significant and multi-hull vessels operating at 100 knots will undoubtedly be able to benefit from surface effect and will probably become a hybrid between a semiplaning multi-hull and a low flying wing-in-ground (WIG) effect machine.

-Fast ferries are more profitable than their slower steel predecessorss true that fuel costs are very much higher for fast vessels the total operational costs are still lower. below is exemple of pentamaran container ship in the making .

-This, coupled with the fact that an operator may be able to charge a small premium for the high speed transit makes high speed ferries much more profitable than their slower steel predecessors.Top speed of 70 knots and a cruising speed of 65 knots. Tank tests have established the feasibility of achieving this economically and comfortably.

-Whilst it is true that fuel costs are very much higher for fast vessels the total operational costs are still lower.

-10 years ago the suggestion that car ferries would have top speeds exceeding 60 knots would surely have been disbelieved. However, the 1990`s have seen 60 knot car ferry is a reality, and some 50 other car ferries are capable of speeds in excess of 40 knots.

-Isn’t it true that only 10 years ago, the suggestion that there would be 40 knot ferries carrying not only passengers but also cars would have been treated with derision.

-Nearly 1000 Ro-pax vessels world wide could be replaced with fast car ferries , but operators are resistant to the new technology because of concerns over materials, machinery and safety. Designs which can address these fears are likely to be the more successful in the coming decade.

-The modern car and passenger ferry was introduced by International Catamarans in 1990.

-There are now in excess of 100 large fast car carrying vessels in operation and a large number on order.Sizes and speeds of vessels have steadily increased since 1990.

-The trend aslo proved the fact that vessel can undertake relatively long voyages at high speed.

-There has been proposals and predictions for future fast freight vessels and services.No significant new fast freight operation has been established.

-?market could be led by the supply side at least in the short term. The argument from the design and build community is that coastal and short sea freight routes could be served by modifications .

-There is suggestion regarding modifying existing high speed car and passenger ferries and removing of passenger saloons and car decks (and all their safety and comfort features) could provide a good platform for carriage of pure freight.

lets look at main driving factors:

-Economic factors

-fast car market are very different from those in the short sea freight market, platform costs for the small freight carrier are greater than their simple slow conventional counterparts which is the opposite of the situation with the fast car ferries, although fuel costs are up crew costs remain approximately constant.

-For high speed freighter,The increase in speed of the sea freight to 40 knots represents only 4% of the speed increase by sending cargo by air freight It seems unlikely that a 200-300% in freight rate could be justified. Let shave alook at some of the impact areas. See ecoonomics sumMary bellow.

The above figure show a decade wide projection for demand and possible solution

– Efficiency

-It is also clear that a transport efficiency 3-4 times that offered by current designs is required and a fuel cost efficiency of 6-10 times that currently proposed. Bellow is a result of efficiency analsyis.

This figure show the red line show efficiency line of now, what efficiency can be attained with putting pentamaran in service.

-Freight rate

These vessels are more costly than conventional freight vessels in a business where freight rates are extremely low Freight rates for containerised or palletised cargo are only a fraction of those chargeable to passengers/cars and their occupants.

-For short sea freight, rates would need to rise by a factor of between 2 and 3 for a 40-45 knot vessel to be economically viable.

-Freight rate could be justified on the basis of the higher speed offered and the very high cost of air freight at about 10 x existing sea freight. Bellow is sumary of freught analysis.

This shoe freight comparation with air travel


-Fuel costs, because it drive maning issues in movin gthe ship , fuel cost per tonne of cargo carried are approximately one sixth of those of Fastship and construction costs for this vessel have been estimated by European shipyards as approximately US million which is one third of the published cost of Fastship.

Future market

-Current fast vessel market demand and finance are available for significant advances over a wide range of vessel sizes.

-The challenge to the design and build community is to produce economic, safe and comfortable vessels which can meet these market requirements.

-One of several solutions to this design problem is the Pentamaran car ferry.


-Examination of the route shown has indicated that at a sustained speed of 40 knots is easily possible and that comfort standards comparable with highway luxury coaches can be achieved on almost all occasions.

-Fast car/passenger ferry will be weight limited and not volume limited and so passenger accommodation can and will be very spacious. A

-ll passengers can be offered at least “Club Class” seat spacing and the ability to move to restaurants, bars or promenade.bellow is result of routing analysis performed.

Well, are people oing to be comfortable with new high speed any other factors- of even enclosed ship . The red and blue lines show , the boundaries from test drives.

Market Driven Force

-The long track record of over 1000 vessels built for what are now regarded as relatively modest top speeds in the region of 35 knots, has indicated that fast ferries are safe and very much in demand.

– This solid base of an established industry has encouraged leading operators to pursue higher speeds.

