How Food Packaging Will Evolve Going Forward

How Food Packaging Will Evolve Going Forward

Like anything else, food packaging has to change with the times in order to remain useful and relevant. What worked back during the 1980s and the 1990s simply doesn’t work today when it comes to packaging supplies. There are a handful of very important areas where changes in this kind of packaging have been the most significant. By exploring each one and taking a more in-depth look at it, we can gain a better understanding about where food packaging is today – and which direction it is heading. If you want your products to sell and be as profitable as possible, you’ve got to keep up with the changing tide in packaging supplies.

The Health Trend –

These days, consumers are very concerned about the healthfulness of their food. To remain competitive with similar products, you will need to use packaging which highlights the products health benefits. Phraseology is very important; you want to ensure that the nutritious benefits of your food is made crystal clear. Otherwise, consumers will pass your product over for one that does promise to bring healthy benefits to the table.

The Increasing Importance Of Convenience –

In years past, many Australians spent the majority of their adult lives surrounded by decently sized families. Most adults lived with their spouses, parents, grandparents, siblings and children for the majority of their adulthood. That’s changed a lot, though. Today, more people than ever before are going it alone. More couples are opting not to have any children, and many professionals choose to live alone instead of getting married or sharing a place with roommates.

Since large groups of people aren’t the norm anymore, individual-sized portions are becoming key in packaging. Products are increasingly expected to be easy to open and resealable whenever possible. People don’t want to waste food, and trends in packaging dictate that smaller definitely is better. Single serving packaging is becoming very commonplace as well, and companies that fail to take that into consideration are going to fall behind the competition.

Premium Quality: More Important Than Ever In Packaging –

As contradictory as it may seem, packaging these days should also aim to highlight the premium quality of the food that it protects. Consumer’s confidence is greatly increased in the quality of the product through the use of impressive and heavy duty packaging materials. Phraseology on the packaging should highlight the luxury nature of the product, and it should appeal to the customer’s demand for top of the line goods. In every way possible, the packaging should enhance the appearance of the product and impart a sense of class and sophistication to the food to make it more palatable to the consumer.

By keeping an eye on the way that food packaging trends are emerging, companies can remain much more competitive. Indeed, packaging suppliers such as Dabron Packaging change their products to many different things. However, it is possible to get an inkling about what’s ahead by looking at what matters the most to consumers today.

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Batteries Going Green

Batteries Going Green

For years, battery manufacturers have been developing ways to make their products more environmentally friendly.

Companies look for alternatives to the harmful substances used today. However, that strategy will take decades to commercialize; producing batteries that are stronger and more efficient seems the best option.

Presently, researchers are exploring “bio-batteries”, using substances made from living organisms to power objects.

In 2007, Sony developed a “bio battery” that generates electricity from sugar. This discovery uses carbohydrates and enzymes to generate power and has a maximum output of 50 milliwatts,giving it the capability to power a walkman. This has set path in turning to abundant living organisms to reduce toxic waste produced by batteries. (Sugar fuelled battery..,2007)

A recent development by a research team in Aarhus University in Denmark creates a bacteria colony that reacts with mud and seawater to generate electricity. The bacteria colony works by having contact on top with oxygen while the bottom contacts the organic material. Because both layers are somehow connected in the process, the bottom layer that produces electrons are transported to the top layers therefore reacting with oxygen. Scientists are trying to harvest the nanowire network that these bacteria creates to potentially developing a living biogeobattery (Anupanm, 2010).

Meanwhile, scientists at the University of Leicester are looking for ways to replace harmful, carcinogenic, toxic acids and electrolytes currently and widely used in many commercial metal finishing and energy storage processes (University of Leicester, 2010). So far they have developed ionic liquid solvents that are non-toxic as an alternative to dangerous solutions. Karl Ryder, a senior lecturer at the University who oversees the project explains, “One of our aims is to improve the working environment for people within the manufacturing industry by replacing unpleasant acids or caustic processes with ionic liquids. The user experience is very similar for both and no additional equipment or training is required, but the user benefits from a more pleasant and safer working environment.” (University of Leicester, 2010). The team of researchers received a €1 million funding distributed between several major projects.

One project called POLYZION was to develop an eco-friendly and affordable rechargeable battery for electric vehicles. It is designed to be sustainable, having light-weight characteristics as opposed to existing batteries that use heavy, expensive materials that can be harmful to the environment (University of Leicester, 2010).

