The Best Blender to buy

The Best Blender to buy

The market has an enormous variety of blenders to offer to its customers. Such great variations are available that it might take the buyer several days altogether to screen through the majority of the products and then figure out what they want and which one they want.

The whole process could be confusing for the one who is buying it for the first time. It becomes difficult for the buyer with one or two time experience also since newly upgraded versions of the equipment are being launched every alternate day. A few important features of a useful and worthy blender can be noted to make the whole job easier. To buy blender some of the below listen things should be kept in mind.

Different websites on the internet can give the buyer a fair idea about the kind of blenders currently available. It is easy to search for the price list here. The picture of every blender has the price written aside. Details about the products are available and one can learn about them sitting at home, by the help of a few clicks. Information about the services and the colors that the blenders are available in are all given in the websites. Generally red, black, blue and coffee colors are available.

It is important to understand the basic features of the merchandise and where the service centers are located. Since people have very little time to spare from their busy schedules, a service center near the house is desirable. One must also clarify with the terms offered by the company on servicing and guarantee of the blender. To buy blenders, the quality of after sales service should also be carefully screened.

If a substantial amount of money is being spent on the blender then the best quality, best performance ability and a safe one should be looked for. The motor speed is an important factor. 3 hp motors produce appreciable performance. Again the efficiency of the motor may it be 3 hp, depends also on the design of the equipment. Care should be taken to review designs that enhance the productivity. The absence of plunger is also desired.

It is also important to note that the item quality is recommendable. It should be BPA free. That is plastic products have a certain chemical known as bisphenol A. this may cause cancer. The blender should be free of this toxin and could be made of BPA Free Copolyester.

A 3 quart jar can be a safe buy since they weigh less not as much as the weight of the usual jars. This makes it more users friendly.

One point of convenience to be followed is that the size should be such that it can be slid under the standard size of the cupboards. A size bigger may not be suitable for many kitchens.

Many companies built blenders like the Blendtec, Kenwood, Pova etc. Several websites have reviews about the products enumerated by the users. The above mentioned check list should be useful to buy blender that suits the consumer.

So if you would like to buy blender online and would like to crack the best deal with the best product, you must not be late in visiting

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Packaging? Get your unfair market share!

Packaging? Get your unfair market share!

Packaging… Get your unfair market share!

When we think about packaging we don’t realize that everything is packaging or packaged for us. We buy things, we buy brands, some of us unknowingly buy brands, and many of us buy brands of out of habit.

That’s Packaging doing its job, the front line soldier talking to the target market. In every way packaging, is the first line of attack salesman that has something to say to every single shopper, every day, without fail. So what does that mean?

It means you better get the message right if you want to get your unfair share of the market!

So before you even begin to think about how big or fancy or how many colors, think about your product’s fit in the market place. You are not going to want expensive packaging for a .99 retail item. So where do we start with packaging, lets start at the very beginning.

What’s your market? Who is the end user, will this product retail for .99 or .99. Whatever design firm you intend to use you have to understand that when developing packaging, production costs need to be considered before you put pencil to paper. This is what separates the real packaging experts from the studios that want to win awards. The point here is to make you money. If your packaging costs you .50 and its retailing at .99. You are not making money! Retailers generally look for 50% mark up depending quantities, suggested retail price and cost.

So first thing is know your market! What’s the competition doing, and what price points are they selling at? Where will you position your product, and what price point will you be retailing it at?

Once we have this information we know our design parameters. A good shop will know how to package your product with all these parameters in mind along with production feasibilities, because they have strategic suppliers and would have them on board from the get go.

I have seen designs from agencies that didn’t have a chance in hell to be manufactured. They were conceived in the mind of some self absorbed artistic director without a clue as to its feasibility. All because they left the most important piece out of the puzzle… the manufacturer!

So once we know our design parameters, we can begin developing our canvas. Let’s be clear there should always design parameters based on what we’ve learned about our market and feasibility for manufacturing costs.

Now we can think about size, and style.

We can also begin thinking about how can we get more perceived market value?

