Spray packaging re-imagined for 5 marquee Unilever deodorant brands

After years of Americans being limited to only a handful of product formats, Unilever is introducing a transformative product unlike any other antiperspirant offering on the market. Featuring a new formula with no water or alcohol, and a precision-designed actuator (i.e. spray mechanism) that produces a unique soft spray, the new Dry Spray goes on instantly dry without the sticky or wet sensation often associated with other antiperspirants. 
“Deodorant is one of the most important personal care products we use every day, but the user experience itself still leaves much to be desired,” said Matthew McCarthy, Senior Marketing Director of Antiperspirants and Deodorants at Unilever. “Americans are demanding more from their personal care products, and with the launch of new Dry Spray Antiperspirants, they will enjoy a dry and clean application experience unlike anything they’ve tried before.”
The new format will be introduced across five brands – Degree Women®, Degree Men®, Dove®, Dove Men+Care® and AXE® – and will be available at retailers nationwide starting on Cyber Monday (December 1, 2014). The new Dry Spray Antiperspirants provide 48-hour odor and wetness protection and go on instantly dry for a cleaner feel, leaving no visible residue.
Sprays are the most popular antiperspirant and deodorant format globally, making up more than 60 percent of the European and Latin American markets*. Unilever has successfully launched Dry Spray Antiperspirant in more than 37 countries; it is the number one selling antiperspirant product globally.
Unilever’s Dry Spray Antiperspirants launch will feature 24 variants in total, offering unique product benefits by brand to appeal to a wide range of personal care needs:
• Degree Women and Degree Men Dry Spray Antiperspirants are engineered with MOTIONSENSE technology that responds directly to body movement, releasing extra protection during physical activity.
• Dove and Dove Men+Care Dry Spray Antiperspirants feature non-irritant formulas that contain ¼ moisturizer technology for softer, smoother underarms.
• AXE Dry Spray Antiperspirants feature premium, unique fragrances to help guys feel confidently fresh throughout the day.
Additionally, each brand features its own breakthrough packaging, designed to maximize both product performance and the overall user experience through ergonomic engineering and sleek, modern looks. As an example, for the Degree Men actuator, Unilever partnered with Pininfarina, the Italian design firm that also works on Ferrari.
The Dry Spray Antiperspirant launch will be supported by robust marketing initiatives across all five brands in 2015. The campaigns will include national advertising, in-store marketing and public relations efforts, as well as social media programming that encourages consumers to #TryDry.



Unilever is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Food, Home and Personal Care products with sales in more than 190 countries. Working to create a better future every day, we help people feel good, look good and get more out of life. In the United States, the portfolio includes brand icons such as: Axe, Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Caress, Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy, Consort For Men, Country Crock, Degree, Dove personal care products, Fruttare, Good Humor, Hellmann’s, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!, Just for Me!, Klondike, Knorr, Lever 2000, Lipton, Magnum, Motions, Nexxus, Noxzema, Pond’s, Popsicle, Promise, Q-tips, Simple, St. Ives, Suave, TIGI, TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe, TRESemme and Vaseline.  All of the preceding brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Unilever Group of Companies.

Its ambition is to double the size of our business, while reducing our overall environmental footprint (including sourcing, consumer use and disposal) and increasing our positive social impact. Learn more on the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan at http://www.unileverusa.com/sustainable-living/.

2014 Makeover Challenge winner to be announced Friday, December 12

Package Design extends a big thank you for the voters, competitors and brand in this year’s Makeover Challenge. We’d also like to thank our sponsor, FiberMark North America, for helping make this contest possible.

This year’s contest’s brand selection included a nod to the growing trend of brands developed to satisfy consumers’ desire to support social responsibility with their purchasing dollars. Makeover Challenge brand, Kelley Quan New York, aspires to a kinder approach to transformation. “I was so disturbed when I found out how the hair for makeup brushes is harvested,” Kelley Quan, professional makeup artist and the founder of Kelley Quan New York, recalls. “Animals are either brutally stripped of their pelts or maimed without regard while being sheared, especially in countries where animal welfare regulations are either lax or nonexistent. So I looked for an alternative, but I couldn’t find a fabulous synthetic brush. That started my journey to create brushes that meet my own needs as a makeup artist.”