Additionally, MIT researches are developing ways to manufacture liquid metal batteries made using earth-abundant elements. A big issue scientists faced in an attempt to develop eco-friendly batteries is the high cost of the material. MIT attempts to tackle this problem by using substances that are plentiful. As a result, the research team developed a small battery made from antimony and magnesium in between an electrolyte. As for now, the battery is not beneficial to small devices, but researchers continue to develop the product to a larger scale (Anupam, 2010 March 19).

Moreover, leading battery producers such as Fuji created the EnviroMAX batteries last year that do not contain ingredients harmful to the environment such as cadmium and mercury. They are packaged with recycled paper and PET plastic which makes the products degradable where they can be disposed normally. This decreases the costs incurred from recycling batteries (Hanlon, 2009).

Hitachi Vehicle Energy Ltd. Created a new Lithium-ion battery designed for automobiles. This new product has more capacity up to 25 Ah that is about 5 times more than its predecessors. It produces energy of up to 120 Wh/kg and power density of 2,400 W/kg. It further provides heat-resistant features preventing internal short circuits and increasing safety (Madan, 2010).

The market today focuses on the emerging green market. Companies spend millions on the research and innovation sector to develop methods of increasing efficiency to reduce waste, or finding abundant alternatives to current methods. Many have succeeded, but may take time until the developments are released to the masses. Nevertheless, the decision remains in the hands of consumers to persistently push towards the eco-friendly movement.

Author loves to write and write, articles, stories and songs.
Only words, that’s what Bee Gees sings

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Going Green with Profits

Going Green with Profits

Henry Ford once said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business.”  Little did he know that the company he founded almost a century ago almost went down because it was not ready to heed today’s cost: conserve energy, save the environment.  The buzz words these days among cause-oriented groups are “climate change”, “save the environment”, and “go green”.  From businesses to traveling, everyone wants to go green and share something towards the conservation of the environment.  Even employees, without much prodding from their bosses, would gladly donate to environmental causes and some would even take out a payday loan to give to their favorite eco-conservation organizations.

Today, making a profit is just one side of the coin because many big and small companies are becoming eco-friendly and they want to help the planet survive.  With this in mind, there are plenty of green business ideas that go around and one or two could be easily applied, whether one is in the producing business or in the consuming lifestyle.  The first one is going to green business consultants.  These experts have solid experience in building businesses that adhere to environmental standards and regulations.  They also have the technical know-how in sustainability of these efforts.  New businesses in particular need the support and guidance in making business and financial plans and marketing strategies that incorporate environmentally friendly practices and systems.  For big businesses, they need these environmental business experts to improve the energy efficiency of their building and factories and use renewable energy.

Speaking of green buildings and factories, remodeling work is going green, too. Homeowners are now more environmentally conscious and more informed in choosing the materials for their homes.    These people also want to increase their homes energy efficiency, but still retaining its attractiveness in terms of design.  They even get online payday loans in order to buy appliances or equipment that have good energy star ratings as a way of contributing to energy conservation and an investment to good health.  Those who are into green house remodeling could work with experienced green architects and build a network of subcontractors who work with green materials.

Another business opportunity that could go green and would work well for the owners and the customers is ecotourism travel.  More and more people, especially the young and adventurous-type, want to try green tourism for a change—not just the usual, run-of-the-mill tour packages.  Ecotourism is becoming a multimillion industry which increased the popularity of adventure sports, wilderness survival trips, nature travel, and even eco-volunteering.  All in all, going green today works beyond saving the planet, but also making money in a good way.

Sean Teahan co-founder of
Cash Doctors
,Australia’s preferred short term lender, shares his insights on money matters. Founded in 2005 Cash Doctors has helped thousands of Australians with their fast
cash loans but that’s just the short term solution. Cash Doctors also help people in the long run by providing budgeting tools, e-books and individually researched
articles on money matters and financial tips. The aim is to assist people in achieving instant and long term financial freedom.

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Going Green With Your Business

Going Green With Your Business

If your company has been eating the dust of your competitors, chances are your company has not been using the best practices approach. Today, if your company is not committed to excellence, your company would not survive. Look around you and see for yourself, you will find that business owners and employees who are constantly working to improve the quality of the product or services and continuously finding new ways are not only persevering but are growing as well.

It is fortunate for those lagging behind that there are those who are pioneers which they can benchmark from. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to business owners everywhere. Take the example of companies who have achieved a milestone in ensuring that their business interests are attuned with the principle of environmental sustainability.

