The Best Blender to buy

The Best Blender to buy

The market has an enormous variety of blenders to offer to its customers. Such great variations are available that it might take the buyer several days altogether to screen through the majority of the products and then figure out what they want and which one they want.

The whole process could be confusing for the one who is buying it for the first time. It becomes difficult for the buyer with one or two time experience also since newly upgraded versions of the equipment are being launched every alternate day. A few important features of a useful and worthy blender can be noted to make the whole job easier. To buy blender some of the below listen things should be kept in mind.

Different websites on the internet can give the buyer a fair idea about the kind of blenders currently available. It is easy to search for the price list here. The picture of every blender has the price written aside. Details about the products are available and one can learn about them sitting at home, by the help of a few clicks. Information about the services and the colors that the blenders are available in are all given in the websites. Generally red, black, blue and coffee colors are available.

It is important to understand the basic features of the merchandise and where the service centers are located. Since people have very little time to spare from their busy schedules, a service center near the house is desirable. One must also clarify with the terms offered by the company on servicing and guarantee of the blender. To buy blenders, the quality of after sales service should also be carefully screened.

If a substantial amount of money is being spent on the blender then the best quality, best performance ability and a safe one should be looked for. The motor speed is an important factor. 3 hp motors produce appreciable performance. Again the efficiency of the motor may it be 3 hp, depends also on the design of the equipment. Care should be taken to review designs that enhance the productivity. The absence of plunger is also desired.

It is also important to note that the item quality is recommendable. It should be BPA free. That is plastic products have a certain chemical known as bisphenol A. this may cause cancer. The blender should be free of this toxin and could be made of BPA Free Copolyester.

A 3 quart jar can be a safe buy since they weigh less not as much as the weight of the usual jars. This makes it more users friendly.

One point of convenience to be followed is that the size should be such that it can be slid under the standard size of the cupboards. A size bigger may not be suitable for many kitchens.

Many companies built blenders like the Blendtec, Kenwood, Pova etc. Several websites have reviews about the products enumerated by the users. The above mentioned check list should be useful to buy blender that suits the consumer.

So if you would like to buy blender online and would like to crack the best deal with the best product, you must not be late in visiting

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Oil Painting: Where To Start

Oil Painting: Where To Start

Every human on the planet has an artist within just waiting to be released.  Every time you doodle with a pencil, or spread paint on a wall or redecorate a room, you are encouraging the artist within.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or what talent you think you have or don’t have: each of us expresses our artistic flair in thousands of different ways each day of our life.  Sometimes it is as simple as re-arranging tools in a garage, or getting a new paint job on an old car.  The point is we each express our creative self in many ways;  and one way is oil painting.  The challenge for the novice is to know where to start.  Doesn’t learning how to paint require a major money investment for art education and supplies?

You might ask yourself just how do you go about teaching Art?  It is like saying you are going to teach creativity (Oxymoron).  You are already creative, so about all you can achieve from a formal art education is a handful of techniques and a credential proclaiming your expertise (or at the very least that you attended a school).  Learning oil painting happens on the canvas by doing and what you need to learn in the way of techniques can be found free on the net or in a library.  What you need to be cautious of on the net is getting involved with Artist forums.  You might pick up a few techniques but mostly you will be picked apart for even daring to think that you can just pick up a paint brush and paint.  What you need to understand is that most of what you will learn on these forums is how to spend money on expensive brushes, paints and canvas which is not necessary in order to produce a quality oil painting.  The most amount of money involved in oil painting is made by selling art supplies to the naive oil painting novice.