-A strong existing market has encouraged manufacturers, particularly for machinery and propulsions to produce ever more compact and efficient packages capable of delivery the power to weight ratios needed to push speeds up. This is particularly evident in the recent widespread application of gas turbines, to passenger and Ro-pax vessels.

-Vessels are general getting bigger as the technology matures. So far , The economic top speed of larger ferries is higher than for smaller vessels.

As you can see, trends shown that fast ferry growing speed can be sustained in proportion and compensation with length of the route.The passenger ferry market is dominated by catamarans. Since 1960, vessel sizes and speeds have steadily increased.Fast ferries are trying to compete with other forms of transport, notably short haul aircraft.For the very strong reason that these high speed Ro-pax vessels are actually cheaper to operate than their conventional counterparts. This is because vessel purchase costs for a given work capacity are lower than for conventional vessels and crew costs are a fraction of those for the larger slower vessels with their high hotel and catering requirements.Dramatically increased ferry top speeds and a steady increase in vessel size. Large vessels moving at very high speeds raise further issues of safety, environmental impact, comfort and powering which must be carefully addressed as the industry progresses into the future.

Precise predictions are always dangerous. In 1960 a long and illustrious future for hydrofoils and hovercraft was predicted. In the 80’s a speed limit of 40 knots was widely accepted. More recently the widespread introduction of gas turbines to marine vehicles was believed very unlikely. All of these predictions have beenproved wrong and it would be a brave person who would try and pick precise solutions for the next 10 years. One thing, however, seems certain; the demand for higher speed vessels carrying more payload on longer routes will increase and the winners will be those who can achieve this with economy, safety and comfort.

I believes that these potential limits will certainly not stop developments and that 70-75 knot ferries will be in operation and speeds up to 100 knots during the next decade. Such vessels will have most of the benefits of the low drag experienced by Wing In Ground (WIG) vessel, but with the advantage of being able to use marine propulsion engine and having the enhanced control ability implied by having control surface and propeler elements permanently in the water. The million dolar questionis that speed is about safety. Can these vessel meet safety requirement for stoping and maneuvering in port , even at high sea.However on a more ffrank note , shipping industry is the most regulated industry and many proceedure has been in place towards acheiveing their motion of SAFER SEA, CLEANER OCEAN. In addition to all these because of issue of green house gases and other environmental calculous isssue that iscurrenty nurning , there is likely to be need for use of fast freeries and freighter-we wil be discuss focus are on this another time.

My question- do you think ship can compete with aircraft in the near future? How near ?What do you think about safety? Do you think it will be econimical for all and make the world transportation revolutionary better?

And remeber that “The aim of education is the knowledge not of fact, but of values” Dean William R. Inge

marine engineer

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Simple Steps to Make Your Own Perfume

Simple Steps to Make Your Own Perfume

Did you ever think to make your own perfume? If no, then you need to know that it is very simple to make perfume at home on your own. You could make it for yourself, give as gift to your loved ones or even start your own business. It is possible to make perfumes at home using natural materials. It will even save your expenses of buying a perfume from outside. Perfumes are very expensive. In addition, it is a joyful experience to create your own perfume as well.

Different tastes for different people: People have different tastes regarding aroma and fragrance. Some choose a perfume to display their style or character. Some prefer sweet notes, others like warm fragrances. Some choose woody smells and others go in for floral and spicy tones. If you make your own perfume, you can control the fragrance depending on your liking and you can even brand them by your name.

Basic Equipment needed: You will need some basic equipment like glass bowls with covers, bottles for storing the perfume, test tubes and some clean jars that have lids. Glass is a good raw material to create perfumes, as it does not have a reaction with essential oils. Metals and plastics react with the oils and so they are not feasible. Every perfume will need completely clean and fresh containers. Apart from bowls and jars, you will need a funnel to fill the bottles, coffee filter paper or muslin to strain the infusions. You need a small pipette to add liquids in small quantities too.

Basic Formula: The basic formula to create a perfume is to combine 15% fragrance oil with 5% water and 75% spirit. You could use whisky, brandy, vodka or any alcoholic drinks for the spirit. Take extra care to put the fragrant oil, as it is the most significant part of perfume making. Even one excess drop could ruin your perfume concoction. You can buy these oils from the unlimited fragrance oils present in the market. This forms the basic formula to make your own perfume.

Adding plant oils unlike the ready made ones that make use of animal and plant oils creates homemade perfumes. These oils are not very expensive and are easily available in the market.

