Messages In A Bottle

Messages In A Bottle

There’s something about messages in a bottle that make them very sentimental, sacred, and mysterious at the same time. This may not appeal to everybody but to people who do not mind going a little sentimental from time to time, making messages in a bottle makes a good pastime. These messages are the written evidence of people’s feelings and sentiments that they choose not to tell anyone.

If you want to make your own messages in a bottle, here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

Get a bottle. You can use either plastic or glass. But if you want something more realistic, pick a wine or beer bottle.

Clean and wash the bottle thoroughly. Pour a mixture of warm water and dish soap into your bottle. Cover it with a cork or with your hand. Shake the bottle up and down for a few minutes. Then, start rolling a towel into a rod then stick it in. When done, position it upside down so that all excess liquid can pour out.

Make your message. People have different reasons for making messages in a bottle. Whatever your purpose is, avoid revealing something too personal. Instead of putting your entire address, put your PO Box number instead. This will prevent you from being tracked down by the stranger who gets the bottle. For security purposes, avoid disclosing contact information. Instead, you can write down things that you love to do, things that you hate the most, your dreams, your frustrations, etc. When you’re done, roll up your paper tightly before putting it inside the bottle. You can use a tape or a rubber band

Put the bottle inside a plastic bag. This will keep the bottle from getting wet. Some even choose to layer it with plastic. To make things easier, simply find a clear plastic. Ensure that your paper is safe and not wet.

Let your bottle float. Before finally letting it float on the sea, drop it in the bath tub for testing. Ensure that the cover or the cork is tightly closed.

Even if you’re not at the beach, you can still send your secrets to the sea. Beachtown is an online game on Facebook that gives you the chance to recreate a virtual world of the beach – without living the comforts of your home. Through the Beachtown game, you can send your messages in a bottle – in just a click.


Chill and have fun! Try BEACHTOWN Game on Facebook and start to get thrill!

Article from Platypus soft bottles introduce an entirely new category of reusable bottles – ultra-compact and extremely flexible, they are perfect for the times you’re on the go and want to use a reusable bottle but don’t want to carry it around when you’re done drinking. When your Platypus soft bottle is empty, you can just roll it up and store it just about anywhere – your bag, a purse or even your back pocket!
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Bathroom of my dreams

Bathroom of my dreams

Bathroom is a room you want. Privacy over every room in the house because it is that actions taken in the bathroom, including bath and body, excretory activities, and individual That must be made every day, especially the bath body to do at least two times morning and evening, according to health recommendations, we memorized since the primary current bathroom is also used as the place to do other activities. another, such as shaving, washing up or even dressed. Reading in the bathroom, etc. When events are increasing. We need caring and meticulous with a beautifully decorated bathroom to be functional and responsive as possible. The need to start from. Good planning. Selection of materials and beautifully decorated rooms in line with others in the house etc.

Format or style of bathroom decor with the most common, depending on tastes and preferences of individuals. Select the format or style of dressing, it should be consistent with the style and decor of the houses that have ideas that Do not use format. Decorated with shaggy Or a corner, very detailed. It will make it difficult to Cleaning the current format or style that is often a popular variety. However, modern or contemporary style that is simple. And luxury. In the body. Is usually preferred. Using the model in the past. Classic style bathroom. This bathroom is often emphasis on form. Quite elegant with tasteful selection of materials to decorate and plan the layout carefully. Procurement plan It depends. The size of the area. May be clearly divided into sections such as dressing rooms, which aside a portion of selected walls with toilet and faucets will be selected for matching. Color used is color, brass or colored brass mixed with chrome luster of sanitary chose the color scheme overall decoration on the show the essence of the materials commonly used material is inevitable, marble, granite tiles and flat. patterned walls and pave oriented lotus ceiling – ground glass or synthetic materials. That looks beautiful expression of elegant.

