Zenify stress relief drink launches in first Rexam 12 oz. SLEEK® can with tactile printing

“Live Stress Free.” That’s the mantra of Zenify, the 100 percent natural stress relief drink. Looking for a truly distinctive package that would exemplify the look and feel of its brand, the company chose to launch in the first Rexam 12oz. SLEEK® can in the U.S. to utilize tactile printing technology.

Zenify is a clean and extremely refreshing stress relief drink.  It contains 25 times more stress-relieving antioxidants than green tea, but without the caffeine. The drink’s blend of natural antioxidants and amino acids has been clinically shown to increase alpha waves in the brain, elevate serotonin and dopamine levels and reduce stress without drowsiness. Zenify also includes 100 percent of the recommended dietary allowance of five B-Vitamins, which are designed to work synergistically in the beverage to reduce stress.

“80% of working Americans are chronically stressed. Our goal was to create the most effective and best-tasting stress relief drink on the market, one that you can drink throughout the day to clear your mind and stay focused,” said Adam Rosenfeld, founder and formulator of Zenify. “And we wanted a unique design that would be a differentiator. Working closely with Rexam, we created just that.”

“The tactile printing adds another dimension to the brand,” said Brian Liu, co-founder of Zenify. “In addition to taste, sight and smell, our product now has a distinct texture all its own. We’ve already received tremendous customer feedback on the new can.”

In addition to its exclusive tactile can design, Zenify benefits from the many inherent advantages of aluminum cans including portability, durability and sustainability. Aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable with cans able to be melted, converted to cans again and back on retail shelves within 60 days. In the last 15 years, the beverage can industry has reduced the overall carbon footprint of the aluminum can by more than 45 percent. These facts help make cans the most recycled beverage container in the world with a U.S. recycling rate of 65.1 percent, more than double the rate of other beverage packages.  

Rich Grimley, president and CEO, Rexam BCNA, commented on how Zenify’s unique packaging will benefit its brand and business. “Our 12oz. SLEEK can is already a great solution to help brands attract attention on store shelves. Utilizing our tactile printing technology takes it one step further, allowing the product to stand out even more, while benefiting from the inherent advantages of cans that include superior recycling, filling, distribution and retail display economics.”

In addition to reducing stress and tension, the company is committed to helping bridge divides. Zenify is the first corporate partner of The Coexist Foundation, donating five percent of its profits to the global non-profit organization focused on increasing understanding and reducing conflict throughout the world.

Zenify is currently available at select natural and specialty retailers in New York and California, with plans for continued expansion.



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The World of Korean Tea

The World of Korean Tea

Nokcha (Green tea)

Nokcha (녹차), or green tea, is made from tea leaves that have been dried to retain their green color. It is one of the most frequently enjoyed beverages both at home and in teahouses, and is readily available in grocery stores. Nokcha is a light delicious beverage that can be served hot or cold. Special nokcha teabags are even available for a refreshing cold green tea drink in the summer. The best temperature for brewing nokcha is between 60~68℃, ideal for retaining all the properties beneficial to health. Korean people use nokcha to enhance the green color of vegetables and to neutralize fish or meat odors. As to its medicinal effects, the catechin in green tea helps prevent food poisoning and geriatric diseases. Nokcha is widely used in cookies, cakes, bingsu (a shaved ice dessert), and ice creams to enhance both flavor and color. People also use green tea for aesthetic purposes: water infused with green tea is used for bathing, while yogurt mixed with green tea powder is often applied as a facial pack.

The tea culture in Korea was widely influenced by Buddhism and Taoism, leading to the development of Suyangdado, the performing of tea ceremonies as a way of cultivating the mind. Tea was thought to soothe the mind and create a peaceful atmosphere. Korea has long been referred to as Geumsugangsan, meaning ‘silken tapestry of rivers and mountains’, and was known as a country flowing with water, a perfect backdrop for the fulfillment of the ancient teaching that says “good tea requires good water.” The best-known tea production regions in Korea are Boseong in Jeollanam-do, Jeju-do, and Hadong in Gyeongsangnam-do, each of which annually holds a green festival.


Medicinal Tea

Saenggangcha (생강차, Ginger tea)

For thousands of years ginger has been a key ingredient in dishes served throughout the world. In addition to its delicious flavor and culinary importance, the spice has great medicinal value. Ginger is believed to warm the body, ease symptoms related to fatigue and help absorb other medicinal compounds while neutralizing toxicity in the body. Saenggangcha is often taken at the first sign of a cold to prevent symptoms from getting worse, especially chills or fevers. It’s no wonder that this beverage has long since been a mainstay among Korean home remedies.

* Recipe: Thinly slice fresh gingerroot and marinate in sugar or honey. Add a spoonful of the mixture to hot water and stir. Or, just simply boil ginger and honey in a pot of hot water. Pour and enjoy.


