Product Focus with Active & Smart Packaging

Interactive Packaging Technology

DirectLink incorporates NFC technology to send messages from a label to a consumer’s smartphone. Avery Dennison says its DirectLink technology can be used as an anti-counterfeiting measure to help users confirm a product’s authenticity. DirectLink can also let brands share content such as videos, user manuals, surveys or coupons.


RFID-enabled Packaging

New Sunshine battled product diversion for more than 10 years. Third parties resold the product in unauthorized channels, undercutting salon prices. Its Designer Skin products are meant to be sold only through authorized distributors and professional salons. WS Packaging Group developed a full chain-of-custody solution using RFID technology.


Auto-closing Pouch

Zip-Pak PresSure-Lok is designed to be a space-saving flexible replacement for blow-molded containers, is an all-in-one, controlled product dispensing system. This resealable packaging solution combines one-handed functionality with a unique auto-reclosing feature. Requiring far less materials than rigid packaging, PresSure-Lok can be an option for eco-minded personal care brands, with products such as shampoos, conditioners, mouthwash and lotions.



Active/activated Scent Technology

ScentSational scented packaging technologies can be integrated into packaging during production of materials or can be added at a later point in time.  Scents can be active or activated, depending on use application.


Anti-bacterial Film

Zircon Bacterstop has anti-bacterial properties that kill 99.9% of bacteria that comes into contact with the film. Designed for medical, food-service and personal-care applications, the anti-bacterial film is formulated to work after multiple handlings, for up to 12 months.



Color-changing Ink Effects

Decorative ink effects offer environment-variable presentation options for wine labels and caps. Bichromic ink changes color depending on a consumer’s viewing angle, and thermochromic changes color depending on the package’s temperature; and photochromic inks react to ultraviolet light, such as the sun.



Embedded NFC Paper


Arjowiggins Creative Papers introduces Powercoat Alive. This innovative embedded near-field-communications (NFC) paper can be used to personalize a product and many other possibilities including instant sharing via any of the social media channels.


Environmental-monitoring Labels

Intelligent labels monitor the condition of perishable goods through the supply chain. Available in contact, wireless, and USB versions, labels help determine the quality and safety of food, pharmaceutical, and other environmentally sensitive products and communicate via cellular-based readers to a cloud database.


Thermochromic Plastic

Manufactured in the United States, the PowerCapsules thermochromic plastic technology can be used as hot and cold advisories in packaging components such as soda closures, coffee lids and soup bowls. CTI recently expanded the color-changing inks for PowerCapsules thermochromic plastic technology to include all Pantone colors.


Covert Security Inks

Range of covert security inks for packaging include a taggant solution called Verigard, which offers a lock-and-key approach to securing and authenticating brand packaging. The machine-readable taggants are designed to be used in concert with readers available only from the inks’ manufacturer.


Airless Pump with
Anti-drying Insert

Serumony is engineered to be an airtight, leak-proof dispensing system for serums. Made from transparent co-polyester with an anti-drying inset in the cap, the package has a 15-mL PP barrel that dispenses 70-mcL of formula with one touch and without the product contacting any metal.


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