Aliment Accentuation

Dean & DeLuca aims to get back to its roots with an in-house redesign project spanning the entire private label collection. “It was important for us to get everything redesigned and rebranded back to our core elements. Now, the customer can identify our products more easily on the shelf, and they standout as being our own and as having a consistent core brand style,” Jenny Burgett, graphic designer, brand identitiy and packaging, Dean & DeLuca, comments.

Utilizing the brand’s core colors of black, white, silver, PMS 877 for printed labels and PMS 432 gray: the redesign strives to keep packaging as white and light as possible. Taking a cue from the Neo-classical, minimalist look of the brand’s retail spaces. Glass bottles and jars are used throughout the collection to emphasize a natural look. For products the brand could not show, due to the nature of the packaging, such as the boxed baking mixes, photography was employed.

A clean sans serif typeface is consistent throughout the line, and denotes the product category; while a cursive font, based on the handwriting of one of the founders, Jack Ceglic, depicts the variety on pack. “We wanted to revert back to our own history and the value in that, so we decided to bring that font back into all of our packaging. It represents a strong part of our brand history,” Burgett explains.

A palette of secondary brand colors is used as a guide when choosing accent colors for products that need to be distinguished on shelf. For instance, the syrup and dipping oil collections, both featuring four flavor varieties, utilize the palette of secondary brand colors. However, for the brand’s 10 glass packaged salts, only the primary color palette was utilized, as the unique coloring and textures of the salts serve as an adequate differentiator on shelf.

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