Brown-Forman unveils the new look of Comfort

Southern Comfort releases Caramel Comfort, a blend of Southern Comfort with the smooth taste of caramel with notes of vanilla, whiskey and spice. But the most intriguing part of the announcement just might be the new bottle and package design for the entire Southern Comfort brand. The new design is more than a label change.

Spirits companies often take advantage of existing bottle molds and use labeling to differentiate products. Each packaging structure goes through several tests before it can be deemed worthy of carrying the liquor brands’ products. So the internal and external design agencies are encouraged to maximize that investment with less expensive changes, such as labeling.

So the move to the more masculine bottle is unusual, especially considering that the most distinctive part of the design—the bottle’s shoulders—appear to be untouched. The removal of the embossed signature though gives the marketing team, more room for identifying the varietal as evidenced by the large letters used for caramel in this specific design.

The minimalist graphic design also has more modern appeal with a casual tone, evident in the brand’s other branding. For example, this is the language used to announce the new Caramel Comfort:

“Well, hello there intrigued reader. We just wanted to pop in to introduce you to Caramel Comfort, Southern Comfort’s new beverage on the block. What’s that, you ask? It’s a delicious blend of Southern Comfort with the smooth taste of caramel. You’ll also notice notes of vanilla, whiskey and spice. We know, we’re excited about it too and even more excited to share a glass with you.

You probably want to mix it into a drink, but you may have no clue what to do. Don’t worry! (Seriously, don’t do that. That’s not what we’re about.) We’ve made it easy with Caramel Comfort. Here’s a saying we like: “Caramel Comfort is just right with Sprite.” Did we come up with that mixture because it rhymes? Maybe. But it also tastes ridiculously awesome.

“Caramel Comfort is pretty fantastic,” said the Southern Comfort Beach Guy. “My favorite part is the caramel. Have you seen my towel?”

Did you notice that the bottle looks different? Well it is. In fact, ALL of the Southern Comfort bottles are different! Check out the new bottle and packaging design. The awesomeness inside the bottle hasn’t changed, but we thought it could use an upgraded wardrobe on the outside. You may notice our new look as you stroll down the grocery and liquor store aisle. Go ahead – pick one up. Pretty cool, huh? It’s the perfect combination of sweet, smooth and delicious. Swoolicious? Probably not a real word but we honestly don’t care; we just know it’s a darn good beverage to enjoy with friends.

Here’s the deal: at Southern Comfort, we’re not afraid of flavor, which is why we have so much of it. Heck, flavor is exactly what M.W. Heron had in mind when he crafted the original Southern Comfort 141 years ago with a fusion of fruit and spices to create the flavor of whiskey made comfortable. People like to be comfortable and we like people – it just makes sense. Pick up a bottle of new Caramel Comfort ($16.99 750mL) today and thank us later…or now.”


What do you think of the new branding direction?

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