Organic Abundance – Beauty With a Conscience

Organic Abundance – Beauty With a Conscience

You know how it is, you see that something is organic and you are drawn to it, it’s just a nice feeling knowing that it is real, not tampered with. Then when you use it, comes the knowledge that you’ve done something true and right ~ and goodness only knows in this day and age ~ we all need to feel that from time to time.

There is the cautionary tale of course, that the term can and is frequently used , loosely, by manufacturers and the like, to lure people into buying goods that are not in fact truly organic, but rest assured there is organic treasure out there, it’s just a case of knowing where to look.

My quest was to find skin care that happily, beautifully and reasonably~ (I had to stay in harmony with my bank manager as well as nature!)~ reduced my biological footprint on this planet, and so with a number of key questions in the blueprint, the research began.

What defines Organic? 70% organic products, which are produced under very strict guidelines, are the minimum count that you should accept. Better to seek out 95% organic content, which is then categorized as Certified Organic, and give yourself not only peace of mind, but the maximum benefits.

Is Natural the same thing? No, it really isn’t. An item can be labelled as natural, which might mean it is processed as little as possible, but can also mean it’s been heavily processed. What it does not mean is that it has been organically grown. There is no official regulation in place for use of the term ‘natural’.

Will labels confuse me? You bet they will! The whole labelling law thing needs a major overhaul ~ manufacturers only need use one organic ingredient to be able to boast that term, and then they can pop whatever else they want in there ~ often to the detriment of our precious skin. The average person uses around 9 different care products each day ~ as you step into your shower, start counting…, then sit on the end of your bed, and read those labels. It will come as no surprise now, when I reveal that you have rubbed, smoothed and slathered a potential 126 toxic chemicals into your body.

What benefits should I be looking for? Well we all want the very best for ourselves, and when you consider that our skin is the largest organ we possess, absorbing all we put on it, then it really makes sense that what we choose is as natural and nourishing as possible. Why subject our skin to harmful toxins, when Mother Nature can provide us with a pure alternative?

Does Organic really equal ‘Green’? Undoubtedly! We are all aware now of the impact and responsibility we have for our world. At last an ethical approach is permeating our consciousness, and consumer demand for organic industry is steadily rising as we realise we are part of a Global community, who need to put the Earth first.

My search for true organic products had to include issues such as sustainable agriculture, the guarantee that damage to the environment had not occurred with the poisonous chemicals used in conventional agriculture. I had to be sure that not only were the ingredients pure, the products free from synthetic preservatives, colours and fragrances but that any packaging may be recyclable or biodegradable.

After many weeks of reading, research, and dead ends, it was an unassuming handout on decorated card, included in the local school newsletter which would provide answers, solutions and the path to a cornucopia of authentic organic body care. This line of certified organics embraced the bounty of nature and was as gentle on my purse as it was on my skin! This range was so safe and pure that apparently, should the urge take you, you could eat it! My sceptical heart was stirred and I decided to investigate.

The handout had taken the form of an invite. There was a promise of an aromatic cup of (organic!) coffee, an explanation and showing of wonderful certified organic products, along with a bit of a social get together. I was ready to experience what sounded like a decidedly agreeable and comfortable method of reviewing this range. So on a sunny Saturday morning, in a pretty suburban cul de sac, I rang the bell of an unpretentious house and was warmly greeted by Stephanie. The coffee smelt great ~ and it wasn’t long before we were having a good chat about the skin care products, which were invitingly arranged on a big table, lids off, readily pokeable and slatherable! The camaraderie that comes when a few people get together with the same aim makes for such an easy atmosphere and Stephanie was a mine of information about the goodies tempting us. It was instantly apparent that these were beautiful preparations soft, genuinely natural and containing 100% organic ingredients. The claim that they were as safe as to be edible, was absolutely true, and whilst certain shampoos, lotions, and lip balms did smell good enough to eat, everyone was too busy pampering themselves to test the theory!

So far, the claims, the products and the prices were all adding up, and I had gathered a small arsenal of lotions and potions not only for myself, but for my husband and my dedicated organic seeking daughters! But I needed to find out about the company who provided the umbrella for this plethora of nature’s offerings. There were still questions that had to be asked to convince me that this was the end of my search. Hopefully Stephanie would come through for me, because I can tell you now, I was more than eager to get these babies paid for, get them home and get them working! Ten minutes, and a potted history later about a visionary company that cares for the environment and me, I was satisfied, and happily stashing my haul into the boot of my car.

With a wave and a smile Stephanie saw me off, and I drove home with my harvest, eager to share the good news with my family. I chuckled to myself at her last words, which unwittingly underscored my original criteria:- ‘Don’t forget to throw the packaging on the garden and water it ~ it’s not just bio degradable ~ it’s compostable!’ Mission Accomplished.

Written for Stephanie Hopkins. Independent Representative for ONE Group

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Why Sports Bottles Trump Plastic Water Bottles

Why Sports Bottles Trump Plastic Water Bottles

Buying a case of bottled water is convenient. It cuts down on time for busy individuals especially athletes. They can just grab one and go. But did you know that one fourths of bottled water is tap water? Or that the bottled water industry made upwards of 4 million dollars last year? That’s a humongous amount of money for something consumers can get practically for free by the turn of a knob in their own home. Cutting down on buying bottled water is not only great on our eco-system but it also saves money. The best solution for this is to get a sports bottle or a permanent water bottle of sorts which can be customized to fit any design.

The most obvious and best reason to own a personalized sports bottle is that it’s earth-friendly. Bottled water is typically made out of plastic. Plastic is a big detriment to the planet because for one plastic is made from petroleum which is a limited resource. Two, plastic is mostly non bio-degradable. It stays on our planet practically forever! With the overwhelming rise in popularity of water bottles in five years landfills will be overcrowded with plastic. What happens to Mother Earth then?

Another awesome reason to cut down on bottles of water is that it saves a whole lot of money. A case of “good” bottled water averages around six dollars for a case of twenty-four. If a consumer drinks the recommended amount of eight glasses or bottles per day then that case only lasts for about three days. That’s roughly twelve dollars a week, forty eight dollars a month. Imagine spending forty eight bucks a month on bottled tap water. Most people’s water bill isn’t that high.

The rewards for dedicating an extra five minutes in the morning to prepare a water carrier are enormous. Just imagine if at least ten percent of bottled water consumers decided to bring a sports bottle to games or to work. It is invaluable to the economy and easy on the wallets. is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of products from coffee mugs and travel mugs to sports bottles and custom t-shirts. Visit this page for more information on Discount Mugs

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Check out my web site . I collect and tally my plastic waste and blog about ways to reduce our plastic waste and plastic consumption. In 2009, my plastic waste came to less than 4% of that of the average American. Here’s what I ended up with, along with suggestions for how you can do it too!

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