4 Musts of a Good CD Packaging Design?

4 Musts of a Good CD Packaging Design?

CD Packaging design is one of the reasons why the hard format is still alive. When everyone is going digital, it is wise to offer your fans something that cannot be downloaded. As they say, music alone will not sell. Do not just give them forgettable artwork and packaging like the ones we see every day in record stores- give them something that’s so awesome that they simply have to purchase your album. And not just purchase your album, but tell everyone about it.

So what comprises a good CD packaging design?

Your CD packaging design should protect the CDs. I see a lot of those flimsy cases that are just too cool to be functional. Some CD packaging designs are creative but they do not fulfill their #1 function, which is to enclose and protect the discs. It is cool to come up with fun CD packaging designs but you should never forget that it’s supposed to protect the disc from spills, from dust, from slipping. Creativity s

Your CD packaging design should instantly get people’s attention. This is a must especially now that downloads are preferred by most people. People now are so demanding and frugal because there are so many bands nowadays and especially because they have the choice not to buy music.

Your CD packaging design should be friendly to the environment. This is not a must but you would certainly give Mother Nature a big favor by using soy-based inks instead of petroleum, eco-friendly cases, recycled materials, and by not using too much plastic.

Your CD packaging design should start a conversation. CD packaging may not matter much to popular acts like Madonna or lady Gaga because their fans would buy their album no matter what’s on the cover anyway. CD packaging has higher value to indie bands and new acts since it could be the key for them to get noticed. Create a CD packaging design that would let people talk.

I hope you will follow these simple tips when designing your CD packaging. Always remember to keep the balance between functionality and creativity and think “viral” when brainstorming for an idea. With thousands of new artists releasing albums these days, you will surely have an edge if you put some thought (and lots of creativity) to your CD packaging design. Good luck!



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Want Results? Avoid Beauty Contests When It Comes To Package Design

Want Results? Avoid Beauty Contests When It Comes To Package Design

Marketers will often turn to focus groups for feedback on current or proposed packaging design. Unfortunately, traditional focus groups tend to mimic beauty contests. They turn into opinion gathering sessions that support a participant’s point of view, rather than providing feedback on consumers’ actual buying behavior within the store environment where products are purchased.

Participants play art director over design issues, confuse the brand with the package design, react emotionally to price increase questions, and talk about what they “like” and “don’t like”. As a result, the output quality of this type of research is minimal at best.

On the other hand, effective behavior-based focus group research measures the effect of brand influence, analyzes the buying behavior of participants in a comparative retail environment, and uses eye-tracking technology to find out what consumers pay attention to – and what they ignore.

The significance of brand influence

Effective brand value testing involves separating the brand name from the actual proposed or current package design. This measurement gives an indication of how the brand is perceived prior to seeing a packaged product. Participants are then introduced to the packaging and asked if the new or proposed package design adds, or detracts from, perceived brand value. Marketers may be making a costly mistake if the perceived value of a brand is negatively affected by a new design architecture.

Buying behavior of participants in a retail environment

Packaging design is measured and tested in the comparative marketplace for which it is intended. A comparative marketplace is one in which the competition sits side by side for comparison and consideration. This is a circumstance that does not usually occur in print and broadcast media; as competitors usually do not jockey to be side-by-side.

According to Wharton School research, over one third of the brands displayed on the shelf are never seen. A colorful and exciting new design that is approved in the boardroom or chosen in a focus group may fail if all the other packages on the shelf in the same category are equally as colorful and exciting. Contrast is what makes a package design stand out on the shelf, and this can be achieved through the effective means of both design and structural innovation.

Eye-tracking technology

Consumers spend 2-3 seconds scanning a package for relevant information. If they do not immediately comprehend the benefit they will move on to a competitor’s brand. It is imperative to know what consumers are seeing and what they are not, and this can be done effectively with eye-tracking technology. This type of research gives marketers an idea of which messaging to prioritize, and which information to minimize.

