Menasha Packaging Introduces Revolutionary Blister Card

Menasha Packaging’s new X Card, a revolutionary carded blister packaging, is helping customers speed up production, use less energy and reduce costs.

Unlike most current heat seal trapped blister packs, X Card eliminates the heat and dwell time by using a patent-pending cohesive application system that simply requires pressure to seal. The result is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to heat seal.

“X Card is a labor-saving solution that will streamline operations and dramatically increase throughput,” says Jerry Hessel, executive vice president of business development for Menasha Packaging. “We’ve seen production speeds double for some customers, while greatly reducing their total system costs of packaging.”

X Card also has many benefits for companies seeking sustainable packaging solutions, including:

  • Reduced energy consumption due to quicker production and no heat use
  • Corrugated materials that are at least 65% recycled
  • Greater recyclability since blisters emerge free from paper and glue residue
  • Converting done under one roof
  • SFI certification for all paper products to ensure consistency

Carded blister packaging is often used in club stores and to group products together, such as cosmetics or special promotional items. The X Card blister system helps protect these products during transportation and display. The high-quality materials used to create X Card also enhance packaging graphics and provide a large billboard space help communicate product features and benefits.

“Menasha’s X Card blister system provides consumer packaged good companies the right combination to sell more product on shelf,” says Dennis Bonn, vice president of marketing for Menasha Packaging. “We will be able to service different customer segments with X Card and offer a more competitive blister card system to our current customers.”

X Card can be produced using a variety of substrates, from economy to upscale. It’s minimum size requirement is 10” x 7.5”, but the size can be customized. Typical club pack blister card sizes are 11” x 9” and 13” x 15”.

Menasha’s promotion of X Card stems from a license and supply agreement with Excel Retail Solutions, LLC.

About Menasha Packaging
Menasha Packaging Company, LLC, based in Neenah, Wisconsin, is a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, and it has more than 2,300 employees at locations nationwide. Menasha Packaging is a leading provider of graphic consumer packaging, merchandising solutions, corrugated packaging, food packaging, shipping containers and material handling solutions, and is home of the Retail Integration Group. With design, sales service centers, corrugated and paperboard plants located throughout the United States, the company’s mission is to help its customers protect, move and promote their products better than anyone else.

About Menasha Corporation
Menasha Corporation is a leading corrugated and plastic packaging manufacturer and supply chain solutions provider specializing in retail merchandising packaging and displays, plastic reusable containers and pallets, protective packaging interiors, and packaging supply chain and fulfillment services. Menasha Corporation’s products and services are used by major food, beverage, consumer products, healthcare, pharmaceutical, industrial and automotive companies. Established in 1849, Menasha Corporation is one of America’s oldest privately held, family-owned manufacturing companies. Headquartered in Neenah, Wisconsin, the company employs approximately 4,000 employees in over 75 facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.

About Excel Retail Solutions
Excel Displays & Packaging is a full-service corrugated designer and manufacturer located in the Chicago area. For nearly 25 years, Excel has designed and produced Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays, in-store signage, graphic retail packaging and industrial packaging. Innovation drives Excel, whether it’s patent-pending retail solutions, like the X Card, or proprietary board-grades, including Steel Stack or “S-Flute.” With its Sales & Design Center in Bentonville, Arkansas, Excel is positioned to provide winning and timely display solutions for nationwide distribution.

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Stylish Skin Packaging Technique

Stylish Skin Packaging Technique

Assemblies Unlimited are the front runners with their absolute line of skin packaging, blister packaging, vertical baggers and die cutting systems and equipments. Assemblies Unlimited skin packaging machines are of the top class and are very user friendly.

Skin packaging, is a kind of carded packaging  in which merchandise is positioned on a piece of paperboard, and a thin see-through sheet made up of plastic is placed and sealed above the product and paperboard. The pieces of paperboards are usually printed. The printed paperboard more often has heat-sealed coating.

The plastic film used to cover the product is always softened by reheating it and then draped over the product on the card. In few cases we can see that vacuum is used to help out in getting a firm fit and neat look. As the layer of plastic binds to the heat-seal covering on the paperboard. The skin-packed piece is then cut into separate pieces.