Greening the Company
Going green is the current trend today. All business processes are being reviewed, from the use of energy to water conservation efforts – all in the name of environmental sustainability. Fortune 500 companies are reviewing their carbon footprints, ushering in a new and sustainable business processes.

Companies in the manufacturing sector are creating a new environment division that offers a line of eco-friendly packaging products that also meets the budgets of clients and prospects – a new and innovative way of going green without going beyond the budget. Companies in the print industry are offering eco-friendly materials for their flyers or poster printing. These materials, although they’re not considered cheap poster printing, come in the form of recycled paper or bio-degradable inks.

Bigger companies are taking the extra step by switching to 100 per cent solar power. Admittedly, these photovoltaic cells cost a lot but in the long run, the savings generated from these solar panels will offset the initial cost. Others have invested in water treatment facilities to recycle effluent water. These treatment facilities convert effluent water for gardening or flushing purposes. The savings from these initiatives as well as its benefits will generally outweigh the initial costs of building the infrastructure.

Not only are these companies’ efforts protecting the planet, it is also creating a niche for themselves in corporate social responsibility. Establishing a good reputation in the causes such as environment conservation is definitely a plus factor for any business. It gives the impression that they are not only after profits, they are also looking after the welfare of their customers as well.

For comments and inquiries about the article visit: Poster Printing, Cheap Poster Printing

Lynne Saarte is a writer that hails from Texas. She has been in the Internet business for some years now, specializing in Internet marketing and online strategies.

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Wow Green The Benfits of Going Green

Wow Green The Benfits of Going Green

The benefits of going green with Wow Green house cleaning products are that you are using environmentally friendly enzymes and blends for your household’s cleaning needs. You are not using toxic chemicals and unknown chemicals in your home with Wow Green products. You are not scrubbing away stains and leaving behind residues and chemicals for your children and pets to breathe in and sit on. More than that, you will beyond a reasonable doubt, be exceptionally satisfied with the cleanliness you will get from Wow Green products.

There are a variety of reasons to use Wow Green’s house cleaning products in your home and the environment is just part of that reason. Green cleaning has become a very important issue and vital part of our culture now that global warming has come to light. The health of people and children are of concern to Wow Green, as well as the overall impact of the environment from the toxic chemicals and the residues they leave behind.

Wow Green house cleaning products are not only very effective cleaning products but are safe and natural too. We all need to understand that clean smelling is not actually clean. We are used to smelling clean as the artificial smell that companies use in their cleaners to make us think that our rooms and laundry are clean. Bleach, harsh chemicals and other toxic perfumes are really just harming not only our noses but our environment as well.

Even though we are ecstatic when we remove a stain from the couch, we never think about the chemicals we leave behind that our pets and children are going to be laying on hours later. Let alone, inhaling or ingesting. Wow Green house cleaning products promises never to do this! All products are guaranteed to only be used with a specially formulated blend of natural enzymes that are 100% chemical free and will never leave behind any residue or artificial smells in or around your home. Wow Green cleaning products work! They penetrate and remove the dirt at the source using naturally blended enzymes.

Wow Green has a product line to meet all the needs that you have in your home. Wow Green has a cleaning product for every single task or cleaning emergency that should arise in your home and you can feel confident that when you are done there will be no waste. That’s right, another benefit. Every product packaged and shipped by Wow Green is either re-usable or recyclable, so you aren’t throwing anything away.

The full product line includes your choice of the following cleaners to assist you in cleaning every single thing in your home with ease and sustainability the first time around.

* Laundry Detergent, works for all washers

* Dishwasher Detergent, works for all dishwashers

* Hand Dish Soap, cleans all dishes/ kitchen cookware

* Toilet Bowl

* Floor Cleaner,

* Stain-On, Write-On instant spot removal

* All-Purpose, can be used anywhere in house to remove general dirt

* Glass & Stainless, for shining stainless and see through glass

* Tile & Bath, gets rid of mold, mildew & build-up found in bathrooms

* Carpet & Upholstery, Spray on spot remover for carpet and upholstery on furniture

* Wood & Dust, for all wood surfaces

* Fabric Pre-Wash, spray on enzymes for stains before and/or between washing

Tisha LePort

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    Going Green is Simply Going Back to Basics

    Going Green is Simply Going Back to Basics

    Although, “going green” strategies have gained much popularity in recent years, many people still wonder what the big fuss is all about.  The majority of consumers are not ready to make changes.  

