Clean Technology Annual Deals Analysis 2010

Clean Technology Annual Deals Analysis 2010

GlobalData’s “Clean Technology Annual Deals Analysis 2010” report is an essential source of data and trend analysis on the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and financing in the clean technology market. The report provides detailed information on M&A, Equity/Debt Offerings, Private Equity, Venture Financing and Partnership transactions registered in the clean technology industry in 2009. The report portrays detailed comparative data on the number of deals and their value in 2009 subdivided by deal types, segments, and geographies. Additionally, the report provides information on the top private equity, venture capital, and advisory firms in the clean technology industry.

Data presented in this report is derived from GlobalData’s proprietary in-house Clean Technology eTrack deals database and primary and secondary research.

Investments In The Clean Technology Industry Increased By 32%, While The Number of Deals Decreased By 24% In 2009

The clean technology market witnessed a 32% increase in investments to reach 1 billion in 2009 from 8 billion in 2008. This was driven by new climate and energy legislation from governments worldwide, and especially China’s large players scouting out to gain technology and market access in the West. Troubled companies looking at realignment with large-stronger companies in order to survive has also created the perfect storm for investment activity in the clean technology market, despite the economic turmoil. The first quarter of 2009 had emerged as the best investment quarter with 7.2 billion of new investments.

The clean technology market had seen a gradual increase in investments with CAGR of 30% from 2005-2009, driven by confluence of economic trends, technological advancements, and resource constraints which has positioned the clean technology market for sustained growth.

The number of deals decreased from 2,853 deals in 2008 to 2,176 deals in 2009, attributing to large number of small deals. The year 2009 showcased a big challenge for huge amount of capital raising.

Mergers & Acquisitions’ Investments Increased Marginally In The Clean Technology Industry In 2009

Mergers and acquisitions witnessed a marginal increase in investments to reach .5 billion in 2009 from .1 billion in 2008. M&A activity was buoyant in the clean technology market, spurred by enormous stimulus packages provided by various governments worldwide and the clean energy legislative activity.

Q1 2009 pocketed maximum investments with .9 billion. Some of the big-ticket deals that led to huge investments in Q1 2009 include: Acciona’s sale of 25.01% interest In Endesa for .2 billion; RWE’s .8 billion acquisition of Essent; and Vattenfall’s acquisition of 49% interest in Nuon for .2 billion.

The number of M&A deals decreased from 832 deals in 2008 to 526 deals in 2009, due to companies nidus approach on the stabilization and on the planned capital investment activities.
Further, asset transactions/purchases of clean technology assets, such as wind farms, solar and hydro equipment, ethanol/biodiesel plants, recycling facilities, and geothermal projects, witnessed a decrease in investments from .3 billion in 2008 to .5 billion in 2009. The big drop out in investments was attributed to International Paper’s acquisition of Weyerhaeuser’s containerboard packaging and recycling business for billion in 2008. However, the number of deals increased to 104 deals in 2009 from 54 deals in 2008.

According to Arun Kumar C, Analyst at GlobalData, “Consolidation activities in clean energy generation sector are partly attributed to the marginal increase in M & A activities in the clean technology industry. Small and medium sized cleantech companies struggled to stay afloat during 2009 due to tight financing options caused by credit crunch. Global credit crunch made the SMEs potential targets for mergers and acquisitions. Government owned power utilities in an effort to diversify the energy mix acquired clean energy companies the world over which also bumped up M&A Investments.”

Increased Financing Through Debt Offerings

Debt offerings, including secondary offerings and private placements, became the most prominent among all financing activities in the clean technology market with over 1 billion raised from 550 deals in 2009, compared to 7 billion raised from 474 deals in 2008.The increase in investments can primarily be attributed to energy generation segment with a contribution of 51% to the total deal value in 2009. Public debt offering dominated the debt market with 460 deals worth 5 billion. Further, the clean technology market has seen a gradual increase in debt offerings with CAGR of 46.7% from 2005 – 2009.

