Important Considerations When Buying a Bottle Fridge

Important Considerations When Buying a Bottle Fridge

Your ideal bottle fridge is primarily used to keep your favourite bottled drinks particularly those that you intend to keep for more than a year. Further, if you are looking for the proper cooling appliance where you can store up your drinks for long-term aging, then you will require a bottle fridge for this purpose. This commercial refrigerator is chosen by wine collectors mainly for their better type of insulation that ensures that the temperature is maintained at 55 degrees and that the humidity is within the 50 to 70 range. These are the critical conditions that must be maintained in order to preserve the quality of the wine while it is stored inside your cooling appliance.

In addition to these basic requirements, there are also other equally important variables that we must take into account when buying this special type of cooling appliance.

Bottle Count
This is also related to the space of the inside compartment of your commercial cooling equipment. You must be able to determine the number of bottles you are expecting to store inside your cooling appliance at any given time. You have to double whatever figure that you may have come up with in order to establish your ideal space requirement. Do not forget to consider the sizes of the bottles as you will have to require bigger storage space if you are expecting to store champagne and Burgundy.

Interior Compartment
The more practical options when it comes to the bottle fridge are those with aluminum type of compartments. This is mainly because of the fact that aluminum conducts more heat and cold than plastic which is commonly used in the cheaper variants of this type of cooling appliance. It is also important that you pick one that has the pebbled and textured lining as it performs well in maintaining the desired humidity inside the cooling appliance.

The basic shelves of most wine refrigerators are the chrome wire types. On the other hand, the high end variants of the bottle fridge are equipped with the more robust wooden racks or wire grids that are framed in wood. It is also better if you choose one that has a roll out design feature as this makes it more convenient to read the labels and remove the bottles. When making your pick, don’t fail to check how the shelves of these wine refrigerators glide to ensure that the feel is acceptable to you.

The glass types are the more practical choice for most of us simply because you can conveniently check the contents without having to open the bottle fridge. The only downside of this type of door is that it does not insulate as well as the other types of refrigerator doors. It is important that you pick the cooling appliance that is installed with a glass door with UV-protective finish.

Check for the vibration of the cooling appliance as this can seriously impact on the quality of your wine. Make sure that you choose one that produces the slightest vibration. Most of these types of wine refrigerators have compressors that have rubber mounting blocks so that much of the vibration is absorbed.

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