Kelley Quan New York makeup brushes are ethically manufactured in a family-run factory in upstate New York to Quan’s exacting standards, which are so high that Quan compares her brushes to top-end brushes made anywhere in the world, including the very high-end, handcrafted brushes from Japan. Clearly, Quan is set to change the makeup brush category for the better.

The packaging concepts developed by this year’s four competing design teams—Base Beauty Creative Agency, Envision Creative Group, Spring Design Partners and Zunda Group—are not only diverse in their approach but have category-changing potential. All concepts are far afield from the clear plastic sleeves often used for brushes at retail, and all competitors worked with Quan to create concepts that deliver marketing benefits even beyond Quan’s existing packaging—a pink carton that’s already landed Kelley Quan New York space on the shelves of retailers such as Whole Foods.

“The contest process has been really amazing,” Quan remarks. “The competitors asked very provocative questions, and I had to be very considerate about my response because they were going to use that information in their designs. It was such an amazing opportunity to have to be able to verbalize what my brand is about and where I see it going, four times. It’s an interesting process for a brand to go through, especially if you are open enough to explore ideas you might not have thought about simply because it’s not in your realm of expertise.”

To learn more about each concept and the strategies behind them, take a look at this year’s competitors below.

We are now counting the votes casted live and in person at the Pack Expo International show, earlier this month in Chicago, and will announce the winner in the next issue of Package Design magazine.

We are also gearing up for select next year’s brand and hope to continue our work with socially responsible packaged goods companies. To submit your brand for consideration, visit www.packagedesignmag.com/moc-brandowner-application

IPL Announces the First Commercial Customer for SkinnyPack Technology

IPL, a leading producer of injected plastic packaging for the North American market, and Austin (TX) based Ana’s Foods, jointly announce the first commercial customer for IPL’s SKINNYPACK Technology.
Ana’s Foods is the first company in North America to utilize IPL’s SKINNYPACK Technology container, packaging their latest fresh salsa, Ana’s Salsa Restaurant Style.

IPL’s SKINNYPACK Technology is a thin, yet strong packaging technology that fuses a flexible, printable film to a sturdy, rigid frame. SKINNYPACK is environmentally friendly due to reduce use of plastic when compared to standard plastic food containers and is 100% recyclable. Ana’s Foods will reduce by 50% their use of plastic, contributing significantly to their sustainability efforts. Additionally, the use of IML high-definition graphics, SKINNYPACK offers the opportunity for brand owners to shine on the shelf for greater shelf appeal.

In recent weeks, Ana’s Foods has been gathering consumer comments and reactions to the new container. 85% of people surveyed liked it and said it attracted enough of their attention to generate a purchasing intent.

“The close collaboration between IPL and Ana’s Foods resulted in bringing a unique innovation from the concept stage to the consumer in six months. This collaboration combined with IPL’s capabilities has been a win-win situation for both companies in achieving their speed to market goals.” said Joel Sergerie, Product Manager at IPL.

For additional information regarding SKINNYPACK™, contact Joel Sergerie, Product Manager at IPL, either by phone (418) 789-3651 ext. 487 or by email at joel.sergerie@ipl-plastics.com.

About IPL
IPL Inc. is a leading North American producer of injection molded plastic products. Specializing in developing innovative & value added products, the sharing of knowledge and technologies across the company plays a vital role to exceed customer expectations.
Founded in 1939, it employs about 900 people and manufactures across its three plants in Saint-Damien, Quebec, in Edmundston, New Brunswick and in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.


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TricorBraun Helps KER Hair Care Products Shine with Colorful In-Mold Tube Labeling




TricorBraun Helps KER Hair Care Products Shine

with Colorful In-Mold Tube Labeling


Chicago, IL – When Hair Capital prepared to launch its new line of premium KER hair care products into the salon market, it searched for a dramatic way to outshine the competition, both in dynamic brand image and quality of packaging.