Not surprisingly, the more text there is on a package, the less it will be read. Unfortunately, many well-meaning marketers think the opposite, and act accordingly. Some of the product designers at Microsoft have put together a great parody of this practice by showing how the Microsoft marketing department would redesign Apple’s iPod package. Instead of the simple and elegant messaging Apple created, it becomes a hodgepodge of system requirements, badges, call-outs, sub-branding logos, benefit statements, feature lists, and more!

Effective behavior-based focus group research goes beyond “opinion gathering”, giving researchers the feedback necessary to understand the impact and value of both present, and proposed packaging design in real-world terms.

Tim Robertson is Creative Director of BigCity, a packaging design agency. Visit http://www.bigcitygraphics.ca for more ways to avoid old-paradigm thinking around package design and research.

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Conceptual Idea Of Product Package Design

Conceptual Idea Of Product Package Design

If you are a marketer who gain some experience of marketing field, you should realise that one of the most powerful marketing tool is packaging. Especially for the consumer products in the same type of product but the different is only packaging. For example, drinking water, as you can see that drinking water product are same over the world, we just can not really identify the different of the product different but what we can se the different is only the package that contain the water.

So this is what we are talking about. Packaging can influence the consumer to buy the product, which sometimes it is much more important than the quality of the product itself. And this is what many of marketer trying to archive in order to be competitive in the market. However, there are still many young marketers who still misconcept of designing good product package.

It is likely that to day many marketer just trying to design the product package that has good appearance and attractive to the customers. Sometimes there is also a strong argument from consumers that the manufacturers just to design beautiful package only to increase the price without increasing the quality of the product. Therefore, it is clearly that quite unfair for consumer to buy more expensive products but still get the same quality and the price just increase because of the cost of product packaging.

According to the fact described above that the main purpose of product packaging design is to create “difference” to another product in the same market. But this does not mean that it is all about the appearance of the design that has to be attractive to customer. There are still more to consider in order achieving sales targets. This is because the consumers now are very well educated and they just do not look at the appearance of the package to make final decision.

However, some factor may be still play major role in customer’ decision making process, such as branding. We have to admit that branding is one of the most important marketing tool that costly, time and resource consuming but the result is magnificent. Success of product branding can indicate the success of the organisation. In case that the product has very strong branding, the importance of product packaging seem to be less significant. This is because consumers seem to stick with the brand rather than the appearance of the product package. Therefore, the characteristics of the package of product tend to be focus or other aspect such as environmental preservation, re-cycleable, flexible and movable etc.

In contrast with the product that in the stage of building its brand, the characteristics of packaging design is so important. Product designer tend to focus more on appearance of the package. However, this could be very costly and sometimes not worth the investment because it may not increase the sales volume as expect. However, for this type of product, packaging may be only one of the important marketing factor that have to be focus on, choosing other marketing tool is always the better option.

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A Powerseller’s Guide to Ebay Ad Design

A Powerseller’s Guide to Ebay Ad Design

Have you ever wondered how people reach Powerseller status and manage to keep it by sustaining their business over the long term? In simpler terms; how people consistently turn self-sustaining profits on eBay?

There are of course, the obvious factors; find a reliable supplier that can offer competitive prices (lower than those of your competitors), find a market that isn’t overly saturated with sellers and ideally flooded with interested buyers willing to pay good money for your intended product, gain as much exposure as possible for your auction item, as well as making your advertisement as attractive as possible so as to tempt the highest possible bidder. These factors are but a few in the infinite factors affecting how potentially successful you can be selling on eBay, and whilst we could talk for days discussing the ins and outs of the online trading business, this piece will focus on just two; i) How to develop an attractive advertisement geared to tempt the highest possible bidder, and ii) How to gain maximum exposure for your online auction through keywords, search strings and Boolean terms in listing titles.

