Green Plasticizer Tbc Properties And Uses

Green Plasticizer Tbc Properties And Uses

Tributyl citrate to replace phthalate plasticizers in a new green products with a wide range of uses. Introduced TBC production methods and uses of proposed future development prospects.

HC pharmaceutical industry network With the rapid development of China’s plastics industry, PVC (P VC ) As the main products of the plastics industry, their applications become more extensive. PVC, in particular, soft goods, in the process requires the use of a large number of plasticizers, currently used primarily phthalate plasticizer Esters Products. But because of the potential Cancer Sex, have strict control over its use abroad. China has also developed the related laws and regulations, will phase out phthalates in food packaging materials, medical devices and the use of children’s toys. Therefore, traditional plasticizer applications is limited research and development of new, green plasticizer has become a top priority. Where TBC is a promising development and utilization of new green plasticizer.

1 TBC performance and use [1]

TBC (referred to as TBC), molecular formula C18H32O7, molecular weight 360.44, colorless or on yellow oily liquid, boiling point is 170 / 1,033 Pa, the density 1.042g/cm3, refraction rate (nD25) was 1.443-1.445, viscosity 31.9mP? s (25 ), freezing point -20 , soluble in acetone, carbon tetrachloride, mineral oil, acetic acid, castor oil, linseed oil, alcohol and other organic solvents . Insoluble in water, non-toxic tasteless, volatile small, heat, light, water, and Vinyl resin, cellulose acetate, butyric acid, acetyl cellulose, ethyl cellulose, benzyl cellulose, good compatibility. The growth of bacteria and not with anti-bacterial, non-irritating, with flame-retardant and biodegradability.

TBC because of cold, in cold regions can still use good bending resistance, then heat, light, water, sealing and not due to good thermal stability, color, non-toxic it Security durable, suitable Cooperation Food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging materials, plasma bags and disposable infusion tubes. TBC can be plasticized PVC, PE, PP and cellulose resin. The compatibility is good, in the amount of ethyl cellulose films up to 40%, a large amount of plastic film below 10%. TBC shared with other non-toxic plasticizer can increase the hardness of products, especially on the soft fiber ether is more applicable. TBC another antibiotic for the non-toxic, does not grow bacteria, but also a flame retardant, so the large amount of vinyl resin can be used for sheet, film, beverage management, food bottle seal, medical equipment and hospital within the walls, family, restaurants, hotels and schools, offices and public places of the wall, ceiling, especially canteen Zaojian, bathroom, dining and other flame-retardant plasticizer required sterilization of plastic. Transport vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft and defense of military vehicles, tanks, warships, submarines, space facilities also need to use plastic products such plasticizers. TBC as nitrocellulose solvents can improve the ability of nitrocellulose UV resistance, good solvent is a variety of spices. TBC polylactic acid and its esters and compatibility with biological, ecological security, non-toxic, biodegradable ester thermoplastic. It is with good mechanical, optical transparency, good processing performance. Medical implants for the orthopedic surgical sutures, bone screws, drug packaging and drug release agent, such as insulin-layer tablets of polylactic acid, polylactic acid cylinders celebrate kanamycin, growth hormone releasing hormone in the massive implantation agent norethindrone acetate hollow fiber PLA agent. Polylactic acid or ester of the skeleton of inflammation in the body low intensity, the blood vessels, ligaments, skin, liver and other rehabilitation and training in use; polylactic acid or ester of the diaphragm repair detached retina of the eye. Biopolymers in food packaging bags, packaging materials, pharmaceuticals, plastic sheeting, fertilizer, trash bag there is, is practical. TBC can be used to improve the use of polylactic acid and its esters of. With TBC film extrusion mechanism, can reduce the glass transition temperature, improve the elongation at break. Membrane can be hydrolyzed into CO2 and H2O, do not pollute the environment, protect the natural environment.