The KER product line combines modern cosmetic technology with natural ingredients, including fruit and plant extracts from around the world.

            “These are high-end products,” says Lance Wegner of Hair Capital, “and we wanted them to project that level of quality through unique, eye-catching packaging.”

To develop the packaging for the new KER line, TricorBraun recommended in-mold labeling as a decoration technique that delivers brilliant full-tube graphic coverage, a resilient surface finish, and maximum shelf impact.

“In-mold labeling was the perfect solution,” says Wegner, “and one we would never have found on our own.”

For the labels TricorBraun turned to Viva Healthcare Packaging, whose patented injection molded tube technology and in-mold labeling capability embeds the label in the tube, where it forms an integral part of the wall. This process allows the full surface of the KER tubes to be decorated and gives Hair Capital maximum flexibility in creating exciting brand graphics. The process also eliminates surface decoration that can flake or peel, which Hair Capital had experienced with tubes in the past. The fact that Viva’s all-polypropylene tubes are completely recyclable further reinforces that natural, environmentally friendly KER brand image.   

Hair Capital designed the label graphics in-house with guidance from TricorBraun’s designers.  The polypropylene labels are printed by Viva. During production, the finished label is inserted into the mold and a proprietary polypropylene resin is injected. Within seconds, the tube is fully formed and decorated in one piece, including the neck, shoulder and body. A polypropylene cap is applied in an immediate secondary step, and within seconds the tube is fully manufactured and ready for filling.

Producing and decorating the tubes in a single injection molding procedure results in dramatic savings in energy and logistics costs. Printing the labels and molding the caps in the same facility also simplifies color-matching the components.

Tubes are filled by RNA Corporation, which also blends the KER products.


Brilliant color

            The KER tubes take full advantage of Viva’s capabilities. TricorBraun designers and Hair Capital collaborated closely on color choices, use of metallic and pearlescent accents and placement of graphic elements on the labels. TricorBraun also reviewed Hair Capital’s graphic designs to ensure that the images would remain perfect after the tubes were crimped.

            “Their expertise was invaluable,” says Wegner, “both in advising us as we designed the labels and in guiding us through this completely unfamiliar technology.”       

            The first 16 SKUs being introduced in the KER line include 13 hair care products and 3 skin care products. The products are targeted to salons, but will also be sold online, both by the salons and through the Hair Capital web site.


TricorBraun Design & Innovation Group is a business unit of TricorBraun, one of North America’s leading providers of bottles, jars, and other rigid packaging components. The Group’s primary mission is to design, engineer and manage the development, production and delivery of customized rigid packaging solutions for personal care, cosmetics, healthcare, food and beverages and industrial and household chemical products. It is supported by TricorBraun’s more than 40 offices globally, holding one of the largest inventories of rigid packaging components worldwide.



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New Eufora Performance Promise Collections Launch in Packaging Designed by TricorBraun Design & Innovation

New Eufora Performance Promise Collections Launch in

Packaging Designed by TricorBraun Design & Innovation


 Oak Brook IL – Eufora International, a leader among makers of high-quality salon hair care products, is committed to delivering people- and planet-friendly products to the professional salon market and the consumer community it serves. In its first ten years, Eufora has experienced consistent growth of both  its market reach and its product lines. 

            In 2013, Eufora began a reorganization of its salon product lines from the traditional functional groupings (cleansing, conditioning, styling, finishing) into distinctive branded collections, such as Curl’n, a complete regimen for all types of curly hair, and Smooth’n, a regimen to smooth and soften hair and control frizz.

            “Each Eufora product will now be part of a Performance Promise collection brand,” explains co-founder and CEO Beth Bewley. “Each collection will bring

together a group of products that contribute to that collection’s central Performance Promise.”

            As part of this extensive realignment of its existing product lines, Eufora also redesigned it’s packaging to project the new brand identities and their promise.


