Wedding Favors and Gifts That Truly Say “thank You”

Wedding Favors and Gifts That Truly Say “thank You”

By Deborah Collins

It goes without saying that each couple wants their wedding day to be perfect. The music should be memorable, the ceremony – moving, and the pictures should capture the immense joy that comes from celebrating a new life together. The world should seem to revolve around you and your groom. However, in addition to the two of you, there are others who helped make this momentous day a success. You’ll want the ones who mean the most to you to have something that says “thank you” and serves as a reminder of their part in this important day. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But how do you decide what a perfect – and affordable – wedding favor will be?

Most couples want their guests to have wedding favors they can take home. However, you may not be sure exactly what to buy for everyone. Try something edible. There are truly creative wedding favors that can reflect your personality while also delighting your guests. For instance, you might have yours and your groom’s names printed on Hershey’s Kisses chocolate candies, or on miniature or full-sized chocolate bars. These are delightful when scattered across the reception tables or gathered into creative arrangements.

You might consider filling inexpensive, plastic champagne flutes with Kisses and miniatures then tying a simple bow around the stem. You could group several small chocolates into mesh bundles or design tiny baskets that hold one full-sized bar and several miniatures.

The labels on petite jars of honey as well as individual packages of coffee or tea can be printed with your names and wedding date. Since many people flavor their tea and coffee with honey, the three can combine to make a welcome wedding favor guests will cherish. Place coffee and tea packages along with one jar of honey into a mug with a whimsical heart-shaped coffee scoop or teaspoon. Rather do espresso? Charming espresso cup sets make wonderful wedding favors as well.

Bookmarks, picture frames and scented candles are also beautiful wedding favors that won’t break your bank.

For The Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor

How do you say “thank you” for the friendship and support bridesmaids and the maid of honor offer during your wedding season? You’ll want their gifts to be personal and heartfelt: something that will convey your appreciation. Depending on your budget, you could give them each a faux pearl or other type necklace, bracelet or earrings to be worn during the ceremony. Additional suggestions include scented candles, silver trinket boxes or small crystal vases.

For The Groomsmen and Best Man

A great way to show your appreciation could be with engraved drinking glasses, personalized mugs or unique key chains with flashlights or “tools” attached. Bottle openers, wine stoppers and pens are also possibilities.

Showing your appreciation to guests and attendants can be done with elegance, style and affordability. With so many options to choose from, the difficult part won’t be finding wedding favors, it will be deciding which of the many creative alternatives to buy.

Deborah Collins is Creative Consultant for specializing in creative, personalized wedding favors for every budget. Visit them today at to browse their huge selection of affordable wedding favors that will make your special day memorable. © 2007, All Rights Reserved

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Homemade Christmas Gifts From the Kitchen – Make your Own Holiday Gift Baskets

Homemade Christmas Gifts From the Kitchen – Make your Own Holiday Gift Baskets

Many of us would love to give hand made holiday gift baskets. Christmas gifts from the kitchen are always welcome and Christmas gift baskets, especially home made food gift baskets, are a real treat.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the thought of making your own holiday gift baskets but with a few easy recipe ideas it is easy to create a personalized and thoughtful hand made Christmas food gift basket.

Any of these recipes make a wonderful gift packaged in a plastic or cellophane bag with a colorful bow or in a pretty jelly jar with a fabric covered lid. Add a hand made card with the recipe attached to it and your gift is complete.

Herbed Beer Batter Bread Mix

To make the mix you will need:

2 3/4 cups all purpose flour

2 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon each of dried thyme and oregano

Dash of dried dill

In a large bowl, stir together flour, sugar, baking powder, salt oregano, thyme and dill. Pack this mixture into an airtight container or bag. The mix can be stored at room temperature for up to 1 month. It will make 1 loaf of bread.

Recipe to print on attached card:

For Herbed Beer Bread

Herbed Beer Bread Mix

1 can of beer at room temperature

1 teaspoon butter, melted

Place the Beer Bread Mix in a large bowl. With a wooden spoon, stir in beer just until incorporated. Scrape into greased 8″x4″ loaf pan.

Bake in 375ºF oven for 45 to 50 minutes or until crusty and golden brown. Let stand in the pan for 5 minutes then remove to rack and brush with melted butter. Makes 1 loaf.

Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookie Mix

To make the mix you will need:

6 cups rolled oats

4 cups all-purpose flour

3 cups packed brown sugar

2 teaspoons cinnamon

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 pound shortening

2 cups raisins

1 1/2 cups shredded coconut

1 cup chocolate chips

1 cup chopped pecans

In a large bowl, stir together oats, flour, sugar, cinnamon, baking powder, salt and baking soda. With a pastry blender, cut in shortening until crumbly.

Stir in raisins, coconut, chocolate and pecans. This mix can be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 10 weeks. Makes about 5 batches of cookies.

Recipe to print on attached card:

Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies

4 cups Oatmeal Cookie Mix

1 egg, lightly beaten

2 tablespoons milk

2 teaspoons vanilla

In a bowl, combine the Oatmeal Cookie Mix with egg, milk and vanilla until dough forms. Shape into 1 1/2″ balls and place on greased baking sheets. Flatten balls with a fork.

Bake in 375ºF oven for 15 to 18 minutes or until golden. Remove to racks and let cool. Makes 24 cookies.

Spicy Mulled Cider Mix

To make the mix you will need:

3/4 cup crushed cinnamon sticks

3/4 cup chopped dried orange rind

1/3 cup whole allspice

1/4 cup whole cloves

Combine all ingredients in a jar. Makes about 2 cups.

Recipe to print on attached card:

Spicy Mulled Cider

4 cups apple juice, apple cider, or half apple juice and half cranberry juice

2 tablespoons Spicy Mulled Cider Mix

In saucepan, combine juice and cider mix. Cover and bring to a simmer. Gently simmer for 20 minutes. Strain into mugs. Makes 4 servings.

Place a few of these gems in a wicker basket, Christmas tin or other fun and seasonal container. Fill in the spaces with wrapped chocolates, holiday napkins or a bottle of wine and you have beautiful and sure to be appreciated holiday gift baskets with that extra personal touch.

Karen Ciancio is a fan of all things cooking related. Her website contains recipes, cooking tips, diet and nutrition information. Visit the site for a free copy of our Holiday Gift Guide, with great ideas for everyone on your list.

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Cheap Christmas Gifts Under $10

Cheap Christmas Gifts Under

When it comes to purchasing cheap Christmas gifts, you do not have to purchase sub-quality items for your recipient. In fact, you can easily spend or less to get exceptional gifts sure to please just about anyone regardless of age or gender. Whether this helps you get something for everyone, or helps you get more for someone, the list below is a great idea giver for those living on a frugal budget this year.

1. Pound of a favorite nut such as cashews, peanuts, or pecans
2. Personal journal with a matching pen
3. Herbal tea and a new tea cup
4. Stationary and gel pens
5. Scrapbooking supplies or kit
6. Cross stitching pattern
7. Framed artwork from a child
8. Serving platter or bowl for the holidays
9. Holiday coffee mug filled with a favorite candy
10. Set of kitchen towels and dish clothes
11. Gift certificate for a local movie theater
12. Collectible cards
13. Makeup kit
14. Makeup brush kit
15. Bath set with a special sponge
16. Framed completed cross stitch
17. Gourmet coffee and coffee cup
18. New calendar
19. New address book
20. Magazine subscription to a favorite magazine
21. Salsa and tortilla chips
22. Tortilla making kit
23. Brownie mix in a jar
24. Favorite handkerchief embroidered with a saying or quote
25. Pillowcases embroidered with a saying, quote, or scene
26. Pretty keepsake box
27. Gourmet cat treats or dog biscuits, for the pets
28. Romantic coupon book made by you for a significant other
29. Gift certificate to a favorite store
30. Baking supplies
31. Specialty recipe book such as low fat, desserts, etc.
32. Clock radio
33. Favorite book
34. Prepaid phone card
35. Customized coffee mug
36. Specialty license plat holder
37. Christmas ornaments
38. Blank DVDs or CDs
39. Puzzle book
40. Favorite puzzle
41. Board game
42. Peppermill with plenty of fresh peppercorns
43. Book of stamps and post cards
44. Pancake mix and real maple syrup
45. Cooking utensils in a jar
46. Special salt and pepper shakers
47. Small bedside fan or lamp
48. Favorite family photos in a collage and framed
49. Favorite music CD
50. Favorite movie DVD
51. Basket of sea shells
52. Night shirt
53. Coloring book and crayons
54. Homemade jelly, jam, or preserves
55. Coasters
56. Holiday doormat
57. Live plant / plastic plant
58. Candles
59. Aromatherapy essential oils
60. Incense and incense holder
61. And the best gift you can give… home made desserts!