If the retail price is low, and the product looks good we can tailor the packaging, to have a higher perceived value. By; package innovation, printing process, size, color, branding and many other techniques.

Perceived value is important to the buying public; don’t forget you are competing for shelf space alongside other products.

So now we know where to start!

Your product also needs to communicate to the public how great it is and what problems it will solve, or why you need it. This is what your packaging should do…. (Unique selling proposition or USP)

For example, take a look at As Seen on TV Products. These products are  packaging on steroids …These all communicate what the product does, loudly and many times over …new, improved, amazing, easy as 1..2..3.. The brand name is their advertisement with a promise…”

Magik Kleaner”…Cleans like Magic. These may not be the most elaborate produced packaging, but they know their market, and they know their shelf life is short. So they have to grab the consumer’s attention quickly, elicit an impulse, pick me up, buy me., look at what I can do for you…!

The role that packaging has in these markets is to entertain and create market confusion, you think your buying the one you saw on television, but are you sure? You may be buying something similar …

That’s real packaging power!

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GoodLife Bottles Review

GoodLife Bottles Review

The Eco-friendly alternative to bottled water is finally here.  GoodLife bottles are stainless steel, eco-friendly, and 100 percent recyclable.  These toxin free bottles are the safe alternative to the environmentally harmful plastic water bottles.  Plus, you save money by refilling the bottle from home instead of buying expensive bottled water.

Few people realize the damage that can be done to both the environment and oneself by drinking bottled water.  Of the more than 50 million bottles of water sold each year, more than 80 percent end up in a landfill.  Since plastic can never full biodegrade, this is just plain bad for the environment.  Now you can choose the safe alternative thanks to GoodLife Bottles.  Made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel, these bottles can keep liquid hot or cold for up to 24 hours.  

It’s easy to see why so many people have joined the GoodLife revolution.  These bottles are 100 percent BPA free, non-leaching, and toxin free, making them safe for you and your family.  Plus, you can feel good knowing you’re not harming mother Earth by using these products.  The GoodLife Bottles were created in an effort to offer a healthy alternative to plastic water bottles.  They are healthy for you and the Earth’s eco-system.  With several products to choose from featuring unique designs and colors, they make it easy to fit these bottles into your busy lifestyle.  

The Venture Bottle is the 1000 ML bottle and comes in a wide array of colors.  For those that want to enjoy the GoodLife on the go, there’s the GO Bottle, which is 500 ML and is perfect to take with you anywhere.  From stylish design to overall safety, there are many things that make these bottles the right choice when it comes to bottled water.  They can save you money and save the environment.

Find out more about GoodLife Bottles and read a GoodLife Bottles review.

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I really loved making this fun project, totally inspired by threadbangers. i am making a heap to decorate our door for halloween.
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Why Packaging Tapes Are So Popular Now

Why Packaging Tapes Are So Popular Now

Earlier manufacturers had to send their products to only suppliers so bulk packaging techniques would suffice. However, these days they often have to send products to individual customers. This is where packaging tapes comes in to the picture. As more and more people have started using the internet to buy things, the demand for good packaging tapes has increased. This is because many customers prefer placing orders and paying for the products that they want through the websites of the manufacturers or suppliers. Subsequently, the products are shipped to them.

Not only are these the perfect means of securing relatively small packages, they are also a good way to advertise your company. This is possible because you can have fairly high quality images printed on the tapes that have eye-catching colors. If you wish you can have your logo, contact information, and other promotional messages printed on them. This invariably adds value to your brand. Some companies also provide basic unpacking instructions on the tapes so that the person unpacking the parcel does not end up opening it in an incorrect manner. Moreover, using packaging material that has the logo or other information of the company makes it easier for consumers to determine if their parcel is tampered or not. If unmarked packaging options are chosen, they can easily be replaced by miscreants. If someone other than the intended recipient opens a package, then the damaged packaging tapes will reveal that the parcel has been opened in transit.

As these packaging tapes are becoming more popular, automatic means of securing boxes with these are being developed. Thus the entire process of packing things is becoming hassle-free.

