Energy Efficient Homes

Energy Efficient Homes

Rising cost of energy and the need to preserve our valued natural resources, a sustainable home is becoming a highly considerable and more efficient option. Energy efficient homes demonstrate improved energy, resource and water efficiency, which in turn reduces your household running costs and greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.

By building a new home with UrbanEdge GreenSmart technologies you can reap the long-term benefits such as lower energy and water bills, for years to come. While all UrbanEdge Homes achieve the standard 5-star energy rating, the company’s new eco friendly house and land packages takes sustainability to the next level, by making use of the latest in energy efficient and environmentally sustainable principles. UrbanEdge eco friendly display homes combine stand-out modern house plans with environmental excellence to achieve a minimum 7-star rating or higher.

UrbanEdge home builders took building a home to the next level for their eco friendly display homes are designed to minimize the use of heating and cooling equipments. Through careful solar positioning on the site the suns energy is maximize throughout the year, while natural ventilation methods are utilized to circulate air in and around the home. Effective insulation is used to prevent heat loss and heat gain through walls, roofs, and floors, while heat loss through windows is reduced through high-performance glazing. UrbanEdge green display homes are fitted with fluorescent lighting, a rainwater tank, and gas-boosted solar hot water system for increased water and energy efficiency.

With UrbanEdge Homes you will not only achieve environmentally responsible affordable homes that is cleaner and healthier for you and your family to live in, but you will also be able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with cheaper running costs.

Visit today and help change the world we live in by starting with your home.

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