In addition, equity offerings, including initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary offerings, and private placements, increased from billion in 2008 to billion in 2009. One of the major deals that caught the headlines was Enel’s completion of rights offering for billion.

According to Arun Kumar C, Analyst at GlobalData, “Global stock markets plummeted and investor confidence in equities remained at very low levels throughout 2009. Corporations naturally opted for low-risk debt instruments to finance their operations and expansions which manifested as a marked increase in debt offerings.”

Decreased Venture Capital Funding For Clean Technology Companies In 2009

Venture capital financing for clean technology companies decreased from .8 billion in 2008 to .4 billion in 2009, paralleling the global economic decline, after a good bullish run in the investment from .6 billion in 2007 to .8 billion in 2008. The number of venture capital deals also decreased from 373 deals in 2008 to 236 deals in 2009; primarily driven by the cautious movement of venture capitalist and tumbling global economic indicators. Energy Generation, Energy Infrastructure, and Transportation segments saw strong investment contributions from venture capitalists in 2009.

Some of the major companies that squeezed out venture capital funding in 2009 were Today Energy Equity, Inc., a developer of solar power plants, which received 0 million from Hiroshi Development, LLC and Credit de Laque, LP; Silver Spring Networks, Inc., a smart grid solutions provider, which received 0 million from Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; and Suniva, Inc., a manufacturer of silicon solar cells, which secured million from Warburg Pincus LLC. Khosla Ventures emerged as the top venture capital firm by providing financing for 12 clean technology companies worth 1.3 million in 2009, followed by Kleiner Perkins with 11 financing deals worth 4.4 million.

In addition, private equity (PE) financing decreased drastically from billion in 2008 to .6 billion in 2009, mirroring the global financial meltdown. The Quercus Trust topped the PE financing table, by participating in 10 transactions for deal value worth .3 million in 2009.

According to Arun Kumar C, Analyst at GlobalData, “Clean technology industry received less than expected PE\VC Funding in 2009 with investors’ enthusiasm tumbling due to the gloomy economic climate. PE\VC firms held back from investing in new cleantech ventures and followed wait & watch approach looking for green shoots in global economy.”

Investments Surge In Asia Pacific And Europe In 2009

Clean technology investments in Asia Pacific and Europe increased by 126% and 52% respectively in 2009. Asia Pacific registered .3 billion of investments in 2009 compared to .7 billion in 2008, and Europe reported investments of 8.4 billion in 2009 compared to 0.5 billion in 2008, amid the financial crunch and economic crisis. Further, North America registered a steady growth in investments, from 1 billion in 2008 to 5 billion in 2009

Further, Middle East and Africa saw a decline of 52%, registering billion of new investments in 2009, and South Central America saw a decline of 12% with .5 billion of investments in 2009.

According to Arun Kumar C, Analyst at GlobalData, “Aggressive ramp-up plans for renewable energy sources in the developing economies of China and India attracted significant investments to Asia Pacific cleantech sector. Governments and Investors joined forces to invest enthusiastically in clean technology industries causing a spurt despite the gloomy economic conditions.” For more details, please vist

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Tips On Getting The Best Deals Available On A Las Vegas Package

Tips On Getting The Best Deals Available On A Las Vegas Package

If you a planning a Las Vegas package then here are some ways to make the most of your trip. Take this opportunity to enjoy as many of the perks offered in a package deal as you possibly can. Many Package trips have the airfare included in the price and they usually have other extras such as meals included or free tickets to your favorite shows.

If you’re on a package trip to Las Vegas then you may even get some cash back to spend in the casino of the hotel. You may be lucky enough to stay in a hotel that offers daily spa treatments as part of the deal.

You’ll probably find there is a lot of choice once you start looking for a Las Vegas package. Is this an annual vacation, or are you celebrating a birthday, or do you want that special someone to have the time of his or her life. Maybe you want an exciting Las Vegas wedding filled with romance and all the things that will make it the trip of a lifetime.

Check out the golfing deals if you’re thinking of a package for yourself and your golfing buddies. No matter the reasons for visiting the desert state you’re sure to get the deal that is best suited to your needs.

