The Eco-Chic Collection by Remanika

The Eco-Chic Collection by Remanika

GREEN is the NEW BLACK and Remanika shows you the way to do just that. Making a bold statement this season is Remanika’s all new Eco – inspired – chic – Green collection, AW09 – PLAN IT EARTH.

Trend observers and the fashion fraternity are becoming more eco conscious each day, demanding more organic and eco-chic clothes, with the approach in their mind, ‘the better and healthier we will be, so will be our planet’. With Remanika’s new collection you can go green without comprising on great style. Open your doors to the world of Green Chic, which would not only keep you in vogue but also help you contribute in the fight against global warming.

Offering vibrant eco colors, incredible prints and captivating silhouettes, Remanika’s AW09 – PLAN IT EARTH collection reveals that being chic and saving the planet aren’t mutually exclusive. The collection takes the concept of eco-chic to an entirely new level. Soft and bold colors as well as unique and interesting patterns are combined to adorn this collection. Jumbled prints, exaggerated trims, layered textures, and unexpected color combinations symbolize the impact of environmental degradation. Modern, eye-catching, uniquely crafted elements combine smart style with sustainability. The result: Fresh, inspiring designs.

Embrace the fabulousness collection of the Plan It Earth and to Look gorgeous and a amazing wardrobe  GREEN CHIC – AND EASY WAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE:
– Ditch bottled water: refill a sassy thermos.
– Pop little purchases in your purse, not a shopping bag.
– Choose cashmere, not acrylic.
– Let your hair air dry for a while before you blow dry: less frizz, less energy consumed.
– Unplug (and put away) unsightly cell phone chargers.
– Opt for quality over quantity in everything you buy.
–  Limit your consumption of anything packaged in plastic.
Take a step towards saving your planet earth, take a step towards Remanika.

Available – At Exclusive Business outlets at Atria Mall, Worli; Inorbit Mall, Malad, Vashi; Infinity Mall, Andheri; R Mall, Mulund ,ISKON Mall Surat and A’bad, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyles, Centrals and Reliance Trends

Pricing – On Request !

About Remanika – In 1998 remanika launched its first store in Mumbai, the fashion capital of India. Then, if you were hip, young, stylish, with loads of attitude, there was only one place where you could find clothes to match – remanika in uptown Mumbai.

With a customer base that has since grown manifold. Today, the remanika brand can be found in close to 100 outlets across 28 cities, In Exclusive Business outlets, Pantaloons ,Shoppers Stop, Lifestyles, Centrals and Reliance Trends. Also coming up in two new format stores Named “Store 1” launched by India Bull Retail

Stylish, sexy, unexpected; remanika brings the joie de vivre and vibrancy back to fashion. Carefully blending western cuts with traditional Indian embellishments, remanika offers its customers casual wear, club wear and accessories with a distinct style and attitude.

Every quarter, customers look forward to fresh collections from remanika that help them stay in sync with the latest trends and styles. The typical remanika customer can be identified as a young woman between 18 –30 years , bold, independent, stylish and full of beans. Interestingly, almost 70% of India’s population will be in this age bracket by 2010.

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Art, Design And The Environment

Art, Design And The Environment

Art, Design and the Environment

Art, Design and the Environment. This was a topic of our recent event held at the Jean Albano Gallery  in downtown Chicago. Ron Goldstein, Broker Associate, with Prudential Rubloff Real Estate and I spoke briefly about how all three affect our moods, our lives and our future. As an interior designer, I like to incorporate both art and the environment into my designs. I always take into account my client’s personality and lifestyle to customize their design needs; however there are a few standard items I always try and incorporate.

Sustainable Materials.

Designing an interior with sustainability in mind really boils down to choosing the right materials. Sustainable materials can be found in almost anything these days – from flooring to fabrics to the art pieces you hang on your wall. Using bamboo versus oak flooring is a perfect example. It takes 120 years to harvest oak versus the 3 years it takes to harvest bamboo. For fabrics and upholstery one could use organic cotton, hemp or modal. Today’s artists are using recycled and found materials more than ever to create interesting, earth-friendly art.


An eco-friendly technique you can use is to paint the walls a lighter color which will lighten the room and reflect more of the natural light that comes into the space during the day. But that doesn’t mean your home should be plain and boring. Light colors don’t mean off white and beige. Vanilla is out! Make sure to pair your lighter colored walls with bold colors and interesting patterns. Plan your color relationships in a systematic way. Look into the psychological impact of color, how to use color in a functional space and how to best choose color for your accessories.


We all know we should be using CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) now instead of the old fashioned bulbs, but to add even more energy efficiency put motion sensors and/or dimmer switches on all light fixtures throughout the house. Not only does this create a warm ambiance, it saves on the electric bills too.                     


Water efficiency is another major factor to consider when you are creating a sustainable interior. Thankfully high-style and luxury does not have to be abandoned for the sake of water efficiency. Faucets and toilets are now being seen as artistic pieces in your home.  


In addition, always search for locally sourced and manufactured materials. This can save a lot of embodied energy used in the manufacturing, shipping and packaging of products and it supports your local eco-culture.

For the past 30 years as an interior designer, Jill has successfully created environments that reflect her clients’ personality and lifestyle. As a former realtor, she understands the real estate market and how to add value to any property. Jill distinguishes herself as an interior designer not only by creatively transforming spaces, but by managing the entire construction process including vendors and budgets. 

To learn more about Refind Interiors comprehensive services, go to Please email us at or call us at 773.348.7796.

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