Paleo Meals To Go Unveils Redesigned Brand

In a saturated market where pre-packaged meal options are many, standing out from the competition is no easy feat. Paleo Meals To Go, the all-natural food manufacturing trailblazer of wholesome, freeze-dried Paleo meals, has taken strides to rebrand and take the company to the next level.

Paleo Meals To Go invigorates the lives of customers and fuels the adventures of outdoor enthusiasts, globetrotters, and adventurers with lightweight, freeze-dried nutritional meals with the added convenience of no prep, dishes or mess. The company realized while their meals were energizing the body with food, the brand was not effectively communicating how to live holistically, get outside and back to our roots as Mother Nature intended.

As direct-to-consumer sales increased, we saw the need to bring in a professional marketing company to enhance our online presence and assist in moving our brand onto retail shelves,” said Dawn Anderson, Managing Partner of Paleo Meals To Go. Sage Marketing Group worked with us to develop a clean and sophisticated brand design, a new logo, and striking product labels.

Enhancing the brand from a merchandising and online marketing standpoint helped the company effectively communicate its unique selling proposition to target markets.

The lively spirit of PMTG simply wasn’t translating to the brand,” said Julia Blyumkin, Account and Digital Marketing Manager at Sage Marketing Group. “An exceptional brand like this should never lose face, literally. We started with the tagline ‘Feed Your Adventure, Nourish Your Body’ and spun off the design to drive brand awareness, and ultimately, see these hit-the-spot eats fly off the shelves.

Paleo Meals To Go’s identity exudes mobility, convenience, and inspiration. “We wanted to take the customer somewhere – camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing,” said Sarah Rudy, Project Lead Designer at Sage Marketing Group. “Incorporating shots of nature paired with a color scheme reflecting the natural tones of your morning hike or sunset bike ride puts the customer in the moment.” The quality of the meals speak for themselves, but the packaging and brand redesign help with some of the talking.

To increase sales and brand awareness, it is integral for the packaging to engage customers at point of purchase. Replacing the illustrative leaping caveman and outdated, artificial colors with a bold, striking logo, contemporary, natural colors, and most importantly, vibrant photographs of the meals, revitalized the brand, commercially and artistically.

“We shot each meal in connection to its ingredients, the land they come from, and the best way to eat them: under the open sky,” said Kevin Heyse, Director of Photography at Sage Marketing Group.  The best part? You know exactly what’s inside!

With the fresh, newly branded look, Paleo Meals To Go will expand upon its core SKUs in the freeze-dried category, releasing a line of Paleo beef and chicken chilies and an all-natural line of Paleo fruit snacks. Meeting the dietary restrictions of its customers without compromising nutritional value or taste, the company’s gluten free, grain free, dairy free, shelf-stable meals make for ancestral food for the modern good.

Since the rebranded website and packaging launch just weeks ago, Paleo Meals To Go has made and will continue to make strides in the freeze-dried food categories. With more products in the pipeline this year, the revolutionized brand is bound for success.


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