Whilst the following tips could prove useful to almost every level of eBay seller out there, for the purposes of this piece we will assume that the reader has a limited advertising budget, seeks to employ a value for money approach to online auction trading, and above all has a willingness to learn and adapt new business practices to their current or intended operations.

1. Advertisement Design

Regardless of whether you are using a turbo-lister application for your advertisement design, confident in html coding or web page design using a what-you-see-is-what-you get application like Dreamweaver or similar, or whether you are just now using (or thinking of using) an online trading site like eBay for the first time, the proceeding points and theories can be useful to you. As we go through the points please note that there are an infinite number of variations for the final advertisement but the one described and pictured has been proven by ourselves to be effective in achieving notably better results over competitors averaged over numerous product types, categories and auction times.

When building your template the goal should be consistency. This template will become the standard used for all of your products, and whilst they will undoubtedly vary over various product types and evolve over time it will be the standard all the same. The template will be your calling card so to speak; a way for shoppers to identify you and your (hopefully) successful business in an instant – giving them the confidence that your business is (or will soon be) famous for. There is no point wasting time convincing every shopper for the first time that they should trust your business, especially if they have already happily purchased from you in the past. This is called branding.

Next, create even just a simple logo for your trading name to give a named identity for your brand. It’s easy if you use your seller username as buyers will instantly make the connection between your advertisement and your seller profile. That, and you are guaranteed to have a unique name specific to that auction site. Even if you are not running a fully-fledged business and simply selling some of your old effects here and there for pocket money the branding and logo creation you implement will pay dividends down the road. Please note that trading name laws vary from country to country so please check with the appropriate authorities for precise information.

When designing logos don’t be worried if you don’t hold a graphic design degree, you only need something distinguishable as yours. For example, if your username is larryjones64, then a simple LJ64 in ‘Franklin Gothic Medium’ in a chosen color might suffice.

You need next to decide on your color scheme. Again, if you are not that way inclined color schemes are readily available via a simple google search. The goal here is to use only a few matching yet distinguishable colors to use for your i) theme colors, ii) font colors, and iii) miscellaneous sections. You should base your color scheme on the types of products you sell as well as your personal preference. For instance if you are promoting cosmetics made from 100% natural products you might opt for an earthy and green color scheme or even a pink color scheme depending on your target market. These colors however might not be as suitable for an electronics company aiming to capture the attention of bargain hunting males between the ages of 16 and 22 years old. Regardless of your choice of scheme you’re the one that should be happy with it as your standard color scheme for all of your advertisements to come.

Now that you have decided on your color scheme you must now decide on your font. Typically, your font should be clear and easy to read. Since Arial is the most common and easily legible font available on the internet currently, we will use it here. You should use this font for all of your advertisement text spread across only a small number of sizes. By limiting the variation of font size and color you will better be able to direct the viewing of the potential buyer, making sure they receive the important information as required.

We will now separate our developing advertisement into 5 sections. One for the header, another for the product picture, the next for the item description and information, followed by the shipping, payment and warranty block, and finally the terms & conditions section.

You can see through the image outline (http://www.moshenarte.com/articles/ebaydesign/outline.jpg) how the advertisement will be sectioned. As per our earlier larryjones64 example a blue, white and grey color scheme has been chosen to sell his range of consumer electronics and miscellaneous personal effects. The colors have been dispersed over the section so that they are clearly defined for the viewer.

Section 1

A simple image editing program has been used to place the logo created earlier on a blue background. This has been saved in a web friendly format and will appear as our calling card at the top of all of our advertisements for larryjones64.

Section 2

The white space here provides room for our product picture. In this case it will be of a watch he plans to sell in his online auction. Use this space to let your potential buyer know exactly what they will be bidding on. It’s the first product image they will see after clicking on the search listing item; make it count.