First Steps

            Eufora worked closely with TricorBraun Design & Innovation to create the packaging for the new collections. The first––the Curl’n brand––was launched with its own distinctive brand image in late 2013, followed by the Smooth’n brand in April 2014. These will be followed by a Nourish collection and a Volume collection, both expected to be in place by August 2014.

             The TricorBraun/Eufora collaboration began in late April 2013 with a face-to-face meeting between the TricorBraun Design & Innovation team and Eufora’s CEO Beth Bewley and Design Director Derek Hutcheson.

            Primary in the guidance that Eufora gave the design team upfront was the objective that the packaging be distinctive from the company’s existing packaging, yet not so different that it no longer looked like a Eufora product. The existing packaging consisted of custom square white plastic bottles with soft corners and pressure-sensitive labels across two panels, topped by a custom molded closure with the Eufora leaf molded into the top. The Eufora goal was to project “new” while leveraging the ten years of brand equity of that earlier design.

            Eufora sells through distribution to salons, which both use the products in the salon and also sell the at-home care products to their customers. It was critical to the company that both stylists and consumers recognize that the Performance Promise collections were part of the trusted Eufora products they had come to rely on.

            “The early design concepts we viewed were excellent,” says Derek Hutcheson, “but they weren’t quite there––and we expected that. The early stage in design is a feeling out process. But among them was one with we what we called a ‘waterfall’ feature that led us to our final design. The result was an evolutionary look for the bottle plus a design element around which to create distinctive decoration and labeling.”

            The waterfall design takes the original Eufora square bottle and sweeps a new surface down from the neck across two of the sides, softening the shape of the bottle while still retaining the overall look and feel of the square bottle.



Parting line challenge

            Bewley points out that one challenge with the waterfall design was that the most efficient way to mold the bottle would leave the mold parting line running directly through the waterfall face––the most visible space on the bottle. If that line detracted from the smooth plane of the surface, it would lessen the brand impact of the bottle.

            However, since the molds were to be built at TricorBraun’s own Cal-West Tool & Mold mold facility, it had complete control of the mold design, and was able to make the line virtually invisible.

            “In the finished bottles, if you did not know where to look,” says Beth Bewley, “you would not be able to see it.”


Look and feel

            All thirteen bottled products in the Curl’n and Smooth’n lines feature the waterfall design, and are distinguished from each other by color and by size. The color ranges from a dark magenta and a blue to silver and white, and each bottle is silk-screened with its product name and information in English and French. Cleansing products are in white and conditioning products in silver and gray, then and special treatment or preparation products are in solid colors. This makes it easier for both consumer and stylist to identify products quickly.

            The overall look of the line is unified by the Eufora brand label on the lighter colors matching the body colors of the darker bottles. The pressure-sensitive label itself  simply has the name Eufora against a subtle background of a stylized version of the Eufora leaf brand image.

            The colors have a subtle metallic look, and the bottles are also molded with a soft-touch feel, both for an added touch of elegance and for ease of handling with wet hands. Each line includes a tube, the Curl’n tube in a metallic pink and the Smooth’n tube in dark gray, each also set off with the Eufora label.

            The bottles are molded by Classic Containers using molds designed and built by TricorBraun. The bottle pumps are made by Aptar and MeadWestVaco, the bottle closures by Giflor and the tube closures by Aptar. Berry Plastics manufactures the tubes. Eufora designed and provided the labels.

            “Packaging is an important part of our connection with the stylist and our consumer,” says Bewley, “and making a change in that packaging creates a challenge. If we made too dramatic a change, we risked losing ten years of brand equity; if we didn’t make a dramatic enough change, we risked not communicating the improvements and product additions we have made to the lines.

            “We gave TricorBraun designers very little specific direction as to the package design, but stressed that we wanted to evolve to a new look. With their help, we were able to retain enough visual cues to our earlier packaging to protect equity but still project newness, freshness and excitement.”