Notes in a perfume: When you are making your own perfume, remember that there are three kinds of notes – base note, middle note and the top note. These notes differ depending on the lasting effect of the scent on the skin. The base notes last as high as eight hours on the body. Normally cinnamon patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla and cedar wood are materials for making base note. Middle notes include geranium, ylang-ylang, bottle nutmeg and neroli. You create top notes by essential oils like lavender and bergamot. Then there is something known as a bridge note that binds the various scents together and creates the fragrance of the perfume. Lemongrass, litsea cubeba and lavender are a few examples of bridge note.

Procedure: When you are making the perfume, you will have to mix a few drops of all these oils together in a test tube to check the smell and add the alcohol. Just by sniffing, you cannot test the perfume. You will have to apply a small amount on your skin to find if there is any adverse effect or reaction on the skin. If it is all right, then you will have to place the test tube covered in a cool place for about two days and then mix with water. Then you have to pass this from a coffee filter. The last step to make your own perfume is to bottle your finished product in a spray bottle that is preferably dark in color.

G. Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from make own perfume to professional basketball. Thanks for reading!

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From the record “a doll in pieces” *2006 Quito – Ecuador* (drum machine, distortions, EQ, delay, flanger, microphone, glass, plastic earthenware jars, metal plates and plastic bags) Photograph courtesy by: Andrés Gómez – Argentine
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Benefits of Using Plastic Packaging Materials For Every Delivery You Send

Benefits of Using Plastic Packaging Materials For Every Delivery You Send

Amongst all of the packaging materials accessible available in the market, plastic packaging materials are among the most widely used of them all. This is due to numerous causes, probably the most outstanding one being their durability. Plastic packaging materials are recognized to final a protracted time. They are guaranteed to have the ability to face up to massive quantities of stress and strain which is why it’s ideal for almost all heavy responsibility purposes.
One other thing is that plastic packaging materials have the ability to withstand harsh temperatures like intense heat and cold. This makes it perfect for packing food products and conserving them for storage. Even if you take them with you once you journey, your plastic packaging will likely be sure to be able to withstand any conditions.
In addition to this, plastic packaging materials are sometimes proof against water, making them ideally suited for retaining important documents. People would often keep their office papers and essential information inside plastic packaging materials and keep them in a safe location. One really by no means knows when a disaster would possibly hit. Flood and rain is usually the principle culprits of causing vital papers to get wet.
Its durability additionally comes in handy for buying and groceries. Its durable materials can handle even the hardest tin cans and bottles. Plastic packaging materials will never break and trigger your merchandise to fall apart.
Most of all, plastic packaging materials are very handy to use. You may pull one out of your storage and put your things inside it without any hassles. Along with this, you possibly can reuse them time and again for different purposes. Plastic packaging materials are very recyclable.
You should also needless to say plastic packaging materials must be disposed of properly they’re now not needed. Since supplies resembling this decompose very slowly, you must ensure that to eliminate them within the correct manner.
Shameka N. Bochner

If you would like more information in regard to Plastic Packaging Materials, swing by the Writer’s web site unhesitatingly.

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A Powerseller’s Guide to Ebay Ad Design

A Powerseller’s Guide to Ebay Ad Design

Have you ever wondered how people reach Powerseller status and manage to keep it by sustaining their business over the long term? In simpler terms; how people consistently turn self-sustaining profits on eBay?

There are of course, the obvious factors; find a reliable supplier that can offer competitive prices (lower than those of your competitors), find a market that isn’t overly saturated with sellers and ideally flooded with interested buyers willing to pay good money for your intended product, gain as much exposure as possible for your auction item, as well as making your advertisement as attractive as possible so as to tempt the highest possible bidder. These factors are but a few in the infinite factors affecting how potentially successful you can be selling on eBay, and whilst we could talk for days discussing the ins and outs of the online trading business, this piece will focus on just two; i) How to develop an attractive advertisement geared to tempt the highest possible bidder, and ii) How to gain maximum exposure for your online auction through keywords, search strings and Boolean terms in listing titles.

Whilst the following tips could prove useful to almost every level of eBay seller out there, for the purposes of this piece we will assume that the reader has a limited advertising budget, seeks to employ a value for money approach to online auction trading, and above all has a willingness to learn and adapt new business practices to their current or intended operations.

1. Advertisement Design

Regardless of whether you are using a turbo-lister application for your advertisement design, confident in html coding or web page design using a what-you-see-is-what-you get application like Dreamweaver or similar, or whether you are just now using (or thinking of using) an online trading site like eBay for the first time, the proceeding points and theories can be useful to you. As we go through the points please note that there are an infinite number of variations for the final advertisement but the one described and pictured has been proven by ourselves to be effective in achieving notably better results over competitors averaged over numerous product types, categories and auction times.