    It is very difficult to make a change unless you understand that “going green” is not a change after all, it’s just going back to basics. 

    One day, it all came to me.  I realized I’ve been living green all my life. My parents didn’t call it being “eco-friendly” they called it being poor.  Later on in life, my husband would call my practices being “cheap”.  Now, I am trendy and “eco-friendly”.  I love this new way of thinking.

    Going Green takes no effort after all.  All we need to do is mimic the ways of our parents or grandparents. If we think about how things were done 20 years ago, you’ll realize “going green” efforts is nothing new.  Going back to basic practices can make such a difference in our environment and in our pockets.

    Growing up, my father will constantly reprimand us for leaving the TV on while not in use, or not turning off the lights when leaving a room.  The air conditioning was like gold; it was a sin to leave the outside door open for more than 3 seconds.  My mother used to line dry, as it was too expensive to use the dryer. The dishwasher was used as storage space. Paper towels, that was for the rich!  We used rags for everything!  We had designated rags for cleaning the kitchen, the bathrooms, the glass, and the wood. She’s probably still using the same rags.  I don’t think my parents ever bought plastic tupperware, as they will just reuse empty jelly jars or other glass containers for storage.  Disposable diapers, absolutely not! I don’t think that was even available.

    I definitely, didn’t continue all their practices. Times have changed, and I just can’t see myself not using the dryer, or discontinue the use of disposable diapers.  There are some modern things that are just too convenient to let pass by. We can, though, re-condition ourselves to going back to basic practices. “Going Green” is easy. It’s just committing to make a couple of small changes in our own household.  Just imagine the difference it will make in our environment, if each household in the United States (population of over 300 million) made a commitment to go green in just one way.

    Here are some simple ways To go green that don’t take lots of effort:

    Using Reusable Bags
    Use hand towels instead of paper towels
    Buy a filter, stop buying bottled water
    Clean dishes by hand sometimes, the dishwasher uses lots of electricity
    Use products such as baking soda and vinegar to clean
    Purchase items in large quantities, cut down on packaging
    Use bar soap instead of liquid soap ( too much plastic)
    Wash clothing with cold water
    Raise temperature of AC while not home
    Secure Air leaks around home
    Keep window shades shut while not home to block the sun  from heating the inside
    Maintain lights, tv’s etc… turned off while not in use
    Change bulbs to high efficiency lighting
    Use the front and back of paper
    Purchase products that have been recycled and or recycleable
    Don’t abuse on running water
    Pay bills on-line to reduce paper
    Lastly, please recycle

    Ana Lorenzo is the founder of The Bag Movement,LLC. The organization is designed to eliminate the use of plastic bags while generating money for charities.

    For more information on how you can help please visit

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    Green School Supplies ? A Back to School Guide for Students Going Green

    Green School Supplies ? A Back to School Guide for Students Going Green

    Clearly the classroom is the place where the future begins to unfold. What better place than schools to use greener, healthier products and model environmental sustainability? The market is teeming with earth-friendly school and office supplies, guarding the health of students and their teachers. Non-toxic school supplies make a real difference in the quality of the indoor air and the level of toxins that we expose our children to daily. Why not shut the leading polluters – PCVs, BPA, lead and xylene – out of class? A new generation of green school supplies can send them packing.

    Many school supplies are made out of PVC – a plastic that contains chemical additives such as phthalates, lead, cadmium and/or organotins. These chemicals pose a threat to our health and are harmful across its whole lifecycle, from production, to use, to disposal. Also known as the poison plastic, PVC is found in vinyl products like lunchboxes, binders, markers, backpacks and raingear, and may take as many as four centuries to decompose in a landfill. Identify this leaching plastic by its three-arrow recycling symbol with the number 3, or the letters V or PVC.

    Here are some safer alternatives to the common school supplies:

    Binders are often coated in or made with PVC plastic. Try binders that are made of corrugated cardboard, such as the ReBinder, which can be found online through The Green Office. Avery also makes PVC-free binders and can be found at Staples and Target. 

    Lunchbags and wraps that are PVC and lead-free will make lunch go down a little easier. Canvas or organic cotton lunchbags and wraps are a food-safe alternative, and they have the added bonus of eliminating all the waste associated with plastic baggies., and all offer lunch bags and wraps, and Wrap-N-Mat stores your lunch and then opens up to a placemat for a clean eating surface. For a retro look, tin lunch boxes like the ones from Tin Box Company can be found in many retailers and are starting to make a comeback thanks to sightings of celebrity toddlers with tin lunch boxes.

