Beijing over 3 percent is counterfeit name brand bottled water – bottled water brands, counterfeit, fake – plastic industry

Beijing over 3 percent is counterfeit name brand bottled water – bottled water brands, counterfeit, fake – plastic industry

“Bottled water sampling Beijing nearly 98% pass rate,” which is the Beijing Municipal Health Authority published in 2007 a number. In Electronic Universal security code after the Beijing residents are conditioned to think that a false market, the water has disappeared, but the fact is that??

“These places, even tell you where you can not find.” In private visits before, “friend” told reporters. But the reporters found, is often black even standing workshop door, it is also hard to see is a counterfeiting of water dens. Last weekend, journalist continuous unannounced visits to the Chaoyang, Fengtai, and other places over the black water plant, the problems found were shocking.

Unannounced visits to unscrew the lead coming down, “pure water”

Venue: Tai Hing National Defense University

According to information provided by informers, the National Defense University, Daxing Industrial Development Zone, Daxing base has an illegal bottled water processing plants. Reporter with a “friend” then pretend to buy water, drove up to the base of the front door. Stopped by guards after he said was “bought water” will be a smooth clearance.

Base deep inside a row of makeshift hiding after coal heap in the 34 meters high. A man opened the door, welcome out. “Friend” Wang Wunei a means, i.e. knowing each other, so that inside. The house is “filling plant”, ground them the rows have it installed, the “King of mineral water.” Man skilled in the mouth of the empty barrel with pliers Qiaodiao plastic cover, removable tops set individual port card too tight, they cut with a knife throw.

Then, the man opened the wall of the two taps?? Pure water and mineral water on from here. To “maintain health”, the man rushed outside the first barrel again, and then unscrew the faucet coming down some “pure water”, a shabu shabu then used water into a bucket under the clean, and it was “sterilization” procedure end.

With the barrel of another barrel, “mineral water and pure water” filling a bucket, the man began to select from a wash basin with different brands of blue keg cap, including Wahaha, Robust , Yanjing, etc.?? industry also known as “smart cap.” Which brand needed, shabu shabu in the basin, and then a button to the barrel mouth.

Buttoned barrel cap, the next is “well done”?? Men out from the house next door to several different brands of label paper, a bucket hat with a carefully pasted in security monitoring code label.

Then, the man then posted in each security label wear a bucket hat on the cover layer of plastic film?? Professionals told reporters, called “heat shrinkable film.” Subsequently, the men carry her to just cooked a pot of hot water, the boiling water thrown over the opening of “shrink film” on the bottle quickly became sealed on the nature of the?? Looks exactly the same as usual to see bottled water. As for individual bottle closure Debu some tight places, water Hudi ironing the iron, also nearly tied.

Suit, the reporter subsequently learned and fashioned his own hands a bucket of “natural mineral water.” Less than half an hour, with a pipe and the outflow of water not only turned into dozens of barrels of pure water, mineral water, also morph into Wahaha, Robust, Nestle, Yanjing brand bottled water.

In the “filling plant” side, this reporter saw “Water” in addition to a group of RO500 reverse osmosis water machine, it has no other sterilization sanitation.

“You’re pure water machine 10 000 dollars, right?” A reporter asked. “More than, more than 20,000 it!” The man replies.

Water in the installation process, another man drove Moldova to pull water. The original, this false water also has its own take-away workshop water stations. This reporter saw the water, this water plant, located on from the side of a makeshift wells.

Unannounced visits to the end, the reporter will be two barrels Robust scratch coating security bottled water and found that two numbers are identical.

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Business Brands

Business Brands

Brand assets and touch points are like words in a sentence. By themselves they might have their own independent meaning, but when combined they add up to convey a larger meaning and message or voice. Everything a brand says or does has an impact on a brand’s voice.

Historically brands and the business they represent were viewed by the general public simply as a business, with basic economic and strategic issues to deal with. However, right now we are witnessing a shift in the way consumers think about brands. Consumers are now seeing brands more as living, breathing entities with personalities and voices all their own. As a result, brands are being asked to act more like good citizens and have an overall net positive impact on the world or at the very least to limit their negative impact.

