Designers launch fragrance line

Isabel and Ruben Toledo wanted a design for their new fragrances that would knock the ball out of the park.

Kuba Rose and Crystal Honey are Hothouse Beauties that exude love, couture, art and joy, the fundamental values that the Toledo’s live by.

The Toledo’s decided their products needed that design that would elevate on the shelves, so they took to Lane Bryant, a brand that offers customers access to a new level of quality design, and glass maker Pochet.


Katie Mann: Why was Parisian glass chose to house the perfume?

Isabel Toledo: It was more than Parisian glass, it is Pochet glass! We loved how much care and focus pochet dedicated in seeing out bottle idea come to fruition. We presented them with our inspiration, the 100 year old sky light in Rueben’s painting studio, we love the prism effect it has on light, the golden pyramid like structure. All of this was taken into consideration by Pochet and evolved into the magical eight-sided power cube. Glass is an important element for me; it represents fragile eternity, softness and strength within one material. I love this combination. The bottle had to feel at home in my hand. Before you wake the sense of smell, you begin by pleasing your sense of touch. Pochet understood this very well.


Alec Batis, Global Beauty Marketer for Lane Bryant:

I presented Ruben and Isabel with Pochet Glass for one reason alone – they are the best in the world. They’ve been working on the most exquisite perfumes in the world for four centuries and is still family owned. Everything they do is with love and care – and from the “inside, out,” as Isabel Toledo would put it. I knew it was a match.


Katie Mann: Did the package design meet its goal? How?

Ruben Toledo: We wanted to marry the shape of one of my favorite places which is my own painting studio, and Isabel’s herbarium and hot house, two places where creativity is born, and magic happens.

Isabel: As a couturier, shape is an element I am very familiar with. I understand it as symbols. I wanted a throne for my first fragrance to sit in. A golden framed hothouse in which the aroma of beauty can happily reside with confidence.


Ruben: The box carries Isabel’s design signature and aesthetic by putting all the secret pleasures inside the carton, making sure the woman who owns the box will discover with joy that the inside is as rich or even more so than the outside, like many of her dress designs.


Alec: We call it [the glass] (or, I do at least), “techno-artisan” in that not only is the glass of superior lasting quality, but the decoration technique is a rare and exquisite process. The glass is first dipped in golden metal and then when set, it’s placed by hand into the arms of a proprietary laser etching robot that one-by-one, etches the window panels of the glass until it resembles the gilded hothouse of Isabel’s dreams. Then a third process of printing Ruben’s unique icon illustrations onto each bottle. All custom and with painstaking detail.


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