TBC and acetic anhydride under the catalytic synthesis of acetyl tributyl citrate, its volatile than TBC, superior performance, is non-toxic and tasteless use of a broader “green “plastic plasticizer. Can be used for polyvinylidene chloride stabilizer, film and metal bonded conditioner, long soak in the water still has a very high adhesion. TBC can be used as a substitute for water pollution control, improving cleaning ability of detergent. TBC can be used for cosmetic additive, emulsifier, on the injured skin can play the role of treatment and nutrition, but also to prevent water evaporation of UV on the skin stratum corneum, protecting the skin with wetting and physical flexibility. In the tobacco industry, tobacco combustion gas is generated when the HCN, while the TBC can be absorbed in the tobacco HCN, thus reducing the toxicity of smokers by. TBC also allows cigarettes to maintain toughness and easily broken; TBC can be used for lubricants and anti-friction agent, smoothing agent is polyvinyl chloride resin; In addition, protein-containing liquid can be as foam remover, paper, flavoring agent, rubber scorch agent.

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Ritz-Carlton Moving to “Green” Bottles

Ritz-Carlton Moving to “Green” Bottles

Ritz Carlton’s U.S. and Caribbean hotels (which account for 40 of the chain’s 73 hotels) will stop offering plastic water bottles and will switch to plant-based, biodegradable material for their hotel branded water bottles.  This move towards using an environmentally much friendlier material for water bottles is thought to be the first among hotel chains.

The new bottles are made totally from plants and being all natural can decompose in 30 days in a commercial composting facility.  Alternatively these “green” bottles can be reprocessed and 100 percent remade into new bottles.  The benefits are many including that making one new bottle uses half the fossil fuels of a traditional plastic water bottle, as well as 45 percent less energy, and generates 75 percent less greenhouse gases. The bottles hold water normally without fear they will decompose in front of you or while in the refrigerator.

Lest anyone think that this is largely an empty gesture, Ritz Carlton distributes five million 16 oz. water bottles per year, according to the Marriott owned brand. The positive environmental implications could increase dramatically if all Marriot hotels follow Ritz Carlton’s lead.

Other chains cannot dismiss switching to environmentally friendly water bottles based on cost concerns, since Marriott has announced that the new bottles will cost the same as the old water bottles. Ultimately, the cost of such bottles will likely be lowered as they become more common. As with many environmental advances, the initial cost is a reason for concern, but once they become the standard, many times the price comes down to equal or even lower than the item they replace. employees enjoy writing and sharing travel news articles that engage them and believe others will find interesting.

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Guide to a Green Nursery

Guide to a Green Nursery

By Danielle Downs

When it comes to your infant, greener is safer. With so many chemicals in baby products, the best defense is a good offense. That means buying the right green choices from the start. To reduce exposure to potential toxins, remember that your baby is exposed to two environments that need protection: the immediate indoor environment and the world at large.


To get this done there are 2 strategies to follow

1.               reduce indoor toxins by choosing non-toxic products

2.               reduce global toxins and waste by buying less and buying used

KEEP IN MIND : Adult immune systems are able to fight off and eliminate certain toxins, but infants are still developing and especially sensitive. This is why it is important to check for hidden toxins. Follow this check list to have a safer, greener nursery!

1. Greener Paint

Choose a natural pain that is milk, soy, or plant based. These paints are labeled “Zero VOC” which means they have no volatile organic compounds.

No Lead Based Paint.

2. Greener Flooring

Wood and bamboo are natural choices for your green nursery floor. Make sure glues and sealants are zero or low VOC and non-toxic. Carpeting should be avoided as it often contains dangerous chemicals such as flame retardants and petrochemical stain repellents.

3. Greener Furniture

Avoid plywood and pressed board furniture which may contain toxic resins. Synthetic materials also may off gas and disrupt air quality. Well built natural wood furniture is the best choice. It is long-lasting and will withstand toddlerhood.

Consider buying real wood furniture second hand. It is easily updated with a coat of non-toxic milk paint.

4. Greener Bedding

Your infant will spent most of the day sleeping. Safe bedding is essential. Organic fabrics are now widely available in a variety of styles and colors to match any nursery theme.

5. Greener Hygiene

Soaps, diapers, powders, lotions, and wipes all come in direct contact with your infant’s skin. Read the label! If there is a warning, don’t risk it. Consider cloth diapering or making your own wipes. The cost savings is undeniable.

6. Greener Toys

Plastics leach BPA, phthalates, and more. Skip plastic toys or search for corn-based plastics. Organic cloth and wood toys are widely available as well as toys made from recycled materials.

7. Greener Feeding

Making your own baby food is easy and cost effective. Search for baby dishes and spoons that are made from safe materials such as natural rubber or silicone. Store baby food in glass jar or other non-leaching container.