You do not have to spend a fortune this holiday season. Many of those cheap Christmas gifts are absolutely wonderful when coupled with a small basket and wrapped with a ribbon. This season is about sharing, not the amount of money you spend. These simple, cheap Christmas gifts can be a wonderful addition to any holiday.

Small purchases such as those listed above can be turned into an extraordinary holiday treasure that will be cherished indefinitely.

Remember, you can turn a favorite hobby into a great way to save money this Christmas season. Whether you knit, quilt, or love woodworking, turn those items into personal items for the holiday season. If you make these all year long, you may find you have enough to donate to charity and make someone else’s holiday all that much better.

More about Annie Dubois and great Mexican food or gift boxes can be found at Mexican Food & Gifts To Go.

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Bring in the Smiles With the Right Ring Bearer Gifts

Bring in the Smiles With the Right Ring Bearer Gifts

Ring bearer gifts ought to bring out the smiles in the little tots. After all, they brought smiles to you and your spouse as well as to the wedding entourage and guests with their cute and careful handling of the matrimonial bonds and it’s only right that you return the favor. Here then are wonderful tips and ideas for ring bearer gifts.

Tips in Choosing

First and foremost, you have to choose age-appropriate gifts. You will be guided in this aspect because most stores and sites will recommend gifts for the ring bearers according to their ages. Also, try not to provide gifts that will require plenty of care since your recipients are but little boys and you know how little boys are – frisky and fun-loving.

For example, gifts made of non-toxic plastic like toy cars are best for younger boys while older boys will appreciate a personalized bat. Just don’t give glass gifts since these are way dangerous for kids.

Second, you can ask the parents about the ring bearer’s hobbies, likes and dislikes. This ought to provide you with clues about the most appropriate ring bearer gifts you will buy. For example, for the boy with a sweet tooth, a non-breakable jar filled with candies and chocolates will be heaven for him.

Third, you can ask your groom for his ideas. You will have a male perspective on the matter, with the added benefit of involving your future spouse in the wedding planning. You just never know the glimpses into his boyhood that you can see when you go shopping for gifts for the little boys.

Fourth, and of great importance, always check and double check your information. This is especially true for personalized ring bearer gifts where engravings are made – you cannot misspell the ring bearer’s name. Or if you are giving a clothing item, always be sure to check the right size.

Fifth, you have to present the gifts with flair. Just because your recipient is a little boy does not mean that you can just thrust it at him. Wrap it in age-appropriate wrappers and you will make him feel like it’s Christmas!

Ideas to Choose From

There are many ring bearer gifts to choose from, which ought to lessen your stress with the wedding planning. Examples of good gifts for little boys are:

* Personalized clothing items like fleece throw, bath robe and tee shirt
* Personalized toys like train sets, baseball bats and mittens, sports pillows
* Practical items like backpacks, hats, sunglasses, comb sets and mugs
* Piggy banks in their favorite themes (airplane, motorcycle, tractor, train), with a few dollar bills to start his savings
* Glass jars filled to the brim with their favorite candies and chocolates

There are other gifts for the little boys out there. It’s just a matter of finding the right one for their needs that will suit your budget. You might even think about giving him tickets to his favorite theme park!

In conclusion, the best ring bearer gifts are always the ones that will bring a smile to the little boys while keeping your pockets intact, which ought to bring smiles to your face, too. boasts of gifts for men and boys alike such as Zippos and an engraved business card holder for the former and ring bearer gifts for the latter. Visit them today!

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Top 10 Valentine Gifts For Her

Top 10 Valentine Gifts For Her

Finding the right Valentine gifts for her requires more thought and care than birthdays and other special occasions, as Valentine’s Day is considered to be the most romantic day of the year. You can also be sure she’ll compare notes with her girlfriends and female relatives to assess any hidden or likely significance in your selection.