Insamcha (인삼차, Ginseng tea)

Korean ginseng is globally known for its health benefits. Ginseng tea stimulates the appetite, and prevents fatigue, nervous disorders, and diabetes. In spite of being known as an appetite stimulant, it is also highly valued as a dietary supplement because of its reputation as a natural energy booster. There is a mistaken belief that people who tend to have a higher body temperature should not eat ginseng. In fact, ginseng can either raise or lower the heat in the body depending on the individual and the amount of ginseng ingested. When selecting a ginseng root, look for a smooth surface, firm texture and significant weight. In Korea, the best ginseng roots come from the Punggi and Geumsan regions. For a first-hand look at how ginseng is grown and harvested, visit one of these exciting festivals: Pung-gi Ginseng Festival or Geumsan Insam Festival.

* Recipe: Add sliced ginseng and jujube to water and simmer for several hours. Mix with honey and garnish with a few pine nuts


Ssanghwacha (쌍화차, Ssanghwatang)

Ssanghwacha or ssanghwatang is deep brown in color with a slightly bitter taste. The word ‘ssang’ refers to energy and the concept of ‘yin and yang’, while ‘hwa’ means harmony. Hence, the name of this tea is derived from an ancient prescription used to supplement energy and bring the body into a more balanced state of equilibrium. This kind of tea is said to cure fatigue, physical weakness, and cold sweats, making it a drink that it often consumed by Koreans when they feel under the weather. Ssanghwacha can be made by boiling down a number of medicinal herbs, but many people today buy it pre-made in medicinal herb shops, pharmacies, or supermarkets. For a more traditional experience, try one of the teashops in Insa-dong, which sell great-tasting ssanghwacha teas.

* Recipe:Add the roots of white peony, sukjihwang (steamed rehmannia root), other medicinal herbs (depending on your particular tastes and/or symptoms), ginger, and jujube to water. Simmer for several hours.


Fruit-based Tea

Daechucha (대추차, Jujube tea)

In Korea, Daechu (jujube) is synonymous with autumn fruit and has long been used as a medicine and in a variety of Korean dishes. The best daechu fruits are large, lustrous and deep in color. When the fruit ripens to a rich red, it is dried and ready to be made into tea. The tea is known as a powerful agent in combating colds, reducing fever, soothing neuralgia, warming the body and aiding digestion

* Recipe: Add dried daechu to water and boil it down until it becomes a dark infusion. Stir a few spoonfuls of the mixture into a cup of hot water.


Yujacha (유자차, Citron tea)

The deep aroma and flavor of yuja (a type of citrus fruit) make it a much-favored wintertime tea. Korean people have been making yujacha since ancient times, using the highly acidic citrus rinds of the yuja, a part of the fruit that would have had very little use otherwise. To make the tea, remove the seeds, leaving only the flesh and rind. The easiest way to make yujacha is to thinly slice the rind and boil it in water to extract the flavor. Yuja is beneficial in treating coughs, headaches, and neuralgia. It is interesting to note that yujacha is especially popular with the Japanese.

* Recipe: Mix slices of yuja with sugar and set aside for 3 to 4 days. Add a few spoonfuls of the mixture to hot water and stir. Drop in a couple of pine nuts for garnish and enjoy.


Omijacha (오미자, Schizandra tea)

In Korea, omija has long been used for medicinal purposes. It comes from the Schizandra plant, a woody vine on which clusters of the red berries form in August and September. As the Korean name omija (five flavors) signifies, the berry exudes salty, sweet, sour, pungent, and bitter flavors. The tea has a vibrant red color, making it the perfect base for fruit punch. Omija is beneficial in lowering blood pressure and for detoxification. Dried omija berries can be ground to a powdered form and mixed in hot water as a tasty beverage. Fresh berries can also be soaked in cold water for a few hours until the flavors are extracted. It is then boiled and mixed with honey or sugar.

* Recipe: Combine dried omija with water and let it simmer. Sweeten with honey or sugar.


Mogwacha (모과차, Chinese quince tea)

Mogwacha is made using the fruit of the Chinese quince. The sweetness and fragrant aroma of mogwa makes it a more unusual drink, and it is often enjoyed in the winter. Drinking mogwacha regularly helps prevent colds and the ginger and cinnamon in the mixture help warm the body. Mogwacha can be made at home or bought in glass jars in grocery stores.

* Recipe: Put thinly sliced fresh ginseng, ginger, cinnamon, mogwa preserves, and jujube in water and let it simmer until reduced to half.


Maesilcha (매실차, Plum tea)

Maesil tea is made from an Asian species of plum. Brewed from the sour juice of the fruit, maesilcha aids in combating fatigue and stimulating the appetite. It also helps detoxify the body, enhance intestinal function, and relieve symptoms of food poisoning and diarrhea. In spring, people can be found busily preparing maesil extract, maesil liquor, and maesil pickles, which are tried-and-true home cure-alls. Maesil is also used to make jam, juice, condensed liquid, soy sauce and vinegar. It can be dried and stored for later consumption.