Have questions about other baby items on your registry? Look for organic labels and read the product safety information.

For more ways to green your nursery and keep your infant and the planet protected, take the EcoQuiz at Going Green Today! You’ll get plenty of helpful tips to save you money and save CO2. You can even get a personalized eco-plan that is tailored to your green family’s needs.


GoingGreenToday : a collection of writers committed to Green Living and distributing practical green information through articles. Scott Ankeny, founder, created GGT to inspire and teach 1/3 of the United States on how to reduce 1/3 of their Carbon Footprint. Since then he has been joined by dozens of popular authors and Green experts to focus on practical green living solutions. If you want to learn how you can personally be Going Green Today , visit our website at and get a free custom assessment…

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Go Green And Use High-Quality Plastic Containers

Go Green And Use High-Quality Plastic Containers

We have gotten far better at recycling and reusing products in an effort to save our planet. But, let’s face it, there are some things, such as plastic wrap, resealable bags and even aluminum foil, that are almost impossible to reuse. Most towns want clean aluminum foil, which means ninety percent of the foil used in most households cannot be recycled. All those bags and cling wrap go into the trash and clog our landfills.

More recently, companies have been developing so-called reusable, disposable plastic containers. They have that little “recyclable” symbol on them, but very few facilities are set up to recycle No. 5 plastics. So where do they end up? In landfills. That little number on the triangle included in most plastic products is a clear indication whether a product can be recycled or not. Yes, No. 5 plastics are considered recyclable, but most municipal recycling programs only accept No. 1 and No. 2 products.

Here’s another thing to consider: While we’re all being good samaritans by recycling everything under the sun, the market for recyclables is nearly saturated. Instead of being recycled, municipalities are stock-pilings tons of plastic and glass bottles and containers waiting for the day when someone will actually want them. In the end, the result is the same: a landfill stuffed with glass and plastic.

What’s the answer, then? Buy something you don’t have to throw away after just a few uses. The best way to go green with your food storage is to use high-quality food storage containers that will last for years. It’s the way we used to store food before convenience overtook common sense. Long-lasting plastic containers got their start back in the 1945 when Earl Tupper recognized that the invention of a new plastic, Polyethylene, could mean the start of something big. He started producing plastic bathroom cups in a variety of colors and then introduced the lidded bowl. Much innovation has happened over the years, with more and more variety and versatility now included in today’s container selection. You name it, you can find a container that can store it—and store it much longer than older containers. Many companies have come up with their own lines of plastic containers to compete with the famous Tupperware, which even after more than 60 years continues to be the industry standard.

Most recently came the advent of the disposable container. Thankfully, eco-friendly awareness is bringing back some common sense and more and more people are recognizing not only the economic benefits of buying good food containers, but also the environmental ones.

In fact, one major university is urging its students to use reusable food containers and ditch the disposable ones that have become quite popular among the dorm-living set. More glass containers are popping up, but many moms worry about breaking glass. You’re not going to send a five-year-old with a glass container filled with carrot sticks to class. The most environmentally friendly and safe alternative is plastic storage containers.

Jamison & Krista Alexander are the owners of and they promote great quality food storage containers.

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Green Wedding Ideas: How To Make Your Wedding Special

Green Wedding Ideas: How To Make Your Wedding Special

A wedding is one of the natural aspects of life and also the most important step that any couple ever takes in their lives. Therefore, combining these two aspects can really result in a wedding that is extremely memorable. This can be done through adding special touches to the invitations, decorations and food by way of natural, green wedding ideas. The following are some ways.

1. Invitations: The kind of invitations that are sent out before the wedding establishes the theme that the wedding is going to have. Using green wedding ideas and concepts can really set the tone and expectation of the guests. Here are three things that can do it.

i) Blooms invitation: There is a beauty in simplicity that only a naturalist knows of. These invitation cards only have a simple border design which is complemented by a subtly placed bloom of the couple’s choice.

ii) Floral watercolor invitation: Adding innocence to a wedding can be a very touching and meaningful step and these invitations do just that with handmade watercolor floral imprints.

iii) Dancing buds invitation: A very light touch can be given to the invitation with the help of a faint background behind the text.