When building your template the goal should be consistency. This template will become the standard used for all of your products, and whilst they will undoubtedly vary over various product types and evolve over time it will be the standard all the same. The template will be your calling card so to speak; a way for shoppers to identify you and your (hopefully) successful business in an instant – giving them the confidence that your business is (or will soon be) famous for. There is no point wasting time convincing every shopper for the first time that they should trust your business, especially if they have already happily purchased from you in the past. This is called branding.

Next, create even just a simple logo for your trading name to give a named identity for your brand. It’s easy if you use your seller username as buyers will instantly make the connection between your advertisement and your seller profile. That, and you are guaranteed to have a unique name specific to that auction site. Even if you are not running a fully-fledged business and simply selling some of your old effects here and there for pocket money the branding and logo creation you implement will pay dividends down the road. Please note that trading name laws vary from country to country so please check with the appropriate authorities for precise information.

When designing logos don’t be worried if you don’t hold a graphic design degree, you only need something distinguishable as yours. For example, if your username is larryjones64, then a simple LJ64 in ‘Franklin Gothic Medium’ in a chosen color might suffice.

You need next to decide on your color scheme. Again, if you are not that way inclined color schemes are readily available via a simple google search. The goal here is to use only a few matching yet distinguishable colors to use for your i) theme colors, ii) font colors, and iii) miscellaneous sections. You should base your color scheme on the types of products you sell as well as your personal preference. For instance if you are promoting cosmetics made from 100% natural products you might opt for an earthy and green color scheme or even a pink color scheme depending on your target market. These colors however might not be as suitable for an electronics company aiming to capture the attention of bargain hunting males between the ages of 16 and 22 years old. Regardless of your choice of scheme you’re the one that should be happy with it as your standard color scheme for all of your advertisements to come.

Now that you have decided on your color scheme you must now decide on your font. Typically, your font should be clear and easy to read. Since Arial is the most common and easily legible font available on the internet currently, we will use it here. You should use this font for all of your advertisement text spread across only a small number of sizes. By limiting the variation of font size and color you will better be able to direct the viewing of the potential buyer, making sure they receive the important information as required.

We will now separate our developing advertisement into 5 sections. One for the header, another for the product picture, the next for the item description and information, followed by the shipping, payment and warranty block, and finally the terms & conditions section.

You can see through the image outline ( how the advertisement will be sectioned. As per our earlier larryjones64 example a blue, white and grey color scheme has been chosen to sell his range of consumer electronics and miscellaneous personal effects. The colors have been dispersed over the section so that they are clearly defined for the viewer.

Section 1

A simple image editing program has been used to place the logo created earlier on a blue background. This has been saved in a web friendly format and will appear as our calling card at the top of all of our advertisements for larryjones64.

Section 2

The white space here provides room for our product picture. In this case it will be of a watch he plans to sell in his online auction. Use this space to let your potential buyer know exactly what they will be bidding on. It’s the first product image they will see after clicking on the search listing item; make it count.

Section 3

This is the information section. It’s where you will highlight the strong points of your product, hopefully convincing the viewer to make a bid. Be careful here not to bore the viewer with paragraphs of product information. In the case of many niche products, your viewer will already know what they are looking at. It is more important to describe the product condition and package inclusions so that the bidder knows exactly what they’re bidding on. Detailed pictures are a great way to tempt that potential bidder. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more true. These days with free image hosting sites such as it has never been easier to make your advertisement hosted-image friendly.

Section 4

Whilst your auction listing may provide the appropriate space for postage costs, we’ve found it quite useful to display specifics within the bulk of the advertisement itself. The same applies for payment methods. What better way to remind your potential bidder that you accept a bank deposit from their favorite bank as well as their credit card. Any warranty offered with your product should also be listed here. Again, let the bidder know exactly what they’re bidding on.

Section 5

Finally, we list the terms and conditions for your auction. Use this space to further elaborate on your warranty statement in the previous section, as well as your postage time disclaimers and any other liability disclaimers you may with to include should an unfortunate occasion arise, even if only a typographical error. The key here is to include what you know. If you are not sure about something it is better to omit it rather than look foolish contradicting yourself. For certainty, consult the necessary authority on your subject in question.

Ok, so there you have it. Your advertisement is now designed and you have a template calling card that your current and future clients will recognize your good business through. (A copy of this demonstration template can be downloaded at and is free for you to modify and use for your own advertisements).

2. Keyword Success

The most obvious and often most underestimated source of online auction success is the auction title; what good is the most attractive advertisement in the world at the world’s best bargain if no one gets to see it?

There are several options for highlighted listings, bold listings, super bold listings, stroked listings – all of which require varying degrees of payments. As mentioned at the beginning of the piece we are looking for the best value for money, which in our opinion is the regular auction listing with a small standard gallery picture. This is the most common (and package-wise, cheapest) form of auction listing and thus a perfect way to measure the success of our listing.