    The stainless steel drinking container is a must, since many reusable water bottles can leach bisphenol A (BPA), a hormone-disrupting chemical, and should be avoided. Thermos sells plastic and steel food jars that are BPA and PVC-free.

    Markers and pens are one of the most commonly discarded items in the classroom. Every year in North America, teachers throw out over 500 million dry-erase markers into their local landfills, where the PVC plastic cylinders will never decompose. In addition, the common chemical solvent in markers is xylene, a harmful neurotoxin which can be associated with headaches, asthma and fuzzy thinking. As a green alternative, try a class set of AusPen eco-friendly dry-erase markers which are not only made from 100% recycled aluminum, but they are also refillable with low-odour, non-toxic ink.

    Art supplies can be a source of toxic material too. Modeling clays such as Fimo and Sculpey should be on the chopping block and replaced by Crayola’s PVC-free air-dry clay or Mary’s Softdough, which has a chemical-free formula. And while the humble crayon appears inoffensive, crayons made from soybean oil, like the ones from Kid Star and Prang, are non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for the environment… and curious mouths.

    As for back to school clothes shopping, certain retailers help take the worry out of our selections by claiming to only carry PVC-free clothes and shoes. H&M, Nike and Asics products contain no PVC, while Jansport and Land’s End backpacks and rain jackets have scrapped the poison plastic.  

    Whether it’s a lead-free lunchbox, xylene-free marker, BPA-free drink container, or PVC-free binders and backpacks, the choice is clear. Choosing non-toxic school supplies pays off in the health of our schools, children and environment. This year, back to school shopping can be a little more reassuring, knowing that green alternatives to toxic school supplies have got our backs.

    Maureen O’Neill is an environmental consultant for EcoSmart Products, the North American distributor of AusPen eco-friendly dry-erase markers. Maureen writes on various health and environmental themes such as indoor air quality, waste management, green schools and corporate sustainability. Visit her blog at

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    Going New Green Earth

    Going New Green Earth

    Our planet is in peril. It’s in the news and folks all over the planet are becoming kinder to our world. I know how to save the globe. Heck, get all the top scientists in the top scientists in the world together and they can’t even agree on ways to save the world, but they are going to agree that something needs to be done quickly.

    Can one person save the Earth? No, but one person and another and another and so on can reserve it. So, why not be one of those people.

    Be Green for the Good of Our Planet

    We all should hold our government and big industries to their part in initiating green action. Industries absolutely need to stop polluting. Government wants to support clean alternative energy. Communities all need to work on every level to promote waste reduction. People can make massive gains toward a greener and cleaner world.

    Do any of us expect regimes, communities, and industries to modify overnight? No. Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t making some of these changes to your lifestyle overnight.

    Anything you do to decrease the amount of the Earth’s resources that you use helps to reduce consumption helping you to guide a more sustainable life.

    One of the simplest, yet most useful, paths to help our Earth is to buy items with less packaging. Look for the double rolls package. If each this, the savings in packaging would be astronomic. The energy that companies use to create that packaging might be cut in half and the world would breathe a little easier.

    Recycle the toilet roll cardboard tubes and, when you open the package of toilet tissue, just slit it on the top and then use the empty package as a liner in a small trashcan.

    You may use the cold water for drinking water or to water plants, but allowing it to go down the drain is not helpful to the environment. This is a straightforward way to be kind to our planet.

    Remember, it’s up to all of us to help create a new green earth. Little things that we do on a daily basis can help ensure the survival of a new green earth for generations to come.

    G. Donald Ttoca Is an avid internet user and currently runs a number of video based website built with Video Blizzard, a software platform that creates instant video websites.

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      Going Green: Building A House With Sustainable House Plans

      Going Green: Building A House With Sustainable House Plans

      Years ago the idea of building a home with green principles seemed a bold investment. Now that everyone and every organization in the world unites to find ways to lessen global warming, the same idea has made a great impact on the Home Building Industry especially in Australia. Thus, almost all home builders including Melbourne home builders are now building a sustainable home.

      Presently, Urbanedge Homes is recognized as one of the top eco builders known for building a house with sustainable long term modern home designs and green principles without compromising style and architecture.

      Their GreenSmart Homes have already attracted the fantasies of new home buyer’s dream of building an eco friendly home while at the same time offers timeless elegance and sophistication. On top of these features, Urbanedge GreenSmart Homes are built in sustainable modern home designs and green principle house plans which can reduce water and energy usage.

