Soft & Dri Partners with Play for P.I.N.K. to Benefit Breast Cancer Research

Newhall Laboratories announced that its Soft & Dri brand is partnering with Play for P.I.N.K., a non-profit organization that raises funds for breast cancer research. Beginning July 1, sales of specially-marked Soft & Dri stick and aerosol products sold in North America will support a $10,000 donation to the organization.

In addition to being featured on-pack, the Play for P.I.N.K. logo was prominent in a Soft & Dri ad distributed in Sunday newspapers nationwide on 7/28. The partnership will also be prominently called out on Soft & Dri’s and Play for P.I.N.K.’s websites.

“We are honored to support the vital efforts of Play for P.I.N.K., whose steadfast dedication to funding breast cancer research we have long admired,” said Jon Achenbaum, Newhall Laboratories’ CEO.  “Soft & Dri stands for confidence, a value that naturally aligns with Play for P.I.N.K.’s resolve to make ‘breast cancer’ a term referred to solely in past tense.”

“As a brand long trusted by millions of women, Soft & Dri is an ideal partner for our organization” said Stephanie Hamburger, executive director of Play for P.I.N.K. “Soft & Dri’s products help women feel confident and beautiful. At Play for P.I.N.K., our efforts aim to create a world where women can feel confident knowing they can live their lives without the specter of a disease that has impacted the lives of far too many.”

Soft & Dri currently offers four types of deodorants including Aerosol Antiperspirant, Dri Gel Antiperspirant, Clear Glide Antiperspirant, Aluminum Free Deodorant and Stripe Antiperspirant Sticks (in Canada only). Every Soft & Dri product helps women feel confident by keeping them dry and fresh all day long.

Soft & Dri products with the Play for P.I.N.K. logo will be available starting in August. For more information, please visit

About Play for P.I.N.K.
Play for P.I.N.K. (Prevention, Immediate diagnosis, New technology, Knowledge) is a grassroots organization dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research, by creating and promoting awareness of breast cancer through sporting and lifestyle events. Our commitment is to contribute 100% of all monies raised to our sole beneficiary, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Since 1996, Play for P.I.N.K. has donated nearly $30 million to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Play for P.I.N.K. currently holds events in 27 states with an estimated 30,000 annual participants. For additional information, please visit

About Newhall Laboratories
Soft & Dri owner Newhall Laboratories (a Brynwood Partners company) acquires and reinvigorates classic personal care and beauty brands, bringing deep consumer marketing, product innovation and retail expertise to some of America’s most trusted brands. LA Looks, Dep, Thicker Fuller Hair, Zero Frizz, Pure & Natural and La Bella are among the company’s other brands.  For more information, please visit

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Why a Portable Water Purification System Tops Bottled Water

Why a Portable Water Purification System Tops Bottled Water

A lot of people are wasting hard-earned dollars when they drink bottled water instead of purchasing a simple portable water purification system. The money that you save by switching to a carry along system would simply astonish you over the course of a year or two. Not to mention, your water would be safer.

Most people mistakenly believe that the water they are drinking is safe, because the bottle advertises it as pure, natural spring water. This advertising gives people a kind of false comfort; they believe the water’s purity has been tested independently. However, pure water is definitely not what the bottled water companies are selling you. Only the promise of pure water.
I can say with confidence that a portable water purification system is a better choice for drinking on the go. With this type of filtered system, you are guaranteed to remove lead, chlorine, and a great number of other chemicals from your water. With bottled water, you are only guaranteed to have no idea what is going into your body.
Federal regulations for bottled water state that it has to be as safe to drink as tap water, but not any safer. How comforting is that? What you are buying is probably ordinary tap water that has simply been filtered to eliminate odor. Yes, there have been maximum contaminant levels set for bottled water, but the Environmental Protection Agency rarely enforces them.
Another thing that you will never have to worry about with a portable water purification system is BPA or phthalates. BPA and phthalates are polymers used in the production of both hard and soft plastics. These carcinogenic agents seep out of the plastic of your store-bought bottles during storage and transport, and end up in the actual water in the bottle.
What you want to do is use a product that is BPA and phthalate free, which is exactly what a filtered bottle offers you. There are filtered sports bottles that you can buy that are rugged and inexpensive. Or you can purchase a top of the line model with a set of three cartridges for only .95.
A portable water purification system is the perfect answer for the car, the office, or the gym. Anywhere outside of your home you can have access to water that is clean and safe to drink. While at home, I encourage to enjoy clean, pure water by installing a high quality home water purification system for the entire family.
Purchasing a portable water purification system maximizes water safety for everyone in the family. You can guarantee that your family is safe from contaminated water no matter where they are.

Are worried about your drinking water being unclean and unhealthy? Zach Zimmerman has been researching water purification methods for several years. Visit his webpage Natural Purified Water to discover how to select the very best water filtration system for your home or office.