Now most (if not all) auction sites will only give you a capped number of characters for your title so it is important to use this space as best you can. Based on eBay’s 55 characters main titles limit the first way to attract attention is by printing the entire title in capital letters. In a sea of lower cased rambling the capitalized title is quite effective. Next are the words in the title. You must find the balance between communicating to the buyer as efficiently and accurately as possible your item as well as making use of keywords that might increase the exposure of your advertisement.

Take the example below:

Nokia N95 great condition plus leather case charger box

Whilst it may appear to accurately describe the product in question as well as use the entire 55 character allocation it wastes precious character space and words that should be saved for the advertisement itself. It is quite possible for you to achieve a number of advertisement views or hits from people searching Nokia, N95 and several others from those searching case, charger, and box. Those searching for the latter group are unlikely to pay for a 0 item when they were only looking for a item in the first place.

Take the next example:


In comparing the two the second example jumps at you from the page simply because of the capital letters. Most buyers of cell phones need to know first up if it is unlocked, as in most cases they already have a SIM card. By highlighting the important attributes of the item like GPS and camera you are also exposing your advertisement to potential buyers of GPS units as well as those searching cameras. Unlike the first example, GPS units and cameras are quite often priced similarly to high end cell phones so it is not completely out of the question that the phone could be purchased by those searching these items as well. Please beware that eBay and other auction sites have policies in place forbidding the use of title keywords in an attempt to gain exposure if the keyword doesn’t directly relate to the item for sale. This means that inserting the keyword iPod Nano or Motorola Samsung into the title simply to gain extra exposure across various categories is illegal – and will cause your listing to be removed and possibly have your account suspended. In the end, it pays to know your product and your target audience as well as the rules of the auction site you are using (or intending to use).

You may be thinking that the points you have just read are completely commonsensical and that anyone would be able to figure them out – and this is 100% true. The preceding approaches to online auction trade do not require any specialization in design or trade, but require only that people think as they approach this field. We cannot guarantee success for every application of our theories into your trading practices, but based on our averaged results they have worked in achieving the desired results.

MoshenARTE are the Global Product Sourcing Experts! Specializing in wholesale and drop shipping trade. For more information, visit

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What a Changing Savings and Export Rate Tell Us

What a Changing Savings and Export Rate Tell Us

What can we learn from the insight that the U.S. consumer is saving more and Chinese exports are falling? The chart below from Bloomberg has an interesting story to tell. The yellow line represents the falling growth rate of Chinese exports vs. last year. The white line shows the rising savings rate of the U.S. consumer.

As the global recession reached its depths, China’s export growth fell, going negative at the end of 2008. This should be no surprise as U.S. consumers were buying much of China’s exports. As the recession wore on consumers curtailed their purchases causing the Chinese to cut their exports. As China’s exports fall, it is forcing the country to find new ways to help their economy grow.

To replace export growth, China has turned to expanding bank lending as a part of their stimulus package. Professor Michael Pettis from Peking University writes a blog titled Chinese Financial Markets. In his June 30th and July 8th entries, he discusses the dramatic expansion of bank lending in China. I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the Chinese financial system to ready Michael’s blog. In June, new loans in China leapt more than 150% from May according to Professor Pettis.

As you might believe, many people believe this rapid expansion of lending will have serious consequences later. The Chinese government seeks to achieve an 8% growth rate to offset the affects of the falling exports. The expansion in lending has several results, some good and some bad. On the positive side, it encourages growth in consumption as more Chinese move into the middle class. This in turn helps the Chinese economy to continue to grow, while it stabilizes the political environment. It also funds further development of infrastructure that is a part of the large government stimulus program. According to the central government, almost 70% of the 6 billion stimulus package goes into infrastructure.

All this spending s intended to help offset the falling exports and keep the Chinese economic miracle on track. There is a good chance the massive expansion in credit will result in a new debt bubble. Professor Pettis expects this might happen in a couple of years. In the mean time China will be buying raw materials, manufactured and consumer goods to help fuel this growth. This growth in demand will have a positive affect on the exports of other countries, including the U.S. This is one of the reasons I believe exports will be a more important contributor to the recovery of the U.S. economy for several years.

What about the U.S. consumer and their higher savings rate. As the chart above shows people are saving more, which means they are spending less. Less spending translates into fewer imports to the U.S. Less spending also contributes to a slower economic recovery. In addition, the U.S. stimulus program is contributing to the higher savings rate as people put at least some of the stimulus money into the bank to help them replace the money they have lost over the last few years in the financial crisis.

If you are one of those people who have a job paid for by the stimulus, you will tend to put any extra you earn into a rainy day savings, as you remain worried about the longevity of the job at hand. You cannot blame people for saving more. In fact, longer term it will turn out to be a positive as higher savings provides capital for growth, money to help fund the growing U.S. debt and a cushion against another economic recession.