Section 3

This is the information section. It’s where you will highlight the strong points of your product, hopefully convincing the viewer to make a bid. Be careful here not to bore the viewer with paragraphs of product information. In the case of many niche products, your viewer will already know what they are looking at. It is more important to describe the product condition and package inclusions so that the bidder knows exactly what they’re bidding on. Detailed pictures are a great way to tempt that potential bidder. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more true. These days with free image hosting sites such as www.picturetrail.com it has never been easier to make your advertisement hosted-image friendly.

Section 4

Whilst your auction listing may provide the appropriate space for postage costs, we’ve found it quite useful to display specifics within the bulk of the advertisement itself. The same applies for payment methods. What better way to remind your potential bidder that you accept a bank deposit from their favorite bank as well as their credit card. Any warranty offered with your product should also be listed here. Again, let the bidder know exactly what they’re bidding on.

Section 5

Finally, we list the terms and conditions for your auction. Use this space to further elaborate on your warranty statement in the previous section, as well as your postage time disclaimers and any other liability disclaimers you may with to include should an unfortunate occasion arise, even if only a typographical error. The key here is to include what you know. If you are not sure about something it is better to omit it rather than look foolish contradicting yourself. For certainty, consult the necessary authority on your subject in question.

Ok, so there you have it. Your advertisement is now designed and you have a template calling card that your current and future clients will recognize your good business through. (A copy of this demonstration template can be downloaded at www.moshenarte.com/articles/ebaydesign/template.zip and is free for you to modify and use for your own advertisements).

2. Keyword Success

The most obvious and often most underestimated source of online auction success is the auction title; what good is the most attractive advertisement in the world at the world’s best bargain if no one gets to see it?

There are several options for highlighted listings, bold listings, super bold listings, stroked listings – all of which require varying degrees of payments. As mentioned at the beginning of the piece we are looking for the best value for money, which in our opinion is the regular auction listing with a small standard gallery picture. This is the most common (and package-wise, cheapest) form of auction listing and thus a perfect way to measure the success of our listing.

Now most (if not all) auction sites will only give you a capped number of characters for your title so it is important to use this space as best you can. Based on eBay’s 55 characters main titles limit the first way to attract attention is by printing the entire title in capital letters. In a sea of lower cased rambling the capitalized title is quite effective. Next are the words in the title. You must find the balance between communicating to the buyer as efficiently and accurately as possible your item as well as making use of keywords that might increase the exposure of your advertisement.

Take the example below:

Nokia N95 great condition plus leather case charger box

Whilst it may appear to accurately describe the product in question as well as use the entire 55 character allocation it wastes precious character space and words that should be saved for the advertisement itself. It is quite possible for you to achieve a number of advertisement views or hits from people searching Nokia, N95 and several others from those searching case, charger, and box. Those searching for the latter group are unlikely to pay for a 0 item when they were only looking for a item in the first place.

Take the next example:


In comparing the two the second example jumps at you from the page simply because of the capital letters. Most buyers of cell phones need to know first up if it is unlocked, as in most cases they already have a SIM card. By highlighting the important attributes of the item like GPS and camera you are also exposing your advertisement to potential buyers of GPS units as well as those searching cameras. Unlike the first example, GPS units and cameras are quite often priced similarly to high end cell phones so it is not completely out of the question that the phone could be purchased by those searching these items as well. Please beware that eBay and other auction sites have policies in place forbidding the use of title keywords in an attempt to gain exposure if the keyword doesn’t directly relate to the item for sale. This means that inserting the keyword iPod Nano or Motorola Samsung into the title simply to gain extra exposure across various categories is illegal – and will cause your listing to be removed and possibly have your account suspended. In the end, it pays to know your product and your target audience as well as the rules of the auction site you are using (or intending to use).

You may be thinking that the points you have just read are completely commonsensical and that anyone would be able to figure them out – and this is 100% true. The preceding approaches to online auction trade do not require any specialization in design or trade, but require only that people think as they approach this field. We cannot guarantee success for every application of our theories into your trading practices, but based on our averaged results they have worked in achieving the desired results.