This guide has been prepared to assist you in avoiding the pitfalls and successfully find Valentine gifts for her that will be praiseworthy rather than cringeworthy. The bestselling lists of the world’s largest shopping precincts have opened their secrets to us. Here are ten of the best:

1. One Dozen Long Stemmed Premium Red Roses
A long time favorite for romantic occasions. A bouquet of South American red roses with long stems and large flowers is bound to please. Make sure that the roses are picked fresh and can be delivered quickly – preferably direct from the grower – so that they last longer. You want them to remain fresh for a minimum of 7 days after delivery.

2. Beautiful By Estee Lauder – Perfume
Women love a beautiful fragrance and EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 2.5 OZ, which was launched by Estee Lauder, will entice her with its magnificent floral and fruity fragrance. Floral bouquets are a safe buy because of their broad appeal and this one is reminiscent of freshly cut roses, jasmine and carnations. A fruity touch has been added of peaches, plum, melons, and fresh citrus. It especially suits casual wear.

3. Philosophy Hope In A Jar – Moisturizer
Many celebrities, dermatologists plastic surgeons and customers have endorsed this renowned moisturizer. It is packed with antioxidants in a creamy texture and helps to reduce the appearance of skin discoloration, wrinkles, dehydration and rough skin. Hope In A Jar adds a glow to the skin and has a gentle exfoliate action. This reveals a smoother appearance that looks so much healthier and younger.

4. Harajuku Lovers G – Fragrance
G is more than a novelty in her white corseted top and blue miniskirt. This is an exciting scent that is exotic and oriental, with a blend of Jasmine and Cotton Woods, Magnolia, Coconut Cream, Mandarin, Apple Skin, and Sandalwood. The style is distinctively outdoors, tropical, and sunny.

5. Givenchy PhenomenEyes Mascara
A patented new mascara that curls and separates lashes, starting at the roots. It is adaptable to all eye shapes. It is applied with a high-tech round sphere that creates a fanned out, panoramic effect while holding the curve of the lashes.

6. XOXO Biscotto Handbag in Black (Large)
With its cotton shell motif and feminine heart design, this handbag offers casual elegance. Exterior is in shades of gray and black, with trims and straps leather-like. The lining is of black nylon and cotton for durability. It contains three internal pockets, one that is zippered. Naturally spacious.

7. 10k White Gold Ring of Round Brilliant Diamonds and Pink Sapphire Stones
The pink sapphire stones beautifully set off this professionally crafted 10-Karat white gold ladies ring. The sapphires are contrasted with a surround of genuine diamonds and created gems. Ring size can be selected. Has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

8. Sterling Silver Amethyst Butterfly Pendant, 18″
Colorful purple amethysts form lovely butterfly wings as the centerpiece of this delightful sterling silver pendant and the detail is from polished bead accents. The pendant slides along an 18-inch sterling silver chain that fastens at the back. Amethyst has long been prized by royalty for its regal color.

9. 14k Yellow Gold Ruby Heart Devil Pendant w/ Diamond Accent, 18″
A cheeky pendant in the shape of a gold heart with devil’s horns and a diamond-tipped tail. The centerpiece of the heart is a stunning red ruby with a faceted cut. The curved devil’s horns and tail make a bold statement. The pendant hangs from a yellow gold rope chain that has a spring ring clasp.

10. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker for Women.

A make-up set from Sarah Jessica Parker, it follows the flare of the ‘Sex and the City’ star. The signature fragrance is a blend of musk, orchid, apple, lavender and amber. It is especially suitable for casual wear.

For the most romantic day of the year, Valentine gifts for her are a must. Now it’s time to step forward boldly and show that you truly care as a well-chosen gift is indeed Cupid’s arrow.

See pictures of gifts, along with customer comments, more details and special pricing at Valentine Gifts For Her and also at Romantic Gifts They Love

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Just a thick-walled polyethylene bottle and piece of one inch copper tubing to see how it would behave. It might have helped to hold it steady and run it on a perfectly level surface. I’ve had it run a few seconds longer, but it’s very fussy. I have had weaker containers fail in the form of a loud bang, so I don’t recommend trying this for safety reasons. Be safe. It has a pinch of boric acid in the methanol giving it that green flash. Prior it was picking up traces of patina on the copper tubing and producing a pretty green as well, before it all washed off. Snorkelers tend to be more energetic than jam jars. Some can be quite loud.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Leather Conference Folders & Promotional Bottled Water – Why They Make Great Promotional Gifts

Leather Conference Folders & Promotional Bottled Water – Why They Make Great Promotional Gifts

At your next Conference will you target your product or service by giving delegates a Leather Conference Folder or do you target the delegate’s personal care with Promotional Bottled Water? This article discusses both possibilities and then leaves the choice up to you.

