How To Get More Garage Storage

How To Get More Garage Storage

It’s becoming a joke these days that a garage is used for almost anything except storing a car. Most people store their sports equipment and other large items and also use their garage as a workshop. Some have even put a home office or a gym in the garage space. If it has reached the point where you cannot fit your car in your garage, maybe you should think about putting in some shelves for additional storage.

Garage shelves can be obtained either site built or prefab. If they are site built, you will have to fit them into your existing space but you can adapt them to your needs with equipment you can find at your local home center, lumber yard or hardware store.

Basic garage shelves can be built out of 3/4 inch plywood of 1x or 2x lumber, simply set on heavy duty shelf brackets. The brackets should be attached to the studs with long screws and the shelves should be attached to the brackets. This is necessary because of at he weight. For additional strength, a brace can be added at each stud.

Floor supported shelves are very stable and are made by running vertical 2X4s every 50 inches and placing them on the floor, then attaching them to rafters or ceiling joints at the top., Then, 2X4s are run horizontally between the uprights and particleboard is used for the shelves. Usually 19-25 inch deep shelves are used and the 2X4s are placed on 25 inch spacing. The advantage of this is you can change the spacing to accommodate larger items.

If you are storing small items, it is better to attach a series of 1X2 strips to the inside edges of 2 adjacent studs. Then, cut some 1X4 and 1X6 lumber and fit them between Th studs and slip them on top of the 1X2s. This creates some small shelves that can be adjusted for small items such as cans, jars, bottles; you may want to organize your screws and nails in these jars and bottles.

For really durable, heavy shelving, choose steel shelving. Plastic shelving may be alright if you are storing things that are light weight, but if you have heavy items, you should choose steel. The disadvantage of steel is that you cannot cut it to size to suit your needs, but have to pick from the standard shelves. These do come in different widths, depths and heights, so you can find the ones most closely suited to your needs.

You should make sure that the prefabricated shelves you choose can be adjusted. AT least two different levels of adjustment between the framework is desirable. Make sure the pins are heavy duty and have a bar in place to prevent them from working loose.

Finally, make sure your prefabricated shelves can be attached to the wall for security against tipping. If you are going to use the shelves for heavy items, this is really an important feature.

Concentrating on the area of garage organizer, Greg Hansward published principally for . You can see his writings on garage storage cabinets on his site.

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Dispute wine packaging materials: bottles or boxes cans, the process of knot – wine, packaging – Food Industry

Dispute wine packaging materials: bottles or boxes cans, the process of knot – wine, packaging – Food Industry

Some German companies and consumers plays a game of psychological warfare: glass bottle noble? Then I cast aside the introduction of Packed Wine , Bottled wine, it looks like the same drink cordial, you do not buy it? In Alcohol Market, most wine packaging elegant, expensive, be treated as “taste” and “upscale” the incarnation, but the sales of natural hard and “the people” of the Beer Match.

German wine industry launched a pop wine.

A beverage packing company spokeswoman Bulumuke on the preference for bottled wine. She explained that, airtight cans, can effectively cut off from light and air, on a lot of drinks for the best packaging.

Germany introduced boxed, canned wine well received industry acclaim, they think of these new packaging effectively dark, anti-oxidation, reducing factors that are not conducive to wine storage, and the ratio of glass bottles Environmental protection .

Convenient canned green box Recently, in the German capital Berlin, the wine dealer introduced a variety of network Plastic Box Wine.

Whether red wine or white wine, all to be filling in the square-shaped plastic boxes and specification of 3 liters per box. Box at the side of a leading liquor, convenience switch (right).

But the box is not transparent, light difficult to distinguish from the appearance of some species, may see posted on the box label. Society of German wine expert Ernst

Bischel praise, from a technical point of view, plastic boxed wine is a good packaging.

18 DPA quoted him as saying, in comparison with the traditional glass bottle, this package is easier pouring, in some cases even more advantages, “such as at night I just want to drink a glass of wine, left remain under the wine can be preserved in a box, not to be oxidized. ”

Sell old wine in new bottle was psychologically related to first

Boxed, canned wine has been launched in Germany for some time, but let the consumers embrace seems to need time.

Bischel said that in the German view, the plastic boxes installed over cheap wine. CEO Marcus? Hein also said that plastic box is easy for the consumer misconception that poor quality wine.

