Biodegradable and Natural Soy Candles from Candlemamma

Biodegradable and Natural Soy Candles from Candlemamma


Candlemamma has finished her testing soy wax for her triple scented soy candles. First I want to start with the tea light candle. This biodegradable and all natural soy wax did perform wonderfully for tea light candles. This soy wax has no paraffin wax in it. It is made with all natural ingredients.  These soy tea lights burned 9 hours which is normal because the tea light candle is so small. This time will vary when you burn your soy tea light candle.  You also have to remember to leave a little wax inside the plastic tea light cup when its time to extinguish your tea light candles. I wanted to make sure to leave 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch of scented wax so that the wick didn’t burn the plastic cup. Always make sure to watch your candles when they are burning. Please don’t leave your house with a candle burning. Keep candles away from drafts and don’t let matches or debris build up inside the candle holder. There is very little, if any black soot, or black wick trimmings, in the left over wax. That is because I rarely trimmed the wicks. This means the biodegradable wax did help the candle mixture and the wick burn properly and more effectively.

Next test, was the triple scented zinc and cotton core wicked soy votive candles. This was a pleasant surprise for Candlemamma. Both wicks performed great.  The zinc core wicked soy candle burned for 17 hours which was longer than my highly scented paraffin waxed, zinc core, votive candle by an average of 2 hours. The soy cotton core wicked votive, burned for 19-20 hours which was outstanding for a votive candle. I am so very impressed by how these votive candles burned. Very little candle wax left. At first I really wasn’t sure if the votive candles were going to make the grade. After I let the votive candles burn for several hours I knew this wax had the right stuff. No black or white soot left, very little wick trimming and longer burning time. These votive candles were fantastic. The fragrance was rich and was noticed by friends who visited.  Keep in mind most fragrances are a users own preference and some candles fragrances will smell stronger to different individuals. This soy wax will burn at cooler temperatures than paraffin waxed and zinc core wicked candles. This means that if you want a candle to burn longer you will want to check for a cotton core wicked soy candle to enjoy. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into making hand made fragrant candles to sell online and at home. Don’t forget to thank your candle maker for making your scented candles.

Last test, was the 8 ounce triple scented soy waxed, zinc and cotton core, wicked jar candles. Each soy jar candle happily surprised Candemamma. At first the wax burnt unevenly and I really was worried as to the outcome. Just like the soy votive candles, the jar candles out performed my paraffin waxed jar candles. The zinc core wicked candle burned for 31 hours. This is great for an 8 ounce jar candle’s burn time. The cotton core wicked soy candle beat the zinc core wicked candles burn time by 10 hours. This means my tested cotton core wicked 8 ounce jar candle burned for 42 hours. This is fantastic news for you as if you enjoy longer burning candles. Both jar candles left a little wax build up along the sides of the jars. This can be cleaned up easily. Remember this wax is biodegradable. Further testing with a larger cotton core wick might just make the wax build up go way. Candlemamma intends to test this theory. Please remember these are my own personal candle tests. Your candle testing may produce different results.

Candle making is my passion. Working with people to help them find the best highly fragrant candle type is very important to me. This is why I enjoy handcrafted candlemaking.

Enjoy Clean Air Triple Scented Soy Candles

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