2. Decorations: Once the theme of the wedding is set through the use of multiple green wedding ideas such as the above mentioned invitations, the next step is to honor the expectation of the guests through the use of decorations influenced by the same concept. The following are some through which the couple can improve the natural factor of their wedding.

i) Pastel Vases: A wedding consists of tables and a table will always need one or two vases on it to bring out the look. For a green wedding, the vases used should have pastel shades and should not be too bright or too dull.

ii) Topiary Card Holders: Any well organized wedding would require card holders assigning seats to guests. Therefore, instead of using a conventional card holder made of plastic, a wedding shaped by green wedding ideas would include natural topiary card holders.

iii) Customized Silk Flower Petals: Another of the many green wedding ideas is the use of personalized silk flower petals. These are artificial petals made with silk that can carry any name or message.

3. Food: If the invitations and decorations are influenced by green wedding ideas then the food should be too. The following are some suggestions.

i) Whole Leaf Tea Sachets: Using sachets that carry a whole leaf attached to their tops can set the mood of the wedding.

ii) Bird Nests: The table can also carry mini bird nests which can be used to store small treats or candies for the guests.

iii) Personalized Honey Jars: Personalization is the best way to make a wedding special. Using personalized honey jars can combine the provision of a food supplement with decorating the table.

The above mentioned green wedding ideas can add the natural aspect to any wedding in addition to bringing about a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Steve Ricardo writes about Garden wedding ideas and Fall wedding ideas. More information on Funny-Wedding-Idea.Com

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Store Garden Produce #6-Storing & Freezing Green Beans Types

Store Garden Produce #6-Storing & Freezing Green Beans Types

As the cooler months take hold, you might have an abundance of green beans left over from your summer crops. Did you know that “Green Beans” actually derived its name from the young pods of the bean plants that are picked before the pods ripen or dry? Only then are they tender enough to be called “Green Beans” meaning “green” for the unripe fruit of the bean; many in fact are not green in color at all. The pod colors of “green beans” can be green, golden, purple, red, or streaked. Many people associate “green beans” to the recipes for green bean casserole or 3 beans salads. But Green Beans have many more attributes… This article is not inclusive and should be shared with Parts 1-10 of this series. Part 7 of this series will provide tips and techniques on Storing Cherries & Freezing Apples as well as preserving other orchard fruits. (See Link Below)

List of Legumes: There are over 7 million tons of green beans produced annually worldwide. Green beans are actually considered a legume which describes a pod, such as that of a pea or bean, that splits into two; with the seeds considered a fruit and the pod considered a vegetable. Shapes can range from the thin “filet” beans to the wide “romano” types with the more common types in between. Green, Runner, French, Broad, Yellow Wax, Sting, and Snap Green Beans…whichever you prefer– Green bean types have been bred especially for the bright color, crisp texture, and juicy vegetable flavor of their pods. They all describe one thing in common…all are harvested and preserved in the same fashion. Click the link below for a chart on the different types of green beans.

Green Beans Types: There are basically three commonly known types of green beans: string or runner beans, string less or french beans, and snap beans. Snap green beans are the ones usually grown when green bean gardening at home.  They are named for the sound they make at the perfect ripening stage. They have a thin flat pod that requires less cooking time. Sting less or french beans are generally named due to whether the pod has a tough, fibrous “string” running along its length. And string or runner beans have long, flat pods that have a coarse textured skin. More mature beans display a pronounced fibrous string running down both sides.  All green beans used to be called string beans because older varieties had fibrous side strings.  Just before use, remove the strings and trim the ends. Generally purple beans and yellow wax beans are identical in taste and texture compared to true colored green beans.

Pole Beans Vs Bush Beans: To make matters even more confusing, when green bean gardening, beans are then split into two sub-categories: bush beans and pole or running beans. Bush beans are short plants, growing to approximately two feet in height, without requiring supports. They generally reach maturity and produce all of their fruit in a relatively short period of time, then stop production. Growing pole beans or runners requires a bean trellis in which to climb as they grow. There really is no difference between pole beans and bush beans, other than how they are grown. One may fit into your garden architecture better than the other or you may prefer the look of one to another. Some of the most popular bush beans are Blue Lake 274, Kentucky Wonder, Festiva and Burpee’s Tenderpod. Some popular pole beans are Kentucky Blue, Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake. Check out the link at the bottom for a better distinction amongst the different green beans types.