It wasn’t that long ago that the majority of consumers had no clue about a product’s life cycle. They didn’t know or care where their food came from. They had no idea what a brand’s policy on energy was or if it was “green.” Consumers didn’t think about human rights issues in the factories of the developing world.

Fast forward a decade or two. Thanks to the Internet and its 24/7 fact-sharing availability, consumers are much more informed about all facets of the way brands do business—and they have learned to care. As for brands, it’s not just about earning a merit badge and sleeping well at night. Being responsible and working in a sustainable manner is seen as an aid to business growth and attracting top talent.

Managed brand assets such as ads, packaging, websites, etc. communicate your message to the consumer. As such, they need to help reinforce a brand’s citizenship initiatives. When the consumer knows more about the good work your brand is doing in the world, brands improve the chance that consumers will select your brand over a competitor. But they need to hear it in your voice.

Design Forum addressed retail’s growing complexity as the first company to integrate analytics-based brand strategy into its business model.

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Peak Seven Brands and Markets ?america?s First Eco-sustainable City?

Peak Seven Brands and Markets ?america?s First Eco-sustainable City?

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – Land is our Past, our Present and our Future – the official motto of Destiny, America’s first eco-sustainable city, located in Central Florida. And, with America’s growing eco-friendly initiatives, expect many more cities to follow this model.

Destiny is the vision of South Florida commercial and residential real estate developer Anthony V. Pugliese, III, who founded The Pugliese Company, one of Peak Seven Advertising’s veteran clients.

Pugliese contracted Peak Seven, a full-service advertising agency, to brand and market Destiny through an extensive online presence including viral marketing, corporate branding package and promotional collateral, including a series of brochures.

Reaching across 41,300 acres of land, Destiny is 25 percent larger than the city of Miami. This self-contained Green Planned Environmental Development is designed to ensure environmental, social and economic sustainability for its residents. Destiny is located in Southeast Osceola County in Central Florida—less than two hours from several major cities including Orlando, Tampa, Vero Beach and West Palm Beach and Miami.

Anthony V. Pugliese, III, and Fred DeLuca, founder of Subway Restaurants, teamed up to purchase the Destiny property in 2005. Randy Johnson, former chairman of the Growth Management Committee in the Florida House of Representatives and co-author of the landmark Growth Management Act of 2005, serves as the Chief Operating Officer.

“Destiny’s vision is becoming the first eco-sustainable city in America, offering residents a superior community centered around old-world values that leverage state-of-the-art technology to preserve and protect the land and natural habitats,” said Pugliese. Destiny is the largest land deal in Florida since Walt Disney purchased 27,000 acres in the early 1960s.

Peak Seven is no stranger to the Green way of life, servicing many other environmentally aware clients. As a member of the Florida Green Building Coalition, the company believes in helping Florida become a thriving natural environment for generations to come, through ecological and economical building.
“When Anthony approached me with the opportunity to market Destiny, I was energized,” said Darren Seys, president of Peak Seven. “We are looking at the bigger picture. Growing up on a farm, not only do I strongly believe in preserving the environment, but also wanted to play a significant role in creating a Green awareness campaign to those who require more education on the subject.”
Destiny, once developed, will be home to dozens of Green Technology Companies providing “Green-collar jobs,” universities and hospitals supporting and serving a thriving residential community. In addition, to reinforce its commitment to the environment and to preserve the rural and agricultural heritage of Central Florida, Destiny plans to preserve close to 60 percent of the land as open space, and strive for carbon neutrality and net water use.

“Destiny is what can happen when you stop talking about protecting the environment, and start taking action,” said Seys.

Peak Seven is currently working on Phase 1 of the project in time for Governor Crist’s 2008 Climate Change Summit, which focuses to transform the state’s energy marketplace to enhance fuel diversity, lessen dependence on foreign sources of oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The summit will bring together industry leaders including Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, policy makers, academics, scientists, environmentalists and the business community to explore opportunities for expanding Florida’s renewable and alternative energy marketplace and greening the business community.

Peak Seven Advertising is located at 2151 West Hillsboro Boulevard in Deerfield Beach. The full-service agency provides marketing to local, regional, national and international clients. For more information on Peak Seven, call 954-574-0810 or visit

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