It is not a good idea to use just any tape while transporting goods because there is always a possibility that it will give way if it is accidentally exposed to too much pressure. The cost of getting good packing material may be marginally higher than opting for the cheaper alternatives, but the long term costs of replacing products that have been damaged in transit can be avoided.

A good manufacturer of packaging tapes will always offer advice about the type of material that you should use on the basis of your mode of packing and transporting your products. If you are unable to decide which company to buy the packing material from, you may opt for companies that are members of Packaging Distributors of America.

To get more information on heavy-duty packaging tape and sealing tape. Visit us at


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How To Use Packaging To Promote Your Business

How To Use Packaging To Promote Your Business

What’s the use of having a great product, price, advertising campaign, and other elements of a marketing mix that work wonders for a marketer but that lacks good packaging and aesthetic appeal? Packaging is as important an element of the promotional mix as pricing, features, etc.


Packaging in itself consists of various factors that can help a marketer sell the product. In fact, many marketers understand the importance of packaging as it directly influences interest in the mind of a buyer and induces him or her to try out the product outside his or her normal buying pattern.


The packaging of a product can work wonders for the business by promoting the product through word of mouth, visual display of product, shelf promotion, etc.


Proper planning of packaging gives the product an aesthetic appeal, use of colors makes it attractive and shape may give it a curiosity factor. Safety and security of the product are concerns as well.


Packaging of a product will provide the marketer with an opportunity to present a way to capture a costumer’s attention. The product in itself may be of the best quality with the latest features and made available at the best price possible, but if sold without good, attractive packaging it may result in disaster for the company.


Some simple tips to include in the packaging of a product include the right packaging material, sustainability, vendor management for packaging, technology used, etc.


With growing awareness of green products among consumers, issues of manufacturers using the right packaging material has taken center stage.


What’s the use of providing customers with an environmentally friendly product in hazardous packaging?


Use colors that appeal to the target audience are culturally and morally acceptable and induce interest in the mind of a buyer. Color plays a very important role in packaging. It helps generate interest in the mind of buyer and gathers a lot of attention through its visual appeal. Many manufacturers use bright colors to induce buyers to have a look, some use transparent packaging to show the customers what’s inside the packing, and some use colors that go with their company logo.


For packaging to be effective, it has to be unique. It should differentiate itself from the competition and provide an edge over similar products available in the market using cost-effective methods.


To understand packaging and its complexities, a manufacturer should understand a typical consumer mind-set. Yes, every individual has different tastes, likes, and dislikes, but an overall view in a broader perspective makes it easy to understand which type of packaging should be used for what product. It’s important to understand what a consumer wants from the product, the kind of features it provides, and its appeal.


Effective packaging induces interest in the brand. This can be done by providing some value added through packaging. For example, an FMCG company manufacturing instant food items provided new recipes on the packaging, adding value to the product and its brand image. Effective packaging can help the overall brand image of the company by breaking through the many other options available on the shelf these days.


Promotional packaging has gained a lot of attention amongst manufacturers and consumers alike. Various promotional campaigns are printed inside or outside on the packaging, clearly distinguished by using attractive color, fonts, or graphics. It helps manufacturers reach across the target audience effectively, and consumers benefit through such offers, contests, sales, or discounts.


Packaging of a product can be made more effective also through various tie-ins, which help the product reach more audience and generate brand awareness.


Packaging is the answer to a question about a product’s value to a customer. Packaging will have to be interesting, unique, and beneficial to the customer.


Packaging has also changed over the years, where manufacturers used limited colors and graphics. Today, packaging is used in different ways to promote different product lines.


Direct mailing of samples or free items to potential customers, giving away free items along with a product, or using a mascot or celebrity to endorse a product, are way to effectively provide a good packaged product to customers.


Packaging a product in the right way essentially leads to building brand awareness, higher sales, and increased consumer confidence in the product, which contribute its life cycle.

Are you searching for wholesalers reviews, dropshipping directory, ebay tips and wholesale directory, find them at wholesaleforum.

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Get The Best Kitchen Aid Blender For Your Home

Get The Best Kitchen Aid Blender For Your Home

A Kitchen Aid blender is a great addition to anyone’s kitchen.  They offer a variety of colors to suit any decor, and the durability, speed and power you’d expect from KitchenAid.

