Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

Packaging goes beyond what you might be thinking just a packet for your customer. Custom packaging materials of different shapes and sizes can be used to meet customer’s needs. Foam and corrugated boxes are prepared in different shapes and sizes according to customers needs and the intended market.

Suitable Packaging: – Offering right kind of packaging as your customer’s demands is one of the key ways to establish your company’s hold on the market. Most of the manufacturer’s neglect the importance of custom packaging while they concentrate on marketing and advertising their products. Giving a proper and professional touch to the products with custom packaging solutions will accelerate your brands popularity.

Portable and Eye capturing Packaging: – While servicing your customers needs portability should be kept in mind. Avoid bulky packaging and make the packaging easy to carry. The customer will certainly enjoy what’s inside, when the outside is done properly. Custom packaging conveys the amount of care for your customers.

Make Any Event A Special One: – Wedding, business affairs, anniversaries, or any event to make an ever lasting impression on your guests, custom packaging is the solution. A person who receives a gift wrapped in colorful wraps will certainly remember it for long.

Advertise Your Brand: – Custom packaging can build a company’s recognition and advertise its brand. A customers carrying a bag with yours company’s logo is the brand ambassador for your company. The customer feels confident that the company’s products are of high quality with your company’s logo on a modern looking package. High quality packaging is vital to the success of your products in today’s competitive market and imparts your company’s values. High quality Packaging is an opportunity for you to convey your company’s value.

Beyond Gifts: -Custom packaging is not only restricted to wedding and anniversaries gifts. Custom packaging protects products if they are shipped and stored for long period. Maintaining good quality for products does not mean only improving your products performance but also make sure your products reach your customers with out any damage.

Time: – Time is a critical element and plays an important role in improving your relationship with your customers. If your product reaches on time, all the hard work you have done to meet your customer’s custom packaging needs will really count.

Gone are the days when people used to deliver a square box for any gift or product. Convey your feelings and care for your beloved one with custom packaging. is an online source of packaging solutions for quality gift bags, gift and apparel boxes, tissue paper, ribbons and bows, gift accessories and more. For more information visit Custom Packaging

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How Custom Printed Product Packaging Can Make Your Product Visually Exciting

How Custom Printed Product Packaging Can Make Your Product Visually Exciting

There is not getting away from it. When you buy something new and it comes well presented you just feel more excited about receiving it.

Just think about how Apple so beautifully present their products and you will appreciate that good design and great custom printed packaging can mean a great deal to the end user.

I well remember getting my first iPod. Frankly I’d never seen anything quite like it before. But there was just something about the way that the box was constructed and the instructions had been printed that made me excited about opening this new toy.

Since then other manufacturers have caught onto the idea that producing high quality printed packaging can dramatically boost the prestige of the product inside.

Can you imagine if that iPod was simply sold in a Jiffy Bag? Would it ever have been quite so successful? The answer is of course no.

Custom printed product packaging can take many forms of course. From software packaging to CD pochette or digipack. In fact the range of possibilities is endless and the number of different materials that can now be printed on, from card to plastic, is growing every day.

So the best advice is to talk to experts about your printed product packaging needs. And you should ask to see samples for two reasons:

First because it will give you ideas about the possibilities for your own printing packaging.

And second because you will then be in a better position to know whether this particular company are genuinely in a position to help you.

That last point is particularly important because, unlike with general jobbing printers, customer product packaging printing is a specialist field which relatively few printing companies are in. This means that you should take extra care to ensure that the company you are requesting quotes from are genuinely the ones who would be producing your printed packaging. Or to put it another way, there is a great deal of sub-contracting involved in product packaging. But you really want to work directly with the firm who are going to be manufacturing your custom packaging.

In these days of highly competitive markets customised product packaging really can help make you stand out from the competition. The MAC success story where they revived themselves from an almost dead outfit via a line of successful and beautifully designed products including the iPod, iPhone, iTouch and iPad is a case in point. In each case they went to the trouble to present their products in stunning customised printed packaging. Had they not have bothered it is quite possible that they would not be around today.

So take a fresh look at your own product’s packaging with a view to taking it to the next level.

As described you will want to work with a company with genuine experience in custom printed product packaging and we recommend talking to custom printed packaging experts PrintHouse Corporation. This London based company has over two decades of experience in producing product packaging and you can contact them on 020 8963 0123.