Skin packaging is also something that resembles a blister pack. The main dissimilarity between both the techniques is that the plastic that closes the product is bent and shaped over the product to give a trendy look instead of being pre-formed.

Skin packaging equipments are made to produce a tight parcel around any given merchandise from a film of plastic. The wrap-up that is created by skin packaging machine will set skin tight and goes along with the shape of the product so well. Packaging tools places the merchandise to be packed on top of a card or tray that will be printed.

The merchandise is over-wrapped with skin packaging film that gives a chic look to the product. Normally the skin lined plastic film will be drawn tight to the merchandise by drawing air out of the package with the use of a vacuum suction tool.

The skin packaging machineries are intended for a range of automation levels in any packaging industry. The easiest skin packaging machines need operators to load the merchandise onto the tray, then drag the skin packaging layer over the merchandise and tray. Then the machine cycle is activated.

Additional automatic skin packaging tools can carry out extra steps in the skin packaging procedures mechanically. The rank of mechanization of the skin packaging essential for the function is dependent upon the function, the productivity necessary of the skin packaging apparatus, and further function qualifications.

What is a skin board?
Skin board is a specifically created paper that is made with infinitesimal pores. These pores allow air to pass through during the process of Skin Packaging. A kind of heat activated bonding agent is applied to the board after the required specifications and packing details are printed on them.

Heated plastic sheets are spread onto the board and pulled down around the merchandise by means of vacuum.  Then when the hot plastic gets together with the glue, a bond is created. These Skin boards are fashionable and come in many sizes and thicknesses.

Michelle is an eminent analyst and writer in contract packaging and assembly project related topics. He has authored many books on packaging solutions guide for skin packaging and clamshell packaging. Find more details at

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Various Kinds of Packaging

Various Kinds of Packaging

Every product whether electronic, consumer good, furniture or other, needs packaging. Packing is done to protect the product as well as it is an excellent marketing scheme for selling.

Basically there are protective, flexible and custom packaging. In protective one, great care is taken for the product, as generally it is either very expensive or fragile. So you will have to depend upon this for safe transportation of the product. Here weather, extremes of temperature along with other things are taken into account.

Pouches, bags and wraps are considered under flexible packaging. It is very helpful in reducing waste. Owing to this and other reasons, flexible packaging industry has become very big in USA.

Custom packaging is done as per the requirements of the customer. Client get this done on the basis of their marketing plan as well as kind of product. Actual creativity is shown in this type of packaging. This include attractive color, printing, labels, product related designing and more.

Basic kinds of Packaging

Film Packaging
Many kinds of films are used for packing different products. Like blister film packaging is used in pharmaceutical, medical as well as for consumer good. It is a very tough packaging that not only protects the product inside but it also displays it clearly for buyer to purchase it. Then there are shrink wrap packaging in which the film holds the product tightly after heat it, anti fog films, anti static films, barrier films and so on. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films is the chief material used in these film. In addition to this polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyolefin are also used extensively.

Plastic Boxes
Most of the grocery and dairy items are packed in different kinds of plastic boxes and plastic films. You will find curd, yogurt, juices etc in the smart plastic packaging. Also any item that needs to be transported is packed in plastic boxes.

Thermocol Packaging
Thermocol packaging is done for the consumer good such as electronics. TV, refrigerator, iron, washing machines are packed with thermocol in cardboard boxes as these protect these act as shock absorber.

Textile Packaging
Textile packaging is done for the automobiles during their transportation. Also the custom made packaging is done for this and it is really very effective from shock absorbing point of view. Generally textile inserts are used that are fit into metal containers.

Foam Packaging
Foam of varied thickness is used in the form of plain sheets as well as rolls for packing purposes. Goods are wrapped in foam packaging and these are also insert in the corner of the packed material. Sharp edges of the furniture is generally protected during travelling with foam packaging.

Check out b2b marketplace for all kinds of packaging films and industry information.

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Blister Packages Ensures Safety To Your Products

Blister Packages Ensures Safety To Your Products

When you buy an electronic device, you would find that the item is encased in a special way with a very hard plastic shell which forms a mould around the device. The plastic covering is so hard that most often you need to use heavy scissors or a very sharp knife to open it. Sometimes you may even injure yourself while attempting to open it.  It is natural to wonder why the product is kept in such a setting. But once you come to know about the advantages of the special packing known as blister packaging or clamshell packaging, you would probably appreciate it.

