The Eco-Chic Collection by Remanika

The Eco-Chic Collection by Remanika

GREEN is the NEW BLACK and Remanika shows you the way to do just that. Making a bold statement this season is Remanika’s all new Eco – inspired – chic – Green collection, AW09 – PLAN IT EARTH.

Trend observers and the fashion fraternity are becoming more eco conscious each day, demanding more organic and eco-chic clothes, with the approach in their mind, ‘the better and healthier we will be, so will be our planet’. With Remanika’s new collection you can go green without comprising on great style. Open your doors to the world of Green Chic, which would not only keep you in vogue but also help you contribute in the fight against global warming.

Offering vibrant eco colors, incredible prints and captivating silhouettes, Remanika’s AW09 – PLAN IT EARTH collection reveals that being chic and saving the planet aren’t mutually exclusive. The collection takes the concept of eco-chic to an entirely new level. Soft and bold colors as well as unique and interesting patterns are combined to adorn this collection. Jumbled prints, exaggerated trims, layered textures, and unexpected color combinations symbolize the impact of environmental degradation. Modern, eye-catching, uniquely crafted elements combine smart style with sustainability. The result: Fresh, inspiring designs.

Embrace the fabulousness collection of the Plan It Earth and to Look gorgeous and a amazing wardrobe  GREEN CHIC – AND EASY WAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE:
– Ditch bottled water: refill a sassy thermos.
– Pop little purchases in your purse, not a shopping bag.
– Choose cashmere, not acrylic.
– Let your hair air dry for a while before you blow dry: less frizz, less energy consumed.
– Unplug (and put away) unsightly cell phone chargers.
– Opt for quality over quantity in everything you buy.
–  Limit your consumption of anything packaged in plastic.
Take a step towards saving your planet earth, take a step towards Remanika.

Available – At Exclusive Business outlets at Atria Mall, Worli; Inorbit Mall, Malad, Vashi; Infinity Mall, Andheri; R Mall, Mulund ,ISKON Mall Surat and A’bad, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyles, Centrals and Reliance Trends

Pricing – On Request !

About Remanika – In 1998 remanika launched its first store in Mumbai, the fashion capital of India. Then, if you were hip, young, stylish, with loads of attitude, there was only one place where you could find clothes to match – remanika in uptown Mumbai.

With a customer base that has since grown manifold. Today, the remanika brand can be found in close to 100 outlets across 28 cities, In Exclusive Business outlets, Pantaloons ,Shoppers Stop, Lifestyles, Centrals and Reliance Trends. Also coming up in two new format stores Named “Store 1” launched by India Bull Retail

Stylish, sexy, unexpected; remanika brings the joie de vivre and vibrancy back to fashion. Carefully blending western cuts with traditional Indian embellishments, remanika offers its customers casual wear, club wear and accessories with a distinct style and attitude.

Every quarter, customers look forward to fresh collections from remanika that help them stay in sync with the latest trends and styles. The typical remanika customer can be identified as a young woman between 18 –30 years , bold, independent, stylish and full of beans. Interestingly, almost 70% of India’s population will be in this age bracket by 2010.

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The Benefits of Promotional Stainless Steel Water Bottles

The Benefits of Promotional Stainless Steel Water Bottles

In the course of a year, 38 billion water bottles are piled up in lifeless landfills across the world. To stay out of harms way, we need to stop burying our problems in our backyard. Instead, we must move forward with innovative ideas and eco-friendly alternatives to the growing problems associated with pollution and waste. With the adoption of promotional stainless steel water bottles in your life, the world is getting one step closer to its sustainable goal.

While many of the benefits of custom stainless steel water bottles pertain to environmentally friendly living, there are other important perks to be explored. Switching to promotional stainless steel sports bottles leads to a healthy earth and a healthy you. Typical plastic water bottles and nalgene containers can contain traces of the synthetic chemical Bisphtnol (BPA) that interferes with your body’s natural hormonal messaging system. New developments are discovered each day but none of them give the green light to plastic water bottles. Instead, people are urged to use promotional stainless steel water bottles that are BPA-free. These great custom BPA-free water bottles were created to keep their users healthy and encourage healthy living habits for the sake of our earth.