The question on many economists’ minds, will this higher savings rate be sustainable? I believe it will. First, they remember what happened either to them or to their parents and they do not want to see that happen again. Second, as evidence is showing from the “cash for clunkers” program, money spent on new cars is reducing spending on other consumer durable goods such as household appliances. There is just so much money to go around.

Third, the younger generation has seen first hand what happens when people spend too much and many are determined to be more reasonable in the future. Thank the green movement, as well as the extravagances of the 1990’s and 2000’s. In addition, college students have sizeable loans that they must pay off. Earlier generations did not face such a large debt when they started their work career after graduating from college.

All of these factors will help to sustain the higher savings rate in the United States. Unfortunately, a higher savings rate will limit the ability of the consumer to be the major driving force in any economic expansion. Instead of a 3% growth rate in consumer spending as we have experience in the past 20 years, the U.S. is more likely to see spending by people rise at the 1-2% rate for several years to come.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the expansion of U. S. consumer savings and falling rate of exports from China has an interesting story to tell. As investors, we should more cautious when considering that the cyclical recovery of consumer spending will be the same as it has in the recent past. In addition, the growing middle class in China means they will be demanding more goods and services, some of which will be imported. The companies that export to China will benefit from the growth in demand for their products.

Principle: Hans E. Wagner, CEO of Trading Online Markets LLC and Peregrine Advisors LLC
I began investing in high school and have remained active in the markets. A graduate of the US Air Force Academy with an MBA majoring in Finance from the University of Colorado, I continued to invest throughout my career in the US Air Force, Bank of America, Coopers & Lybrand, and working for Ross Perot before retiring at 55. During that time I have gained a very good understanding of what works and what doesn’t. I hope to impart that knowledge to others, so they can achieve financial independence as well.

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Natural Head Lice Treatments

Natural Head Lice Treatments

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: your child comes home from school or day care scratching his head. The instant feeling of being “dirty” creeps into your thoughts, but even the cleanest of children get head lice. There are the traditional chemical kits that one can get at the corner drugstore to kill lice, but many come with risks to the health and well-being of your child. There can be dangers if the products are left on too long or used too often. The good news is there are natural remedies available that can do the job just as well.


An unrefrigerated, new jar of mayonnaise is one natural remedy for head lice. One handful, or more if your child has long hair, should be worked in thoroughly. It is important to be sure to cover every inch, including the nape of the neck and behind the ears. Cover the head with a plastic shower cap. The mayonnaise should be left on for two hours. It will smother the lice and developed eggs. After removing the shower cap, throw it away and wash your hands. Shampoo the child’s hair thoroughly. You may need to repeat shampooing twice or more to thoroughly clean the hair.


Vaseline is a great substitute if you don’t have a new jar of Mayonnaise available. Once again, handfuls should be worked into the scalp and cover every inch of hair. It is best to leave the Vaseline on, covered with a shower cap overnight. Vaseline is a little more difficult to get out and the process is a bit longer. You will need to begin by covering the head in baby oil, then squeeze out as much as possible. You will need to wash your child’s hair up to three times. It is recommended that Dawn dish soap be used in place of a regular shampoo along with hot water. Be sure the temperature of the water remains safe and does not the burn the child. With each wash, leave the dish soap on a few minutes to allow it to work properly.

Natural Lice Shampoo

You can create your own natural lice shampoo that will safely remove lice and nits. Begin with Pure Olive Carrier Oil, usually about five teaspoons. Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Eucalyptus can all be added. It is best to use about five drops each. Pure Coconut Carrier Oil can be substituted for the Olive Oil. Adding a few drops of regular shampoo, work your natural lice shampoo into the hair and leave on for about an hour. It’s best, again, to use a shower cap to avoid oily dripping. A nit comb, which you can purchase at your local drugstore, is much easier to use on the oily hair.

Nancy Rainey is a head lice expert. For more information on head lice treatments,visit

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Guide to Selling Children’s Items on eBay

Guide to Selling Children’s Items on eBay

Selling for a profit on eBay is easy when you have kids. People are earning hundreds of dollars a month by selling kid related items. Here are some general ideas to help you get started.

Kids Items You Can Sell

Clothes, toys and videos are good money makers on eBay.

Go to eBay and look up a “lot” of size six girl’s cloths. You will find they are expensive! The average price for a lot of 20 good conditioned clothes is about .00.

When your kids grow out of their seasonal clothes do not throw them out. Bundle them into different lots by category. For example bundle girls dresses separate from girls play clothes, but only do that if you have at least six of each different type.

Lots of any item sell better than single items unless the item is unique or high priced. For example, a hand embroidered dress that you paid a lot for would sell better by itself instead of bundled with other basic dresses.

