Honor, Vengeance, Justice

Legendary Hatfield & McCoy families finally agree on something. The feuding families combine authentic recipes to create a Legendary American Whiskey, in a bottle with moonshine jug cues and a label that refers to the emotional and historical journey of the two families.

The families’ legend is embedded in American culture. Their names are synonymous with unrelenting rivalry. Their story has been told and re-told by local townsfolk and movie stars alike. Now, after feuding for more than 150 years, the descendants of the Hatfields and McCoys are collaborating on a new product launch.

“Our families have been blending and distilling American spirits in the Appalachian tradition since before the feud began,” said James “Big Jim” McCoy, a descendent of “Ole’ Ran’l” McCoy. “Now, all those recipes that we’ve been writing in the backs of bibles and in the backs of our minds for centuries are coming together in a way that our ancestors could never have imagined.”

John T. Hatfield, the great-great-great grandson of “Devil” Anse Hatfield, adds: “This Whiskey is the first authentic product that is truly worthy of our Hatfield & McCoy names. While blood may be thicker than water, turns out this whiskey has them both beat.”

To help the families meet high demand for the product, the families selected Local Choice Spirits, a distiller out of Charleston, South Carolina, to help them produce the liquid using precise specifications and ingredients as outlined in the family recipe.

The complexity of The Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Whiskey comes from a blend of corn, barley, malt, special strains of yeast, infused natural flavors and pure water. Aged in oak to perfection, the liquid is filtered and purified to create a mature-tasting, bold and complex 80-proof whiskey with an incredibly smooth finish.

Local Choice then bottles and ships the liquid to distributors. It is currently available in stores, restaurants and bars in Florida, Georgia, S. Carolina, Louisiana, Ohio, West Virginia, New Jersey, Michigan, Kentucky, Missouri and Colorado. It has just recently launched in New York State.  By the summer of 2015, after it launches in Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada, Tennessee, Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and California, the product will be available in 21 states.

To find out more about the whiskey and the families, visit http://www.legendaryhatfieldandmccoy.com

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