New coffee line helps consumers find their inner Iron Man

First a confession: In my teens and 20s, I was a huge RPG fan, and one of my favorite role playing games was Marvel Superheroes. So collaborations like this one from White Coffee Corporation and Marvel Entertainment connect with me on an emotional level, bringing back childhood and early adulthood memories and all their positive emotional associations, in addition to the many other coffee fans who were (or still are) fans of the Marvel Universe.

The single-serve coffee line, comprises Marvel Comics Coffee and Marvel’s Avengers Hot Chocolate options, and is designed to help adult fans can tackle their first valiant act of the day with a shot of great coffee, and fans of all ages can enjoy some hot chocolate at any time of day.

“We are so excited to feature Marvel’s characters on our coffee and hot chocolate collections,” says Jonathan White, executive vice president of White Coffee Corporation. “Our consumers are huge Marvel fans. These iconic figures – Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow and the rest of the Avengers – plus Spider-Man, have legacies that span multiple generations.” Coincidently, White Coffee Corporation, just like Marvel, traced their origin to the same calendar year — 1939.

The Marvel Comics Coffee line consists of four single serve varieties, featuring Marvel’s Super Heroes’ likenesses splashed, in bold colors, across each 10-count box including: Iron Man’s “Stark French Roast,” Spider-Man’s “Daily Bugle Breakfast Blend,” Captain America’s “Shield Hazelnut” and the Incredible Hulk’s “Gamma Espresso Roast.” The suggested retail price is $6.99.

Marvel’s Avengers Hot Chocolate highlights the most powerful Super Hero team in the world on its packaging. The hot chocolate is fat-free, with only 20 calories per serving and comes in 12 single serve cups per box with a suggested retail price of $7.99.

Marvel Comic Coffee and Marvel’s Avengers Hot Chocolate will be available in retail outlets nationwide later this year. The cups produced will be 2.0 compatible, for use with the Keurig system and similar coffeemakers.

Both products will be on-hand at the upcoming New York Comic Con starting on October 8 (my birthday) at the Javits Center. Now, all I need is for White Coffee and Marvel Entertainment to collaborate with Nestle so I can use the pods in my Nespresso machine.

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