How to Organize your Kitchen Effectively to Make Room for Added Storage Space

How to Organize your Kitchen Effectively to Make Room for Added Storage Space

Organizing your kitchen can be a very difficult task. Compared to some parts of the house, it is a place where many people spend their waking hours. This is the food preparation area, the dining area, a place where kids do their homework and so much more. It is no surprise that this essential area of the house can be one of the hardest places to keep clean and sort out. Aside from this dilemma, most kitchens will also most often than not offer you limited storage space. Providentially, there are a lot of ways to overcome this problem. Here are some easy organizing tips that you can do:
•    Efficiently organize frequently-used Kitchen Utensils
Typically, kitchen utensils such as serving spoons, spatulas, pasta forks will be stored in drawers. Although it is a good idea to keep them arranged inside the drawer, it can be a bit bothersome if you need to search for them every time you need to prepare a meal. Therefore, it is much better if these utensils are placed in easy to reach areas. You can set them on a jar on the counter top beside one of the paper towel holders for a more organized look.
•    Remove Unnecessary Items

Because this area of the house can serve so many purposes, there will most likely be items that do not really belong there. It is your job to reconsider the many things that are currently stored in your kitchen to free up some space to provide more storage space to things that are actually essential.
•    Storage containers for food
This is the easiest way to store food leftovers in the refrigerator. Not only will it take full advantage of your storage space but it will also help you identify food items without difficulty.
•    Storing spices
Spice jars can take up a lot of room especially if you collect a whole lot of them in your cupboard. As this can be a problem, it is important that you organize them as efficiently as possible. One solution you can do is to purchase a revolving counter top spice rack or place them in a shallow plastic bin and label them accordingly. In this way, you can easily identify the kind of spice you need when you are cooking.
•    Functional storage
The best way to free up more space and keep things orderly is to store items according to where they belong. For instance, you should always keep kitchen utensils such as knives together with cutting boards. The same goes with paper towel holders which should be placed in an area within easy reach in anticipation for possible spills and splatters. In this fashion, you will not spend so much time in looking for these items individually.
Investing little time and effort in keeping your kitchen organized can go a long way. The secret lies in keeping the clutter at bay at all times. Not only will this habit help you organize your kitchen in the best way possible but can also definitely save you a lot of time and energy in searching for items when you need them.

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So What if you Have an Organised Kitchen? ? Part 2

So What if you Have an Organised Kitchen? ? Part 2

Nowadays, many kitchen models boasts of spaciousness: spacious cabinets, spacious cupboards, inexhaustible drawers. We just can’t get enough of space. And yet, what we didn’t know is that we have all the space we need in our kitchens if we only knew how to maximise them.

Here’s part two of things you can do towards a kitchen you won’t lose your way in.

1. Keep them Contained!

Admit it, the first thing that comes to mind: Tupperware. Although of course, there are now lots of sorts of resealable food containers in the market today, stackable, watertight, and airtight, and in a wide variety of colours to complement your kitchen.

Obviously, your pantry is where foodstuffs are kept, so your main goal is to store them in such a way that they last longer. But keeping them from spoiling is one thing; making them accessible is another. Often, we store foods so well that we eventually forget them, and only remember when they’ve expired and inedible already. This of course defeats the purpose of storing foods in the first place.

Store each item then so that it is easily visible and reachable. Group them together whenever possible (you can enlist your kids’ help on this one), and have their labels, especially for canned goods, up front so that they’re easily read. Finally, discard foods that have passed their expiration dates or are more than a year old.

2. Use Jars, Bottles, Nooks in Walls, Ceilings to Your Advantage.

Store gravy packets, seasoning packets, etc. in a small, clear plastic or glass containers for easy access.

Line up boxes with their sides facing front. If possible, store the most often used items at eye level. Store heavy items, such as boxes of ‘long life’ juice, milk, and cordials on a lower shelf.