MoshenARTE are the Global Product Sourcing Experts! Specializing in wholesale and drop shipping trade. For more information, visit http://www.moshenarte.com

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Website Design Packages and Web Hosting Packages Are a Must for Any Online Business

Website Design Packages and Web Hosting Packages Are a Must for Any Online Business

When it comes to web hosting packages you will often find website design packages somewhere close by. Many people should seek the help of a professional in order to design their website the proper way. Web hosting packages comes in many packages to accommodate for the use needed by a customer. Finding the right website design packages will save you money and get you the look that you want.

Whenever you see web hosting you will often times find web design somewhere on the same website or a link on that page that will get you to a website designing package. The reason for these two services being so close to one another is because they go hand in hand with each other. In order to have a website online you will have to have a place that can host a website for you. If you don’t have a website you will have to have one done professionally or you might want to try a self designing package.

These self making websites will often times not have the look that you want, plus you can spend months on just trying to get it to look halfway decent and the end result is a website that does not look the way that you thought it would. Having a professional suggest website design packages for you can get you the right look and feel for a website. Depending on the company there may be several packages to choose from and picking one may just be a preference or budget situation. A website professional can do many things you might not have known possible for the look and use of your website.

There are several web hosting packages available for website owners due to the large amount of demands needed for particular websites. Some websites only consist of a few pages and don’t need large amounts of storage to run the website successfully. Some packages also are used for ecommerce set up for the use of selling items on your website. If you are not sure of the type of hosting that you will need then you may want to leave this part up to a professional. Some professionals that would know this type of information are web designers and SEO experts.

Finding the right website design packages will get you results and save you money.Always fully understand what you are doing when it comes to a online business or pay a professional to do it for you, this will save you a lot of wasted time and wasted money.

Looking to find the best deal on cheap unlimited hosting,Web space Is ready For Your Website • Different Packages For Web Hosting.

Writing is passion and you can put everything in words helping others to understand you. Writing is more than putting your ideas in words, its a way to express your ideas.

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Gorgeous Effect Modern Design Bottle Opener

Gorgeous Effect Modern Design Bottle Opener

This beautiful bottle opener looks more like a miniature modern sculpture than the task-specific tool that it is. The flattened loop of polished stainless steel ribbon fits comfortably in either hand, and bottles can be opened using either side of the opener. Just make sure your beverage of choice is as equally impressive.

This silver opener, made out of quality chrome, is shaped like an antique key. The bottle opener comes in gift box with a clear top. A shining example of the gorgeous effect modern design has on everyday objects; this bottle opener will make you buy anything but twist off caps. This cast stainless-steel bottle opener is formed from a continuous ribbon-like loop, making it exactly the same on either side. This opener removes bottle caps with a simple pull from the top or bottom.

This luminous stainless-steel bottle opener is formed from a continuous ribbon-like loop, so it’s the exact same on either side. It looks great in any space and elevates bottle-opening to an art form. While standard bottle openers can look cool, there’s always been something a little awkward about their design. The Ribbon Bottle Opener will make sure you look as good opening your beer as you do pouring it thanks to a continuous loop design. Plus, since it’s made from stainless steel, it’s a whole lot more likely to match your kitchen decor than that plastic one that plays your team’s fight song every time you use it.

A shining example of the gorgeous effect modern design has on everyday objects, this bottle opener will make you buy anything but twist off caps. This cast stainless-steel bottle opener is formed from a continuous ribbon-like loop, making it exactly the same on either side. This opener removes bottle caps with a simple pull from the top or bottom. Become the fastest hand in the bar with the Bottle Top Remover. This lightweight ribbon bottle opener straps comfortably on your palm and prevents hand injuries or soreness associated with constant bottle opening. Please purchase online www.katiewongnyc.com in NewYork.