When a delegate receives information on the conference they have been invited to it sets the level of expectation immediately. If you contact the person via E.Mail with a PDF map that could be acceptable. However if the information arrives by post along with a relevant Promotional Gift such as a good quality road map or pen then it makes it much more personal. It gives the delegate the impression that they matter and that they can look forward to more pleasant surprises upon arrival. Perception is vital so you must get it right at the outset.

Upon arrival at the event the delegate can expect to pick up a bag with relevant information on where to go, what to do etc. But imagine if when they arrive that the information is presented in a Leather Conference Folder with their initials engraved upon the outer cover? All of a sudden this person feels that they are a valued individual and not just part of the crowd. You can see this for yourself at the next event you attend. Watch what attendees do with a plastic carrier bag, it is usually dropped at the feet of the recipient whilst they remove their coats or sign in. It is then left lying around or discarded entirley. Compare that then to the person whose personalised Leather Conference Folder is treated with care and respect. The folder will be put down carefully on a surface and it will be studied carefully as if it were an important item.

By catering for the attendees personal needs you once again demonstrate a personal touch. Giving each delegate Promotional Bottled Water tells them that you know they will probably get thirsty and you care enough about them to solve that problem. Unlike a pen or keyring this really is all about them and their personal care and not about you and your product. That said of course by branding the Promotional Water Bottle you achieve two wins for the price of one.

So which one you choose is completely up to you. Do you use the Leather Conference Folder or the Promotional Bottled Water? You will be aware that either of these items work well in delivering your message to its intended audience. The water will almost certainly be consumed on site so could be considered as a short term Promotional Item whereas the personalised Leather Conference Folder will definitely be taken back to the office or home and valued as great quality Business Gift.

Personally I believe you should give them both options but then as a Promotional Merchandise supplier that probably won’t surprise your will it?

Paul Beirne has been in the Promotional Clothing business for more than 20 years and is Sales Director of This UK based company is the largest privately owned manufacturer of Promotional Clothing and Promotional Merchandise in the UK.

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    10 Funny Gifts

    10 Funny Gifts

    If giving people a good reason to laugh is a favorite past time of yours then you will love the following gift ideas.

    1. Have Some Dough. Its a fun and clever present idea. Find out what the person’s favorite cookie is. Using what is around your kitchen create some dough. Store a majority of the dough in a Tupperware container you can give them after you give them their gag gift! Put some dough in a card and inside write “Here’s some dough for your Birthday!” Once the joke is over, give them the fresh dough so you can kick back and make some cookies together.

    2. For the friend of yours that has a fear of bugs you can give them the Bug Killer Kit. The kit will include two blocks and some plastic roaches. Have one block be an A block and the second block be a B block. Make sure you put a note with the words “Sophisticated bug eliminator, squash bug with block A and then finish with Block B”.

    3. Redneck earrings are another great idea for funny gifts. With these you will have to find the perfect scent of air freshener shaped like a pinecone. Put a fish hook and nicely wrap them. When they open their gift have a note that reads “Bubba’s Quality Earrings. Look Great and Smell Better.”

    4. For the single gal in your life you can give her the perfect man! This is something you can produce in your own kitchen! Make several gingerbread men cookies and decorate them with various candies and make them look real sharp. Attach a note to the cookies that reads, “The perfect man. Silent and sweet and you can be confident to not get any trouble from them.”

    5. For the those with a short fuse give them “Happy Pills” for a present. Make sure you get a clean empty jar. Produce your own happy pills brand by wrapping it in paper. Inside the jar fill it with M&M’s or the person’s favorite candies. Everytime they feel the short fuse coming they can then make use of their happy pill.

    6. Cowboy Bubble bath is another great homemade solution to the person you need to get laughing. If you have a friend who is big in the cowboy culture they will laugh at this one. Use a packet of beans and put them into a bag. On the bag make a label that reads “Cowboy Bubble Bath”. Tell them that’s the way they did it in the old days to save water. Imagine having a meal at the same time as a nice bath.