Choose a lower shelf for paper storage, cling wraps, foil etc. If you have school-age children who take their lunch to school, create an area in your kitchen for lunch making. Stock it with lunch boxes and/or brown bags, plastic wraps/bags, thermos containers, drink bottles and small food containers. For after school and weekends, create a snack shelf of parent-approved treats for children.

If you have extra wall space, consider storage hanging hooks, a notice board, and other helpful organising items.

Purchase handy space saving products such as stacking containers, and sturdy baskets for onions, garlic, and potatoes.

Organise spices which you use most often in the front row. If you have a shallow drawer near your stove, consider laying all of your small spice jars in there. Place them label side up so it is easy to view them all at once. Most dried spices lose their flavour in six months.

Any miscellaneous items can be stored labelled shoeboxes and use them to store items such as biscuit cutters, candles, appliance accessories, matches, batteries, and smaller items. Square containers take up less space and fit more efficiently on shelves than round ones. Place hooks inside a cabinet door to small utensils on. This will help to clear drawer space.

Anything that is still in good condition and can be sold, auctioned, or given away. If you feel that you have appliances that are in ‘as new’ condition and too good to throw out, consider Log on and check out their free classified section where you can advertise anything you no longer have use for. Feeling generous then donate all the stuff you are no longer using by giving them to the, or auctioning them off at

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How To Give Your Refrigerator A Good Once A Month Cleaning

How To Give Your Refrigerator A Good Once A Month Cleaning

I must admit, cleaning out my refrigerator and giving it a good cleaning once a month is one of my least favorite household chores. However, if you get organized and get into a routine when doing it, it should become easier.

Cleaning Supplies Needed:

2 Buckets
Hot Water
Mild Hand washing Dish Soap
Clean Sponge
1 box of baking soda

The first thing you need to do is fill up your kitchen sink with warm soapy water and clean off your kitchen countertops. Remove all food and beverage items from your refrigerator and place on your countertop. Turn your appliance off . Remove racks, trays and drawers, place them into the sink to soak.

Fill up your clean bucket with semi-hot water and hand dishwashing soap. Using a clean sponge, wipe down the inside of your refrigerator, being careful to not slop water all over the place. If needed, use a plastic scouring pad to remove any stuck on food debris. Using a clean wet sponge or damp cloth, go over the inside of your refrigerator with plain water, just to rinse any remaining soap. Once you are done scrubbing the inside, take a clean cotton towel and dry it out.

Your next stop is to scrub down your racks, trays and drawers that have been soaking in the sink. Use a plastic scouring pad if needed to remove stubborn food debris. Rinse with clean water and set aside to air dry.

Fill up your bucket again with hot soapy water and scrub down the outside of your refrigerator…don’t forget to get the top. Take a clean damp sponge over it to rinse any soap that you left behind and dry with a clean cotton towel.

Place your racks, trays and drawers back inside your refrigerator. Turn the power back on. Take a clean and wet dishcloth and wipe down any containers or jars that might have sticky food debris on them. You want to really check out those sticky condiment bottles and jars. Place all your food and beverage items back into your refrigerator.

Now that it’s all clean, partially open a fresh box of baking soda and place inside on your middle rack, this will help to keep odors to the minimum.

I personally like to give my refrigerator an overall inside and out cleaning once a month. If you have a large family, you might have to do it more often. If you find that you need something stronger than just hot soapy water, I recommend a mixture of vinegar and water (1 cup of white vinegar mixed with 1 1/2 gallons of water.)

Shelly Hill has been working from home since 1989 in Direct Sales and is a Manager with Tupperware. You can visit Shelly online at: or her recipe blog at:

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Opposites Attract: Why Being Different Might Be the Path to Your True Love

Opposites Attract: Why Being Different Might Be the Path to Your True Love

People look at us rather oddly. For some reason they cannot connect us. If you see the two of us standing apart from each other in a group you would never match up wedding rings. There probably aren’t two people you know that are so different and most folks are surprised to see we’ve been married three and a half decades. We got married as teenagers and have stay married since.