In an effort to make custom stainless steel sports bottles attractive to all, many special features and personalizations have been made available. Options like, attached promotional carabiners, built-in straws and an assortment of designs allow all parties to customize their ideal promotional stainless steel sports bottles. Some brand names have even created stainless steel sippy-cups for children. Raising children with fears of global warming can be constructive, but instilling an appreciation of the earth and providing children with alternatives, like custom stainless steel sports bottles is best way to ensure a green future in our world.

Using promotional stainless steel water bottles for promotional awareness events will help people to remember your environmentally friendly business’ name. These custom stainless steel water bottles are eco-friendly, pose no harm to you and come in many different styles, making it hard to believe that they’re also cost effective. But consider the amount of water bottles you personally consume in a day, have you contributed to the billions of water bottle trash each year? With custom stainless steel sports bottles, you’re encouraging sustainable living and giving your company the brand recognition it deserves.

Motivators offers a variety of products ranging from promotional stainless steel sports bottles to logo stress balls. Whether it’s a great tradeshow giveaway or fun promotional keychains that you need, Motivators Promotional Products will please every customer.

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Wow Green The Benfits of Going Green

Wow Green The Benfits of Going Green

The benefits of going green with Wow Green house cleaning products are that you are using environmentally friendly enzymes and blends for your household’s cleaning needs. You are not using toxic chemicals and unknown chemicals in your home with Wow Green products. You are not scrubbing away stains and leaving behind residues and chemicals for your children and pets to breathe in and sit on. More than that, you will beyond a reasonable doubt, be exceptionally satisfied with the cleanliness you will get from Wow Green products.

There are a variety of reasons to use Wow Green’s house cleaning products in your home and the environment is just part of that reason. Green cleaning has become a very important issue and vital part of our culture now that global warming has come to light. The health of people and children are of concern to Wow Green, as well as the overall impact of the environment from the toxic chemicals and the residues they leave behind.

Wow Green house cleaning products are not only very effective cleaning products but are safe and natural too. We all need to understand that clean smelling is not actually clean. We are used to smelling clean as the artificial smell that companies use in their cleaners to make us think that our rooms and laundry are clean. Bleach, harsh chemicals and other toxic perfumes are really just harming not only our noses but our environment as well.

Even though we are ecstatic when we remove a stain from the couch, we never think about the chemicals we leave behind that our pets and children are going to be laying on hours later. Let alone, inhaling or ingesting. Wow Green house cleaning products promises never to do this! All products are guaranteed to only be used with a specially formulated blend of natural enzymes that are 100% chemical free and will never leave behind any residue or artificial smells in or around your home. Wow Green cleaning products work! They penetrate and remove the dirt at the source using naturally blended enzymes.

Wow Green has a product line to meet all the needs that you have in your home. Wow Green has a cleaning product for every single task or cleaning emergency that should arise in your home and you can feel confident that when you are done there will be no waste. That’s right, another benefit. Every product packaged and shipped by Wow Green is either re-usable or recyclable, so you aren’t throwing anything away.

The full product line includes your choice of the following cleaners to assist you in cleaning every single thing in your home with ease and sustainability the first time around.

* Laundry Detergent, works for all washers

* Dishwasher Detergent, works for all dishwashers

* Hand Dish Soap, cleans all dishes/ kitchen cookware

* Toilet Bowl

* Floor Cleaner,

* Stain-On, Write-On instant spot removal

* All-Purpose, can be used anywhere in house to remove general dirt

* Glass & Stainless, for shining stainless and see through glass

* Tile & Bath, gets rid of mold, mildew & build-up found in bathrooms

* Carpet & Upholstery, Spray on spot remover for carpet and upholstery on furniture

* Wood & Dust, for all wood surfaces

* Fabric Pre-Wash, spray on enzymes for stains before and/or between washing

Tisha LePort

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    All about Green Living by Hart of green

    All about Green Living by Hart of green

    Green is a term we here every where now a days. Green houses, cars, clothing, food, cleaning products these are the terms we generally come across. Green living really mean living in a way that will not harm the natural balance of things. This is a healthier lifestyle for both us and for the planet.  Our bodies were designed to run very efficiently according to what nature has provided.