A painting can be done in a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylics or water color.  Acrylic is really a modern alternative to oils and has its own unique properties.  It dries much quicker than oil paint and is water soluble.  This makes cleaning up much easier but it also means that it is less forgiving if you want to make changes (Oil based paint is slightly more expensive than acrylic paint). My  personal preference is to use oil but either medium will allow you to produce a quality painting.  Both oil and acrylic are typically painted on a canvas surface, but both can be used on painting boards such as compressed hard board or hardwood plywood.  Both canvas and board should be primed with Gesso prior to applying paint.  There is some controversy as to the use of Gesso (the modern form is an acrylic base) under oil.  However, the controversy surrounds the possibility that oil may (this is not absolute) delaminate from the Gesso after 20 or 30 years.  This may be an important issue for the professional artist who is selling her or his work for thousands of dollars.  Should you be concerned about this issue?  Your creation is also susceptible to fire, do you want to spray it with a fire retardant?  The whole issue is a non issue for most of us ordinary folks.  Leave that worry to the egotist artist.

Pre-primed canvas is readily available from any Wall Mart store and does not need to be covered with Gesso (the primer has an acrylic base). Start with 14 x 18 canvas, anything bigger is going to be too intimidating. After a few paintings go up in size to 16 x 20, then 20 x 24 and when you are feeling really confident try 24 x 30.  These larger canvases and boards take a lot of paint so to keep cost down make sure you plan your painting on actual size paper.  You can use news print paper, but I have found that poster board makes a better planning surface.The best art box for containing your paint and brushes is the rubber maid boxes that have lids which overlap the edge.  These are great for keeping out rain  and are really inexpensive.  If you find yourself purchasing a fancy wooden art box you have just thrown money down the toilet. A very good pallet is glass but difficult to use outside.  A thin bamboo cutting board makes an excellent pallet and is really inexpensive.

There is an odd ball sort of problem that I have run into with the paint tubes.  You will notice this problem with White, but it exists for all the colors.  When you unscrew the cap on the tube, over time a grey residue begins to form around the end of the tube and can distort the color.  I have not yet found a good solution, but what you can do is keep a clean cloth available, dampened with mineral spirits, to wipe the end of the tube.  The residue comes directly from the material that is used to make the tube (a sort of soft metal). It is not necessary to use thick coats of paint.  In fact you are going to get a much cleaner painting if you stick to thin application of the paint.  It may be necessary to wait for applications to dry, but in the end the painting will look much better when seen up close.

Keep a good supply of Qtips tips ready for cleaning up errors.  Dampen the Qtips tip with mineral spirit and wipe off the error.  If you have to much mineral spirit on the Qtip you can make the problem worse.  Use a dry Qtip to finish up the correction.  After a painting is finished you will want to give it a light coat of Krylon Kamar spray varnish.  This protects the painting from yellowing.

Art Supplies For The Beginner

The primary ongoing cost of supplies is of course paint and brushes.  You will find a wide variety of costs, however the adage “you get what you pay for” does not always apply when it comes to art supplies, this is especially true for brushes.  Brushes are so varied that there is no simple way to say one product is bad and another is good.  You can pay 15 dollars for a brush and it still may fail.  Paints are easier to judge and come in two major categories: student level and professional level.  Unless you are already skilled, have a patronage foaming at the mouth to purchase your latest creation, there is no reason to use professional paint.  Grumbacher makes and excellent student grade paint called Academy. Winton oils are also an excellent choice for the beginner. The prices range from 5 to 12 dollars a tube and if purchased on line you can find some really great prices.  You can get twice the amount of paint for the same price you would pay at your local art and craft store.


The basic colors you need to get started should include the following:

Titanium white  (Do not use the fast dry type.)
Prussian Blue
Cadmium Red
Viridian Green
Light Green
Cadmium Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Raw Umber
Payne’s Grey


*Note: You will use white more than any other color.  Therefore you need to purchase the largest tube of white you can find.

One problem you will encounter with the tubes of paint is that a residue of the tube material (metal) will discolor some of the paint, especially the white.  It has a silver gray appearance. I have not yet found a good solution, but what you can do is keep a clean cloth available, dampened with mineral spirits, to wipe the end of the tube.  The residue comes directly from the material that is used to make the tube (a sort of soft metal).