    7. The professional will benefit from something they can bring to work. Get them through the challenging work days with their very own Redneck Briefcase. This is the perfect gift for your co workers. Grab a pair of men’s briefs (brand new) and sew the legs shut. Attach a holder to the side of the briefs so they can be carried. It needs some extra accessorizing. Place a nail in it for a toothpick, an old key to be used for earwax removal, newspaper strips for toilet paper, matches for a belly button cleaner and stick pens inside the fly. For good measure have them dig the items out, with fake poop at the bottom of the pile.

    8. Another hilarious gift idea is Dustpan cookies. Place cookies you baked into a clean dustpan and break them in half. Attach a note that reads. “The cookies I prepared fell onto the ground. Could not find another more appropriate gift to give you….I hope the crumbs will be a good replacement.”

    9. Certificates can also be humorous presents. Think about the person you are making the certificate for and reward them on something they are embarrassed about. Let is say something like “Biggest Procrastinator” or “Biggest Slacker Award”. They are in fun and jest and can give people a great laugh.

    10. Finally the last idea for funny gifts is the “Cool the Spender” gag gift. For the big spender offer them a frozen note. Put it in a cup remove from the freezer and wait till the ice melts before they are able to spend it.

    These are a handful of ideas out of hundreds out there. Put some time and effort in it to make sure you get a good laugh at the end of it.

    Wadzanai Nenzou is an author and marketer. Who is very interested in making people laugh. She is a movie and TV fanatic, book reading fanatic and is slightly addicted to the internet.For More Laughs Go To Her Website

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    Long Term Storage Tips and Solutions

    Long Term Storage Tips and Solutions

    Many people living in the United States have property in their homes that is never used but cannot be thrown away. This property includes collected items, gifts, inherited property, and much more. In many cases the property is in good condition, useful, or has some sort of sentimental value which means it cannot be thrown out. Initially keeping property in the home that is just for show or that cannot be thrown away causes no problems but, overtime, it can become an issue. When a large family has boxes full of items that cannot be thrown away their home can feel cluttered and unsightly. One way to cut down on the clutter without throwing away boxes of items is to invest in long term storage.

    Long term storage is storage that is used to store items on an almost permanent basis. The items stored using long term storage are usually items that, sometime in the future, someone in your family might need but that are in the way for now. Long term storage will get all unneeded items out of your house and place them in a safe location. When paid on a yearly basis storage fees can be affordable and easy for a small family to manage. Since storage is new to many people it is important to learn and remember some important tips that will help make sure that your long term storage career is a happy, uneventful one.

    Try to pack any clothing or small items into plastic containers instead of boxes. Plastic containers will last longer and protect all items stored in them much better than the average box. Make sure the container you use is sealed tightly and completely filled before making it ready for storage. If you do need to use regular boxes then make sure they are carefully sealed to cut down on the chances of anything getting into the boxes. When storing clothes or fabric be sure to use mothballs to help protect your clothing from damage.

    When it comes to storing appliances for long periods of time make sure that they are carefully cleaned out. Do not store anything like microwaves and other appliances unless you are absolutely sure that they have been well cleaned. Also clean any furniture that you are planning to store carefully. Vacuum couches if necessary and anything else to get all bits of dirt, dust, and old food off of them before placing them into storage. Cover everything you place into the storage unit with plastic.

    Before you start moving things into your storage unit always make sure that you clean it first. You have no way of knowing what or who used the storage unit before you and things can travel in boxes. In order to avoid having your items contaminated take some time to carefully sweep out, vacuum, and clean your storage unit before moving anything into it. When it is clean lay down plastic then start placing your belongings on top of the plastic.

    Even with careful cleaning and planning insects or rodents might still find their way into your storage unit. When this happens it is important that you do not panic, instead of panicking just work on treating the problem. Do not be afraid to spray insecticide in your storage unit. Spraying bug killing spray will not hurt your things but you should never leave a flammable can of insecticide in your storage unit for later use.

    If you notice a particularly bad outbreak of rodents or insects try to find out what is causing the trouble. In many cases food attracts insects and rodents so never store food if it can be helped. This means do not try to store canned preserves or anything else that might come undone. It is not hard for a jar to break or burst because of bad stacking and the spilled food will attract rodents and insects from all over.

    After you have gotten rid of anything that caused a bad infestation it is time to start cleaning up the mess and getting rid of the new guests living in your storage unit. The fastest way to do this is by putting out traps and poison. Insect and rodent traps are extremely inexpensive and are a fast way to rid yourself of unwanted guests. Poison is another good way to get rid of troublesome rodents and insects when handled with care.