It is odd to walk into someone’s home and not see a blender setting on their kitchen counter. A Kitchen Aid blender has many uses, and these blenders are traditionally a vital part of everyone’s kitchen.

A Kitchen Aid blender can help you make a great tasting fruit smoothie, create your very own special sauce and even provide delicious margaritas for a party. These blenders are a great addition to any household.

But, before you attempt to look for a blender for your house, it is crucial that you have a strong understanding of what you need to look for with these machines. One of the initial things that you will need to analyze is the quality of the machine. Remember that quality always comes with a price.

Also, traditionally if the quality of the machine is high, the parts used to make the machine are also of a higher quality as well. If the parts of the machine are low quality, then your machine will not have a long operating life. Also, it is a great idea to obtain an extended warranty with your machine. If your blender comes with a warranty, you will have the peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong with it then the parts you need to fix it will be readily available.

The power of your Kitchen Aid blender is another thing that you need to evaluate before buying it. The traditional power amounts for these blenders can range from 300 to 1500 watts. The amount of power that you wish for your blender to posses will be based on your own personal preference.

Also, pay attention to the blender jar that is included with your Kitchen Aid blender. The best jars are normally glass or polycarbonate, however plastic jars are always an option as well. But, glass and polycarbonate jars generally prolong the life span of the machine.

For more information on Kitchen Aid Blenders and full blender reviews of all the major brands, go to  You can also find free healthy smoothie recipes and delicious homemade ice cream recipes.

Will Turnage is the editor of where you can find in-depth reviews of all major kitchen blenders as well as cool and tasty smoothie recipes, and fun homemade ice cream recipes.

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Health Benefits of These Custom Sports Bottles

Health Benefits of These Custom Sports Bottles

There are a number of people who are in fact not aware of the dangers that are involved when drinking water directly from plastic containers and bottles that do not meet the standard quality. You have to keep in mind that some types of plastics certainly are considered as being worst than others, so they pose a great danger with them and should not be used. Whenever purchasing a custom sports bottles, you always have to be sure that you purchase something that is in fact branded and meets the quality standards. You have to consider the type of plastic that is used in manufacturing this custom sports bottles or custom water bottles so that you can be sure that they pose no harm to your health.


There are a number of manufacturers who make use of different types of plastic materials for manufacturing custom sports bottles or even imprinted sports bottles just for earning their share of profits. It certainly is very much essential that you recognize each and every type of plastic that is used n making these custom sports bottles and at the same time understand the standard that are good for your health. There are a number of manufacturers of exclusive custom sports bottles that make use of best plastic materials that is high quality and safe to use. Aluminum sports bottles are generally best quality and you can get them in a variety of colors and designs that can in fact be customized to your own personal needs.


These type of custom sports bottle are generally expensive but are more durable and best alternative for cheaper Custom Water bottles. There are a number of states around the world who in fact grade plastics that are used in making bottles so that they don’t effect your health. You can usually find this number printed in any custom sports bottles and imprinted sports bottles or even custom water bottles so you are aware of the quality of the plastic that is used in manufacturing this particular bottle before you buy one. This rating certainly does identify its resin code along with the abbreviate of the type of plastic material that is used.


There are a number of reusable plastic custom sports bottles that range highest in the ratings as they are considered as being safe for drinking water. Most custom sports bottles, imprinted sports bottles

and custom water bottles or any other fruit juice bottles are certainly expected to be made up of top rating plastic that is in fact reusable and safe to our health. Certain chemicals, shampoos and detergent bottles are generally lower in ranking. So whenever you go out to purchase as custom sports bottles or imprinted sports bottles you have to sure that you purchase something that meets the standard quality and are also safe to your health. Using best quality plastic bottles certainly is very much important or else you might have to face health hazards in near future. So whenever purchasing one you just have to be sure that you look at the safety standards mentioned at the lower side of the bottle

concepesti is a professional writer for a number of niche products. you can read more of custom Sports Bottles and Custom Water bottles at her website

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