    There are some simple changes which help for green living.

    1. By reducing the garbage which we produce.

    2. Change out incandescent bulbs for energy efficient, fluorescent ones.

    3. Turn lights and fans off when leaving a room.

    4. By reducing water usage and  Install low-flow shower heads.

    5. By carrying cloth bags and eliminate the need of plastic ones.

    6. By Examine the packaging of the products you purchase and always purchase products whose packaging is recyclable.

    7. By clearing out the chemicals, where the chemical labs are producing more chemicals which pollute the water. It is not much easy to prevent the chemicals but there are many safe effective alternative ingredients which come from other sustainable sources.

    Living green really does not make any difference but it is a healthy choice for all of us. Small changes you can live with will have a greater impact in the long run. So it is a duty of us by living green and to keep the society green. Green controls the harmful gas producing by the industries. It gives oxygen and observes carbondioxide. Not only for the health; it also gives pleasant mind and reduces all tensions. It gives tension free mind for some time.

    Making some simple, and non simple, changes in your place that is house, work place, and other places where we live can help the environment and slow down global warming. It makes much difference if we spend a little time every week.

    Switching to electronic billing is a great way to reduce paper consumption, saving trees and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process. A lot of people are afraid of online billing but the truth is that it’s probably safer than snail mail. Home office equipment consumes less energy and allowing people to work from home obviously avoids their commute. As long as employees are reliable and able to work on their own, there is no reason to not allow them to work from home a couple days a week to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Coming to work places if we operate a retail stores encourage a Reusable Shopping Bags. Using reusable bags helps cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, reduces pollution, and helps keep our planet beautiful.

    Government also taking necessary steps to live their countries green. Green Living is nothing but making a conscious decision to incorporate modern technology, energy, and a commitment to conservation practices in our everyday lives. So, first step we can all take toward green living is being aware of our habits that will have a negative impact on the environment, and then secondly taking the necessary steps to change them.

    People have many reasons for searching out more organic and natural products.Making sustainable choices are an important component of green living.There are many ways to adapt green living into your life by taking a look at your home. This small change can bring much relief for the environment for future generations. There are so many other products out there than help make Living Green a reality at

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    Global Warming: 4 Tips To Help Slow it Down

    Global Warming: 4 Tips To Help Slow it Down

    Global Warming is happening, and it’s up to us to stop it. Every time we step into our car to run an errand, or buy take out for supper, we are adding to the affects our world’s over consumption of fossil fuels is having on the environment.

    Global Warming isn’t just about adding a few degrees to the world’s overall temperature. It’s about melting ice caps that will slowly erode some of the world’s most fertile farmlands, making growing the food the world consumes harder and harder. It’s about people displaced in places like London, New York and Bangkok, because of rising ocean waters that will flood most low-lying homelands across the globe. And it’s about the spread of what were once inoculate diseases to the western world, like malaria and TB, as insects which thrive on higher temperatures continue to breed and spread diseases at a faster rate.

    Global warming affects everyone. And it’ll take a little work from everyone across the globe to get it under control. It’s no longer “their” problem. It’s ours. Here are 4 things we can all do help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being released (and trapped), into our atmosphere every minute of every day:

    Conserve Electricity. There are dozens of ways every person on earth can conserve electricity every day – without interfering with the way we live our lives:

    -Turn off lights, appliances, TV’s and computers when not in use. One computer monitor left on overnight uses enough energy to print more than 5,000 copies.

    -Buy only energy efficient appliances.

    -Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible.

    -Wrap your water heater and keep the temperature at 130 degrees or lower.

    -Install a programmable thermostat.

    -Turn off the AC and open the doors and windows.

    -Replace traditional light bulbs with newer, long lasting and energy efficient varieties.

    Save Water. Everyday precious fresh water resources are lost to laziness and neglect. Help save the world’s water supplies by:

    -Put a plastic bottle full of water inside your toilet tank. Toilets use between 3-5 gallons of water with every flush. By eliminating some room in the tank with the bottle, you’ll save up to 1 gallon of water every time it’s flushed.