This is a tough issue because the brush size really depend on the size of the painting.  However, since your first painting is likely to be on a Wal Mart 14 x 18  pre-primed canvas any brush over one inch wide is overkill.  The real issue is the hardness of bristle.  Natural bristle is very hard and not all that useful, unless you are planning to paint your house.  Synthetic bristles are just fine for starting and you can usually purchase them for under 6 dollars each.  The following picture is my arsenal of brushes (the quarter is useful for judging relative size).  Smokes and ash tray are optional.

Except for the fan brushes these are all relatively soft bristle.  Don’t hesitate to use a water color brush if that will get you the result you want.  All too often the new artist thinks they have to use proscribed tools and procedures.  This is Art: there are no rules!  If painting with the end of your index finger does the job, then use it.  Notice that the palate knife is metal and not plastic.  You will find that the plastic ones are impossible to clean properly.  And you will need a metal paint scraper to keep your palate clean.

You have to become obsessive about cleaning the brushes.  The best cleaner and thinner is odorless mineral spirits.  You can purchase nearly a quart of it at Wal Mart for under 7 dollars.  Notice that little glass jar behind the paints?  That is what I use to hold the mineral spirits while I paint.  This has to be cleaned often, because the residue that builds up in the jar will eventually stick to your brush and discolor the next paint you use.  Many artists use linseed or walnut oil to thin the paint.  I prefer using mineral spirits for thinning paint as well as cleaning brushes.  If you do purchase linseed oil do not use it on the color blue, it will yellow the paint.  Avoid turpentine, it is hard to use and the odor in a closed room will cause injury to your lungs.

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Why Sports Bottles Trump Plastic Water Bottles

Why Sports Bottles Trump Plastic Water Bottles

Buying a case of bottled water is convenient. It cuts down on time for busy individuals especially athletes. They can just grab one and go. But did you know that one fourths of bottled water is tap water? Or that the bottled water industry made upwards of 4 million dollars last year? That’s a humongous amount of money for something consumers can get practically for free by the turn of a knob in their own home. Cutting down on buying bottled water is not only great on our eco-system but it also saves money. The best solution for this is to get a sports bottle or a permanent water bottle of sorts which can be customized to fit any design.

The most obvious and best reason to own a personalized sports bottle is that it’s earth-friendly. Bottled water is typically made out of plastic. Plastic is a big detriment to the planet because for one plastic is made from petroleum which is a limited resource. Two, plastic is mostly non bio-degradable. It stays on our planet practically forever! With the overwhelming rise in popularity of water bottles in five years landfills will be overcrowded with plastic. What happens to Mother Earth then?

Another awesome reason to cut down on bottles of water is that it saves a whole lot of money. A case of “good” bottled water averages around six dollars for a case of twenty-four. If a consumer drinks the recommended amount of eight glasses or bottles per day then that case only lasts for about three days. That’s roughly twelve dollars a week, forty eight dollars a month. Imagine spending forty eight bucks a month on bottled tap water. Most people’s water bill isn’t that high.

The rewards for dedicating an extra five minutes in the morning to prepare a water carrier are enormous. Just imagine if at least ten percent of bottled water consumers decided to bring a sports bottle to games or to work. It is invaluable to the economy and easy on the wallets. is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of products from coffee mugs and travel mugs to sports bottles and custom t-shirts. Visit this page for more information on Discount Mugs

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Check out my web site . I collect and tally my plastic waste and blog about ways to reduce our plastic waste and plastic consumption. In 2009, my plastic waste came to less than 4% of that of the average American. Here’s what I ended up with, along with suggestions for how you can do it too!

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Think About Your Packaging First

Think About Your Packaging First

Most people probably did not think immediately about the packaging when they started working on a product, and instead focused only on their product, trying everything to make it better. But what people need to realize is that packaging is actually a big challenge when trying to sell retail products since it is there to catch the eye of the potential buyer and will certainly help to sell if done properly.


