The Eco-Chic Collection by Remanika

The Eco-Chic Collection by Remanika

GREEN is the NEW BLACK and Remanika shows you the way to do just that. Making a bold statement this season is Remanika’s all new Eco – inspired – chic – Green collection, AW09 – PLAN IT EARTH.

Trend observers and the fashion fraternity are becoming more eco conscious each day, demanding more organic and eco-chic clothes, with the approach in their mind, ‘the better and healthier we will be, so will be our planet’. With Remanika’s new collection you can go green without comprising on great style. Open your doors to the world of Green Chic, which would not only keep you in vogue but also help you contribute in the fight against global warming.

Offering vibrant eco colors, incredible prints and captivating silhouettes, Remanika’s AW09 – PLAN IT EARTH collection reveals that being chic and saving the planet aren’t mutually exclusive. The collection takes the concept of eco-chic to an entirely new level. Soft and bold colors as well as unique and interesting patterns are combined to adorn this collection. Jumbled prints, exaggerated trims, layered textures, and unexpected color combinations symbolize the impact of environmental degradation. Modern, eye-catching, uniquely crafted elements combine smart style with sustainability. The result: Fresh, inspiring designs.

Embrace the fabulousness collection of the Plan It Earth and to Look gorgeous and a amazing wardrobe  GREEN CHIC – AND EASY WAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE:
– Ditch bottled water: refill a sassy thermos.
– Pop little purchases in your purse, not a shopping bag.
– Choose cashmere, not acrylic.
– Let your hair air dry for a while before you blow dry: less frizz, less energy consumed.
– Unplug (and put away) unsightly cell phone chargers.
– Opt for quality over quantity in everything you buy.
–  Limit your consumption of anything packaged in plastic.
Take a step towards saving your planet earth, take a step towards Remanika.

Available – At Exclusive Business outlets at Atria Mall, Worli; Inorbit Mall, Malad, Vashi; Infinity Mall, Andheri; R Mall, Mulund ,ISKON Mall Surat and A’bad, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyles, Centrals and Reliance Trends

Pricing – On Request !

About Remanika – In 1998 remanika launched its first store in Mumbai, the fashion capital of India. Then, if you were hip, young, stylish, with loads of attitude, there was only one place where you could find clothes to match – remanika in uptown Mumbai.

With a customer base that has since grown manifold. Today, the remanika brand can be found in close to 100 outlets across 28 cities, In Exclusive Business outlets, Pantaloons ,Shoppers Stop, Lifestyles, Centrals and Reliance Trends. Also coming up in two new format stores Named “Store 1” launched by India Bull Retail

Stylish, sexy, unexpected; remanika brings the joie de vivre and vibrancy back to fashion. Carefully blending western cuts with traditional Indian embellishments, remanika offers its customers casual wear, club wear and accessories with a distinct style and attitude.

Every quarter, customers look forward to fresh collections from remanika that help them stay in sync with the latest trends and styles. The typical remanika customer can be identified as a young woman between 18 –30 years , bold, independent, stylish and full of beans. Interestingly, almost 70% of India’s population will be in this age bracket by 2010.

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Showing Your Collection With Coin Collecting Holders

Showing Your Collection With Coin Collecting Holders

When you first started coin collecting, you probably kept your coins in a wooden box, or a tin can or even a glass jar. Maybe you kept them in cloth so as to preserve them as much as possible. Some people even got little plastic coin collecting holders to put them in. While this may be a way to keep your coins protected and together, it’s not an ideal solution for a serious collecting.

Especially if you ever hope to sell any coins in your collection, you’ll want to display and preserve your coins much better. You can do this by getting real coin collecting holders. You have choices when it comes to coin collecting holders but any will do as long as they preserve the coins as well as display them in all their glory.


One of the most popular means of collecting coins, especially for those just getting started, is to put their coins in coin collecting holders that are in the form of a folder. These folders are usually tri fold. They’re made of cardboard or paper and they keep the coins protected behind a sheathe of plastic.

This will protect the coins from the elements and it allows the person to keep their coins together in their various collections. These coin collecting holders are cheap, they’re easily stackable and they are the choice of those who have a large collection and don’t have a lot of room.

Plastic or Glass

Another popular means for coin collecting holders is to use plastic or glass with which to display the coins. These are a little more popular but they are worth it, especially if they are being used to display very valuable coins.

