Beer Company Tells Story Through Labels

Back Forty Beer Company based in Gadsden, Alabama, aims to make each of its beers different, not just in flavor, but also in the label that’s placed on the bottle.

The seasonal Trade Day Cuban Coffee Stout, which is brewed for the fall and winter, has a label that tells a story, and that’s of Cuban coffee.

“So when it came to label design, we wanted the focus to be on the word, “Trade,” says David Carn, business development manager and designer for Back Forty Beer Co. “To do this, we added a subtle shadow to the text to let ‘Trade’ pop more.”

All of the beer labels have a common theme of a stark white background and large bold two-row font and etching at the top and banner at the bottom.

“We knew the etching would serve an even more important role for Trade Day than probably any of our other brands,” he says. “We needed to drive the point home about what ‘Trade Day’ meant.”

The term “Trade Day” refers to an old Southern tradition of getting together to trade goods of all kinds, somewhat similar to the flea market.

“We used ‘Trade Day’ here to highlight the current strides being made toward lifting our 54-year trade embargo with Cuba,” Carn says.

The team at Back Forty Beer worked through several designs to get the etching the way they wanted it and the team says it works well to tell the story.

“With our seasonals, we’ve decided to make them a bit different than the rest of our labels, not as ‘in your face;’ it’s a seasonal beer so we’re going to step outside the box,” Carn concludes. 

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