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Mark Dwight from Rickshaw Bagworks describes the process of recycling plastic bottles into fabric for making messenger bags for a grade school class project.

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Quality CD and DVD Packaging- Ensuring Success

Quality CD and DVD Packaging- Ensuring Success

Right kind of packaging can contribute to your product’s success. It is not always necessary for a DVD or CD packaging to be eye-catching or colourful but it is necessary to maintain a good quality each time. Quality packaging is more likely to influence the buying decision of your customers.

The foremost and basic role of quality DVD or CD packaging is to protect the contents present inside. In simple words, the packing chosen by you should be capable enough of making sure that the products remain safe during its voyage from the manufacturing unit to the home of your end users.A cheap or flimsy packaging can never instigate confidence in your customers. It is pointless to mention that huge revenues can be lost in terms of sale, if the packing of your products lacks the basic quality standard. Sticking to high quality packaging materials is the best way to avoid such problems.

Now, apart from offering fundamental protection, the packaging chosen by you should also have the power to provoke the perspective viewers. This can be easily accomplished with the help of compelling content and strong visual appeal. First of all you need to work on the packaging design to make it appealing enough to grab the attention of potential buyers. Quality packaging can further facilitate your consumer’s purchasing decision by assuring the product inside is an excellent investment. There are a number of companies that can cater to all sorts of packaging needs. Making use of internet is, undoubtedly, the best method of discovering the wide range of alternatives, which exist in the field of CD and DVD packaging UK.

A thorough online search will allow you to come in contact with innumerable packaging companies. This allows you to compare as well as contrast so as to find the right company for CD and DVD packaging in UK that can provide you with most outstanding packaging for your product. Do not make a mistake of going for cheap companies as most of such companies offer ineffective packaging that is likely to ruin your market reputation. So, it is always better to hire the services of a reputable packaging company whether you need CD packaging in UK or DVD packaging in UK.

Author Info:- This article is written by a technical writer, working at a leading CD packaging firm. We have years of experience as a CD packaging company in UK. For more details visit us at

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Learn more about Weatherchem’s research and products at Weatherchem is committed to researching the needs of consumers from the various markets it serves. Consumer testing is done through focus group studies that are moderated by independent research companies. The majority of our consumer groups contain 10 people that come from a variety of age groups, races, families, and employment backgrounds. Each group also maintains the typical purchasing habits of consumers today by maintaining a 1 to 5 ratio of males to females.
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What Is Advanced Home Brewing Equipment?

What Is Advanced Home Brewing Equipment?

Most home brewers start off small, which is sensible. Beginning with just the minimum basic equipment needed to make homemade beers makes a great deal of sense. Not only does it keep the investment to a minimum, it also makes the whole process simpler, which is a blessing for the beginner. However, once the former beginner gets the experience and confidence that he is capable of making good beer at home, he wants to expand his horizons.

Since the aim of home brewing is to have fun while making beers to suit your tastes, limiting your abilities to produce beers can bring in an element of boredom into something that should be fun. The solution is to go in for advanced home brewing equipment. This will provide the home brewer with the equipment he needs to experiment and create beers of a wide range of flavors, including all grain beer, and continue to explore the immense possibilities that home brewing has to offer.

A word of caution. Beginners are often tempted to take a short cut and invest in advanced home brewing equipment at the outset. As mentioned above this can lead to a range of mistakes and wastage of money that can ruin the experience and put people off home brewing. Beginners should start with home brewing starter equipment and either gradually build up to advanced home brewing equipment or selloff their old starting kits and invest in a ready made advanced home brewing equipment package.

What an Advanced Home Brewing Equipment Package Consists of

There are many opinions on what is essential and what is not in advanced home brewing equipment. What is given below are the items that are generally accepted as being necessary to advanced home brewing. If you are going in for advanced home brewing equipment it is presumed that you have knowledge and experience about home brewing so do not hesitate to add or subtract from this list as you see fit.

Ready made advanced home brewing equipment kits are available and while these make getting all you need easy, they often contain items you already may have and so may end up paying for things you do not need. It is more time consuming but usually more economical to buy only the advanced home brewing equipment you need.

One 6 gallon glass jar for primary fermentation
One 5 gallon glass jar for the secondary fermentation process
Nylon bottle brushes for cleaning the jars
One 6.5 gallon bottling bucket with a tight lid and spigot at the base
One plastic air lock with a drilled rubber stopper for forming a tight seal
One pump of the auto siphon type
A long stemmed alcohol filled thermometer
A triple scale hydrometer
A large nylon mesh grain bag
Three disposable hop socks
At least 10 feet of food grade plastic tubing
One spring loaded bottling filler
One double lever bottle capper (preferably with a magnet).
Bottle and caps
Nylon bottle cleaning brushes

These are the basics of advanced home brewing equipment. You can add on to this list based on your experience and brewing plans.

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