Leather Conference Folders & Promotional Bottled Water – Why They Make Great Promotional Gifts

Leather Conference Folders & Promotional Bottled Water – Why They Make Great Promotional Gifts

At your next Conference will you target your product or service by giving delegates a Leather Conference Folder or do you target the delegate’s personal care with Promotional Bottled Water? This article discusses both possibilities and then leaves the choice up to you.

When a delegate receives information on the conference they have been invited to it sets the level of expectation immediately. If you contact the person via E.Mail with a PDF map that could be acceptable. However if the information arrives by post along with a relevant Promotional Gift such as a good quality road map or pen then it makes it much more personal. It gives the delegate the impression that they matter and that they can look forward to more pleasant surprises upon arrival. Perception is vital so you must get it right at the outset.

Upon arrival at the event the delegate can expect to pick up a bag with relevant information on where to go, what to do etc. But imagine if when they arrive that the information is presented in a Leather Conference Folder with their initials engraved upon the outer cover? All of a sudden this person feels that they are a valued individual and not just part of the crowd. You can see this for yourself at the next event you attend. Watch what attendees do with a plastic carrier bag, it is usually dropped at the feet of the recipient whilst they remove their coats or sign in. It is then left lying around or discarded entirley. Compare that then to the person whose personalised Leather Conference Folder is treated with care and respect. The folder will be put down carefully on a surface and it will be studied carefully as if it were an important item.

By catering for the attendees personal needs you once again demonstrate a personal touch. Giving each delegate Promotional Bottled Water tells them that you know they will probably get thirsty and you care enough about them to solve that problem. Unlike a pen or keyring this really is all about them and their personal care and not about you and your product. That said of course by branding the Promotional Water Bottle you achieve two wins for the price of one.

So which one you choose is completely up to you. Do you use the Leather Conference Folder or the Promotional Bottled Water? You will be aware that either of these items work well in delivering your message to its intended audience. The water will almost certainly be consumed on site so could be considered as a short term Promotional Item whereas the personalised Leather Conference Folder will definitely be taken back to the office or home and valued as great quality Business Gift.

Personally I believe you should give them both options but then as a Promotional Merchandise supplier that probably won’t surprise your will it?

Paul Beirne has been in the Promotional Clothing business for more than 20 years and is Sales Director of http://www.btcgroup.co.uk/about.html This UK based company is the largest privately owned manufacturer of Promotional Clothing and Promotional Merchandise in the UK.

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