Bathrooms modern Bathrooms are often highlighted in the form of geometric lines in a critical and often cut down some of the finer details to be left just as simple. And show the essence of materials such as marble, granite, glass, a stainless chromium or sandstone, as well as the designer must have an understanding. Needs of users and designed taking into account the usefulness of the good. Is important as well as a place the appropriate lighting. Therefore, the material should have colors and simple but look like black gray or white, the materials should be the type that looks modern, such as materials, shiny metallic materials Matte clear or rough toilet or faucet. should form a modern The unique design is only compatible sleek design with a mirror image rail provide safe and quaint Counter Basin may be clear glass Frame made of chrome steel sink and so on. Nature style bathrooms. This is the bathroom. Procurement plan Quite different from the other that is natural to use, bringing together design, which normally would have done in two ways. – Require open space toilet connected to an external interface with the natural host plants of various Some cases, design May be designed to have special forms, such as a wall on one side.

Clear glass. Rice along the inside. Install bath Surrounded by vegetation placed on matching toilet. Sandstone walls, concrete floors bare, or classified as a bathroom with an open roof. Bangladesh eye first with vertical walls built up of laterite in sanitaryware placed in the right position and so on. – Define the nature may be made within the bathroom area for placing trees, such as raised edges to place a pot plant. Garden patch or a corner or take the natural materials used in conjunction with such piece of wood or tile or slab with rough plaster walls, concrete floors are concrete. And strewn with gravel. Leave the area of concrete or stone plate occupies earthenware tub add to the atmosphere by natural vegetation types. Materials and colors that Mainly depend Design is important. But still focus on the natural color of the color of the wood materials such as cement, pebble stone tiles or colors of the trees that decorate availability legacy is important to make attractive bathroom. Uniquely beautiful. Country-style bathroom. This bathroom in general is highlighted by the natural selection of decorative materials from natural and synthetic materials have a bathroom details and components. And the more casual style is still thinking about the size of Space is important, but in some cases have The bathrooms are unique to the structure of the roof that look like tall and slender. Or gable roof. Use of natural materials such as stone slab Logs outer actions to beer and other natural materials or materials that show the essence of the color or material. Most colors are brown, cream and white or color of materials used to decorate however they should choose to see the accord. Dressing on. The harmony is not the same as bathroom curtain wall frame and other decorations to the bathroom in the same direction. Do not forget extra refreshing atmosphere with green trees. Planning Starting from the need to consider. In the bathroom of the house members.

To see how many members each using the toilet and why. A medical leave during rush Concurrently or not how to be organized plan to build a bathroom. Meet the needs of the family. And what can not forget is to review the budget, the cost of making that much profit. Normal two-story house. To do a bathroom upstairs room. Ground floor room. But if there is very little budget, it may do in another bedroom. To increase privacy and comfort in another. But if there is a limited budget. One room on the bathroom floor. One downstairs room was that the Nop enough. Selection position The bathroom is located. Must be considered. Bo Bo can be embedded armor absorption and the sewer pipe to facilitate much. Trying to avoid. Walking through another room. To go to the bathroom, we could position the bathroom. That separates the bedroom Living room. And bathrooms should have outward air flow may be done by opening a window or an external air blower. To air Transplant easily. Bathroom design. The bathroom sink may have to operate with any counter Toilet Urinal showers or if you have enough space. May enter into any tub using only this was enough. Do not forget the indispensable bathroom should have a fan or air vents also. If there is no will. Bathroom and the damp smell was. Bathrooms should be clean dressing should not be uncomfortable, divided into two parts: wet and dry Will be used in wet bathing May be a bath or shower should also be protected. Not to spill water into the dry It is dry. The basin urinal flush toilet can use this sheet to put carpets, but be careful to use really dry. It also requires more furniture components such as glass, double-sided tissue entered wearing a towel hanging next soap etc. If the furniture is in a position that they are not going right. Impractical or both. Should be designed in advance because it would be better if it is difficult to resolve, such as the position of the mirror face is too high. Hanging towel. Tissue near the sink and put too wet to make. The Iron Wall is far from the shower. Pay line on the left. Impractical or both. Water curtain to move and install toilet. Dish soap hit the water from the shower All of this should be avoided to have. Of areas. The bathrooms, toilets should be held based on the principle of beauty. That does not impair functionality. Bathroom and toilet. May be separate or included in any one room. The combination provided. May also be divided into episodic enables bathroom at the same time. Multiple persons, each with a tiny flat curtain wall or set aside. All sanitary arrangements in the same wall as the installation of water saving best. The bathroom now has finished production. Issue with many. Bathroom wall made of glass fiber. Sanitary facilities are different, which can be incorporated into the room immediately.