If you have a Roman Empire gold coin, for example, you don’t want to keep that in any cardboard cheap folder. You want to display it in a real coin collecting holder like glass where you can proudly display the coin and maybe even have a light kept on it to really bring out its beauty.

Metal Holders

There are also some who like to keep their coins in metal coin collecting holders. These, too, can be expensive and they are usually reserved for serious dealers and collectors. The metal is usually accompanied by plastic or glass which actually holds the coin.

These metal coin collecting holders are very beautiful to look at and it even evokes the image of a museum whenever the coins are displayed in holders such as these. Any coin collecting holder will do, however, as long as it protects the coin and displays the coin in all its glory and beauty.

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Domestics in the large collection of the best facial cleanser used

1, Doris Ying skin whitening Oil Control Facial Cleanser
Reference Price: 100ml/28 yuan
They can quickly absorbed through the skin blankets to effectively activate the vitality of skin cells and promote skin metabolism, balance the skin secretion of strong to suck grease out of the depths of the pores blackhead, showing excellent cleansing, skin-firming, rejuvenation, increase White effect, compact skin, improve dull, dilute the stain, which provides bright luster. Broke through the city, moisturizing facial cleanser color veins on the difficulty of washing dirty, dirt can quickly wipe out the pores, balance oil, fresh is not tight, gentle nature, can be used for rejuvenation mask to use.

2, Herborist Fresh Cleanser

Reference Price: 100ml/50 yuan

Foam rich, can fully clean the face of excess skin oil and dirt, moderate convergent pores, reduce fat synthesis, so that the skin clean and supple and smooth. If long-term use can make the human skin’s sebum secretion system, a moderate and lasting return to the inherent balance, and effective suppression and treatment of oily skin often suffer from a variety of inflammation. To make a more refreshing summer flies, so get rid of too much greasy oily skin troubles.

3, Shan Rana only anti-pox scars Cleanser Reference Price: 60g/22 yuan
With advanced deep cleaning, only smallpox, anti-scarring three-way-one special formula: a variety of amino acid composition and efficient cleaning pox only factor to deep clean pores clogging sebum, dirt, softening the cuticle, accelerate skin updated to curb acne growth and to prevent regeneration. Repair skin, prevent acne scarring.

4, the North American net Ginkgo Facial Cleanser

Reference Price: 80g/11 yuan

United States and Canada is also an old net domestic products brand, and now scraping jars, also has its good in a particular North American net net Tremella Ginkgo cleanser and the United States and Canada is called the pearl series, reflecting a Well.

5, Ikumi net Milk Cleanser
Reference Price: 80g / 8 Yuan

Gentle cleansing, deep pore cleansing dirt, grease, while giving the skin a comprehensive moisture and conservation. Special containing milk, milk enzymes, rich in nutrition and deep penetration of the skin, softening keratin, reproduce white, soft, transparent skin. Natural protection so that factor, seal in moisture so skin Gentle and crystal, showing pearl luster.

6, Zhao Gui-Bing skin cleanser aloe
Reference Price: 80g/22 yuan

Zhao Gui’s friends know his family know for sure the product is Aloe Vera Juice the most famous, and many people bought it is directed at Aloe Juice series to go, after the use of aloe cleanser face will feel very comfortable, not tight However, there are friends in his home taste of the product is difficult to be, if you do not smell of fresh aloe vera juice used to smear on the face of the taste left behind, then it should think twice before they leap.

7, Pien Tze Huang pale Cleanser
Reference price: 25 yuan

Is the so-called “Tong Ren Tang north, south Pien Tze Huang,” this card and is currently the emporium where a great reputation, native products in the boutique, and the most important thing is his family’s products are almost suitable for all skin, dry The oil, and long beans can be used, of course, if you are allergic to Chinese medicine if it is to abandon it, do not use their own face as an experimental plot. This card and said to the few currently in domestic sales, foreign pharmacies Daoshi been common, but at the moment have a lot of e-shop was sold.

8, Dabao beauty facial cleanser

Reference Price: 220g/13 yuan

Dabao selection of beauty facial cleanser soft detergents, mild and thoroughly cleansing the skin. A variety of nutrient-rich essence, moisturizing beauty, slow down skin aging, maintain the skin’s natural acid balance, so that delicate skin present on the surface, so that the skin fresh Shuang Jie. Frequent use will make the skin delicate, soft white, flexible, while the product is also used as bath milk.