One thing you can actually do is look for products that sold well hugely thanks to their packaging. You can actually learn a lot buy looking outside your industry.

By doing so, you will soon realize that it is vital to think about the packaging right at the beginning of the process. Whether you are working on a new MP3 player or a disk, you need to focus on CD packaging or DVD packaging or of course any other product’s packaging. A lot of different companies tend more and more to think about the packaging from the beginning and include it as an important part of their business plan.


So, by looking at your competitors or other companies outside your industry, you should be able to see the following about your packaging strategy:

First of all, you need to really focus on the packaging from the beginning and spend a proper amount of money on it.

Then, you also need to stay in line and consistent with what you are already offering. Consumers might get confused if your product lines have got too different packaging.

As said above, look at your competitors to see what they have done and benchmark from them.

In the end, always remember that doing simple usually works much better than going into a complex packaging.

Innovation is good though and going for an innovative packaging, even if risky can get great results. If you think a fun packaging could get your customers too confused, you can still go for something reusable that will please people that are into recycling for example.


You also have to keep in mind that the packaging is the first thing people will see of your product and as a result they will judge it by the packaging before using it. That is one more reason to get the packaging right, whether it is for CD packaging, DVD packaging or any other kind of packaging. So you need to make sure that you get your packaging done by professionals to have a perfect result.


Sam is working as an IT manager in a DVD packaging, CD packaging and CD duplication company. They can also do DVD duplication and more.

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How to teach your child learn to save money?

How to teach your child learn to save money?

How to teach your child learn to save money?The ability to handle personal finances by saving money and budgeting is a skill beneficial to most everyone. When children learn at an early age to save and spend money wisely, they are likely to do the same as adults.Here are ideas to help teach kids the skills of saving and budgeting money. Best Financial Advice – Financial Planning |
Give Young Children an Allowance
An easy way to begin teaching money saving skills to young children is to give them an allowance. You might want to base this on completion of some easy household chores. For young children, choose as small amount of money that they receive often, such as weekly.

Set Up Money Saving Containers
To help young children learn to save money, provide them with several savings containers, labeled with their savings goals. Small plastic jars work well. Try giving your kids their allowance in small denomination coins such as nickels and dimes, or even pennies, to make division between the savings jars easier.

Explain the Concept of Saving Money to Kids
Once your young child’s allowance is established, explain the concept of dividing up her or his money, allowing it to accumulate for savings goals. It works well to physically show children how this works with a handful of change and the labeled jars.

Help Young Children Choose Savings Categories
Once young kids understand how saving money works and how they can benefit, they are often eager to get started. Help your children choose a couple items or activities as savings goals, that aren’t too different.

You might also want to establish a mandatory category with a set amount of savings. For example, gifts for brothers or sisters, Sunday school offerings etc. Even a small percentage, maybe a nickel or dime out of each dollar of allowance can go a long ways in teaching values such as generosity and discipline.

Encourage Kids Money Saving Efforts
As young children are learning how to save and budget money, positive feedback for their successes is important. Stay involved with your child’s money saving efforts, even if you think the items or activity being saved for is trivial or worthless.

Reward Young Children’s Money Saving Efforts
Create money saving games to share with young kids to make the activity more fun for them. For instance, you might have one day a week in which you reward them with surprise small amounts of money for extra help they do on their own around the house. Or a money matching game in which you match their accumulated savings towards a more expensive goal.

Allow Young Kids to Blow Some of Their Allowances
Most of us like to spend some money impulsively at times. Young savers are likely to enjoy saving money more if they also spend some on unplanned activities and items. Allowing your kids the fun of blowing their allowances sometimes will help encourage them to save as well

Best Financial AdviceFinancial Planning | to help you improve your personal finances, get out of debt, invest, make money, save money, plan for retirement, and give you financial help and advice.

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