Inland Label Takes Home the Gold at the 2013 PAC Leadership Awards

Inland Label, headquartered in La Crosse, WI, was awarded the GOLD PAC Leadership Award at the Packaging Association of Canada’s (PAC) biannual Awards Gala held in Mississauga, Canada. The PAC has been the voice of the Canadian packaging industry since 1950, and in 2010 expanded its boundaries to serve all of North America.

Competing against 231 entries from packaging suppliers and graphic design firms throughout North America, Inland Label received a Gold Leadership Award for their MAXX Scoop, Nestlé Purina PetCare IML label family series. Purina, in collaboration with Gateway Plastics, redesigned the packaging of its MAXX Scoop line, reducing the amount of plastic from each container by 15% while maintaining the same volume of cat litter. Reengineering the container illustrates Purina’s dedication to sustainable initiatives in reducing its footprint and impact on the environment. The use of Inland IML was also a clear choice for Purina as a 100% recyclable option and Inland’s use of water based inks have essentially zero impact on the environment compared to solvent based inks. Overall, the slimmer pail design enabled Purina to increase the number of pails on each ½ pallet display along with an additional unit deep on the shelf — a key merchandising advantage.

Leveraging Inland Label’s gravure print capabilities in conjunction with IML, allowed Purina’s design firm, Pigeon Branding + Design, to recreate pristine graphics that catch the consumer’s eye at the point of sale. The MAXX Scoop brand provides the consumer with a variety of choices that fit their needs and their cat’s needs and even though there are several products to choose from, the design of the product family conveys brand consistency and brand recognition for the consumer.

The use of IML also offers a number of other key advantages:

·         Resistant material for durable branding and tamper evident protection

·         3-Dimensional branding—enhancing product visibility

·         Photo quality graphics—driving shelf appeal

·         FDA compliant substrates, inks and coatings

·         Fast turnaround times for increased speed-to-market

“It’s very rewarding to be recognized as a leading supplier to the Canadian packaging industry on behalf of the PAC,” said Jackie Kuehlmann, marketing manager for Inland Label. “We are proud to have won this distinguished award with one of our valued customers.”

About Inland Label
Inland Label is one of the largest privately owned label suppliers in North America, producing over 23 billion labels annually for customers worldwide. Inland has four decades of experience producing high quality labels for brand leaders in the food, beverage and consumer products markets. The company’s product offering includes Cut and Stack, Injection In-Mold, Pressure Sensitive, Blow Mold and Roll-Fed Shrink labels.

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Why Should A Company Select Promotional Bottle Openers To Advertise Its Business?

Why Should A Company Select Promotional Bottle Openers To Advertise Its Business?

Branding is one of the most important concepts in current marketing world and brand promotion is very essential for any company to grow. Your brand image, brand recognition and brand visibility can be boosted by using Printed promotional products. Conventional modes of advertisements require you to invest hundreds of thousands of pounds. By using promotional goods, you can reduce your marketing budget around few hundred pounds. All you need to do is to choose a suitable promotional item to advertise your business, get your company name, logo and slogan printed on them and deliver among your target audience. Your consumers enjoy using them and your brand will get recurring exposure in a cost-effective way. Among different promotional items available to organizations such as logo bugs, umbrellas, personal fans, pen knives, thermometers and many more, I think that companies should choose bottle openers to advertise their brands. They are very effective tools to advertise your business and are largely distributed by utility stores, breweries, wineries, restaurants and insurance companies. They are inexpensive, flexible and productive. You can hand them out at clubs, pubs, liquor stores, trade shows, public gatherings, parties and exhibitions. They are an excellent choice for large mass giveaways due to their small size and weight. Promotional bottle openers are very effective to get your company name and contact details literally in recipient’s hands as everyone needs a bottle opener at different events including Christmas, New Year, Halloween, parities, public gatherings, social events and meetings. You can easily address their needs by imprinting your company name, contact details and motto onto bottle openers and delivering among them. Bottle openers are not easily available to consumers and they tend to stay with them for a long period of time. Another advantage of using bottle openers as your advertising agents is that they are not subjected to wear and tear and they stay in a kitchen or inside a pocket safely and your logo and message stays around longer. Bottle openers become more effective if you present them to your prospects on key rings. Your recipients not only use them to open the bottles but they see your brand name and motto every time they pull out their keys. Key ring bottle openers might be presented as a plastic bar or in a thin aluminium strip. They might be shaped like palm trees, sharks, snowboards, lobsters or surfboards. They might be attached to ball caps or with magnets. Some of them are designed to open difficult bottle caps or they might be built into bottle jackets. Some are combined with compasses, forks, rulers and army knives. Key ring bottle openers are also presented with wide handles so you can grip them easily. Many manufacturers offer different bottle openers such as Bottle openers keyrings, Croma bottle openers and Waitress knife . All these different types of bottle openers come into variety of colours, styles and designs. They provide a good space for imprinting an eye catching promotional message, logo and contact details onto them. They are colourful, inexpensive, cost-effective and beautiful. If we take an example of Croma bottle openers , an order of quantity 250+ is placed at a price of £0.65 (each), a quantity of 500+ is entertained at an affordable price of £0.59 (each), a quantity of 1000+ is offered at an affordable price of £0.56 (each) and you can get as low as £0.51 (each) for an order of 5000+. All these prices include a one colour and one position print. They are offered with metal key tags and price includes printing up to four colours including full colour or laser engraving. Note that repeat origination charge applies if exact order placed within 12 months of the original. Dimensions include 37x88mm.

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Tap Vs Bottled

Tap Vs Bottled

Bottled water became a trend in the 1990s when people thought that the health benefits of it were superior to tap water. However, recent findings show that this may not necessarily be the case. Also, the waste that comes from the plastic bottles in landfills has been troubling to many.

Bottled water is not necessarily cleaner or safer than most tap water in the United States. While most bottled water is okay some may present threats because they contain microbial contaminants. According to the report, bottled water consumption has tripled in ten years, with sales reaching billion annually. Yet, bottled water is required to meet standards that are different than those for tap water.

Another perception is that bottled water (or a specific brand of bottled water) tastes better than the alternative. This appears to be more closely related to advertising and brand recognition than actual taste; in general, blind taste tests have not demonstrated the superiority of bottled water.

The final perception is that bottled water is more of a convenience, but they are easy alternatives. For drinking water at home, many purchase a home water filtration system such as Brita or Pur brands. Around one-quarter of bottled water in the United States is just derived from city water supplies, so home water purification is ultimately not much different. Of course, the water supply in the United States is quite safe, so there isn’t much of a need to purify any further. For convenience, the best thing to do is to purchase a reusable water bottle. In general, it’s not safe to reuse bottled-water bottles, since chemicals can leach out of the plastic over time. There is quite an array of options. There are plastic bottles that use safer plastics. There are also aluminum water bottles as well as stainless steel water bottles. Eliminating bottled water is an easy way to have a greener lifestyle. It saves lots of energy and money, and eliminates waste. is a comprehensive ecommerce website that combines robust commerce, content, and community.  We believe that we have created the most comprehensive site to date to make eco-friendly products, services, and information available to individuals who wish to live a green, more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Our site offers a very broad and diverse array of eco-friendly products as well as comprehensive, authoritative information and environmental education.  Additionally, users can enjoy the sense of community created by participating in our Forum.

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