    -Fix leaky pipes and drippy faucets right away.

    -Wash only full loads of laundry.

    -Collect and use rain water to water plants, feed animals and wash outdoor furniture and cars.

    Recycle and Reuse. It can take 5 years for a cardboard milk container to biodegrade in a landfill. Try these recycling tips to help save the earth:

    -Fill those community-recycling buckets. Check with your municipality to see what types of items they offer recycling pickup for, and then kick all of your newspaper, magazines, junk mail and assorted paper products out to the curb. Don’t forget about your household plastics, aluminum and cardboard.

    -Stop buying disposal utensils, plates, napkins and cups. Use washable items and save a ton of landfill space, as well as money.

    -Reuse food containers such as mayonnaise jars, coffee cans, even those cute little plastic baby food containers. They’re great for storing leftovers and other small items.

    Go Green. Get back into nature by:

    -Plant a backyard garden or a few trees at the neighborhood park.

    -Switch to all-natural cleaning supplies.

    -Start a compost pile in your backyard or with a group of neighbors.

    Buy organic.

    -Eat only fresh fruits and vegetables. It’ll save on packaging waste.

    More Global Warming Environment Articles at Get Your Own Successful Niche Website Network at Get Your Niche Website with

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    Over 400 people stopped by Madison Square Park in NYC on Saturday, September 19th to kick off Recycle Glass Week and recycle their empty glass containers, cans, and plastic bottles. On Sunday, September 20th Little Bottle met up with glass recyclers in NYC, stopping at celebrated landmarks. On Monday, September 21st, ‘friends of glass’ held up Little Bottle’s posters in the outdoor broadcast area of Rockefeller Center at the Today Show to spread the word about the benefits of glass container recycling. They even got to meet Matt, Meredith, and Al, who as expected, are ‘friends of glass’! Find out more at!
    Video Rating: 5 / 5

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    Greening the Supply Chain

    Greening the Supply Chain



    At present, the business all over the world is threatened by globalization of markets, short product life cycles, need of lower costs and ever increasing demands of the customer. Environmental consciousness has been increasing in the last few decades. More people have knowledge of environment problems like global warming, decreasing in non-replenish resources and usages of toxic substance. The government has started campaigns to promote these problems to people. Several organizations have applied green principles to their operations such as reduction in usage of petroleum, using the recycle papers for packaging and environmental friendly raw material. They extended green principles to many departments within the organization including supply chain.


    Green supply chain management (GSCM) covers every stage in manufacturing from the first to last stage of life cycle, i.e., from the product design to recycle. The organizations need to follow regional, national and international laws while satisfying customer requirement. The environmental issues no longer stop at the company boundary but are necessarily boundary crossing concerns. These issues cross boundaries from company to customers, suppliers, competitors, the community and the environment itself. Different countries in Europe and North America are promoting industry induced pollution alleviation by requiring manufactures to practice green reverse logistics in recycling the used-products. In this way, GSCM has emerged as a proactive approach for improving environmental performance of processes and products in accordance with the environmental regulation. GSCM is important to the company in different levels and factors. These factors are different drives such as government, whole market, industry, competitors and within the company.


    Even though GSCM was introduced recently, there are number of empirical studies about it.

    §  Kleindorfer, singhas and vam wassenhove(2005) carried out research on sustainability including integrating environmental management, green product design and closed- loop supply chains.

    §  Trowbridge (2006) studied environmental practices of advanced micro devices (AMD) and their ability for greening the supply chain. Torunick (2006) discussed the importance of the logistic companies being more concerned on the GSCM.

    §  Srivastava(2007) conducted empirical studies related to green and sustainability supply chain.

    §  Tohamy (2008) stated that greening the supply chain must be founded on coherent strategies that examine the trade offs between environmental initiatives, profitability and efficiency across the integrated supply chain.


    Government, market and competitors and company itself are the three drives that drive company to adopt green supply chain management.


    A large number of government agencies controlling guideline regulation and law are in the United States. These agencies are responsible for different issues such as pollution, product material and chemical waste. One example of Government agency is “Environmental protection Agency” which is established to protect human health and the environment. Not only manufactures but also suppliers, distributors and even customers do get great impact from this agency.