Nutrition Facts on Beans: The calories of green beans are considered low carb beans that do not contain saturated fat. They are a rich source of vitamin K and B, minerals and are high in protein. This makes them an excellent substitute for meats in the diet. Apart from protein, beans also contain iron, fiber, folic acid and starch. Those with colored shells (such as scarlet runners) also contain antioxidants. The protein in legumes is incomplete, but, when combined with grains, they present a perfectly balanced protein, making beans and grains (mostly rice) dishes an ideal meal for vegans or vegetarians.

Harvesting Green Beans: The best time to harvest green beans is when they are small and tender. Look for beans with nicely shaped pods and small seeds. The beans should also have a velvety feel to them and be pliable. Beans that are over mature will be tough and stringy and should not be used. Light green to white wax beans have a tendency to be tough. The whiter they are, the older they are. To harvest, carefully pull them from the vine right above the bean, detaching a small length of the stem to avoid damaging the beanstalk or pod. Look for slender yellow to pale green beans. Avoid beans with white mold or mushy tips. If you can see the shape of the beans within the pod, the beans are overgrown. If beans are picked just right, the green beans plants will continue to produce for several weeks. Pick regularly once the pods have reached a length of 6-8″ but make sure they are picked before the beans inside begin to swell. By accomplishing this – which may mean picking them every day or two – you will prolong the harvest period for 6-8 weeks. Production will stop if you allow even a few to ripen. If you plan on eating your green beans within the next few days, storing them in the refrigerator is the best option. Place the beans in a plastic bag to lock in the moisture and to prevent wilting. Do not wash or cut the beans before storage, only before eating, as they will begin to lose some of their nutrients.

To Freeze Beans: If you have been spoiled eating fresh green beans straight from your garden throughout the summer, then you may be dreading the end of the growing season where you will have to revert back to the store bought or canned green beans. Just know that freezing green beans is the easiest way to enjoy them year round. Canning requires jars, lids, and a pressure cooker along with having to sterilize the jars prior to use. It does entail tedious work. However, freezing green beans only requires a pot to boil the water, a bowl for blanching and freezer bags, or a good quality foodsaver.

Blanching Green Beans: Green beans must be blanched before any long term storage to destroy the enzymes attached to the pods that otherwise might cause the beans to change color, become pitted or lose their flavor. To blanch beans, first select the best specimens then trim and cut the beans to your desired length and form, about 1-2 inches in length. You may even prefer to leave them whole if they are young and tender. Wash them in salted water to remove any bugs. Next, bring a pot of water to a moderate boil, submerge the beans in the boiled water for about 3-5 minutes (You can re-use this water three to five times – but make sure it’s brought back to a rapid boil. Use the preserved water afterward to freeze as stock for soups or stews or use as additional boiling water for other vegetable stock—it contains nutrients). Next, use a large slotted spoon to remove the green beans from the boiling water and immediately transfer to an ice bath for about 3-5 minutes to stop the cooking process. Drain them well, trying to get as much water off them as possible before freezing.
A Word of Caution: When preparing colored green beans at home, a lot of cooks will boil or blanch them up and are then disappointed when the color bleeds out and they are left with green colored beans. Once heat is applied to colored beans…especially the purple beans, they will loose their color and end up green in color. If you want to blanch colored beans, add a teaspoon of baking soda to the cooking water to help retain the color before freezing. Furthermore, most chef’s will agree that the best way to cook colored “green beans” to retain their original color is to ” butter baste ” them. However, they will still not be as vibrant in color as in their raw form.

Freezing Green Beans: If you have a FoodSaver, now would be a great time to use it. If you don’t, make sure you get as much air out of the ziplock bag as possible to help prevent freezer burn. When packing the freezer bags, allow 1/2 inch of headroom in each bag for expansion. then seal the freezer bag and place in the freezer. Beans can be stored for about 10 months at 32 degree F. Green beans are often steamed, boiled, stir-fried, or baked in casseroles thereafter.

Dehydrated Beans: Excellent Article on Drying Green Beans – Chart on Green Bean Types Here!

Green Bean Casseroles Recipes-Green Bean Bake Recipe-3 Bean Salads- Here!

Follow All 10 Parts of Kali’s Series On Storing Garden Produce Here!

Successful Gardening!