Fact, “a new bottle” is still selling “old wine.” Bischel said, should now allow consumers to “psychologically off”, no problem packaging technology, the quality of wine is no problem.

Hein idea is that if the Rhineland – Palatinate and other places of the famous wine producers are willing to accept the new package, then the high-quality wine can help consumers get out the misunderstanding. Orientation of young people in Russia to sell

very fire Bischel acknowledged, however, the new packaging does affect certain quality wines, mainly aroma.

Wine, the flavor and texture is also important, which is when some consumers in the purchase of wine, would have generated new concerns about packaging reasons.

But the production of new wine factory packaging is very clear that only an expert before Wine Tasting Hong, most young people do not care about this. Bulumuke said: “So they targeting sales to young people.

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Plastic Bags – How They Can Help You Organize Your Kitchen

Plastic Bags – How They Can Help You Organize Your Kitchen

Plastic bags are not just for bringing home items from the market anymore, but they also help organize our homes. The home is the place where you and your family should spend your precious moments enjoying each other’s company. It can sometimes be very depressing to see that your home has been lost to all the unavoidable clutter, leaving your family disorganized. It is our responsibility to keep our homes clean and well-organized; not only for us, but for the sake of our household. One area of your home that can really get messy is the kitchen, which can be organized with the use of plastic bags.

The kitchen is where you prepare your family’s food. It is very important to keep it well-organized because the kitchen is normally the first place that house pests like roaches and rats attack, mainly because of all the spoilage of perishable goods. Here is where you can utilize these items to your advantage. The first thing that you can do is to gather all of your plastic bags together in one place, say, on your cupboard. The key is for you not to get drowned by all of these items that can really clutter up your kitchen space. Put them in a place where you can easily see them. Separate the big bags from the small ones so you can just easily pick from any of the two groups to suit whatever you are looking for at the time.

The smaller and more airtight plastic bags are better for storing food that can easily be spoiled. You can even use this as a container for your children’s snack or packed lunch for school. You can also tape labels on them so you can better categorize the food that is stored in the airtight plastic container. The bigger bags are great for use as trash bags or for a way to group together all of your other kitchen clutters like bottles, cans and others small things.
You can then easily store all of this clutter away that you have grouped into individual categories per plastic bag into a storage place. You can also use these big bags as a way to protect your kitchen supplies that are not in use and are stored away from unnecessary house pest damage. You can regain control of your home and especially your kitchen with a little organization skill using plastic bags.

You can also bring some organization to your office by using plastic mailing bags and resealable plastic bags.

Cassie Williams is a writer and researcher. She loves writing about home and family.

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Plastic Water Bottles and Ocean Pollution
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Advantages of Plastic Granulators ? a Discussion

Advantages of Plastic Granulators ? a Discussion

Plastic granulators are now becoming indispensable part of office supplies. They are, machines designed to break down big sheets of plastic into small and tiny granules that can be carried down easily to a recycling plant for recycling. Plastic items like bottles, cans, sheets, etc. can be fed into plastic granulators for getting reduced into smaller pieces after which they are sold to plastic manufactures to be utilized in recycled products.

The working and parts of plastic granulators
There is a central hub consisting of a powerful rotor attached to a motor running on electric current. The rotor has sturdy blades attached to it with very sharp edges. The entire mechanism is enclosed in a cubical chamber with screens on sides; so that the process of breaking down of plastic into granules can be observed and monitored from outside and necessary intervention can be taken as and when required. There is an inlet tray for feeding the plastic items to the chamber and an outlet box where the granules are deposited for further collection and removal.

On attaching the device to electricity, the entire assembly comes alive. The rotor starts turning and the momentum thus generated enables the cutting of stuff into finer particles. At times, the process has to be carried out several times to achieve the desired results.

Where to find plastic granulators?
Any good supplier of official goods will, definitely have few Plastic granulators in inventory. After carefully considering your need and requirements you can take your pick amongst them.

Another, better way, will be checking out the inventory maintained by online stores. The online stores will be able to offer you better variety and offers as compared to their brick and mortar counterparts. Most of these stores also provide the facility and convenience of direct shipping and payments can be done after the delivery of the product. You can also seek the help of the experts, in online stores, to figure out the best product for your use.