Sometimes people book a week-end getaway and regard taking many breaks through out the year as a way of spreading their vacation time rather than taking it vacation all at once. 3-day weekend Las Vegas packages are becoming more and more popular as people are looking for greater relaxation at the end of a grueling week.

You can get package trips that are especially geared towards these 3-day weekend getaways. And you may still get some really good deals that include free tickets to local attractions, discounts on the hotel for booking in advance or other money saving advantages.

If you are looking for perfect Las Vegas package, you may want to do a bit of homework to ensure that you are getting the best deal for your needs. Make a list of the things you might expect from a good Las Vegas package – don’t forget to see if there are any extras for special occasion trips such as a birthday or a wedding, or maybe even just a trip with the guys. The first point of call should be your local travel agent to see what specials they might have on offer. You stand more chance of getting a great Las Vegas package the further ahead that you book.

Check out the internet, you can often find some great deals on packages, especially if they are late cancellations. You may also get a better idea of the perks offered on different packages. The internet is a great way of being able to compare the best deals all in one place. It’s also much easier to book yourself a holiday from the comfort of your own home.


When traveling to Las Vegas, make the most of the special perks that are offered on a package deal. Enjoying all that there is on offer is the best way of getting the most out of your Las Vegas package holiday.

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Travel Packages: Get the Best Bargain Deals

Travel Packages: Get the Best Bargain Deals

Stress has become a part of the every day life of every human being. When stress mounts from all the things we do everyday, it’s time to have a real getaway. For this, you have a variety of cheap travel packages available to suit your needs.

If you would like to get away to Mexico, Cozumel, Cancuun, Hawaii, the Caribbean or other such great places, can you really afford them? Would you believe that there are vacation packages costing you for less than 0? Yes, there are all-inclusive most affordable travel packages that you could go with them. All-inclusive means airfare, drinks, meals and star-rating accommodations are all included. To make the things even better, cash back sites and e-shops have emerged as weeds over the web space, creating a competition among various portals for offering the best and cheap deals to the travelers. You can make the most of this opportunity created by this boom and can book your travel package online.

The best method to enjoy your vacation is to take up travel packages after comparing those from various travel agencies, hotels and airlines and selecting that are cheap and that can suit your travel needs. As better deals are now available on vacation packages and airfares, you can set your sight on trips to distant places to see what others have to offer. You can always have a look at various vacation packages available over websites. Packages offer you savings over vacation arrangements when purchased individually, irrespective of whether you plan to leave immediately or plan for a vacation well in advance. Travel packages offered by travel agents are available in various forms in abundance; but the one that is best needs to be chosen. You can also compare the rates offered by various travel agents to choose the best one.

Some of the dream vacation packages offered are:

Las Vegas vacations, Disney vacations, Mexico vacations, European vacations, California vacation packages, Florida vacation packages, Cheap Hawaii vacation package, Cheap Caribbean vacations, New York vacations and ski vacation packages. Most travel packages include airport transfers, accommodation, food and sight seeing for creating a perfect holiday plan that can relieve you from all the worries.

You can also check out some cheap vacation packages by clicking on websites offering Last Minute Travel Deals and Vacation Deals and then talk to the travel agents for comparison. Such travel packages are vital and offer you peace of mind in the first place. You need to pay attention to the monetary aspect also apart from the comfort factor while choosing a travel package. Some travel packages offer exciting discounted rates to some exotic locales. You need to do a little bit of planning and research for your dream vacation to have an enjoyable trip. These travel packages include almost everything from airport transfers to 5-star accommodation and from meals to sight seeing. These packagers take upon themselves to create that perfect holiday plan for you, relieving you from all causes of worry.

By taking up a vacation package, you need not slog down for the preparations as you used to do earlier in the absence of travel packages. You can bring in a lot of smile for you and your family by choosing a travel package that involves less effort and less time to be spent upon.

Lesley Lyon is an expert writer in tourism related topics. He regularly contributes articles to that carries very useful info on travel, holidays and vacation packages, the web guide on cheap air tickets – and that deals with cruises.

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