Mega Airless Unveils Ultra-mini Nano Dispenser Family

Anticipating the continued growth of innovative, brand-building mini-product programs, Mega Airless has announced the debut of its all-new family of ultra-mini, top-fill solutions, packed with high-performance features – the Nano.

Mega Airless, the world’s largest, all-airless dispensing solutions company, introduced its Nano family at Cosmopack last week.

“Our Nano family is an ideal new choice for sampling, cross-promotional product sets, on-the-go products, and cosmetic applications where pinpoint precision of application is a must – such as for eyes and lips – and for one-day-cure type dermatological products,” said Eric Desmaris, Mega Airless’ director of business development.

“Our customer can now get the performance, precision and protection of Mega Airless’ patented airless, all-plastic design, in an ultra-mini size,” he said.

Available in 5, 10 and 15-ml volumes (0.2-ml dosage), each 22.5-mm diameter Nano is designed for easy filling on high-speed lines. 

According to Desmaris, the accelerated pace of new product introductions and flankers challenges today’s brand management to create new mini-product programs that amplify the impact of launches and to help stay connected to consumers in meaningful and exciting ways. 

“Mini-products are no longer just ‘freebies,’” Desmaris said.  “Today’s mini-dispenser, such as our new Nano, is a full-featured solution that effectively acts as a brand ambassador that opens access to the retail sized product. 

“And, with our technological capability as the pioneer in airless packaging, the Nano is a high-tech dispenser that perfectly emulates the end-user experience of the full-sized retail product.  Further, the Nano is completely customizable, with a variety of colors and decorative techniques that enhance perceived value,” he said. 

These decoration techniques include silk-screening, labeling and hot-stamping.

As a result, today’s mini-products can be profitably used in a variety of marketing plans, such as “gift with purchase,” in travel combination kits, and in double-offerings that combine a full-sized retail product with a “take anywhere” size.  “Strategically designed mini-product programs,” Desmaris said, “build launch awareness and, for existing products, help brands stay connected with their customers.”

Mega Airless offers an innovative and proven family of German-engineered, 100% tested, all-plastic, recyclable airless dispensers.  The company has more than 25 years of experience with airless technology and holds 30 patents.  Many of the world’s most demanding, respected and successful brands rely on Mega Airless dispensing solutions.

The company’s all-plastic airless dispensers are designed to protect today’s advanced formulations and natural products for facial and skin care and are engineered for full recyclability in conformation with EcoCert, NaTru, Oko-Test and other international labels – increasingly important in many countries throughout the world.

All Mega Airless dispensers are equipped with the company’s exclusive airless pump that offers unsurpassed neutrality, precise and consistent dosage, optimal product recovery and convenient 360-degree operation.  They are designed to handle a wide range of viscosities, including the most demanding new formulations used in today’s creams, gels, lotions and pastes.

The 100% plastic airless dispensers are made in one location (mold manufacturing, injection molding, assembly, decoration), which eliminates complex supply chains and reduces the CO2 impact.  In addition, continuous Mega Airless investment in state-of-the-art equipment delivers economic and environmental efficiencies.

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