    The competition among companies is very high in today’s business world. The company needs to differentiate from others to get customer’s impression. Being environmental friendly is one way to do it. The company gets a pressure when the competitors already adopted GSCM. So, it is a good idea to implement GSCM even though the competitors have not adopted it.


    Sometimes the company itself becomes a driver for implementing GSCM. Number of studies showed that adopting GSCM can reduce the cost. Other advantages of GSCM are increase efficiency, eliminate waste and pollution and generate brand reputation. Dubber-Smith(2005) mentioned that employee morale will be enhanced from some green programs such as wellness programs, ergonomic work environment.


    Going green requires changes of organizational culture  and a long term perspective. The company can apply green by using several methods in manufacturing process. Reuse and recycling are referred here. Other departments in an organization are also involved with the green. Purchasing can become important player regarding environment initiatives in the supply chain. ( Preuss, 2001)


    GSCM is an emerging issue for most of the Indian corporations. The companies must be made aware of relationships of supply chain management to the natural environment. Green business practices are becoming vital component of business organization. The findings indicate that supply chain management is the key area for which green practices to be applied. Top management commitment and employee involvement are prerequisite for GSCM.



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    Going Green: Building A House With Sustainable House Plans

    Going Green: Building A House With Sustainable House Plans

    Years ago the idea of building a home with green principles seemed a bold investment. Now that everyone and every organization in the world unites to find ways to lessen global warming, the same idea has made a great impact on the Home Building Industry especially in Australia. Thus, almost all home builders including Melbourne home builders are now building a sustainable home.

    Presently, Urbanedge Homes is recognized as one of the top eco builders known for building a house with sustainable long term modern home designs and green principles without compromising style and architecture.

    Their GreenSmart Homes have already attracted the fantasies of new home buyer’s dream of building an eco friendly home while at the same time offers timeless elegance and sophistication. On top of these features, Urbanedge GreenSmart Homes are built in sustainable modern home designs and green principle house plans which can reduce water and energy usage.

    Thus, these Eco friendly homes demonstrate improved energy, resource and water efficiency, which in turn reduces household running costs and greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. By building a GreenSmart new home, home owners can reap long-term benefits such as lower energy and water bills, for years to come.

    With the rising cost of energy and the need to conserve our precious resources, a sustainable home is becoming a highly favorable and more economical option when it comes to building a new home. With GreenSmart home buyers will not only achieve an environmentally responsible home that is cleaner and healthier for their family to live in.  They will also be able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with cheaper running costs.

    To know more about GreenSmart homes, visit Urbanedge Homes display homes and display centres throughout Melbourne. Or log on to for more information.

    A computer professional who works on the internet helping Urbanedge Homes increase its viewers through optimization. For world class Eco builders visit us online at

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    Sustainability Products Online business-Tips for establishing yourself in the Green Market

    Sustainability Products Online business-Tips for establishing yourself in the Green Market

    As a result of the increasing understanding amongst people, environmental problems are turning into a major concern. For past numerous years, human beings happen to be creating some sort of damage to our surroundings whether it is polluting of the environment, global warming or acid rain. Right now, we need to think of steps so that our future generations don’t have to suffer the results for our faults. To get rid of this problem, people are switching to the utilization of sustainability products. These products are environment-friendly, renewable, recyclable and naturally degradable. They cause no harm to the surroundings.

    These sustainability products may be anything ranging from gunny bags, jute garments, catalytic converters to bio-fertilizers. In case even you are thinking of starting a web based business concerning these objects, you can take a favorable step in the green market. I am sure that your green business will be famous and, as a result of safe practices, it will also bring plenty of money and satisfaction on your part.

    Just follow these suggestions to start a trade in the green market.

    – First of all, figure out a suitable area of interest regarding your web based trade. Every year, plenty of waste items are produced. You may manufacture those products that lessen bad toxins from the atmosphere. For doing this, first think about your areas of interest. For instance, if you are addicted to accessories and purses, you may start manufacturing paper bags, jute purses, silk handbags etc.

