Mixer Grinders

Mixer Grinders

Ask any homemaker what is her favorite kitchen appliance and her reply would definitely be ‘Mixer Grinders’! No matter how many new types of appliances come into the kitchen, the mixer grinder has not been replaced. It has only gotten better over time.

Mixer grinders are one of the most helpful appliances in the kitchen. This is because this machine can multi-task, and finish off a lot of things in no time at all. It is used for chopping vegetables, grinding coconuts, churning curd, or even preparing a foamy milk shake! In Indian households specifically, these appliances are built to grind spices like turmeric, coriander, black pepper, etc for cooking. Wheat and rice too, can be ground to prepare Indian delicacies like idli and dosa.

Some mixer grinders include a juicer as well. This is particularly helpful to squeeze juices of fruits and vegetables. Some fruits can be put in the juicer as it is, while some need to be chopped first, depending on the blade being used. This is great for summer months when you can prepare delicious juices that are hygienic as well!

Normally, mixer grinders come with three speed options – low, medium and high. They also include 4 blades and 3 jars for performing different tasks. For instance, there would be one blade for chopping vegetables, but a different blade for crushing ice. The four blades include the dry grinding blade, wet grinding blade, whipping blade and the mincing or grating blade. The three jars comprise of the liquidizer or blender jar, the grinding jar and the chutney jar. These appliances usually function at 230W, while some high end models are equipped with energy saving technology as well.

There are many popular brands in the market that offer mixer grinders. These include Sumeet, Inalsa, Philips, Libra, Boss and more. Mixer grinder prices, of course, vary from brand to brand.

These are trusted companies that churn out innovative products from time to time. Their quality is unmatched and is comparable to international standards. They usually come with a shock protected plastic body, a stainless steel jar attachment with powerful blades. The blade attachments differ from product to product.

You can avail great discounts on Mixer Grinders on online shopping portals. When you buy mixer grinders, keep in mind your budget, your requirements and the brand you prefer most. Also, before you buy, check the capacity, motor back up and speed control options on the appliance. Many internet shopping websites offer good deals on some of the best brands.

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Juicer Mixer Grinders: the Most Useful Kitchen Appliances

Juicer Mixer Grinders: the Most Useful Kitchen Appliances

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Nowadays, in the modern busy world, different types of kitchen appliances are being introduced in the market which help you to make your work more easier and faster in the kitchen. Some of the advanced technology kitchen appliances are refrigerators, microwaves, grills, mixer grinder, juicers, slicers, wet table top grinders, coffee makers and rice cookers etc.

Among these, one of the best kitchen appliances is a juicer mixer grinder. It is the most helpful device which assists you in the kitchen by grinding vegetables, coconut, onions, dry beans and churning curd. You can grind or mix, even hard items like wheat, rice and turmeric with in a very short time as these mixers come with sharp blades. To add more relish to your food, you can prepare instant masala within some seconds.

In this article, we will be reading about the Juicer Mixer Grinders which are playing a prominent role in the kitchen.

Juicer Mixer Grinders help you to make juice of any vegetable or fruit with more ease and speed. Just by putting the fruit or vegetable pieces inside these grinders, you can get juice. Some juicers grind the whole fruits at a time, while others force you to cut them into pieces depending on capability of the blades. In the summer season, most of the people prefer to prepare juice at home as it is more hygienic than drinking outside juice. In this regard, the juicer mixer grinder has become one of the must and much-needed kitchen appliances for all.

Some of the reliable juicer mixer grinders manufacturing companies are Philips, Sumeet, Inalsa, Boss and Libra.

Philips is known for offering the most innovative electronic products with reliable quality to the customers. In the world of high-quality yet cheap juicers, the Philips juicers are known for their best quality. They come with international standards and a shock-protected plastic body. To allow you to get large quantity of juice at a time, they have a large capacity stainless steel jar with powerful blades. The Philips juicers come embedded with power consumption motors which help you to save power while using these juicers. They are available in different sizes, prices and designs in the market.

Before going to purchase a Juicer Mixer Grinder, there are several things to consider like price, quality, capacity, motor back up and speed controls. To get a good quality juicer at a very reasonable price, you can go for the Philips juicers which are available in latest designs and come with sharp blades.

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Various Kinds of Packaging

Various Kinds of Packaging

Every product whether electronic, consumer good, furniture or other, needs packaging. Packing is done to protect the product as well as it is an excellent marketing scheme for selling.

Basically there are protective, flexible and custom packaging. In protective one, great care is taken for the product, as generally it is either very expensive or fragile. So you will have to depend upon this for safe transportation of the product. Here weather, extremes of temperature along with other things are taken into account.

Pouches, bags and wraps are considered under flexible packaging. It is very helpful in reducing waste. Owing to this and other reasons, flexible packaging industry has become very big in USA.

Custom packaging is done as per the requirements of the customer. Client get this done on the basis of their marketing plan as well as kind of product. Actual creativity is shown in this type of packaging. This include attractive color, printing, labels, product related designing and more.

Basic kinds of Packaging

Film Packaging
Many kinds of films are used for packing different products. Like blister film packaging is used in pharmaceutical, medical as well as for consumer good. It is a very tough packaging that not only protects the product inside but it also displays it clearly for buyer to purchase it. Then there are shrink wrap packaging in which the film holds the product tightly after heat it, anti fog films, anti static films, barrier films and so on. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films is the chief material used in these film. In addition to this polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyolefin are also used extensively.

Plastic Boxes
Most of the grocery and dairy items are packed in different kinds of plastic boxes and plastic films. You will find curd, yogurt, juices etc in the smart plastic packaging. Also any item that needs to be transported is packed in plastic boxes.

Thermocol Packaging
Thermocol packaging is done for the consumer good such as electronics. TV, refrigerator, iron, washing machines are packed with thermocol in cardboard boxes as these protect these act as shock absorber.

Textile Packaging
Textile packaging is done for the automobiles during their transportation. Also the custom made packaging is done for this and it is really very effective from shock absorbing point of view. Generally textile inserts are used that are fit into metal containers.

Foam Packaging
Foam of varied thickness is used in the form of plain sheets as well as rolls for packing purposes. Goods are wrapped in foam packaging and these are also insert in the corner of the packed material. Sharp edges of the furniture is generally protected during travelling with foam packaging.

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