Own bathroom. Should choose the color tiles and sanitary ware have different color and pattern coordinated. For a ground The pipe laying tile and installing the appliances in the bathroom. It is very important. Therefore, technicians should be chosen. With special expertise in this particular anti-leakage. Principles.

The main concern should be for the construction of the bathroom toilet.

1. Do not floor room with materials that are smooth and flat surfaces such as tiles into it. Because when wet. Could easily cause an accident. Use materials that are relatively rough surfaces such as Mosaic and used. Ceramic and so on.

2. When you open the door and do not cover the light switch, light switches and plugs should use a waterproof and should not be installed in the water can splash up.

3.Can be ventilated out of the window and the light can shine through the incoming. Windows should be placed higher than eye level. People walking past outside and the key to completely

4. Do not use your toilet with a door directly.

5.Drain should be large enough and the floor must be equal to the slope. Drainage area.

6. Next scene should move between the plastic or glass shower with the rest of the floor may cause the edge height of 0.20 meters to avoid water splash or flow to other parts. Size If the area of domestic director is often a large bathroom. So beautifully decorated. And be comfortable to use. If a large enough area. Bathroom with separate toilet is often accounted for as part Otherwise, each person has a private bathroom. In the bedroom, bathroom with size 2.00 x 2.50 meters to 3.00 x 3.50 meters, depending on how many people use the bathroom. Location Bathrooms may be located inside the house. Or a separate external time. Bathrooms, toilets for guests should be placed near the living room. Bathroom upstairs Should be adjacent to the bedroom. Be careful what the bathroom toilet. Must be located where.

Ventilation was good. And should the west to sunny afternoon Sides can be reached. Light. Light to moderate bathroom toilets are generally light on the mirror page This is sometimes used to make shaving. And there should be sunny in the daytime to save electricity. And to kill germs. Bathroom toilet with built-in. Appliances in the bathroom. Appliances. The equipment held up in the bathroom with a toilet that is any Which together form the third.

1. Papilla or water bath (the dip).

2. A shower

3. A bath. For use in bathrooms, toilets and 3 types can be included is any water that may collect water or a jar that holds water which have created yourself with a brick or concrete casting and the rooms are leaking. Mix the liquid waterproofing concrete and crab in the inner and outer walls, floor tiles. Side at the bottom. The water drains out. In addition to water and blister. There are plastic cast Barrel-shaped multi-sizes for water storage for use. There are two types of shower Ugankheong a permanent installation on the wall. And types of cords, which can be adjusted to spray water. Bath is a popular size 0.80 x 1.50 x 0.40 meters square and rectangular oval. Cast iron bath is coated with a coating and attached to the sink faucet. This can be both. Hot and cold water Currently, the bath reduced due to shortage of water. The violence and more. Basin have different shapes such as square pieces of colored cloth oval and round with the fixed wall and the wall. And generating a table in the basin of approximately 0.80 meters above the ground.