Blister packaging generally refers to a type of pre-formed plastic packaging used for small consumer goods in which plastic and aluminum are used to protect the product from harsh climate changes. The product is enclosed in a cavity of sturdy plastic and sealed shut. Special glue is used to make the covering stick to the aluminum or cardboard which envelopes it. One of the most common forms of blister packaging, and also the most user-friendly, is found in single-dose strips of pharmaceutical tablets or capsules. The blister packs provide protection to the drugs and also it helps the consumer to make sure that they have taken the correct dosage. These blister packs open quite easily and are largely tamper resistant. The blister packaging can be very small or very large, depending upon the feature of the product.

There are several varieties of blister packaging and clamshell packaging is the best innovation which is generally used to cover small electronic goods, children’s actions figures, and tools. The clamshell packaging tightly covers the items they contain as it is made up of hard and tough plastic exterior that is molded to fit perfectly the product. The main advantage of clamshell packaging is that it is airtight and thereby keeps moistures out of the interior and safeguarding the product from physical damage and from getting altered by atmospheric causes.

The blister packaging stands apart compared to other types of packaging like bubble wrap since it ensures damage protection of the product along with assuring proper hygiene storage. Moreover, the blister packaging has been a boon to the manufacturers too. Since the packaging is transparent, it offers high visibility of the product thereby motivating the point of purchase sales. In addition to this, the packaging is theft resistant. It makes it tough for the shop lifters to open small items and slip them into the pocket. The packaging also offers a hanging slot which increases the visible impact of the product. The reverse side of the package is generally made attractive with product description in detail along with colorful graphics.

Generally the blister packaging is done using machineries and it is a fast process. The manufacturers often find the method cost effective. Since the shapes of the packages are made in such a way that they can be loaded together, the delivery of large number of products can be done easily. The shape ensures safety as there wouldn’t be any space for the product to move around and cause damages.  

Much to consumers’ delight, the manufactures have even introduced a device which enables the users to open clamshell packaging safely without causing injuries. With the introduction of this device, the consumers can easily open packages without cursing.

Michelle is an eminent analyst and writer in contract packaging and assembly project related topics. He has authored many books on packaging solutions guide for Blister Packaging and powder filling. Find more details at

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All About Flexible Packaging

All About Flexible Packaging

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Flexible packaging is one of the most popular methods of packaging used today. The previous methods of packaging using metal and glass have been replaced by flexible packaging today. This type of packaging is mainly used for food packaging. With attractive looks, these packages are light weight, easy to carry and easy to dispose and retain all its content fresh and durable for a longer period of time. To create a brand image, flexible packaging plays a vital role.

Types of Flexible Packages

Flexible packages are available in the form of bags, pouches, envelopes, sachets, wraps, laminated pouches, jumbo bags, zipper pouches, blister packs, packaging bags, printed rolls etc. You can also opt for custom deigns as per your requirements . Under special circumstances, the market also provides child resistant flexible packages and military-spec packaging.


Flexible Packaging Materials

The materials used for flexible packaging are plastic, paper, aluminum, polyester films, polyolefin films , coated films, resin and foil. They are used in single form or in combination and form multi-layered or laminated sheets for packaging. Depending on the material to be packed, the packaging is done. For instance, in pharmaceutical industries barrier films are used. For packing milk or juice, Tetra pack is used. Nowadays importance is also given to biodegradable flexible packaging material.


In spite of being expensive, more and more manufacturers are opting for flexible packaging because this packaging has proved to be an effective tool for brand promotion. They are available in varied colors, sizes, and execution depending on the product, thereby offering a unique identity to the product it is carrying. With the packaging industry giving lots of importance to convenience and visual appearance of packing, flexible packaging popularity has increased. Besides being attractive, this type of packaging can also have added features like waterproof, greaseproof, vapor-proof, which make them highly demanded in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, spice industry, tea industry, paint industry, confectionery industry, agro processing industry, dairy industry etc.

For more information, check out Flexible Packaging. For availing packaging services and get more information on different types of packaging, check out Packaging Innovations

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