Representing the bottle opener in the website www.katiewongnyc.com

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As we walk through the aisles of our favorite stores we probably don’t think much about how the individual packages are designed. We should though because each and every product we see, touch, and buy goes through the sophisticated and time consuming process of packaging design before it ever reaches the shelves. In fact, the decision to select one item over the other may actually be the result of the overall design of the package.

Packaging design is so important in today’s market place that is has evolved into to much more than a simple element of manufacturing. Packaging design is a discipline in itself. There are trade industry groups, publications, and college courses that focus on nothing but packaging design. Millions of dollars are spent each and every year studying how packaging design will impact sales of a product and how the product influences what consumers think about a company. As a result of this research bottles are remolded, labels redesigned, and boxes stretched or shrunk.

At its simplest level packaging design is simply a method to prepare products for market by putting them in a box, bottle, or wrapper. A number of basic factors such as protection for the product, security, product directions or information, and other primary elements are considered. Once the basic criteria are met, in come the specialists and designers who tweak and shape every element of shape, texture, color, and size.

The type of product that is being sold will have an impact on package design. Food items and pharmaceutical preparations, for example, have specific requirements that must be met in order to comply with regulations. Considerations such as logistics will also have to be kept in mind since clumsy packaging can mean costly transportation. Once the basic considerations are factored in, the art of packaging design steps in. As it sits on the shelf, product packaging becomes the salesman. The label, the bottle, the box, or the container must all work together to convince make the product stand out from the crowd. At the same time, the packaging must convey the message that the manufacturer wants conveyed.

Experts in the industry will tell you that packaging design is a moving target. Demographic trends such as the aging of the population and cultural trends such as movement toward environmentally friendly products weigh heavily in packaging design. By their nature these types of trends are constantly evolving. Never the less, what works in packaging design today may not work tomorrow since like it or not, customer preferences will change over time. While there are elements of design that are timeless, trends and fads bear heavily on the design of packaging in certain segments.

All in all, the discipline of packaging design is a complex and ever changing science. To be successful, a design must be timeless, yet contemporary. It must evoke an emotional connection with the consumer and most of all, it must say buy me. When all these factors work together, a great package design is born.

Sydney CBD brand design agency specialising in corporate brand identity management packaging design and brand management. Our agency’s branding consultants & designers work on corporate strategy design, marketing to branding for packaging.

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Garage Interior Design Tips

Garage Interior Design Tips

In designing a garage, first and foremost youn should be with an important decision on the purpose to what kind of area you want to design the garage interior. If you have a large garage space, then turn that extra space into something more than just a garage storage. If the area of inside of your garage is not that big just enough for your car and tools, well then you can organize things inside that garage and will be surprised to find that it provides enough room at your disposal, which can be used for some other activity. All of these are possible with a little bit grab of time for your garage interior design.

Interior Design Ideas:

First in mind is you have to consider your budget, you have to decide the budget that you can afford to spend on the garage interior design. Check the primary requirements that can help you modify the garage interior designs. Here, some garage designs have been discussed in detail: Storage Designs for Your Garage: Most of the spaces of a garage (whether the excess one or the only space provided) are occupied unnecessary and out of place things. If they are arranged into order, the garage can be engaged and used for useful necessary activities. Use of cabinets, shelves, hooks, pegs and pegboards are some of the essential items, most commonly needed to organize the garage. Fix up some J hooks on the walls of the garage to hang heavy garage tools like shovels, hoes, brooms and mops. Small hardware materials like nails and screws can be kept in jars or excess plastic box (if available). You can buy a pegboard to put other tools on it or even make it on your own resourcefulness. Shelves can be fixed on the walls to keep various things like storage bins, the plastic box, jars or any handmade storage for your tools. Chemical and other liquid materials can be kept inside the locked cabinets safely to be cautious enough.  Because you who knows, your children (if there’s any) might wander inside your garage. Door Designs for Your Garage: Art designs (any art designs that got into your mind) for garage doors are indispensable when designing garage interiors. There is a wide variety of designs for garage doors available in the market at an affordable price. If you want it personalized and have enough budget for it then you can have your own design. You can choose old style or contemporary style according to your taste and requirement. The materials of garage door can range from Mahogany to Cedar to steel. You have the option to select the controller systems of the door. It can be a chain drive, screw drive or computer controlled. Among these, the cheapest is the chain drive, but it is going to make a lot of noise. All types of door solutions have built-in devices for preventing closure when its path is blocked. Thus, they are safe to use. You can innovate the doors by adding some extra windows to obtain the look you have in your mind. Or you can even ask your kid if you allow them to for the colors and any additions. Flooring Designs for Your Garage: The options for garage floor covering is as diverse as polyvinyl to rubber to epoxy paints. The cheapest flooring option is the use of epoxy paints. It will enhance the look of your garage if you can make some designs. However, it makes the floor slippery and hence should be use if you do not require the garage regularly. Polyvinyl floor covering helps to hide all kinds of cracks and holes on the garage floor. It can also offer protection from stains, grease and other dirt that are common enemies of the garage floor. Rubber floor tiles is an ideal option if you are looking for a soft floor covering. Your choice for garage flooring should depend on the way you want to utilize the space of the garage.