The table is placed below the basin may have a storage cabinet or drawer in the bathroom, such as soap, toilet paper and cloth to check the backup mirror, etc. and are often attached. Behind the sink. WC are generally two types of latrine and laundry closet harsh sound as of snoring Latrine (squat) toilet seat, or roe with both cement casting. Decorated with terrazzo. With a clay coating that beautifully easy to clean. And more expensive to have a latrine with a single. The toilets should be buried. The floor or Generate a higher base already. Embedded into the toilet. To form a base coat. Most of the toilets are already high from the ground to pay about 0.20 meters of a latrine, 3 together are. Model with water, which must prepare to enter the water may be small jar, storage tanks, or create their own water. To collect water. Specific time by which to determine the appropriate size. The toilet seat is convenient to a radiator (Cistern) is a pot of water storage. The back of the closet. To use, press the lever for the water from the pot. Flow for cleaning toilets. Final form, is a flush valve (flush valve), which is similar to a radiator, but no radiator. When you press the lever. Water will flow out. Automatic toilet cleaning closet (toilet), most made of clay coated glass (vitreous china) with WC and oval in shape and size of 0.35 x 0.40 meters and 0.40 meters high from the ground floor adjacent to the base with a cap Seat. And close the lid for the toilet. When not using the toilet, flush toilet and a radiator and flush valve Considerations in the bathroom decoration. Installed lamp lighting should be installed standing And the breast should be a plug for cover. Safety switches should be mounted outside the bathroom light. If taken in a bathroom should be on – off by pulling the rope. And the rope should be long enough for the children with The next general lighting. Middle of the room and can be installed by an atmosphere of glass.

 The light scattering properties or the power to adjust the exposure. The immediate two-sided glass lighting to be bright enough. Activities to suit the front of the mirror, such as shaving or makeup. Wall and the area be highly decorated. Floor and wall tiles. Most bathrooms are ceramic tile. This is a durable, quality products to use a variety of colors and patterns to choose from may be used to decorate the tiles throughout the floor and wall to ceiling. If a large room. To reduce costs. Ceramic wall tiles may be used. Only three of the four fragments. The height of the walls. The remaining paint. None by selecting the color associated with colored tiles. If equipped with a narrow size. May be modified by the glass wall. To make the room look wider. But regardless of convenience. For cleaning. How the wall. The least expensive is to be painted the same color paint throughout. Or a single painting. Then use any paint on dark wood work with the pipe. To make it look more robust material off of another wall is. Vinyl wallpaper, which now has color patterns and textures of different lots to choose to delete it. Bathroom has a lot of use. Therefore, it must provide Stored as. Orderliness Beautiful and important. Is convenient to use such handful could do about laying towels. Or arranged at the shelves of cosmetics and soap, shampoo razor should be kept out of reach of children may have a rack or cabinet glass Over the basin should be done at the place of the basin. To cover the sewer with the option for a home with a large bathroom with dressing area in as many shelves can be set to re-seat fiction.

Curtains at the window blinds stick pot set the plants in the corners will include modern art in any era to decorate like a cup of frozen shell, etc.. Opening a window in the bathroom would have to make people free from external eyes. But may find glass or opaque glass refracted light to be mounted if the blind is blind tips vertical doors. It will be light. Even curtains closed or may be infected. Only the lower half of the window or a tree or rack of articles will cover the eyes as much.

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Stainless Travel Tea Thermos Flasks Can Be Useful

Stainless Travel Tea Thermos Flasks Can Be Useful

What is your purpose for wanting to buy a travel mug? Will you be lugging it around on a construction work web site, or traveling in your vehicle? Where and whenever you use a travel coffee mug is the very first consideration to make before shopping for the coffee journey mug of one’s dreams.

As the name suggests, a travel mug is normally used on the go. If you will be drinking coffee in your vehicle then you must mull over your cup holder. Cup holders are the disgrace of many an automobile. Some can hold anything you throw at them, while others can only take a 12 oz beverage can. Make sure your cup holder can accommodate whatever mug you choose, especially if it has a handle. Personally I like to a have a handle on my travel mug. So much so that I would probably retro my vehicle to have room for my mug instead of the other way around. There are some travel mugs that have one piece handles that fasten to the top of the mug only, permitting the bottom to fit firmly in your vehicle’s cup holder. In all honesty I probably wouldn’t retrofit my car just to accomodate my travel mug. Instead, I would go for a well insulated travel mug that will fit my cup holder.

You might not have considered all the varied different types of coffee mugs offered, but there is a lot to contemplate. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing all the cheap plastic travel mugs people buy. They do not function suitably and many of them can make your coffee taste dreadful! This guide is to help you make a judicious decision and not throw your money away. There are loads of cut-rate mugs out there. If you simply purchase the first thing mug you find on the shelf from a local grocery market you will more than likely not be pleased. Take the time to locate the ideal travel mug, and you may have a friend for life.