Kali S Winters


Kali S Winters is gardening enthusiast and author who spends much of her time teaching others how to setup and maintain beautiful, amazing gardens. Check out Kali’s latest book, “Holistic Herbs~A Beginners Guide to Herbal Gardening”! There you will find 12 free bonus books for your reading enjoyment. Discover more about Herbal Advantages

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Cosmetic Packaging-Going Green

Cosmetic Packaging-Going Green

As people became more and more conscious about their looks, more cosmetic products find its way to bathroom cupboards. Well, there is nothing wrong in becoming particular about one’s looks and appearance or in buying cosmetic products to enhance it; but there is one hard truth that needs to be addressed at all costs. What happens or what to do with the amount of empty plastic containers, bottles, cans, pumps, dispensers, droppers, jars, tottles, and tubes that get piled up. Not only that, what about the amount of cardboard containers, ribbons, tissues, sequins, and cloth bags used to package the product? Now, “going green” is in high demand and customers are beginning to become more aware of which products are harmful to the environment. Whether it’s a trend or an actual awareness of the down turn of our environment and economy, the issue is being raised in many topics, including product manufacturing.

At a time when global warming and climate change issues are threatening our existence, there is the urgent need to do our bit to make our planet a better and safer place to live in for the coming generation. Therefore, what can do to reduce the amount of toxic waste that is ruining our environment?

Green Consciousness

Having understood the implications of being unresponsive to environmental issues, people are now insisting for green packaging. Apart from price and quality of the products, the other important factor that is influencing the buyer’s decision is now packaging. Understanding the changing trends of shopper’s psychology, some cosmetic packaging manufacturers are taking numerous measures to embrace environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Green Initiatives

Though it is still in the infancy stage, some measures have been implemented by the manufacturers as part of their green drive, and these include:

Green Packaging Options
Manufacturers have now embraced the idea of providing eco-friendly packaging options. With the concern for going green, customers are willing to pay an extra dollar or two knowing that the product and packaging is not harmful or toxic to our environment. Manufacturers are increasingly using eco-friendly products such as paper, bamboo, wood, plastic composite, airless pump bottles and more for packaging.

Making Recyclable Plastic Containers
Instead of using non-degradable plastic containers, manufacturers have started using recyclable products to reduce environmental waste. Now, it’s more simple to design a concept around eco-friendly products when the packaging can all we made of bio-degradable material.

Many people have awakened to the truth and have become environmentally conscious making it crucial for manufacturers to always provide customization and options for their customers.

Writing article is my hobby…

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Green Packaging – Sustainable Product Packaging Solutions

Green Packaging – Sustainable Product Packaging Solutions

The green trend is continuing to increase in power, especially now when studies and news reports keep coming out about the harmful effects of injecting factory and farm-raised animals with hormones, of pesticides that have seeped into our fruits and vegetables, of the different chemicals in our household domestic supplies, etc.

We see how using all of these different ingredients that hurt the environment in the different products that we ingest and are exposed to is having a very dangerous effect on our health. The development of life-threatening diseases, such as different types of cancers and other mutations, is being linked to these harmful substances that we are subjected to daily. This has motivated people to become more environmentally-conscious and to use more environmentally-friendly products, including green packaging.

Green Packaging for business

Just like other areas in the green industry, such as green food, green cleaning supplies, green cars, green energy, etc, green packaging is becoming increasingly more common. More and more packaging suppliers with a green slant are popping up, and an increasing number of established packaging suppliers are becoming more environmentally-friendly by selling an increasing range of green products. The different ways that these types of companies are becoming more eco-friendly is by using materials that are biodegradable and therefore sustainable, by using recycled materials and products, and by encouraging their customers to recycle the products that they buy from them.

Individuals can make a difference too

Green packaging companies are not the only ones that can help out the environment in this area. People can help, too, by employing green methods when doing their packaging. One of the ways that this can be accomplished is by reducing the amount of packaging that is used. They can also use the packaging materials that they receive on items again, using them instead of throwing them away, such as the different cushioning that comes with the shipped items, like bubblewrap and packaging paper.

Buy from Green Packaging companies

Another good way for individuals to support this green trend is to buy their packaging materials from green companies selling environmentally-friendly supplies. That way, they will be using products made from recycled materials, green packaging supplies that are biodegradable, and tree-less products made from sustainable materials They can also recycle these packaging materials if they have no use for them anymore or no place to store them instead of simply throwing them away. People who take steps to help the green movement when it concerns packaging often feel good that they are doing their part to help out the environment.