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Using custom packaging tape

Using custom packaging tape

Custom packaging tape is ideal for those wishing to advertise their business. Custom packaging tape will not only help you to advertise your services but also add professionalism to your packages. With so many different types of packaging tape available, you can find a design that will suit your requirements and enable your services to become noticed.

Custom packaging will not only enable you to improve the image of your business but also enhance security. Not only can you use custom packaging to promote your services, but also opt for a selection of printed messages that will keep your packages secure, enabling you to improve the quality of your products and services.

Custom packaging is the perfect choice for those wishing to create their own brand. You can choose from a wide variety of packaging tape and have your own brand name printed as well as any bar codes or security signs that will enable you to add professionalism to your packages.

Jeaton offer a wide variety of custom packaging tape for those wishing to advertise their business or enhance the security of their packages. Jeaton’s selection of custom made packaging tape is available in a number of designs, making it easy for you to find something that suits your requirements.

Jeaton offer custom made tape in a variety of different colours, which is ideal for those wishing to achieve a certain image for their business. Not only does Jeaton’s custom made tape provide plenty of strength for packages, it is also suitable for use in different temperatures, providing you with a top quality product. Jeaton’s custom made packaging tape is simple to use and will enable you to improve the look of your packages, allowing you to create just the look that you are aiming to achieve.

To know more about Using custom packaging tapes visit

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Custom Water Bottles: The Perfect Promotional Summer Giveaway

Custom Water Bottles: The Perfect Promotional Summer Giveaway

            Finding the perfect promotional summer giveaway requires very little thought because its victor screams company exposure, summer necessity and customer satisfaction. Custom water bottles are hands down the greatest summer promotional item because they are good for the environment and they are good for you. While promotional beach balls are fun and custom tote bags are great for lugging beach necessities, neither provides the grandiose reputation of a promotional water bottle.

            Many sports teams and clubs get together during the hot summer months to keep active and make the most of the long sunny days. While players are on the field they’ll be looking forward to their custom sports bottle filled to the brim with water. Of course they’ll have their awesome team captain to thank for taking the initiative and ordering such a useful promotional product. Not only will promotional water bottles replenish the bodies of countless sports players, but they’ll also help to promote your club or team, and recruit players for upcoming seasons.

            Another great way to utilize a popular custom water bottle is to have it imprinted for an upcoming company picnic or family reunion. The summer air gets everyone in the mood to celebrate. That’s why parks and beaches are filled with groups of people barbequing and basking in the sun. As a sign of your appreciation for your great employees, have a custom sports bottle imprinted with your business’ name and hand these out during your next event. Your employee’s families will be flattered by your generosity and your great reputation will continue to grow. When you have a promotional water bottle imprinted for your next family reunion you’ll take pride in the name on the front. As your family members go home they’ll be thankful for their gift and look forward to your next family event.

            It’s also important to realize the versatility of a promotional sports bottle. Absolutely any company, club, church or organization can capitalize on business and client satisfaction with a custom water bottle. You’ll stand out at tradeshows when passersby see your cool product and are immediately attracted by the thought of cold, refreshing water. All recipients will be encouraged to drink water and stay in shape when you provide them with this great product.

            While there are many great summer promotional giveaways, custom water bottles take the prize for the ultimate item. Recipients will be encouraged to go green and reuse these bottles instead of buying harmful, cheap plastic bottles. At the same time you’ll be promoting an active lifestyle because promotional sports bottles are the perfect exercise companion. And best of all, where ever recipients travel, your business will get the exposure it deserves on countertops, gym benches, school bleachers and offices everywhere.

For over (25) twenty five years, we have prided ourselves on providing the best products and service available. Motivators is a premier promotional products distributor. Our website is one of the fastest growing on the Internet.

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Custom CD Packaging Benefits

Custom CD Packaging Benefits

When it comes to selling your music, idea, or any product, you have to be unique and innovative not only with your content but also with how your product looks. Your product’s packaging has to captivate the customers so that they are willing to go through the trouble of actually checking out the actual product. If you do not care about your product’s appearance, then you would exit as silently as you came in simply because you haven’t given enough attention to marketing and aesthetics.

A visually stunning Custom CD Packaging can make a lot of difference to an album or a product demo CD. It can create that initial spark of interest which is the first step of product purchase. People would then examine your packaging and read your copy, then if they are further convinced that your product is good, they might purchase your album. If they won’t buy your album, they would definitely remember it’s packaging and talk about it. The point is that it starts with a creative custom packaging. Even if your product is brilliant but you do not have a catchy custom CD packaging, then people would not bother checking it out.