At this moment you may want to think about how much coffee you will be drinking between refills. Do you need a large 20 oz mug, or will a 12 oz travel mug suffice? Just remember that the more the heavier.

Think heat! Is hot coffee your cup of tea? The slower you sip your coffee, the more insulated of a travel mug you’ll require. The less surface area a mug has the better job insulation can perform. So a short insulated travel mug is generally going to maintain coffee warm longer than a tall slim mug. The problem with a squatty mug is it may not fit in your car’s cup holder.

Construction anyone? Can you get by with a plastic mug, or do you require the elegant ruggedness of stainless steel and ceramics? Myself, I prefer ceramic and stainless steel travel coffee mugs with a plastic lid. Double insulated stainless steel and ceramic travel mugs that are stainless on the inside and ceramic on the outside are very nice. Combining ceramics and steel is awesome! They are exceptionally tough and nice-looking. If you purchase a high quality stainless steel and ceramic mug it can last you for years.

Now let’s consider the lid. If you will be using your travel coffee mug in your vehicle you will want a lid with a slip slider, or other means to keep hot coffee from splashing out and onto your lap. Some mugs have loose sliders or cheap closures. Those type will leak coffee like a sieve. Stick with a firm fitting slip slider, or some other safe closure.

Certainly check out how the lid fits in the travel mug. The most customary way that travel mug lids secure to the mug is a plastic insert with rubber gaskets. The gaskets help hold the lid on and thwart coffee from splashing out. If you drop your mug, one of these types of lids may come off. The least likely to come off lids are screw on. They still call for some sort of gasket to thwart leaks, but the lid itself will stay put. You may have to do some intense shopping around to find a stainless steel mug with a screw on lid, but they are out there.

Now that you’ve found your dream coffee mug, take good care of it. Never ever wash your travel coffee mug in a dishwasher. Use the old elbow grease and clean that mug by hand, and don’t immerse it in water. A double walled mug is frequently sealed at the top by a metal or plastic ring glued on. It might not be entirely sealed and water can get caught between the two walls.

You may also be interested in reading about stainless travel mug and coffee travel mug.

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JUICING RECIPES are right here, just *CLICK(more info)⬆ ! *JARS of JUICE http *JUICERS *SHOP http *AMAZON *DONATIONS http *FACEBOOK 1 JAR OF JUICE = = ¼ gal. = 1 qt. = 32 oz = = 946 ml = 0.95 l JARS + PLASTIC CAPS (do NOT use metal lids like I do in this vid as they rust! I forgot to bring my plastic caps with me on this trip…) DURING THIS JUICE FAST the 3 adult FEMALES are each drinking 2½ to 3 jars of juice/day = = ⅔ to ¾ gal. = 2½ to 3 qt. = = 80 to 96 oz = 2.37 to 2.84 l I make 9 jars juice/day = = 2¼ gal = 9 qt. = = 288 oz = 8.52 l ~ 6 jars juice in morning = = 1½ gal = 6 qt. = = 192 oz = 5.68 l ~ 3 jars juice in afternoon = = ¾ gal = 3 qt. = = 96 oz = 2.84 l —– I’m drinking what’s left over + eating 1 solid food meal/day. If I was doing a 100% juice fast/feast, as an adult MALE I would be drinking 4 jars of juice/day = = 1 gal. = 4 qt. = = 128 oz = 3.79 l ❤ LOW to MEDIUM GLYCEMIC JUICE RECIPE! ❤ YIELD: 3 jars juice = = ¾ gal = 3 qt. = = 96 oz = 2.84 l **IMPORTANT!** *THIS RECIPE MAKES ALOT OF JUICE* so if you don’t want to drink this much juice at once, please HALVE THIS RECIPE or even QUARTER THIS RECIPE ~ and/or ~ have GLASS mason jars ready to store some of this juice for later! I use GLASS mason jars + PLASTIC CAPS like these: * I ngredients * —- Always SCRUB & WASH PRODUCE before

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