TricorBraun Design & Innovation Group is a business unit of TricorBraun, one of North America’s leading providers of bottles, jars, and other rigid packaging components. The Group’s primary mission is to design, engineer and manage the development, production and delivery of customized rigid packaging solutions for personal care, cosmetics, healthcare, food and beverages and industrial and household chemical products. It is supported by TricorBraun’s more than 40 offices globally, holding one of the largest inventories of rigid packaging components worldwide.




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VariBlend, a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of Dual Dispensers, today announced the appointment of John Webb II to the position of Automation Manager, and James Curtis to the position of Program and Project Manager.

The addition of Webb and Curtis to these critical posts quickly follows the company’s expansion of its global sales network as the firm positions for new levels of profitable and sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.

According to Robert F. Brands, VariBlend President and CEO, Webb and Curtis have significant industry experience.  Webb brings more than 25 years of expertise in automated machinery design, building and installation, and 12 years of project management experience.  His previous experience, which includes both the supply and acquisition side of automation, has been with Jarden Plastic Solutions, Precision Valve Corporation, Calvary Automation Inc., and Advanced Automation.  Webb holds a degree in Automated Manufacturing Technology and Mechanical Engineering from Greenville (SC) Technical College.

Curtis has earned more than 20 years of domestic and international experience in the design and manufacturing of a wide range of consumer products.  A black belt in Six Sigma, Curtis holds a Master of Project Management degree from Western Carolina University as well as an MBA from Webster University.  His previous professional experience includes Program Manager, Woodward (turbine solutions); Technical Program Manager at Apple; Senior Global Program Manager, Precision Valve; and Program Manager, Jarden Plastic Solutions.

“The addition of James Curtis and John Webb to VariBlend represents the latest enhancement to our management team,” said Brands.  “Their combined program management, problem-solving and technical skills will help us bring our breakthrough custom-blending, dual-dispensing solutions to more customers, in a shorter period of time, than ever before.”

In addition to VariBlend’s enhanced technical and sales initiatives, the company’s lab capabilities have been    expanded in Greenville to support validation of concepts and guidance of the projects, from concept to launch. VariBlend has also started to explore alliances with companies experienced in advanced dual formulations.  “In our quest for profitable, sustainable growth, we will continue to develop breakthrough innovations that benefit customers and consumers, and provide optimal product quality, service and support, in order to help our customers meet their goals,” Brands said.



VariBlend is the world’s only manufacturer of custom-blending, dual-dispensing technology. By rotating the dispenser head, multiple formula strengths can be selected. Fixed ratio settings are also available. VariBlend’s patented systems satisfy consumer demands for product personalization and freshness. The patented technology behind VariBlend had previously been sub-licensed and marketed by Versadial Inc.





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Mohawk Releases Fifth Issue of Mohawk Maker Quarterly

With a focus on perception, the publication is enhanced with augmented reality technology and printed on Mohawk Carnival and Via grades

Mohawk, North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty substrates for commercial and digital printing, announces the release of the fifth issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly publication. 

Mohawk believes that partnership is essential to furthering the interests of makers, and the Mohawk Maker Quarterly is a vehicle to support this community of like-minded individuals. Content focuses on stories of small manufacturers, artisans, printers, designers and artists who are making their way in the midst of the digital revolution. 

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue No. 05 was designed by Hybrid Design, based in San Francisco, CA. The issue explores the influence of art and design on perception. 

“Perception is an incredible tool. It’s our direct connection to the world, and the meaning we give to what our senses detect. But our perceptions change, evolve, and are influenced by numerous factors out in the world: color, texture, light, shape, and space. All these factors color how we see the world, and ultimately, the meaning we take away from what we experience,” says Dora Drimalas, Principal, Hybrid Design.

“This latest Mohawk Maker Quarterly is meant to play with perception and invite the reader to thoroughly enjoy the content on the page through the thoughtful simplicity of the design elements used,” Drimalas continues.

