Avery Dennison Cracks Open New Craft Beer Portfolio

Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials introduced a new portfolio of pressure-sensitive label materials for the craft beer market at BrewExpo America 2013 in Washington, D.C. The portfolio features 10 pressure-sensitive facestocks and four adhesives that meet the design and application needs of craft beer brand owners.

The new portfolio provides breweries a wide range of label materials, plus the ability to create unique label shapes and utilize dynamic printing and finishing capabilities that only pressure-sensitive materials can provide.

The portfolio’s materials include paper and film facestocks that meet market demand for wet-strength and sustainable items. These options allow brand owners to obtain their most desired look, be it with clear film or a paper-faced material.

Five of the portfolio’s facestocks are paired with Avery Dennison’s new Z3338 emulsion adhesive, which enables craft beer brand owners to secure pressure-sensitive label materials on surfaces with heavy condensation. Compared to adhesives currently used with beer-bottle labels, Z3338 provides in-line, wet-applied label positioning that improves operational efficiencies, including ease of setup and cleanup, reduced line downtime, changeover simplicity and less product obsolescence.

“Successful marketers drive consumer preference by differentiating their brand packaging, which is very important for success in a crowded segment such as craft beer,” said Laura Clark, global director, Beer and Beverage for Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials. “Through their ability to accept multiple printing techniques and accents, pressure-sensitive label materials can help deliver that differentiation allowing brands to create unique, meaningful on-bottle stories that connect with consumers.”

To maximize the advantages of pressure-sensitive labeling, Avery Dennison offers brand owners technical expertise and package prototyping assistance.

Swatch books and more information about the craft beer labeling materials portfolio from Avery Dennison are available at 1-800-944-8511 or label.averydennison.com.

About Avery Dennison
Avery Dennison (NYSE:AVY) is a global leader in labeling and packaging materials and solutions. The company’s applications and technologies are an integral part of products used in every major market and industry. With operations in more than 50 countries and 30,000 employees worldwide, Avery Dennison serves customers with insights and innovations that help make brands more inspiring and the world more intelligent. Headquartered in Pasadena, California, the company reported sales from continuing operations of $6 billion in 2012.

2013 Avery Dennison Corporation. All rights reserved. Avery Dennison, Fasson and all other Avery brands, product names, codes and service program terms are trademarks of Avery Dennison Corporation. All other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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Messages In A Bottle

Messages In A Bottle

There’s something about messages in a bottle that make them very sentimental, sacred, and mysterious at the same time. This may not appeal to everybody but to people who do not mind going a little sentimental from time to time, making messages in a bottle makes a good pastime. These messages are the written evidence of people’s feelings and sentiments that they choose not to tell anyone.

If you want to make your own messages in a bottle, here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

Get a bottle. You can use either plastic or glass. But if you want something more realistic, pick a wine or beer bottle.

Clean and wash the bottle thoroughly. Pour a mixture of warm water and dish soap into your bottle. Cover it with a cork or with your hand. Shake the bottle up and down for a few minutes. Then, start rolling a towel into a rod then stick it in. When done, position it upside down so that all excess liquid can pour out.

Make your message. People have different reasons for making messages in a bottle. Whatever your purpose is, avoid revealing something too personal. Instead of putting your entire address, put your PO Box number instead. This will prevent you from being tracked down by the stranger who gets the bottle. For security purposes, avoid disclosing contact information. Instead, you can write down things that you love to do, things that you hate the most, your dreams, your frustrations, etc. When you’re done, roll up your paper tightly before putting it inside the bottle. You can use a tape or a rubber band

Put the bottle inside a plastic bag. This will keep the bottle from getting wet. Some even choose to layer it with plastic. To make things easier, simply find a clear plastic. Ensure that your paper is safe and not wet.

Let your bottle float. Before finally letting it float on the sea, drop it in the bath tub for testing. Ensure that the cover or the cork is tightly closed.