The next item to lookup on eBay is toys. Most toys in good condition will sell for a lot of money. One idea that works well is to buy hot items in October at Wal-Mart or Toys-R-Us and sell them on eBay. Busy people are willing to pay extra for the convenience of getting the items delivered to their home.
For example, last year a Mega Power Ranger came out in stores around October and sold at Wal-Mart for about .00. The same item sold on eBay for up to .00 plus shipping. The Yellow Power Ranger is yet another example where the store price was about .00, while the same item was selling on eBay for about .00.

Have your children ever received duplicate birthday or Christmas presents? You can sell those on eBay also. Look at the eBay listings for items of interest to see if selling on eBay is worth more than returning the item to the store.

Kid’s videos and DVDs are also good money-makers. Bundle about three of these together, and you can usually make about .00-.00 per bundle. Bundle more and the money goes up. Disney movies in hard cases can go for a higher amount. This also works for other types of movies as well.

Save those McDonalds toys. Some Kids Meals toys sell high. Take the new Star Wars toys from Burger King…very collectible. You will find them selling on eBay from .00 to .00, not including shipping.

Ebay has a whole section devoted to dolls and bears. If your daughter doesn’t want her collectible dolls anymore sell them on eBay.

Kids Crafts You Can Sell

Around the holidays, especially, have your children place their hand in paint and make a print on some quality paper. Add a holiday related poem and you have a great craft to sell on eBay.

Have your kids make gift jars with ready made mixes. For example, hot chocolate mixes in a jar with a plastic spoon tied to it with a ribbon. Dip the end of the spoon with white chocolate.

Baby Items You Can Sell

Used baby items are very profitable. Baby items cost a lot of money, especially in their first year. Any “gently” used items are generally good sellers on eBay.

If you have baby coupons that you will never use, sell them on eBay! Left over diapers and formula sell well also. A lot of 35 used cloth diapers usually sells for around .00 plus shipping. Four Fuzzi Bunz diapers (cloth diapers with hemp inserts) can sell for as much as .00.

There you have it. Plenty of ideas for selling those leftover kids items on eBay…and you can even make a nice profit while you are at it!

Want to find out about donkey facts and gecko food? Get tips from the Knowledge Bin website.

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Ten Hottest Careers In Biotechnology

Ten Hottest Careers In Biotechnology

With everyone going loco over global warming, large investments in clean environment and energy depreciation, these dilemmas have created lucrative job opportunities to graduates of biology and other sciences. This list will provide you with a focused career paths for a successful life.

1. Conservation Biologists

Conservation biology is a career with an urgent deadline. The urgent need to preserve the ecosystems around the globe leads to numerous opportunities in research and development for government, and private organizations. Plus, the stimulus package from the government provides new prospects for additional funding.

2. Recycling Technician

Recycling jobs, especially in the United States, is now more than a million. Although the demand for plastic and paper is low, the demand for steel is still high. Around the globe, more than 150,000 people are now working in steel factories. New state laws are also creating a demand for professionals that will spearhead research and development in the recycling process.

3. Farmer

Yes, you have read it right. Farming is one of the oldest jobs in the world. However, in the US the population of farmers is about 2 million people aging 40 years old and above. With the great demand in the food industry, a sustainable agriculture is necessary. Farming requires small-scale resources.

4. Plant Systems Developer.

With the convergence of new innovations and technology, the biology industries is also in need of computer software engineers and systems engineers who will create, design and sustain the networks of plan factories, farms and special laboratories. Systems developers with a large experience in employing recent computer innovations in programming have an edge in this field.

5. Green Entrepreneur

The idea of business ventures has been exported from the mainstream of the business world. Business services in the field of legal, science and accounting is also merged in green jobs.

6. Urban Developer

Developing the urban and regional places is a priority to most countries. Fortifying the transit systems, developing expansions, campaigning use of bicycles is a job for an urban developer. Other important jobs are emergency planning for floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquake. Job opportunities in this field are expected to grow by 20 per cent by the year 2019. The jobs are mainly funded by state.

7. Solar Power Technician

Handling solar power systems such as creating, designing and installing solar equipment is a lucrative career worldwide. The mere installation of solar heaters and rooftop photovoltaic cells is a very high-paying job usually paying $ 30 an hour. Job opportunity in this field is offered all over the United States. There are presently 3,500 companies employing at least 30,000 employers.

8. Forester

The field of modern forestry is a complicated discipline of international programs, ecology, conservation and research development. The World Bank reports an overwhelming 1.5 Billion people who are depending their lives on the forest. Deforestation, which is believed to be the primary cause of global warming, is the prime concern of foresters.