The article has been contributed by a professional content writer, having experiences of working in different industries. For further information about Plastic Granulators or if you want to know about Used Plastic granulators, please visit at

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Bottle openers that help ailing people with easy opening solutions

Bottle openers that help ailing people with easy opening solutions


Kitchen tools are an integral part of every house hold and these are very important for the day to day activities. One such tool is an opener which is an essential kitchen entity that is used by people of all ages whether young or old. Every one wants to enjoy a nice drink but the only thing that separates your thirst and the drink bottle is the tightly sealed cap which is tough to tackle bare handedly. Hence comes in the usage of an opener, but many openers require a lot of effort when it comes to opening metal caps, plastic caps etc. Also opening cans is a difficult thing to undertake for most people.


Therefore keeping this factor in mind easy to open solutions have now been introduced in the market which are very easy to handle as per they require only little force. These openers have features that are up beat and stand apart from the rest. These openers can be used on a variety of containers, bottles, cans quickly, safely and with ease without any efforts. Especially designed and created in a way to serve those people who need extra force to open with ease most of the different variety of containers around the market.


Openers with easy to use properties are also referred to as assistive devices as they help people with medical conditions to fulfill household chores successfully. Hence patients who suffer from debilitating conditions can also enjoy a nice cool drink without having to take any second persons help.


This is also an arthritis aid as older people usually suffer with this condition that makes their joints almost futile. Hence opening any container or bottle can be a very painful procedure for these people. But with these special openers everything seems just too easy and flexible. Apart from that these bottle openers have a 3 in 1 utility as they can open all kinds of bottle caps and cans including pop-ups, tin caps, screw of tops and is also magnetic in property so this means that you have the benefit of sticking it around any area of your house be it you refrigerator, car or any other metal panel. So wherever you are or for whatever purpose you this ergonomic and durable opener, this device can go a long way in keeping you happy and satisfied as a customer whenever the need arises without fail.



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Needs Home Cleaning Magic? Use Janitorial Cleaning Products

Needs Home Cleaning Magic? Use Janitorial Cleaning Products

Lemon, baking soda and vinegar are some of the natural cleaning products you can find in your kitchen home. They are stand alone acids that do not require any additives to clean a surface from bacteria and germs. These products are readily available in your cupboard and can be stored for a long time. But there are some Natural Cleaning products that come in cans and bottles that can be twice effective with none of its environmental hazards.

Did you know that Janitorial Cleaning products used in establishments such as hotels, buildings and hospitals have already gone green? They come in organic materials and ingredients that cause less harm in the environment. As strong as they clean, they are effective and cause lesser harm compared to the traditional chemical based cleansers that are offered at a cheap price.

I cannot recommend you to use a lot of lemon, vinegar and baking soda to treat your bacteria problems because they do not come cheap nowadays so going the manufactured, organic based cleaners are the better way to go. Not only it will clean your house but also make it smell nicer than the scent of a clean room with vinegar. Personally, I do not like the smell of vinegar. Its scent is like a stinky armpit that sweated for the whole afternoon but as stinky as vinegar can be, it cleans very well.

I remember my dad uses vinegar to soak our clothes to get rid of the stains of our clothes for 2 hours and right after, he will put loads of soap. He uses that technique in our kitchen marble floors too. It cleans yeah but if you want the package of shine, smell and cleanliness all in one bottle, just like what you see around hotels and big establishments then you should use Janitorial Cleaning Products.

You can find them in the expanse of the World Wide Web; there are website that rate the best from the worst, the most powerful from the weakest and the most cost effective from the expensive ones. It is best to consult building administrators that you know for the best that they have used and for sure it is cost effective because before they even used these products, a bidding process already took place.

Now even if you buy these products it cannot magically do the work for you without the help of human hands to apply it. That’s where efficient house cleaners come in. I remember we had the most effective house help that we ever had. She cleaned everything to a tee, never left a speck of dirt but it was not enough. It only got sustained for hours.

So what I am saying is it goes both ways, a very good type of cleaning product cannot be the best without the help of efficient human hands, same goes with the most efficient hands that has no product in hand. Based to say you got to have a combination of both. As natural as lemon baking soda and vinegar can be, manufactured cleaning products made by human efforts and used by human hands can be more efficient than being a natural active ingredient.