    Having a storage unit can be an extremely efficient way to take care of storage problems at your home. Once you are comfortable with the idea of using storage units you will be able to take back your home and enjoy your free space.

    Simply Self Storage – What Could be Easier than Simply?

    Simply Self Storage is the largest privately owned self storage company in the United States and Puerto Rico. We own and/or operate over 228 facilities with over 16.1 million square feet of storage space.

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    Fair trade gifts the recycled way

    Fair trade gifts the recycled way

    Consumers are encouraged to recycle just about anything possible including the packaging by-products of our weekly food shop such as tins, bottles, plastic containers and foil. Local councils provide some of us with a confusing range of coloured bins for an array of household refuse and most supermarkets have recycling centres for glass, foil and paper to cloths, plastic bottles, tin cans and cardboard.

    My own understanding is quite a simplistic one. There has now become such a massive drive for recycling and does seem to make perfect sense to re-use materials, reforming them to make more bottles, tins, paper and plastic. My washing up ritual now involves religiously washing out all the various packaging items because I have a sense of duty to make a contribution to preserving our planet’s natural resources.

    Following in the same vein, there are a number of recycled substrates used across the fair trade giftware sector too. At the heart of fair trade lies the use of sustainable materials like wood and jute as well as recycled materials such as tin, paper or even shells! So fair trade products can sit comfortably within the eco-friendly realm.

    In addition to this, the main point of the fair trade movement is to produce its goods within the ethical framework of fair wages and working conditions.

    Both aspects encompass the fair trade ethos helping to make the movement synonymous with eco-friendly and ethically produced products from consumables to wood carvings, jute rugs, bags, picture frames to paper and tin.

    The first example I would like to share with you is the special range of mussel shell picture frames. I was blown away by their beauty, innovation and craftsmanship. A little fishing village in Bali have found an ingenious way to re-use the discarded mussel shells. The first thing is they have not just glued an arrangement of grey mussel shells to a wooden picture frame. Instead, they have carefully cut away the grey outer layer of the shell to reveal a stunning opalescent bluey green shell underneath. They have then carefully created a contrasting symmetrical pattern of engraved ridges which are shown off when the light catches the various angles.

    This kind of craft technique with shells is also used to inlay plates and bowls giving a montage of green and blue tones like fish scales, creating objects of great beauty and skill. The delicate calming green colour of these beautiful shells resonates with the serenity and tranquillity of Indonesia made by its native people.

    Mussel shells have also been used to make an almost ethereal cubed tealight holder by breaking them up and setting in an opaque resin. When the tealight is lit, the shapes and colours of the shell pieces become transparent against the glow of the flame.

    While on the subject of fair trade tealight holders, there are some fantastic holders carefully handcrafted from recycled tin collected from factories within the village vicinity. The scraps certainly have been put to good use in creating something functional for the consumer. The designs are quirky and are predominantly aimed to appeal to the western and commercial markets rather than their own.

    Examples include tin tealight holders that are brightly hand painted to depict roosters, flowers, butterflies, fish, hedgehogs, frogs, chickens and even Christmas trees. So something for everyone!

    As well as being made from recycled materials, fair trade gifts are also made from sustainable materials such as jute prolific in India. Jute provides a plentiful resource of natural material for a wide range of products. The material can be brought cheaply and weaved into mats, rugs, bags and belts then sold on to make a healthy profit margin.

    Since jute is a natural fibre it is 100% biodegradable enhancing further the advantage of buying this kind of natural product. By using this kind of material, we are helping to cut down on wastage otherwise accumulated by the notorious plastic or man-made materials.

    Other examples include recycled sari material which is re-stitched onto the covers of fair trade notebooks, jewellery boxes or bags to create colour and dimension sometimes embellished with sequins.

    So if you stumble across a range of fair trade gifts you have found something rather special. You have peace of mind knowing its products are made from sustainable and natural materials and have been produced entirely through ethical means.

    Hand made fair trade gifts by Belinda Bryant. Fair trade gifts for everyone can be found at Indigo Ocean Trading.