There you have it! A whole new improvised Garage that would be pleasant to see on any way around. Once the modification work for garage interior design is over, you can get a nice and sleek interior garage design that is ready to be used in various different ways. The most common use for garage is as a workshop as you have all the tools inside it. However, it can also serve as a home office or a gym or playroom area for the kids or any other recreational activities.

It is really very important to organize things up, to have a new look and at this same time to be used in any way you want it (in its proper location and relevance of the activity in your garage). We can now start moving to finish what we are aiming in our garage!

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Art, Design And The Environment

Art, Design And The Environment

Art, Design and the Environment

Art, Design and the Environment. This was a topic of our recent event held at the Jean Albano Gallery  in downtown Chicago. Ron Goldstein, Broker Associate, with Prudential Rubloff Real Estate and I spoke briefly about how all three affect our moods, our lives and our future. As an interior designer, I like to incorporate both art and the environment into my designs. I always take into account my client’s personality and lifestyle to customize their design needs; however there are a few standard items I always try and incorporate.

Sustainable Materials.

Designing an interior with sustainability in mind really boils down to choosing the right materials. Sustainable materials can be found in almost anything these days – from flooring to fabrics to the art pieces you hang on your wall. Using bamboo versus oak flooring is a perfect example. It takes 120 years to harvest oak versus the 3 years it takes to harvest bamboo. For fabrics and upholstery one could use organic cotton, hemp or modal. Today’s artists are using recycled and found materials more than ever to create interesting, earth-friendly art.


An eco-friendly technique you can use is to paint the walls a lighter color which will lighten the room and reflect more of the natural light that comes into the space during the day. But that doesn’t mean your home should be plain and boring. Light colors don’t mean off white and beige. Vanilla is out! Make sure to pair your lighter colored walls with bold colors and interesting patterns. Plan your color relationships in a systematic way. Look into the psychological impact of color, how to use color in a functional space and how to best choose color for your accessories.


We all know we should be using CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) now instead of the old fashioned bulbs, but to add even more energy efficiency put motion sensors and/or dimmer switches on all light fixtures throughout the house. Not only does this create a warm ambiance, it saves on the electric bills too.                     


Water efficiency is another major factor to consider when you are creating a sustainable interior. Thankfully high-style and luxury does not have to be abandoned for the sake of water efficiency. Faucets and toilets are now being seen as artistic pieces in your home.  


In addition, always search for locally sourced and manufactured materials. This can save a lot of embodied energy used in the manufacturing, shipping and packaging of products and it supports your local eco-culture.

For the past 30 years as an interior designer, Jill has successfully created environments that reflect her clients’ personality and lifestyle. As a former realtor, she understands the real estate market and how to add value to any property. Jill distinguishes herself as an interior designer not only by creatively transforming spaces, but by managing the entire construction process including vendors and budgets. 