Buildings have building administrators that use Janitorial cleaning products and they usually buy them as wholesale cleaning products because you can save a lot from buying in bulk.

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The idea behind ConAgra Foods’ sustainability efforts is to reduce the company’s impact on the environment while maintaining product safety, quality and performance, as well as sustainable financial performance.. This strategy is designed to help the company adopt best practices in the five areas designated for recognition with the Sustainable Development Awards: · Climate Change and Energy Efficiency · Sustainable Packaging, Product and Process Innovation · Sustainability in Marketing and Sales · Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling · Water Resources: Conservation and Wastewater Management A rigorous application and evaluation process awaits award applicants, who must provide metrics quantifying their sustainable projects’ success. One winner in each of the five categories will receive a 00 grant to invest in a sustainable project within the community in which the award-winning facility is located. ConAgra Foods and the communities in which the company operates both won big as the 2009 Sustainable Development Awards nominees: · Decreased the company’s carbon footprint by more than 25000 metric tones · Reduced landfill waste by 4000 tons · Conserved 348 million gallons of water · Reduced the amount of packaging material used by 7000 tons · Generated .5 million in annual savings.
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Packaging Cost Reduction Ideas

Packaging Cost Reduction Ideas


Packaging cost is an important factor in costing of product .Packaging plays an important role in an manufacturing industry . Packaging primary roles are . Different packaging materials are used in manufacturing industry for various products such as Glass , Wrapper s, laminates , carton boxes , hdpe , bopp , polythene , theromocol ,bottles , cans , bags ., papers etc

Providing protection from mechanical damage
Increasing shelf life of product
Easy handling of items during transportation
Advertisement and messages from manufacturers
Legal declarations on packs for consumers

Manufacturers are employing various strategies and ideas to reduce packaging cost of the product .Packaging are strong medium for marketing various design and concepts are used for USP ones product from competitors

Following steps can results in savings

Alter dimensions of the primary /secondary packaging as per the product
Change the product dimensions as per the secondary packaging which would result in better handling and optimum use during stacking and loading an container
Thickness of the material used in packaging can be reduced with trials on breakages can be done and items are approved thus the tested material are safe during transit .
Preformed boxes /cartons can be used rather than employing labor to prepare inhouse
Universal boxes and packaging material can be used for the product basically for multi-locational companies
Alternate materials can be used
Execessive packaging to be avoided
Use pre printed boxes/ wrappers It can save cost on printing
Automation on packing machines can also help reducing packaging cost

Packaging cost  have substantial  contribution on product costing above mentioned  steps could reduce cost of packaging

Working on portal exclusively for manufacturing industry finding out all cost reduction strategies and ideas .for more on packaging cost reduction

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Plastic bottles cans towards "downsizing" is a disguised price increases for packaging – plastic bottles, cans, price hikes – the pl

Plastic bottles cans towards "downsizing" is a disguised price increases for packaging – plastic bottles, cans, price hikes – the pl

HC plastic net News: Recently, the reporter saw a lot of drinks in the supermarket have changed the new package, think fresh, they bought a few bottles. Accidentally found that some changed his drink packaging capacity reduced, but the price has not declined. Reporter visited further found that in addition to playing the new drinks out of “downsizing”, the mineral water bottles are thin, and beverage bottles from the iron into aluminum … …

Phenomenon 1: plastic bottles cans towards “downsizing”

5 2 at noon, reporters came to Taoyuan branch of Beijing Hualian supermarket to see the new Sprite lemon flavored soft drink green tea out of 500 ml, but the price is 2.5 yuan, and 600 ml of Sprite is a traditional price; farmers orchards replaced with new packaging, the addition of the bottlenecks of the design spiral pattern, the net content reduced from the original 600ml to 500ml; unity more and Nestle Orange Icy Tea has also switched to market, net contents were reduced from a 450ml 500ml and 480ml. In addition, the cans have long been quietly done a “thin” works. “The current market for Coke, Sprite, Fanta and other drinks in cans, packaging has been dropped from the 355ml 330ml, but the price did not decline.”

Phenomena 2: beverage cans aluminum material change from the iron

Addition to mineral water bottles, the reporter found that some drinks from the shape of the packaging materials are changed.

