Foreign garbage to China re-exports of manufactured toys – plastic toys, toy exports, foreign waste – toy industry

Foreign garbage to China re-exports of manufactured toys – plastic toys, toy exports, foreign waste – toy industry

Recently, in the South East of Felixstowe port, the world’s largest cargo shipped from China, like the tens of thousands of containers of consumer goods Mt.

  The shore, one 30 years ago, visited the British Hong Kong and Guangzhou, said David, meet friends and family when the thought of food, with many of the “Made in China”, Chinese people feel suddenly change and economic forces of globalization. But such a large number of the other side from the Earth to the delivery of consumer goods in Europe, at least from an environmental perspective, there is not much of our planet’s benefit, after all, the transport process can also cause air pollution.

Dialogue was not mentioned, these giant sea from Europe to be driven across the border in China Shique loaded with waste recycling and recovery of waste materials, including the removal from the UK’s main waste plastic. The recycling of waste will be processed in China, toy, plastic packaging products such as computer casings, and then shipped to Europe.

British rubbish coming out Guangdong In less than two months after the dialogue that the shore, the sky influential British television reporter in the pungent smoke of Williams witnessed the British refuse a village in Guangdong “amazing scene” .

Williams made 8 years in the Chinese press, thought that his post-mine had been to China to witness the most terrible pollution, but Guangdong South China Sea where the call even after the discovery of pit, where it worthy of said China’s most polluted places.

Williams back to the UK’s TV reports that waste from the UK, he found a letter from a plastic jacket, and the address on the envelope the letter to find the owner?? A far thousands of miles away in Britain.

The Englishman’s letter to him in distant China was surprised. The waste classification advocates claim to the British, said: “I am speechless, we just do our classification, Who would have thought the end of these waste by those who do not wear gloves, but also those who directly deal with toxic gas inhalation. ”

Reported that the waste plastics is the UK’s main exports to China is one, even the reprocessing of waste pits residents subsistence, can only earn about £ 50 a month, about 750 yuan, the average income of the United Kingdom level of 8%. Children as young as 14-year-old pile of cans in the waste bottle, plastic bags and food bags, and then melted for reuse.

Smelting process appears sharp yellow smoke unbearable. Direct dumping of waste processing plant waste into streams, rivers, causing water to become a pool of Ukrainian town water. Shooting in the town an hour later, reporters and camera crews were feeling the eyes, throat irritation.

40-year-old Xiao-Mei Chen (phonetic) to connect to pit for several months. She said: “You are rich in the United Kingdom, would not do such work,. Us poor, hard to find work, only picking over waste.” Lens, in a waste site, the workers may lead to cancer and in the processing Birth Defects of PVC.

British journalist was found in the waste heap of British Asda, Tesco shopping bags and food packaging, Sainsbury supermarket plastic milk bottle, Cadbury Chocolate packaging and Hang-style pasta bags … …

In even the pits, waste disposal sites and a French and a German household plastic waste disposal sites.

Waste storage pit boss even see the British journalist is not happy, they go all the way H, and even asked to call the police. They fear that if the news spread, waste plastics are loaded ship may elect his office would cut off their source of wealth.

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