Like others Graham Baylis wants to help in saving the environment. One area that all can help in is with the amount of packaging they use and that goes for individuals and businesses alike. The trend for buying green packaging is one that MacFarlane Packaging is keen to support. See

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Go Green With Eco-Friendly Sports Bottles

Go Green With Eco-Friendly Sports Bottles

Medical professionals and health care experts always tell us to hydrate and that is to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Most of us are all on the go whether at school or at work and even at home. Most people today are always on the move here and there so it’s easy for us to not drink the recommended amount of water daily. That is why most people carry water bottles with them so that they can quench their thirst even while waiting in line at the bank or at the supermarket or just sitting in the office. Today, water bottles not only come in trendy designs and cool utility functions, they are also made to be eco-friendly. Eco-friendly sports bottles are increasingly becoming popular as they are reliable, durable and green compared to plastic water bottles.

Some of the most trusted brands in eco-friendly sports bottles is Nalgene. Nalgene is a US made, reasonably priced sport bottle that is ever popular among sportsmen women, as well as among office workers and soccer moms. Nalgene has a new line of sports bottles that are BPA free. Among the bottles, the Tritan Wide-Mouth Everyday bottle is the hottest selling in the line and it can hold enough water to keep you hydrated on a coast-to-coast flight or for a full day at the office. The mouth of the bottle is large enough to accommodate ice cubes and Nalgene sells a variety of accessories such as pop-up sports cap. The bottle retails are .50.

Another innovative design in sports bottles that are environmentally friendly are the Camelbak Better bottles. These bottles are designed to not spill thanks to its “flip, bite-n-sip” design, even when the flip lock is left open. These types of bottles are ideal for situations where there is a lot of movement such as driving or drinking while on the move. The Camelbak is also made with BPA free plastic and has a sporty design which comes with a bottle-top loop that can be clipped with a carabiner to a backpack. Consumers have a choice in colors and patterns such as argyle and hounds tooth for a more urban feel. This bottle retails for to depending on its liter.

Some companies have taken the humble sports bottle to a whole new level by incorporating hip designs and cool extra features and the Sigg Traveler takes the cup. Sigg, is considered hip as it is the popular choice among celebrities and eco-stars such as the Dave Matthews Band. Sigg is from a Swiss company and they have been in the business of making lightweight, recycled-aluminum bottles for a hundred years. The Sigg is lightweight and has a coating that prevents aluminum from secreting the contents. Up to its name, the Sigg Traveler is uber- trendy and lightweight and comes two sizes and a variety colors. The designs range from classic to simple steel. Unlike the Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth, the Sigg Traveller has a small opening that cant fit in ice cubes but is great for warm beverages as the sports bottle is metal. Sigg offers a carrying pouch and even a new hot-beverage Sigg as well as a specially designed brush and cleaning tablets for cleaning. The price retails at .99 (0.6 liter); .99 (1 liter).

Amin is the author of If you would like more information about Sports Bottles please visit

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Marriott Gains Green Recognition

Marriott Gains Green Recognition

Marriott supplies announced of which all of 10 of the golf rental accommodations it operates in the UK have been recently given “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary” position.
This in “recognition of the effort they get undertaken implementing the variety of jobs in environmental places around the golf course”.
The Honor is a worldwide recognition of environmental excellence bestowed about organizations that are taking any management part in efficiency.
The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses helps to enhance wildlife habitats and protect pure resources for the benefit of people, fauna and the game of golf balls.
The programme is specially designed to give golf course managers the details and guidance they need to implement stewardship assignments and acquire recognition for their efforts.
The Golf System is part of the Audubon Supportive Sanctuary Method. That is administered by Audubon Global, any non-profit environmental organization of which spearheads schooling and preservation support packages of which advertise environmental stewardship and sustainability.
The Plan handles several crucial environmental good quality parts: Fauna and Environment Management, Substance Apply, Lessening and Basic safety, Water Resource efficiency, Water Good quality Management and Outreach and Education and learning.
An excellent area of victory includes recently been the naturalization of shorelines in ponds and fields in every the courses, that offers in turn seen an increase in creatures activity in these places, including insects for instance Dragonflies and Seeing stars, and chickens taking up permanent residency and raising their young,” the lady included.

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