How Shelves and Racks Can Organize Your Kitchen

How Shelves and Racks Can Organize Your Kitchen

Having an organized kitchen can save a family both time and money. Kitchen organizers are among the hottest products on any household site or in any household store, and with good reason. Organizing your kitchen makes it easier to find what you need when you need it. It also helps you to plan your grocery shopping better and gives you enough storage space to stock up on weekly specials at your favorite grocery store.

With many new products on the market, it may come as a surprise to learn that the best solutions to most of your storage and organizational needs have been known for long time. These solutions have not changed and shelves and racks are an excellent choice for storing your kitchen accessories. Full size pantry substitutes to spice racks and dish racks can get you organized and keep you organized. Here is just a few of the ways that shelves and racks can organize your kitchen.

Extra Storage Room Helps Organize Your Kitchen

No kitchen ever has enough storage space. Whether you have ample cabinet space, open shelves or almost no room at all for stocking up on supplies, there are storage solutions for you. These solutions can expand the room you have for canned goods, staples and other cooking supplies. Here are three problems that can be solved by adding extra storage space in the shape of shelves or racks.

Not enough space to store canned goods and staples

Many modern apartment kitchens lack adequate storage space for things like boxes of cereal, canned goods and pasta. A few over-the-counter cabinets just don’t offer enough space, especially if you like to stock up on things when they are on sale. There are a number of excellent storage solutions which can help you get things organized in your kitchen.

Get those stacks of cans out of the overhead cabinets and onto the shelves of a handy over the door pantry rack. The pantry door rack has eight adjustable shelves that hold everything from canned goods to tall bottles and cereal boxes. It is available in two sizes and costs less than . This is a great deal for any budget.

I cannot find anything in my crowded cabinets!

Deep under-counter cabinets make it difficult to find anything. Over-the-counter cabinets make you climb on stepstools to reach the back of the shelf. Even worse, everything is a jumbled together, making impossible to sort out a tin of cinnamon from a box of tea. When you need to organize your cabinets and shelves, reach for smaller organizers to help you create order.

Spice racks are a popular solution for stacks of little tins and jars of dried spices. There are many different styles of spice racks on the market. These include a very handy Auto-Measure Spice Rack that holds the contents of twelve standard size spice jars. It can sit on your counter or mount under a cabinet shelf to save counter space. The containers have a special dispenser that dispenses one-quarter teaspoon per click. It is handy, stylish and best of all; it removes the clutter of half-empty spice bottles on the cabinet shelf. If twelve kinds of spices are not enough for you, there is also a very clever spice organizer available. The three-drawer organizer fits easily on a standard cabinet shelf, and hold 27 full size or 54 half-size spice jars. The drawers pull out and fold down to make it easy to reach each bottle.

Cleaning the clutter of your pots and pans cabinet

Under counter cabinets are simply not designed for holding pots and pans, despite the fact that nearly everyone stores their pots and pans in this location. You do not have to worry about awkward stacks of pots and pans if you make use of some handy storage solutions meant to help get your kitchen organized.

The Lid Maid Organizer is designed to hold the lids of your pots and pans, allowing you to find then whenever you are looking to cook a meal. The lid rack installs easily inside your cabinet with runner tracks so that you can simply pull it out to find the lid you need. It holds six pot lids, or up to 36 plastic lids for storage dishes.

Rollout Cabinet Drawers are one of the greatest conveniences you can ever find, especially if you are using under counter cabinet space. They come in many different sizes so that you can customize them perfectly to suit your needs. Each drawer unit consists of ball-bearing glides that install on the cabinet floor so that you can easily pull the drawers out to reach what you need without pulling everything out of the cabinet first.

When you want to create more space in your kitchen by organizing your pots, pans, foodstuffs, and kitchen accessories, there are many products available which can help you get the job done. Do not forget the old organizer standbys like racks and shelves. Chances are that you may find exactly what you need.

Lisa Parker is a freelance writer who writes about a wide range of topics, including tips for the home and home organization, at times specifically discussing topics such as kitchen storage.

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So What if you Have an Organised Kitchen? ? Part 2

So What if you Have an Organised Kitchen? ? Part 2

Nowadays, many kitchen models boasts of spaciousness: spacious cabinets, spacious cupboards, inexhaustible drawers. We just can’t get enough of space. And yet, what we didn’t know is that we have all the space we need in our kitchens if we only knew how to maximise them.

Here’s part two of things you can do towards a kitchen you won’t lose your way in.

1. Keep them Contained!

Admit it, the first thing that comes to mind: Tupperware. Although of course, there are now lots of sorts of resealable food containers in the market today, stackable, watertight, and airtight, and in a wide variety of colours to complement your kitchen.

Obviously, your pantry is where foodstuffs are kept, so your main goal is to store them in such a way that they last longer. But keeping them from spoiling is one thing; making them accessible is another. Often, we store foods so well that we eventually forget them, and only remember when they’ve expired and inedible already. This of course defeats the purpose of storing foods in the first place.

Store each item then so that it is easily visible and reachable. Group them together whenever possible (you can enlist your kids’ help on this one), and have their labels, especially for canned goods, up front so that they’re easily read. Finally, discard foods that have passed their expiration dates or are more than a year old.

2. Use Jars, Bottles, Nooks in Walls, Ceilings to Your Advantage.

Store gravy packets, seasoning packets, etc. in a small, clear plastic or glass containers for easy access.

Line up boxes with their sides facing front. If possible, store the most often used items at eye level. Store heavy items, such as boxes of ‘long life’ juice, milk, and cordials on a lower shelf.

Choose a lower shelf for paper storage, cling wraps, foil etc. If you have school-age children who take their lunch to school, create an area in your kitchen for lunch making. Stock it with lunch boxes and/or brown bags, plastic wraps/bags, thermos containers, drink bottles and small food containers. For after school and weekends, create a snack shelf of parent-approved treats for children.

If you have extra wall space, consider storage hanging hooks, a notice board, and other helpful organising items.

Purchase handy space saving products such as stacking containers, and sturdy baskets for onions, garlic, and potatoes.

Organise spices which you use most often in the front row. If you have a shallow drawer near your stove, consider laying all of your small spice jars in there. Place them label side up so it is easy to view them all at once. Most dried spices lose their flavour in six months.

Any miscellaneous items can be stored labelled shoeboxes and use them to store items such as biscuit cutters, candles, appliance accessories, matches, batteries, and smaller items. Square containers take up less space and fit more efficiently on shelves than round ones. Place hooks inside a cabinet door to small utensils on. This will help to clear drawer space.

Anything that is still in good condition and can be sold, auctioned, or given away. If you feel that you have appliances that are in ‘as new’ condition and too good to throw out, consider Log on and check out their free classified section where you can advertise anything you no longer have use for. Feeling generous then donate all the stuff you are no longer using by giving them to the, or auctioning them off at

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