In shape, mainly drink put on a “spiral pattern jacket” careful consumer will find more and more bottles now become the middle of a small, but have added a “helical” and ” spiral-pattern “is a direct consequence of reduced net content drinks.

And rising raw material prices due to “change” were canned drinks, which Wong Lo Kat has replaced the original tin and aluminum cans, feels very soft and feel good as before cans. It is reported that, compared to steel cans, aluminum cans can save the cost of each is about 0.2 yuan for each beverage packaging material costs can be reduced by about 15%. According to Wong Lo Kat in the number of 3 billion pot calculation, 30% replaced by aluminum cans each year would save only this one cost 200 million yuan.

Consumers: for package prices are in effect

Reporter interviewed within the supermarket to buy drinks for five people, including 4 that did not notice after the listing of new packaging, drinks shrink capacity. “In the past I really do not care about beverage content, reduced packaging, but prices did not change, this is not a disguised price increase equal to it?” Public Zhang aunt said.

Mr Lee also said: “less than 50 ml, you do not say who know ah!” Miss Zhang is a heart, she had noticed changes in drinks: “In fact, after the Spring Festival this year, a number of beverage companies have been in use a change package ‘prices had quietly’. such as Sprite, old packaging content 600 ml, 500 ml new packaging content only, priced at roughly the same; unified Orange and more, dress up from the 500 ml into 450 ml; Nestle new out “original leaf” series has become a 480 ml cup of tea. ”

‘s A rough calculation, the original price of 2.5 yuan a 600ml drink bottle, look at reducing the 100ml, net weight was reduced by 1 / 6, the corresponding price of about 2.08 yuan, while the current price has not changed, rather was replaced with new packaging, the price has gone up.

Expert: costs should not be passed on to consumers

Replacement for packaged drinks shrink the net content of the phenomenon, experts say, steel and plastic as well as crude oil prices rising, does result in increased production costs of enterprises, businesses find ways to cope, this is a good side. This sum of money should not be passed on by the consumers, the bottle is not a great proportion of total costs, the impact on businesses is not very big. Enterprises should also have the ability to digest their own. Moreover, the current situation, mineral water, beverages said profit is not the point of an imperative need to reduce capacity. Newspaper’s chief reporter Gu Hongyu

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This is How Glass Jars Entered the World of Interior Decorations

This is How Glass Jars Entered the World of Interior Decorations

Classical storage glassware, used for jam, home-made items, cookies and candies, glass jars have often been given other utilities: some in the scientific field, some others in interior decorations and so on. Nevertheless, the use of glass jars for food storage has narrowed significantly with the upheaval of the plastic containers, which are much lighter and less expensive to produce. Glass jars are still used for their high quality of preservation, though neither weight nor production costs are in their favor. Glass has the great property of maintaining the temperature relatively stable, not to mention that it is absolutely neutral in terms of chemical reactions with the content of the jar.

Unlike plastic cans that are unlikely to preserve acidic food items, glass jars work great for the matter. Furthermore, we have to admit that this type of glassware is still part of most households, since one doesn’t usually through the glass jars away, but keeps them to benefit from their utility on other occasions. This is how glass jars entered the world of interior decorations. Depending on the size and the shape of the glass jars, you can actually create some very aesthetic rustic design for your kitchen and garden.

Thus, you may use your imagination and fill some transparent, medium-sized glass jars with colored beans for instance, but on different layers; you can alternate them with some corn or green soy and add some dry corn leaves on top of them. You’ll have colored layers of organic items, creating an amazing aesthetic effect; some people would rather use sand, colored pebbles, and glass beads for the matter. Be creative and you’ll see how fun it can get! Sometimes the shape of the glass jars can drastically contribute to the effect, but this is entirely up to you.

Large glass jars are used for candy storage both in department stores and at home. If you have one such item in the kitchen, kids will be thrilled to pick their favorite dessert from a multitude of colors and flavors. There is the excitement of the search and the joy of turning candy playing into a real game. Glass jars can therefore be used in plenty of ways around the house, even if you choose to store some other product or chemical; all you need to do is to make sure that the storage and the container have no health hazards whatsoever.

Muna wa Wanjiru Has Been Researching and Reporting on Stained Glass for Years. For More Information on Glass jars, Visit His Site at GLASS JARSI Will Also Highly Appreciate Your Views On Glass jars At My Blog here

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