    – Acquire some knowledge regarding online advertising techniques. Internet is a great way of establishing your new trade in the green market. Nonetheless, offline advertising is very different from online marketing. You can advertise your trade by designing a site dedicated for your sustainable items. You may also run a blog on problems concerning environment or, write articles about how your items are different from artificially produced objects and what benefit can they do to the environment.

    – Remember to look for a green business certification. Presently, government has introduced very versatile taxation policy concerning the items which are environment-friendly. By a legal certification, it becomes clear that the items produced by you meet the government requirements hence you should add accreditations to your site to ensure that people can be aware of it that you’re promoting beneficial sustainability products. In addition to this, ensure that you manage your manufacturing and packaging process in an eco friendly manner as well. Remember to adhere to power conservation standard and use only those office resources which have been manufactured by green suppliers!

    If you own a business associated with sustainability products and you are looking forward to contribute in the green market, please visit our website to acquire more information regarding different aspects of green business.

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    Container Exchanger is Containing Carbon Green Award Winner

    Container Exchanger is Containing Carbon Green Award Winner

    According to David Madden, President of Container Exchanger, “We are proud to receive this Green Award recognition by the editors of Supply & Demand Chain Executive.”  The editors gave Container Exchanger the Supplier Award Winner noting, “In addition to its goal of achieving carbon neutrality for its offices by the end of 2009, Container Exchanger offers its clients returnable packaging broker services, resell folding bulk containers, metal storage bins, plastic industrial totes, plastic pallets and used Gaylord boxes throughout the U.S. market. “Our clients, both buyers and sellers, use our services to reduce their own carbon footprints while simultaneously improving profitability,” said Madden.

    The Editors of Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine have announced the Green Awards for 2008 and Container Exchanger ( is among the winners.  The editors noted that, “Green” and “sustainability” have become new watchwords for the supply chain. Whether or not you believe that green supply chain goals are practical or attainable, and regardless of your feelings on topics like global warming and fair trade, the fact remains that more and more companies are beginning to incorporate green goals into their corporate social responsibility programs, and chief executives are looking to their supply chains to help meet those goals.”

    This year Supply & Demand Chain Executive recognized small, midsize and large companies that are taking steps to realize green goals and created the 2008 Green Supply Chain Awards. From the nominated companies the review panel selected 21 that stood out for their projects to incorporate sustainability objectives into their own supply chains or to enable sustainability in their customers’ supply chain.

    Container Exchanger is an online marketplace that offers manufacturing and distribution businesses an outlet for procuring or selling used returnable packaging. The product offerings include many standard and common reusable packaging solutions, including but not limited to plastic totes, plastic collapsible bulk boxes, metal containers, wire baskets, and plastic pallets. Launched in 2005, has empowered companies to reduce packaging acquisition costs through access to used returnable packaging inventories and it has enabled companies to maximize return during disposal of their used packaging fleets.

    Returnable packaging reduces landfill waste and energy consumption when compared to expendable packaging. However, over time, as a company’s product mix changes or a manufacturing contract expires, it may no longer have a use for the packaging associated with particular parts. In most cases, the packaging is still perfectly useable, but because they no longer have a use for the containers, the companies would have typically sold the containers to a scrap company, which would reprocess the materials, creating pollution, waste and additional energy use.

    Container Exchanger acts as a matchmaker between companies looking to dispose of returnable packaging and those looking to acquire the packaging. It is true that transportation of the packaging between buyer and seller through less-than-truckload and truckload-size shipments consumes energy, primarily in the form of fossil fuels. But Madden believes that as his company’s network increases in size and adds buyers and sellers, the chances of locating a matching set of returnable packaging close to a buyer increases, and that close proximity creates a financial and environmental impact through reduced freight costs and fuel use. Container Exchanger currently is running at a rate of 400,000 lbs. of repurposed material per month.

    Container Exchanger

    David Madden, President


    Professional Marketing Firm for the Manufacturing Community and Manufacturing Journalist to most manufacturing magazines

    Sun Chips new sustainable bag is a great step forward with sustainability but not the most ideal packaging for the workplace. The new bag is so crisp it causes the bag to be very loud when touched. For more info visit our blog,
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