Why Custom CD packaging?

With Custom CD packaging, you have all the freedom to get creative with how you package your product since you are not stuck with the standard dimensions and materials. Custom CD packaging is tailor made to suit the specific needs of your product.  It is also one way of showing that you are not like the rest-that you have something important or unique to offer.

Here are some specific benefits of having your CD packaging custom made:

Two birds with one stone. A custom CD packaging does not only serve as a beautiful container to your product, but it also serves as a great advertising for your product, music, or idea. Why not give a portion of the bucks you plan to spend on advertising and marketing to your custom CD packaging? This technique would also help increase your product’s value, too.

Draws new customers. As mentioned, a custom CD packaging is tailor made to catch the eye of your target market thus you have more chance of getting more customers.  Make your custom CD packaging enticing and intriguing enough so that they would get too curious that they will eventually purchase your product.

Word of Mouth. A person who sees your kick-ass CD packaging, even if he’s not particularly interested in the content or the product you’re selling, would somehow tell his or her friends about it. ” Hey, I saw this really cool Custom CD packaging on the record store yesterday. The package has a secret message that will only show if you rub it. The band’s name is…”. If you have a really creative custom CD packaging, it’s guaranteed that people would talk about it.

Just the good feeling of knowing that you’re unique. If you have a custom CD packaging, your confidence about your product and yourself would go up because you know that you’re not just like the rest. Don’t you just love that feeling of knowing that your product is good and that you actually have given it much effort, that it’s not just another product in the market? For me, this is the most important of the things I’ve listed here because if you have confidence of what you are selling, you will have pride in it.


Unified Manufacturing offers CD packaging, CD duplication, DVD, Replication, Dvd Duplication, CD duplication, USB Vinyl Pressing, Blu-Ray Replication. CD Manufacturing, DVD Manufacturing, CD Replication, Download cards,  audio mastering, blu ray disc player.

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Custom Made Leading the Trend

Custom Made Leading the Trend

“This is a time of “humanity first’ and the chance to hit success belongs to who first see people’s needs.” I couldn’t help but soliloquize so when I saw the perfect connection between products and their containers in beauty shops. And deep down, I’m kind of proud of my company, one of the contributors of these popular combinations.

A lot of people now are living a life with heavier stress and strain than ever because of more intense competition existing in our environment. Some put much time and energy into work for better life maintenance and successful career and some study hard for higher achievement. Other pressure coming from peer and family is frequent as well. Hence some leisure activities and entertainment become trendy. Getting away from busy life, consumers are keen to be rewarded and pampered. Men or women are willing to invest in products relaxing them and beautifying them, which is one of the factors contributing to the prevailing beauty industry.

Smelling this great commercial possibility, beauty businesses launch different kinds of beauty and leisure products including make-up, skin care, salon and spa related commodities, etc. And for catering customer’s versatile needs and fondness, they’ve been making great endeavor to develop these series into extremely manifold products. Take make-up for example, its selection including lipstick, foundation cream, rouge, blusher powder, bronzer, Mascara, eye liner, eyebrow pencil or concealer and so on can definitely dazzle many eyes. However, it later turns out that such abundant choices of products not only dazzle people’s eyes, but also their mind. Any of them, make-up, skin care, salon and spa, has a couple of dozen products and their effects could not be that good if used solely without matching up with another products. It then becomes pain in the neck for customers to make choices. Moreover, one container for one product and tencontainers for ten products really cause mess without keeping together.

Thus beauty businesses take another step and make improvement. They come up with assorted kits usually a combination of certain series matched up by professionals for different groups. In other words, each kit is custom made according to different consumers and needs. Anti-aging skin care kit, for instance, would have eye cream, sunscreen, vitamin E cream and the like in a set. And for organizing these bottles, jars, pots, dispensers, sprayer well in a kit and promoting product’s practicability and value, beauty businesses aggressively work with experienced container manufacturers to make custom-made containers depending on product’s nature. Hence we could always see many airless bottle, plastic bottles, acrylic jar, acrylic bottle, glass bottle, airless dispenser of different shapes, sizes and functionality in a kit. And indeed, these functional and orderly containers help consumers skillfully use these products without chaos.