9. Energy Efficiency Developer

Developing systems for up to 43 percent of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, energy Efficiency Developers are mainly responsible in creating, designing and maintaining techniques and methods to save energy and maximize the energy efficiency of a certain technology.

10. Turbine Fabricator

Turbines are mainly needed for wind farms to produce alternative source of energy. Currently, it employs 300,000 jobs around the globe. Turbines are composed of 90 percent metal creating opportunities for steel fabricators.

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Recycling Plastics

Recycling Plastics

Due to the growing need for plastic bags and containers in places such as grocery stores and retail stores, plastic is now one of the most used materials in today’s society. When it comes to an increase in soil and water pollution, plastic waste is the largest contributor. While recycling may seem like an easy task to most it is not recycled nearly as much as it should. Plastic recycling is the act of parting waste plastics and used scrap to recover materials that are usable for the manufacturing industry. Plastic contains many fibers due to its large amount of layered chemical structures and resins that have been melted down to get the smooth surface as you can see on grocery bags.

Recycling plastic is far more difficult than steel or paper. Many challenges await the plastic recycling industry when doing these procedures. The main principle that should be followed before is that there are a variety of plastics which cannot be interbred before recycling. To identify plastics of different resin composition and polymer structures they use standard codes which contain several dyes, additives, and fillers. This is what makes the recycling of plastic not so easy.

By using an elaborate monomer process where the polymer undergoes an inverted polymer regression of what was used to produce it, the obstacles of recycling can be achieved. At the end of the procedure you get a chemical makeup that forms the initial polymer, then is further synthesized and purified to create a renewed polymer of the same type. An additional resolution to this problem is that the use of thermal de-polymerization process, which basically converts diverse polymers into petroleum. Any kind of polymer may be mixed during this procedure.

Plastic recycling is useful for recycling many types of plastic containers, grocery bags, sacks, and even toys that contain certain plastics. Some of the more common recycled plastics are juice, milk, and water bottles. offers metal and scrap prices, recycling plastics, with detailed listings of plastics recycling and exporters.

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Get the Help from Samsung Blue Earth in Getting the Message Across

Get the Help from Samsung Blue Earth in Getting the Message Across

As parents, we all hope for a better world for our children to live in the future. But with the concerns on global warming, fuel, water and food production shortages and other environment related concerns, it is hard to imagine what kind of world we will be leaving our children with.

An unlikely ally is the Samsung Blue Earth. Produced by the Korean company Samsung, the Blue Earth is a touch screen phone that is looking to reduce energy consumption and waste. It is made of recycled plastic derived from water bottles and comes with solar panels that allow you to recharge while using it on the go. It provides not just convenience but also savings on conventional energy consumption. Should you need to recharge after the sun has retired for the night, a wall charger that is 5 star certified as energy efficient is provided.

The interface reminds us to further save on energy by switching on eco mode to dim the back lights when the phone is on standby. It is easily accessible at the home screen. It also comes in recyclable packaging materials that also use bio-derived soybean oil as ink for printing.

Child Friendly

If you would really have to give your child a mobile phone, despite warnings of its ill-effects on children’s sleeping habits, social behavior and over-all health, the Samsung Blue Earth is the best choice. This mobile phone, including the charger, is free of harmful and toxic substances such as Beryllium, Phthalate and Brominated Flame Retardants, that are commonly used in electronic gadgets.

But the mobile phone could not be likened to a child’s plaything. It is packed with features expected of the modern-day smart phone that goes beyond the call and text messaging functionalities. It can in fact be your phone for either personal of business use.

A Way to the Future

Industry insiders and technology researchers are saying that the future of mobile phones belongs to the touch screens. Let me also add that the best way to the future of touch screens is by the green path. Yes sir, the Samsung trailblazes the way to more sustainable electronic gadget use by tapping on renewable energy technology as a main feature of the mobile phone. We hope that other manufacturers follow the way and do it sooner. For parents like me, this is good news as I see a cleaner and more sustainable future for my children should industries behave this way.

Giving the Right Message

Efforts by mobile phone manufacturers and other technology companies are still few. But the springing out of a few green phones and technologies are definitely an improvement. Technology has often been perceived to be synonymous with waste. Electronic gadgets, including the colossal desktops, are usually left behind in favor of new shiny, sleeker and more “high-tech” models, even if they are still functional and does the job that we generally require. And energy consumption rise everytime we add another functionality into our gadgets.

It would be good to start sending out the message both to companies and the young people by patronizing items and technologies that are designed with our environment’s well-being in mind.

To see what Samsung Blue Earth contracts are available you can take a look at Moby1. They allow you to compare all the latest mobile phone deals for the Blue Earth and many other phones, and they have mobile reviews so you can learn more about a phone you may be thinking about buying.

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