To learn more about Refind Interiors comprehensive services, go to www.refindinteriors.com Please email us at info@refindinteriors.com or call us at 773.348.7796.

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Design a Healthy Kitchen

Design a Healthy Kitchen

The kitchen is the center point of any home and so it is imperative that it is designed in such a way that it promotes well being. It is believed that positive forces are around us all the time and by living in a ventilated and open space we enhance their flow. So why not start living healthy by starting with a healthy kitchen?

A dark and dingy kitchen can just be plain non inspiring, which then makes you not want to cook fresh food and there starts your cycle of ordering take out and eating unhealthy food. So put a stop to it by making a few positive changes to your existing kitchen or incorporate them while your kitchen renovations.

• Let the light in
A well lit kitchen always looks inviting and can serve as the congregation center for all the people in the house. Pull up the blinds, open up the windows and let the fresh air and natural light seep through. If you are doing renovations try and have as many windows as possible. If you can install a skylight then go ahead as it gives the feel of cooking outdoors.
• Incorporate Freshness
Add an element of freshness to your kitchen space. You can add a beautiful centerpiece like a bowl of fresh flowers or fruits as your centerpiece on the kitchen island. Flowers and fruits add a much needed dash of colour into the space. You can keep changing the fruits as per the seasons. This is an inexpensive and a functional display piece; maybe you will remember to eat a fruit if it is right in front of you.
• Go Natural
Natural is the way to go. Get neutral and earthy tones into the kitchen like browns, yellows and greens when you are repainting. The colours that you see outdoors can be brought into your home as well, though you need to find a balance with the colour palette that suits you. You can opt for pastel base colours and then liven up the room with splashes of colour or bright artwork.
• Glass it Up
Glass is a good option for containers and jars as they help in keeping your counters and cabinets organised and also in keeping your ingredients fresh. If you can see it you will think of it as well and use it. Vases, mason jars, bottles, etc can all be bought in funky shapes and sizes to add an element of fun to the kitchen. You can fill an oversized jar with lemons to add a zesty colour to the room. Store your grains and beans in glass jars, as this will not only keep them fresh but also be great display pieces.
• Bring the Garden In
By this we simply mean that you should have a small indoor garden. Potted plants immediately liven up a space as the fresh green leaves and the brightly coloured flowers make a happy kitchen. You could even have a small herb garden with plants like basil, oregano, etc. Not only do they add an aroma to the air, but they are a yummy ingredient to your favourite recipes.
• Organise your Pantry and Fridge
A kitchen that is organised means that your cabinets, fridge and pantry are uncluttered and well organised. You can buy some great looking baskets that will help in organizing your pantry and will look great as well. The best you can get of kitchen renovations Sydney is consulting some professional interior designer. Get clear plastic containers for the fridge so that you can see all the items. A start at being organised is making sure that you keep a regular check on the unused and expired food items as these are the main reasons of clutter in most kitchens. Start small with everyday maintenance routine which will help in the overall picture.
• Update your Appliances and Cooking Utensils
New utensils are said to inspire the chef, so why not get some new and shiny utensils for the kitchen? Get new appliances as well like a new stove with a gas burner is good option. If a stove is not what you are looking for then opt for some titanium pots as they are both functional as well as attractive. You can even match your utensils with the colour tones used in your kitchen, for e.g. if you have used earthy tones then you can use bamboo or natural textured pots and pans or if you have black and silver tones then stainless steel utensils is a better option.

Pay attention to the smaller details as this will immediately change the look of your kitchen. Keep it simple and open so that everyone feels welcome as that’s what every house should want to shout out. If you are looking for someone to help you with kitchen renovations in Sydney then you could contact Simply Kitchen at www.simplykitchens.com.au


Danielle Wayne has been helping people renovate and redesign their homes for over a decade now and likes to share her experiences and knowledge with everyone through her articles.


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