In high stress, high production California many people don’t even attempt to have a long term relationship anymore. They are burnt. Their expectations are so low on finding their true love that if it hit them on the head they would not recognize it.

‘Gosh’ folks remark, ‘true and long term love just doesn’t happen anymore. And you two are so different…’

Different? Different is an understatement.

She paints and draws and sculpts and makes jewelry. I write and watch ball games. She thinks the Jets are a baseball team. I’ve been an avid sports fan since I was seven and could debate Al Michaelson.

She likes girlish, frilly stuff with streaks of pink. I like plain, simple stuff with darker blues and browns. She is a Republican, I am a Democrat. Sometimes. She had seven years of formal education and I’m an Ivy Leaguer.

She cries at any hint of emotion or even any thoughts of emotion. I tear up only when my team lays an egg. When she cleans up and washes dishes, she does all of them. When it’s my turn, I hide as many dirty pots and pans as I can. When she does laundry, she folds the clothes and puts them neatly away in their corresponding drawers. When I do laundry, I leave the clothes in the dryer.

I’m ready to go. She’s still checking everything and making sure nothing’s on or something is seriously out of place or what she might forget.

She loves Thai and I don’t. I live in the world of business and technology and strategies. She lives in a world of trust and relationships and family. She doesn’t want to camp out in the jungle with the jaguars and boas. I look for mosquito netting and my Brazilian machete. She thinks the Super Bowl is like Labor Day or Memorial Day. I think Super Sunday is a holy day that should also be cause for us to reminisce over last season and how our bonehead team can’t seem to win for losing.

She thinks Don Nelson is some singer and she doesn’t know who Tom Brady is but from the name he’s probably a baseball player. Other than Emeril and Rachael Ray I don’t know a single TV chef. She’s knows all the TV chefs and their philosophies and how their individual personalities contribute to their culinary art. I take it out of the freezer and put it in the microwave.

I think there are worse things in life than tracking in a bit of mud from the lower forty. She doesn’t. I believe Nellie Ball and the Warriors are incredibly interesting and she thinks they play soccer.

I can’t stand Mexican soap operas and she watches one every night. She is Mexican and I am American. She is dark and I am white. She is Indian and I am Gringo. She has long, black and gray hair and I have short gray hair but none on top. I like my coffee strong and she likes hers diluted with sugar and cream. I like restaurant pizza and she does not.

She likes leaving everything in neat rows and I like leaving everything in a pile. She likes canning jams and preserves and I buy them in a jar. She tries to find some good in not so good people and I say shoot ’em. She believes that if one is a good and decent person nothing bad will happen to them. I believe that humans will stoop lower than any other animal on Earth.

She is woman and I am man. She is ma and I am pa. She sees the longevity of an object and I see the cost of replacement. She doesn’t like beer and I think that beer and the game are sacrosanct. She thinks food is therapy and I think beer is therapy.

She wants to be liked and admired by her friends. I could care less. She thinks all men drink beer every chance they get and I say every day is game day.

She thinks I should go through our garbage and separate all the plastic wrappers from the paper products. I think it should all be burned. She thinks recycling begins at home and why throw something out if you’ve got space to keep it. I say those that save everything eventually run out of space.

She eats with her left hand on her lap and no elbows on the table and I eat anyway I can. She thinks an expiration date means it’s got several more years to go and I think it’s the date botulism sprouts. She likes the soft, natural light of a late afternoon sunset and I like turning on a light so I can see. She thinks night club humor and anything not PG is not entertainment. In my middle aged years I’ll watch and laugh at just about anything.

The fact that opposites attract is a given; north and south, ying and yang, male and female. If this is true, and we both believe it is, then why do all these dating services try to match up attributes that are the same? Shouldn’t they be finding compatible differences? No wonder these couples can’t get along for more than a couple of days…they get bored to death! After ‘you know what’ they have nothing to talk about.