Keyword: custom made, make-up, skin care, salon, spa, kit

TYH Container Ent. Co., Ltd.

TYH CONTAINER Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1984, is one of the Taiwan outstanding professional OEM / ODM manufacturers either supplying or processing diverse packaging, such as PS cosmetic pots, PMMA / PETG / PP jars and bottles, AS loose powder jars, plastic spatula / caps, etc. Also, we are well versed in packaging decoration including silk screen printing, hot stamping, label sticking, metallization, spray painting, frosting, injection custom color and the like.

From design, sample, molding ejection, manufacture, processing to delivery, big or small batches, we insist on providing our customers worldwide with products undergoing strict quality control, competitive prices and thoughtful service. Owing to over-25-year packaging manufacturing experiences, we’re confident and love to share our know-how, innovative ideas, marketing strategy and technology with customers to create efficient working relationship, value of products, potential commercial possibilities, and mutual interest.


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Health Benefits of These Custom Sports Bottles

Health Benefits of These Custom Sports Bottles

There are a number of people who are in fact not aware of the dangers that are involved when drinking water directly from plastic containers and bottles that do not meet the standard quality. You have to keep in mind that some types of plastics certainly are considered as being worst than others, so they pose a great danger with them and should not be used. Whenever purchasing a custom sports bottles, you always have to be sure that you purchase something that is in fact branded and meets the quality standards. You have to consider the type of plastic that is used in manufacturing this custom sports bottles or custom water bottles so that you can be sure that they pose no harm to your health.


There are a number of manufacturers who make use of different types of plastic materials for manufacturing custom sports bottles or even imprinted sports bottles just for earning their share of profits. It certainly is very much essential that you recognize each and every type of plastic that is used n making these custom sports bottles and at the same time understand the standard that are good for your health. There are a number of manufacturers of exclusive custom sports bottles that make use of best plastic materials that is high quality and safe to use. Aluminum sports bottles are generally best quality and you can get them in a variety of colors and designs that can in fact be customized to your own personal needs.


These type of custom sports bottle are generally expensive but are more durable and best alternative for cheaper Custom Water bottles. There are a number of states around the world who in fact grade plastics that are used in making bottles so that they don’t effect your health. You can usually find this number printed in any custom sports bottles and imprinted sports bottles or even custom water bottles so you are aware of the quality of the plastic that is used in manufacturing this particular bottle before you buy one. This rating certainly does identify its resin code along with the abbreviate of the type of plastic material that is used.


There are a number of reusable plastic custom sports bottles that range highest in the ratings as they are considered as being safe for drinking water. Most custom sports bottles, imprinted sports bottles

and custom water bottles or any other fruit juice bottles are certainly expected to be made up of top rating plastic that is in fact reusable and safe to our health. Certain chemicals, shampoos and detergent bottles are generally lower in ranking. So whenever you go out to purchase as custom sports bottles or imprinted sports bottles you have to sure that you purchase something that meets the standard quality and are also safe to your health. Using best quality plastic bottles certainly is very much important or else you might have to face health hazards in near future. So whenever purchasing one you just have to be sure that you look at the safety standards mentioned at the lower side of the bottle

concepesti is a professional writer for a number of niche products. you can read more of custom Sports Bottles and Custom Water bottles at her website

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    Use custom packaging boxes along with packaging supplies for more safety and advertise your products with retail packaging!

    Use custom packaging boxes along with packaging supplies for more safety and advertise your products with retail packaging!

    It has been observed that attractive and beautifully designed packaging enforces a person to pick up the product and have a look at it for some time. Packaging can not only enhance the business development identity but also protects the product from external hazard. Modern day packaging has imparted a positive effect in the supply chain management process.

    There are a variety of functions served by packaging boxes, which include conservation, containment and handiness. Packaging boxes protect against physical, environmental and mechanical dangers during distribution. In addition, the user would be able to identify the contents through the attractive designs, labels and printing on the custom package.

    Packaging comes in many shapes and sizes which can be manufactured according to the business requirement. Another useful and interesting aspect of packaging is related to product promotion. Many business companies are trying to figure out new ideas for adding more value to their product. In this regard, improving the quality of promotional products such as custom packaging boxes is considered quite important. Prominent designs and durable labels help to protect the contents in a package but also capture the attention of the potential clients. Box packages may be found in different materials like plastic, paper and many more. Professionalism should mirror in your custom boxes because they create the first business impression on the prospect. Many online printing companies also provide box packaging services to their customers worldwide.

