Best Selling Anti-Corrosion Film Globally, Now with High Recycled Content

Cortec Corporation presents the latest advanced version of VpCI 126 Blue-patented, high technology films and bags, now containing even higher content of recycled resin that provide top quality multimetal corrosion protection.

As part of Cortec’s green concept, Cortec laboratories formulated environmentally improved version of VpCI 126 films manufactured using state of the art reprocessing line. The recycled content includes internal scrap which makes the whole regranulation process energy efficient. It greatly reduces waste, while the consistent quality of VpCI 126 films and bags remains.

This new eco concept of films and bags containing high recycled content enables rational use of resources and energy savings while the product still maintains excellent chemical, mechanical and corrosion inhibiting properties.

VpCI 126 Blue, combines the latest film technology with the most effective corrosion protection for all of the metal products. Sealing your product in this film protects metal parts from all types of corrosion including rust, tarnish, stains, white rust and  oxidation for up to five years.

It replaces replaces hazardous conventional rust preventatives such as oils and desiccants. By using VpCI 126 Blue the customer gains safe and economical solution considering that VpCI 126 Blue also eliminates all the degreasing or coating removal required in the past!  The product can be used immediately, it does not contain free amines, phosphates or halogen-based  materials and is non-toxic.

Not only is this product manufactured utilizing the most advanced recycled resin, but the custom blends are available to give our customers the exact properties they need, whether it’s improved puncture resistance, tear  strength, or other requirements.

Metal parts packaged in VpCI 126 Blue receive continuous protection against salt, excessive humidity, condensation, moisture, aggressive industrial atmospheres and dissimilar metal corrosion. The VpCI’s vaporize and condense to metal surfaces in the enclosed package, reaching  every area of the part, even hard-to-reach interior surfaces. This allows complete product protection during storage as well as during domestic  and overseas shipments.

Cortec’s VpCI 126  film is used by major global companies worldwide: General Motors, Toyota, General Electric, IBM, Renault, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz etc..

Films and bags made from recycled polyethylene have low CO2 footprint because of savings in energy, raw materials and transportation costs.

A study of plastic waste bags in Europe by IFEU concluded: “Bags made from true PCR (Post Consumer Recyclate) have generally the smallest environmental impact profiles and can be considered the most “eco-friendly” materials for waste bags”. The study considered bioplastics, virgin polyethylene, and recycled polyethylene. These conclusions can be reasonably extended to plastic packaging materials.

VpCI 126 Blue received approval by the Federal Drug Administration for indirect food contact for use on food containers and food handling equipment and approval from a leading institute regarding the recycling and disposal of packaging materials containing Cortec proprietary chemistry.

The product conforms to NACE Standard RP0487-2000 Item #21037, MIL-PRF – 22019D, according to the Naval Air Warfare  Center Aircraft Division, QPL 13600 Ser 43500B120- 3/531.  In addition, VpCI-126  is referenced in TO  1-1-686, TM 55-1500-331-34, NAVAIR 15-01-4 and is RoHS compliant. The product is described in patents US 5855975, EP 0653454, and AU 675317.

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DVD Packaging in London: Economical Solution for All Types of Packaging Requirements

DVD Packaging in London: Economical Solution for All Types of Packaging Requirements

The city of London is home to several small web based companies which offer CD and DVD packaging services at the most competitive prices. And as such, locating and contacting these London based service providers are few clicks away. The fact that London is a hub of such service providers means that the rates they offer also become competitive. And as competition among these companies gets stiffer, the services they offer are also likely to become more economical. Also, these companies are known for their customer-centric approach and with a friendly management you can expect personal attention being given in processing your requests.

DVD packaging in London provides you with a variety of packaging options and each option is geared towards meeting your specific requirements and budget size. If your purpose is to store or mail the DVDs, then there are specific packaging types which will serve your requirements. And if presentation of the DVD is vital, then there are creative packaging options for you to choose from. Either way, you can expect quick turnaround time and quality services from your London service providers. Also, the rates of these services as you can expect is quite economical. So, what exactly are the various types of packaging services London packagers offer? Well, there are jewel case packaging, clam shells packaging, plastic wallet packaging etc. These types are ideal if your DVDs are required to be stored or couriered. And if you want to add a piece of mechanism to DVD case then you may go for the ejector case which ejects the disc at the push of button. Your service provider also offers digi-pack, single-packs printed, card wallets etc. which are more creative.

DVD packaging in London also includes disc printing services as well as disc duplication and replication services. Also, these companies may offer other media conversion services such as cassette to disc conversion. As such, these companies are a one-stop location for all types of disc reproduction services. So, contact your London service providers today.

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Safe Filtration

Safe Filtration

Everyone loves a drink of cool water to drink on a hot day. The current consumption of bottled water has caused a problem for the planet. It has been estimated that bottled water companies make .2 billion dollars a year with little regulation, which means that ordinary tap water can be just as good as any given bottle of water. The bottles themselves are plastic and continue to pile up in our landfills, harming our planet.

If you want to do something good for the environment, invest in a good home purifier. If you buy reusable glass containers you can bottle your own beverages. Using slices of fresh fruit for flavoring you can make your own juices. You’ll save money and you’ll be drinking something that is better for your health. It is the most logical, convenient, and economical solution, for obtaining better quality water. Water filters offer many benefits over tap water and bottled water. Many events, like E. coli scares and lead poisonings, have created new levels of awareness about the need for home water filters. Home water filtration offers higher quality water than bottled water with the convenience of coming out of the tap. For less than 10 cents a gallon you can have great tasting, healthy, and chemical-free water. All at the touch of a button!

Unlike bottled water, home water filters are required to document the purity of the water they produce. In many states, it is unlawful to make uncertified claims for home water filters. This strict regulation gives consumers a means for accurately comparing and substantiating a water filter’s performance capabilities. Certain states, California being the strictest, require manufacturers to have all promotional, advertising, website and packaging materials, reviewed by the Department of Health for accuracy. The California Certification is one of the best ways to determine a product’s performance capabilities. Eco-friendly systems usually use a carbon filter and other natural filters to make the water clean. Systems that require complex chemicals are not as eco-friendly. The chemicals have to be disposed of in special ways, but most consumers simply throw them out, which means it goes into the landfill and can cause contamination to soils.

Water filtration systems are the way to go for a green lifestyle. They use fewer resources and are economical. is a comprehensive ecommerce website that combines robust commerce, content, and community.  We believe that we have created the most comprehensive site to date to make eco-friendly products, services, and information available to individuals who wish to live a green, more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Our site offers a very broad and diverse array of eco-friendly products as well as comprehensive, authoritative information and environmental education.  Additionally, users can enjoy the sense of community created by participating in our Forum.

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