      Thus, these Eco friendly homes demonstrate improved energy, resource and water efficiency, which in turn reduces household running costs and greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. By building a GreenSmart new home, home owners can reap long-term benefits such as lower energy and water bills, for years to come.

      With the rising cost of energy and the need to conserve our precious resources, a sustainable home is becoming a highly favorable and more economical option when it comes to building a new home. With GreenSmart home buyers will not only achieve an environmentally responsible home that is cleaner and healthier for their family to live in.  They will also be able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with cheaper running costs.

      To know more about GreenSmart homes, visit Urbanedge Homes display homes and display centres throughout Melbourne. Or log on to for more information.

      A computer professional who works on the internet helping Urbanedge Homes increase its viewers through optimization. For world class Eco builders visit us online at

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      Go Green – Tips on Going Green for the Holidays

      Go Green – Tips on Going Green for the Holidays


      This time of year, Americans throw away more than any other time of the year. With all of the extra gift wrapping and gift packaging, it is important to recycle and reuse as much as possible.

      Try to reuse as much gift wrap as possible and save any extra bows, ribbons, or bags that can be reused. Remember that you can always reuse old items or things like newspaper to wrap gifts.

      If you do need to buy new gift wrap, make sure it’s eco-friendly.

      Try to save and reuse packaging like boxes and bubble wrap if you need to mail any gifts.

      You can also recycle any old items such as electronics that you may have if they’re replaced by new gifts once the holidays are over. Things like computer monitors, laptops, cell phones and computers can all be recycled.

      For your holiday dinners, try using non-disposable utensils and dishes to reduce waste.



      With millions of houses decorated with lights this time of year, energy consumption increases, so it’s important that if you are smart about what types of decorations you use to help save energy.

      Use LED Lights – Switch out any old Christmas lights with energy-efficient LED Christmas lights. These LED lights are great for decorating both indoors and outdoors and last longer than your standard bulbs. Not just bright and colorful, but good for the environment too.

      Turn lights off – The best way to be green is to conserve, Remember though, even if your lights are energy-efficient, so make sure you turn off your lights at night.

      Use Less – Your house doesn’t have to light up the whole neighborhood to show your holiday spirit. So this year use a few less lights to help save energy.

      Be Creative

      Don’t buy any new Christmas ornaments or cards this year. Instead, try making your own ornaments and Christmas cards from recycled materials.

      Even better than paper Christmas cards are e-cards for your friends and family who are computer savvy. Show your holiday spirit as well as your green spirit.



      It’s the season of giving – instead of throwing away all of your old clothes and other things this year, donate them instead. This will not only keep your old items out of a landfill, but also into a better home for someone who could use them.



      This year when picking out a Christmas tree, there are a few options you should consider to help make a greener Christmas.

      Live Christmas Tree – Instead of buying a cut Christmas tree, buy a live tree so you can replant it once the holidays are over.

      Cut Christmas Tree – If you do buy a cut Christmas tree, try to find ones that are organic, grown without pesticides or chemicals. Once you’re done with your tree, make sure you recycle it or compost it.

      Artificial Christmas Tree – Although most artificial Christmas trees are not recyclable, they can be a green alternative if you reuse your same tree every year.

      No Tree – This option isn’t for everyone, but it is possible to use other items as decorations if you don’t have a Christmas tree.


      Shop Green

      When shopping for holiday gifts this season, eco-friendly products should be at the top of everyone’s list.

      Organic – When shopping for clothes, look for organic apparel made from all natural materials without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

      Recycled – There are a lot of items made from recycled materials that would make great gifts, such as recycled furniture or glassware.

      Sustainable – Bamboo is a plant that has the ability to grow extremely fast, making it an eco-friendly choice. Try shopping for bamboo products such as furniture, clothing, and bedding.

      Reusable – Giving loved ones reusable items is a great way to pass on the green spirit. Try giving reusable shopping bags as an eco-friendly gift this season.

      Energy Efficient – Electronics make great holiday gifts, so when you shop, make sure that you look for energy-efficient products that meet environmental quality standards for energy saving.

      These are just a few tips to help you have a greener holiday but there are many other ways you can help the environment while enjoying your holidays. Be creative and keep the environment in mind this holiday season!

      For more eco-conscious tips and information on going green, visit our blog at
      . Also visit for green shopping with sustainable, recycled, energy-efficient, organic products and more!

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