9, Erin milk moisturizing whitening facial cleanser
Reference Price: 240g / 8 Yuan
Irene launched a new series of high-level Blue Dream Factor – milk moisturizing whitening facial cleanser, apart from essential human body contains high quality protein and a variety of amino acids in fresh milk, but also won a Nobel Prize adds cell growth factor “BFGF” and moisturizing factor, clean the skin at the same time, could complement the facial skin of nutrients required to maintain an adequate skin moisture, smooth supple and radiant.

10, ANAN Ann cleanser

Reference Price: extremely cost-effective

“Ann’s” reform and opening up the brand was born in the eighties, the main Chu Pin Skin Care products. After Ann were unremitting efforts to peacefully and the brand to be loved and trusted by consumers, which has won numerous awards Ann cleanser. “An An” as she always gives the name of the same serenity, security, gentle, warm feeling, she always exudes an affinity and intimacy exudes humanity light. His family Face and anti-acne series a lot of people praise Oh!

11, Irene cucumber seedling facial cleanser
Reference Price: 180g / 7 Yuan
Eileen is an old brand in Guangzhou, but also regarded as a classic domestic products, and before there were supermarkets, selling, and now the market is rarely met. Irene 180 grams of cucumber seedlings was 7 yuan, faint fragrance of cucumber, wash after Nennen feeling! Is worth to buy high cost of a facial cleanser.

12, affordable bamboo charcoal cleanser reference price: 60g/19 yuan
A very good product, wash it very clean, also brings a cool, feel fine pores, and skin and white a little, there are kinds of medicine faint aroma, well hear it, oil skin MM to use this most appropriate of the. It also has a second function is to be brought up remover.

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The Benefits of Recycling and Other Waste Collection Services

The Benefits of Recycling and Other Waste Collection Services

When it comes to garbage collection services, residents and businesses have a few options to choose from. Residential collection services bring the convenience of garbage collection to the curb of residents’ homes. Commercially speaking, businesses, industrial and construction customers are provided with the proper receptacles to make garbage collection a pain-free experience. This service works within a company’s budget to make effective waste removal possible. Still, residents have the option of visiting a public pay dump to dispose of construction equipment or other typical residential items that may have otherwise been included in the curbside residential garbage collection. Recycling centers exist so that the public may dispose of their recyclable goods in an environmentally and socially responsible way that helps to preserve the environment and control waste.

One of the most common types of garbage collection services is residential collection services. The general public enjoys this service to effectively and conveniently remove their family’s garbage and recyclable materials. Typical household waste and yard waste are removed to make things easy for families or individuals. Recycling has become a popular way of disposing of certain glass, plastic, paper and other recyclable materials.

Commercial waste services that provide an economical and reliable option for businesses, industrial services and construction sites are vital to the operation of these commercial entities. Collection services often provide these companies with the appropriate containers to make waste collection and disposal easier.

The public still has the option to take household waste, construction waste and yard waste to a public pay dump. This is a clean and efficient facility that offers economical solutions to the public so that their waste needs are met in an efficient and effective manner. This service is great for disposing of waste and scraps after remodeling, doing yard work or other activities that produce large amounts of waste.

For those looking for a responsible way to dispose of certain household materials, recycling centers offer great solutions. By recycling, the public helps to reduce the space wasted in garbage dumps and helps to reduce the impact that consumption has on the environment. Recycling centers will allow the public to dispose of their recyclable materials including appliances, electronics and metal. They may also use these centers to dispose of typical curbside recyclable materials such as aluminum cans, glass jars, plastic bottles and other common household items.

By recycling, the public helps to turn potentially still useful materials into new products. Instead of relegating a recyclable material to a lifetime in a garbage dump, by recycling that material instead, the public helps to reduce the impact garbage collection has on dump sites and allows for the most to be had from these materials. Recycling helps to reduce the impact that consumption has on the environment while helping to make our species a less wasteful one.

Recycling also helps to conserve energy, a valuable resource in the world. It also helps to reduce the amount of air pollution emitted from creating new materials instead of recycling old ones. Taking advantage of recycling services that collect aluminum, cardboard, glass, paper, plastics, steel and other materials helps us become a more energy efficient and less wasteful society.

Find local garbage and trash pick up services in Minneapolis MN, that can also provide solid waste removal, collection, haulers and pick up, yard waste disposal, and recycling in Minnesota.

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