Music Masterpieces from Multi Packaging Solutions

The Pale Emperor by Marilyn Manson

The Pale Emperor is the latest hit album from iconic shockrocker Marilyn Manson, notorious for his decadent lyrics and robust metal sounds.

Developed by the Multi Packaging Solutions Creative team in Glendale, managed by the Special Packaging team in Chicago, and produced by MPS Dallas, this limited edition numbered box set achieved an artistic vision to give alternative rock fans an astonishingly mastered piece of art and music.

This release debuts our new GritKote™ technology.  Applied inline offset at both MPS Dallas and Chicago, this new technology incorporates sand-like particles into a specialized UV coating to create a distinctively rough gravel texture. 

The hinged rigid outer box is wrapped in Sandy-colored NatuurLinnen with a tipped-on metallic high-gloss cover photo, a debossed logotype on the spine, and a black foil stamp title on the back.  The box set contains five large lithographs with overall GritKote™ finish that are wrapped in custom black stock and a one-of-a-kind monogramed hand applied wax seal. It also includes a collectible MPS download card with grit-finish, an 8-panel unique softback, two LP sleeves, and a glossy oversized poster. 

Cheek to Cheek Collector’s Edition by Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

Cheek to Cheek is a collaborative album produced by Interscope and Columbia Records featuring duets by legendary singer Tony Bennett and famous pop artist Lady Gaga. This album is an inspiration by both to introduce classic songs to the millennial generation, as they believe these acoustic sounds and memorable lyrics have an everlasting, universal appeal.

Photographer Steven Klein originated the artistic ideas behind the packaging and shot the candid photo of Lady Gaga with Bennett sitting and holding hands. Gaga’s look with her massive black curls is popularly compared to singer Cher’s character in the 1987 romantic comedy Moonstruck.

The collector’s edition features a 16” x 16” hinged collared box wrapped in Black Matador with the iconic cover photo tipped-on, framed in two color foil stamps. Lined with Navy Prestige and printed Rainbow Foil, the box set holds a collection of fan exclusives including a Glama Natural Clear envelope with six 8” x 10” art prints, an embroidered handkerchief with Bennett’s initials and Gaga’s red lipstick print, a pocket folder with sheet music autographed by Tony Bennett, and an envelope with six snap shot photos and a newspaper poster.  Also included are 12” and 7” LP jackets and two custom mini jackets. 

Designed by the MPS Culver City Structural team and managed by the Culver City Special Packaging team, the collector’s box set captured the excitement of the iconic collaboration.


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