Even if you’re not at the beach, you can still send your secrets to the sea. Beachtown is an online game on Facebook that gives you the chance to recreate a virtual world of the beach – without living the comforts of your home. Through the Beachtown game, you can send your messages in a bottle – in just a click.


Chill and have fun! Try BEACHTOWN Game on Facebook and start to get thrill!

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Introduction to Plastic Bottle (Beverage Bottle and Beer Bottle) Sealing Performance Testing

Introduction to Plastic Bottle (Beverage Bottle and Beer Bottle) Sealing Performance Testing

Plastic bottles have found wide application in food, beverage and beer industries nowadays. Plastic cola bottle, plastic juice bottle and beer bottle can be found everywhere in our daily life. With its wider applications, there have been more standard requirements for its quality control. Since winding up force and sealing performance have direct relationship to storage quality and periods of the contents inside the packages, sealing performances and torque force of bottle closure have become common focus of plastic bottle manufacturers among various quality control indexes. Labthink Instruments (www.labthink.cn ) briefs on the test of plastic bottle seal performance, bottle closure winding up force and open force with Labthink PARAM LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Strength Detector and PARAM NJY-20 Digital Torque Tester.

1. Plastic Bottle Sealing Performances and Bottle Closure Trip/Lock Testing

The barrier property of plastic bottle material would directly influence the quality guarantee period. The better barrier performance, the longer quality guarantee period.  However, no matter the individual barrier properties of bottle body and bottle closure are good; the conjunction place is the only place where leakage would occur. Therefore, the sealing performance of bottle closure is the most basic indicator for container sealing performance.

GB/T 17876-1999 has stated specified requirements for bottle closure sealing performance testing. According to their different applications, bottle closures for still beverage and carbonated beverage are of different methods. Closure for still beverage should cut its theft-proof ring (bar), and pressurize to 200kPa in PARAM LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Detector for 1 minute (underwater). Observe the leakage; if not, increase the pressure to 1207kPa for 1 minute and observe whether the bottle closure trips.

Labthink PARAM LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Detector is for quantitative testing for sealing performances; Labthink PARAM MFY-01 Leak Tester is for rapid qualitative testing.

2. The Torque Value Testing for Bottle Cap/Closure- Lock Force & Open Force

In the above mentioned sealing performance testing, a certain bottle cap torque force is required. Actually, bottle cap torque force (bottle cap open and lock force) is one of the main factors affecting the sealing performance. Over torque force would bring great difficulties for open and winding up of bottle cup, and thus, reduce the convenience. Insufficient torque force would affect the seal performance of the container, and may further result in the leakage during transportation. Now, package design is designated to bring more convenience for fast consumption, and easy openness of bottle cap is one of the aims. When dealing such testing, GB/T17876-1999 is the standard, and craft-proof ring should be cut before testing.

The sealing performance of plastic bottle is the most important factor affecting package leakage and product deterioration. Excellent open easiness and sealing performance can be guaranteed through reasonable control of sealing performance and torque value. The barrier property of plastic bottles, including gas transmission quantity and water vapor transmission quantity, should also be controlled so as to guarantee the product quality during shelf-life period. For more information, please visit www.labthink.cn. Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd. is willing to have more communications and exchanges with you.

About Labthink?

Labthink, the excellent provider of testing instruments and testing services, is devoted to provide most excellent and complete quality control solutions for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, cosmetics, packaging, printing, adhesive, automotive, petrochemistry, environment, biology, new energy, construction, aviation and electronic industries worldwide.

Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd.

No. 144 Wuyingshan Road, Jinan 250031, China

Tracy Bao  info@labthink.cn

Tel: 0086 531 85061153  fax:0086 531 85812140

Labthink, the excellent provider of testing instruments and testing services, is devoted to provide most excellent and complete quality control solutions for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, cosmetics, packaging, printing, adhesive, automotive, petrochemistry, environment, biology, new energy, construction, aviation and electronic industries worldwide.

News on plastic bottles that we drink in safe or not safe
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