    Whether they are food, business, electronic items or gifts, special packaging supplies are packed with them in order to maintain their security. You may use stretch films to pack food items and use sealing tapes to protect electronic and breakable products. These packaging supplies are resistant to light, moisture and bursts. Proper packaging with these packaging supplies reduces the risks that are related to improper shipment. Some of the packaging supplies include bubble mailers that act as a cushion for documents; other supplies include filament strapping and clear packing tapes and so on. Moreover, frequent shippers can use shipping scales for their packaging needs as well.

    An important method of adding more value to your retail product is to provide it a strong and attractive packaging. Your products will be protected using retail packaging and there would be a positive effect on your end sales too.

    Send gifts by packing them into beautiful gift packages as it has become a tradition. Attractive gift packaging shows your kind intent to the receiver. Many gift papers, wrappers and gift bags are used for gift packaging purpose.

    When you receive a packaging box having an electronic or mechanical business product, you will also receive a user guide within the packaging. This manual is an important source of information about the operation of a certain product. So, you may communicate with an online manual printing company to design and print the kind of manuals you require. Their 24/7 customer support representatives take your orders effectively. They create brilliant designs and offer free design with lamination. They also offer unlimited free revisions for the clients. They print your manuals by using the full color CMYK/PMS (Pantone Matching System) printing process. Afterwards, they ship your deliverables for free.

    Increase profits by adopting a magnificent retail packaging solution or by using custom packaging boxes for your business products. The special packaging boxes and gift boxes would enhance your professional image and would result in better business relations.

    I Sara works for PrintingBlue that has been serving the printing needs of customers since 1995 in USA, Canada and UK, more topics on packaging supplies and packaging boxes and other related printing services can be found at custom packaging boxes

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    Custom Product Packaging for different types of items

    Custom Product Packaging for different types of items

    Packaging plays an important role in the storage, transportation and finally sale of a product for an item with all the good qualities will not be able to serve its objectives if it is not packaged properly. Therefore packaging and packaging material are given high degree of importance. With advancement in printing technology, it has now become easy to do Custom Product Packaging for different types of items.

    It is understood that each product has its specific requirements reading packaging. To say for example, a medicine would require a different pack than a food item. Accordingly different materials are being used to pack products to make them suitable for storage and transportation. Since packaging contributes heavily towards sales, every seller wishes to go in for an attractive pack for its products and get packaging solution from a Wholesale Packaging Supplier.

    A Whole Packaging Supplier can meet all the needs and offer wide variety services like:

    Food Packaging – This type of packaging is very crucial as it must ensure the safety of the item and prevent it from getting contaminated. Also food items must be packed to attract people to buy them.

    Cosmetic Packaging – For cosmetics, packaging must have an interesting design to appeal to the users. As these products come in different shapes and sizes, this type of packaging demands more attention and care.

    CD/ DVD Packaging – CDs and DVDs packaging is done keeping storage and mailing aspects in mind. These can also be packed in various ways by a CD/DVD Packaging Supplier.

    Medicine Packaging– This type requires great care and as medicines are available in different forms, it includes paper boxes packaging, plastic packaging, etc.

    Apart from these, packaging can also be categorized on the basis of materials used or for distinct purpose such as Custom Boxes Packaging, Paper and Paperboard Packaging, Folding carton packaging, Bubble wrap packaging, etc.

    Thus there are different ways in which packaging can be done to protect products from any harm and make them suitable for shipping, storage and display. Though sellers can approach specialized packaging solutions provider for their need like a company dealing in food items may call in a Food Packaging Supplier or a Wine manufacturer may ask a Wine Bottle Boxes Supplier to fulfill their needs but it is wiser and cost effective to avail the services of a Wholesale Packaging Supplier. Such a supplier can be trusted for a wide range of packaging related work and thus is a more suitable choice.


    Bert Co an Wholesale Packaging Supplier company provider of Custom Product Packaging, Rigid Boxes Manufacturers, Cd and Dvd Packaging , Wine Bottle Boxes and Cosmetic Packaging Boxes at best wholesale prices.

    Using linear measurement technology, planned downtime can be reduced dramatically. The Balluff BIW gives position feedback on the position of guide rails and can allow for multiple product sizes to be run on the same line with little change-over time required.
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