You’ll have to watch that pop psych guy on TV for more insight into that one…

Jack D. Deal is still married and the owner of Deal Business Consulting. He can be contacted at Related articlesmay be found at and

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Keep Your Home in Order With Kitchen Organizers

Keep Your Home in Order With Kitchen Organizers

From ancient to modern times the kitchen has remained the heart of the home. In the modern home however, the kitchen has received designer status as well and has been developed and improved to suit the modern lifestyle.

A trendy kitchen will not only blend in with a beautiful designed house, but its design, more often than not, is what makes the house appealing to its occupants. It is also the one room in the house that every family member frequents a great deal. The modern kitchen is usually custom designed to make full use of every available space.

The styles will vary from traditional to modern contemporary and in some cases both. Old world charm is also still a hot favorite and can be designed to beautifully accommodate the most modern kitchen appliances.

As space has become a limited option in many new kitchens, kitchen organizers have proved to be an invaluable asset. Even for those kitchens with more than enough packing space, the kitchen organizer simply makes accessibility easier. It also enhances the sophisticated look of the kitchen. For the home cook a cluttered kitchen is a nightmare and proper storage in an organized manner will certainly mean much better management without leading to frustration.

<b><i>Organizers available for every purpose</i></b>

Kitchen organizers can be anything from drawers, storage containers and most importantly cabinet organizers. Organizational products cover a wide variety and are designed to be used in any conceivable space. This can be anywhere from behind doors, under the sink or even under the cabinets.

Door wastebaskets have been designed to fit inside a cabinet and are usually placed under the sink space or near to it. The large basket comes with a lid that lifts automatically once the cupboard is opened. The bin can be lined with standard size rubbish bags and is ideal for keeping away from pets and toddlers.

Bins that hold grocery bags can be used in the bathroom as well. Another very handy organizer is one that the environmental conscious household will appreciate. It is the recycle bin, complete with color coded tops to indicate what type of waste goes where. As the main categories are glass, plastic or paper, there is a bin for every type. It also comes in a beautiful stainless steel finish to fit in well with the modern kitchen. The bins are fitted with plastic buckets with handles that make it easy to pull out when filled.

An over the door paper towel wrap rack is a very handy piece of equipment and holds a roll of paper towel and three boxes of food wrap (lunch wrap, foil or cling wrap). It is finished in stainless steel and is easily installed. An item such as this can save time organizing lunches and other meals, and will also give you easy access to the paper towels if you need to clean up a spill.

One of the most practical and convenient organizers would be the roll out drawers. Beautifully designed and finished in chrome steel, these drawers are simply a must in every modern kitchen. The drawers emerge out of the cabinet with a slight tug and display every single item stored. This has made bending and hunting around for anything a thing of the past. Sides have been non-tapered to maximize storage space.

Roll out shelves to accommodate any type of cookware and kitchen utensils are very handy indeed. Various sizes are available to suit specific cabinets. The wooden sides remain unfinished to allow client to match it with the finished exterior. An innovative idea is shelves fitted with adjustable wheels. These shelves do not only roll out easily, but expands as well to fit into any cabinet.

They can be purchased in either a small or a large size, depending on the cabinet. The two tier chrome finished shelf come in various sizes and can be used for smaller jars, bottles or packages. An under shelf storage rack can hold boxed items like food wraps or smaller articles.

A pan lid organizer is very useful when it comes to keeping lids in one spot. Hunting around for a lid in a cupboard can become very annoying and this little organizer will prevent one from having to search around. The rack is quite stylish and holds a number of lids that can be easily spotted and retrieved.

<b><i>Smaller organizers</i></b>

An expandable utensil organizer will keep cutlery neat and organized. The dividers are adjustable and this flexible feature allows for more utensils that can be fitted into less space. Utensils of various shape and sizes can easily be organized and fitted into the compartments as the dividers can also be removed. The tray is also expandable and can be adjusted to snugly fit into any drawer. The size of the expansion is from 25cm to 45 cm.

Jeremy Foster is a freelance writer and blogger. He writes about a wide range of topics, including home care and organization, often focusing on a specific product such as kitchen organizers.

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