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    Promotional Food Gifts for Last Minute Customers

    Promotional Food Gifts for Last Minute Customers

    Promotional holiday food gifts are the number 1 holiday gift item that businesses hand out.
    Promotional food gift baskets are a great way to offer custom logo messages of thanks to a customer or employee. Promotional food items include logo printed candy, chocolate, candy jars, popcorn, pretzel and cookie tins. These printed food gift baskets and corporate gift foods can be drop shipped to your customers. Don’t forget to have us imprint a logo chocolate bar or other logo candy.
    Drop off a custom and promotional printed candy jars or personalized glass candy jars to your customer’s office and every time you stop in, refill it with candy or chocolate. Think of how many people will see your logo message on custom logo apothecary jars.
    Custom printed gourmet food gifts like the personalized and promotional cheese baskets and logo printed cheese gift sets are a perfect addition to any party. There are even promotional food and cheese gift packages that include logo branded cutting boards.
    Consier these ersonalized food gift sets, promotional and personalized chocolate gifts and other custom logo holiday gift food baskets. Looking for honest-to-goodness Honey Roasted Peanuts originally found at America’s ballparks? Why not give out promotional peanuts and jumbo cashews, Pecan Turtles, English Butter Toffee, Chocolate Covered Almonds, and more. Do you know that there are logoed wooden boxes where the message is fire-branded into the wodden box. You can consider a  beautiful logo printed ribbon tied around a gourmet gift box.
    Express your appreciation to customers and impress new and prospective customers with custom logo and promotional chocolate candy gifts and other personalized chocolate candy. Consider a 2 pound custom printed chocolate bars that even come with a hammer so the entire office can share.
    Promotional cookie tins are great food gifts. holiday cookie tins and Christmas cookie tins make for a great gift when you need to say thank you to an entire office.
    Custom imprinted wrappers on chocolate bars and granola bars can be printed with a custom design or message or event theme.

    Logo printed plastic airtight and promotional acrylic containers are some of the personalized food containers and popcorn containers can be used by students, workers who bring lunch and on trips. These promotional food containers be used constantly and kept for years thus promoting your company.
    Personalized holiday gift food baskets and other custom logo gourmet food gift baskets are the perfect office gift when you have many people to please. Choose from the many promotional corporate gift food baskets, including the Deluxe Office Party Basket, the Snowflake Basket, the Copper Beverage Tub or Celebration Basket.
    The Promo Shop, an Atlanta, georgia promotional products firm, offers the most in promotional food gift options like the custom logo gourmet food gift towers and other personalized gift baskets. You choose from all the promotional food options we offer and we package and stack them high for a spectacular display. Choose from the Five Star Tower, Gold Rush Tower, Snowflake Tower, Snowman and other Food Gift Tower options. We will even drop ship the custom food gift towers to your customers.
    We offer a fleet of carefully hand-crafted and hand-painted promotional wooden food gift trucks, delivery vans an ambulance, classic 18 wheeler, tank truck and more. Each personalized truck is filled with your choice of chocolate covered almonds, extra fancy jumbo cashews. Your custom logo information is imprinted onto the side of each truck.
    When you need a special thank-you gift, like frame gifts or other promotional product food gifts, why not look at our Food Gift Desk Items. That’s right, we have post-it note holders packaged with chocolate covered almonds in a beautiful gift box. Have you seen our desktop jelly belly jelly bean dispensers or our Hardwood Pen and Pencil Cups filled with fancy jumbo cashews or our other desktop food gift items? You’ll be amazed at what we offer.
    These custom logo printed spiral sliced and holiday gourmet hams and smoked turkeys each come with a walnut and maple cutting board that has your logo fire branded into the wood. So long after the food has been eaten, the cutting stays with the recipient. We can drop ship these promotional holiday foods to your customers each with personalized letters.
    Promotional and personalized microwave popcorn bags are a great draw for trade show booths. When you’re popping with great ideas, hand out a custom printed microwave popcorn bags.
    Promotional popcorn gift tins are great holiday food gifts when you need to say thank you to an entire office. We can even drop ship these custom logo popcorn tins directly to your customer.
    Promotional pretzel tins and personalized food tins are great food gifts when you need to say thank you to an entire office. We can even drop ship the personalized and custom printed pretzel tins and other personalized holiday food gifts directly to your customer.

    John Gallagher a CAS promotional product consultant for The Promo Shop, ltd has helped businesses with customer retention through holiday food gifts since 1997.

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