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue No. 05 profiles the following designers and makers:

  • Debbie Millman, writer, educator, artist and brand consultant, Millman is at the forefront of understanding how companies develop smart, effective brands for their products and services.
  • Levi’s, A case study in the evolution of brand perception featuring one of America’s oldest and best known brands
  • Voices of Industry,  Hand woven textiles and apparel, San Francisco, CA
  • 20 x 200, Curated selection of affordable exhibition quality prints, New York, NY
  • Porcelain Bear, Porcelain functional wares, lighting and furniture, Victoria, Australia
  • Anzfer Farms, Unique objects and installations using salvaged materials, San Francisco, CA
  • Ladyfingers Letterpress, Duo offering well-designed cards and custom invitations, Pawtucket, RI
  • Mmuseumm, A modern natural history museum, New York, NY
  • Whimsy & Spice, Brooklyn confectioners, Brooklyn, New York 
  • Lisa Congdon, Oakland-based artist and illustrator, Oakland, CA
  • Petit Collage, Elevated products for children, San Francisco, CA
  • Modern House Wines, Modern wines from an unexpected family, Napa, CA
  • Stan Bitters, Sculptor creating large-scale ceramic works, Fresno, CA

Issue No. 05 is printed on Mohawk Carnival and Mohawk Via, grades that are known for expressive color and texture.  To demonstrate the beauty and range of options available within these grades, the publication features 32 printed pages featuring a variety of colored papers and finishes, including:

  • Mohawk Via Vellum Kraft 70 text (104gsm), pgs. 1-2, 31-32
  • Mohawk Via Smooth Light Pink 70 text (104gsm), pgs. 3-4, 29-30
  • Mohawk Via Smooth Light Blue 70 text (104gsm), pgs. 7-8, 25-26
  • Mohawk Via Vellum, Sunflower 80 text (118gsm), pgs. 11-12, 21-22
  • Mohawk Carnival Smooth Stellar White 70 text (104gsm), pgs. 5-6, 9-10, 13-14, 19-20, 23-24, 27-28
  • Mohawk Carnival Blue Vellum 70 text (104gsm), pgs. 15-18

The publication’s finished size is 9.75 inches x 13.25 inches, and features short sheets (7. 2 inches x 13.25 inches) showcasing beautiful colored papers including Mohawk Via Smooth Light Pink, Mohawk Via Smooth Light Blue and Mohawk Via Vellum Sunflower.

Issue No. 05 was printed by Sandy Alexander, Inc., Clifton, NJ, using four color process, match metallic copper and spot dull varnish. Pages 15-18 (blue “Paper is Part of the Picture” article) features four hits of white and four color process (UV inks). Page 10 features four color process plus a second black and match metallic copper duotone.

Mohawk Live

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly is enhanced with additional content made possible through Mohawk Live, Mohawk’s augmented reality app.

By scanning photos containing the Mohawk Live icon found throughout each publication, readers can enjoy a multidimensional experience with bonus content including videos and animation. Mohawk Live is free and easy to download in the App Store or Google Play.

To view the publication online or to sign up to receive The Mohawk Maker Quarterly, visit www.mohawkconnects.com/cultureofcraft.



Mohawk is North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers and envelopes which are preferred for commercial and digital printing, photo specialties and high-end direct mail.  Mohawk fine papers and envelopes include the signature brands Mohawk Superfine® and Strathmore®, as well as proprietary treatments Inxwell® and i-Tone®. With a culture of innovation, Mohawk’s business model now extends beyond paper manufacturing into new areas of growth, including digital substrates and web-based software platforms, which connect designers and printers to new markets. 

As a leader in environmentally and socially responsible business practices, Mohawk was the first U.S. manufacturer of commercial printing papers to match 100% of its electricity with wind power renewable energy credits and the first U.S. premium paper mill to shift toward carbon neutral production. Mohawk’s portfolio of recycled papers is certified by Green Seal and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Mohawk is a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated business based in Cohoes, New York, with global sales and operations located throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit www.mohawkconnects.com.


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