* Recipe: Take well-ripened maesil, wash it and dry thoroughly. Arrange a layer of maesil in a large pot and sprinkle with a layer of sugar. Repeat until the pot is filled. After a month, take the maesil out and leave it to ferment for 1 to 3 months. To make the tea, mix a few spoonfuls of this condensed juice in hot water.


Grain-based Tea

Yulmucha (율무차, Adlay tea)

A perennial plant of the family Poaceae, yulmu (aka, Adlay or Job’s tears) is a healthy grain with a higher protein and fat content than rice. The grains of yulmu are dried and ground into a powder, which is then added to boiling hot water. Valued by Koreans as a healthy pick-me-upper, the tea can be purchased in powdered form in grocery stores. It is also widely available in coffee vending machines.

* Recipe: Dry the grain of yulmu and grind it into a powder. Mix into boiling hot water.


Boricha (보리차, Barley tea)

Boricha is roasted unhulled barley tea that has a nutty flavor which sets it apart from other Korean grain-based teas. Not only does barley fiber activate bowel movement and help stop diarrhea, it is also believed to help hydrate the body, especially in people who are weak and perspire heavily. Nowadays, boricha is readily available in teabag form in grocery stores and in many households serves as a substitute for plain water. To enjoy, simply put a few teabags in water and simmer for about 30 minutes.

* Recipe: Roast unhulled barley and boil in water. Serve hot or cold.


Traditional Beverages

Sikhye (식혜, Sweet rice drink)

Sikhye is a traditional sweet Korean beverage served after a meal or during teatime. It is sometimes called dansul or gamju, but these terms can also refer to other beverages containing alcohol. Sikhye is made from cooked rice and barley malt powder. In days past, the drink accompanied meals because it was believed to aid digestion. In wintertime, sikhye was garnished with a few pine nuts to prevent the drinker from gulping the cold beverage too fast and giving him or herself a stomachache. Today, sikhye is served as a dessert in many restaurants, and it is readily available in cans or plastic bottles in grocery stores and convenience stores. Sikhye is often made at home as part of holiday celebrations and has become a favorite thirst-quencher at jjimjilbangs.

* Recipe: Pour malt water into a pot containing steamed glutinous rice, and leave it to ferment. After it is fermented, remove the rice and rinse it in cold water. Boil with sugar and ginger, and set aside to cool. Pour some of the drink into a cup, add some rice sugar, and top it off with pine nuts.


Sujeonggwa (수정과, Persimmon punch)

Sujeonggwa is a sweet and pungent traditional drink that is customarily used as a palate cleanser. Usually made on New Year’s Day (January 1 by the lunar calendar), Sujeonggwa is made using dried sweet persimmons, cinnamon, and ginger. The ingredients combine to produce a fragrant aromatic drink that is said to warm the body and even cure hangovers. Together with sikhye, sujeonggwa has long been a favorite traditional beverage of the Korean people, and can easily be found in retail stores in cans or plastic bottles. It is also often served as a dessert in traditional Korean restaurants.

* Recipe:Simmer ginger and cinnamon sticks and then add sugar or honey. Garnish with dried persimmon and pine nuts.


For more information about Korean tea and Korean culture, please visit the Official Korea Tourism Organization Website.

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Pet Beverage Bottles Are One Of The Trends For Future Development

Pet Beverage Bottles Are One Of The Trends For Future Development

PET beverage packaging as the packaging aspect of food production enterprises, more than 30 years people have been exploring ways to replace Glass bottle And tin cans in the packaging materials and containers, and plastic is the best material currently available. It has the characteristics of light weight, can reduce transportation costs. But not every plastic are suitable for Food Packaging . Polyester (PET) food packaging material appears to be a rapid development. The first use of PET bottles soft drinks business in the United States Coca-Cola Company, they used to replace 1.5-liter PET bottles 1 liter glass bottles, resulting in increased sales by 27%. PET containers after the food and beverage packaging gradually become a popular “hot demand.” PET containers light weight and strong firm attracted customers by the market. There is also a big advantage of PET material that can form any shape (the applicability of good), but also can be processed into line with people’s habit of color, text and images can be Print .

PET beverage bottles are one of the trends for future development

Domestic PET bottle of mainstream products, initially limited to colas, mineral water, distilled water used in drinks like packaging container, the application of its excellent performance and reasonable price widely welcomed by users in these drinks packaging Based on the successful application of recent years has been in the heat-resistant PET bottle bottled drinks black tea, green tea, Juice And edible oil, cosmetics, medicine, pesticide and other industries to expand its applications. It is reported that in 1996 China’s production of PET bottle 3 billion in 1998 rose to 5 billion in 2000 to reach 8 billion, 9 billion in 2001, 2002, to reach 10 billion, 13 billion in 2004 to become Plastic packaging materials Largest increase variety. Particularly since 2001 with the sudden emergence of the domestic market of tea drink (tea production in 2001 reached 3,000,000 t), tea beverages 85 ~ 90 hot filling PET bottle PET bottle has become the fastest growing in recent years species. At the same time, PET aseptic cold filling bottle the trend of the rise in Japan and other countries, cause for concern. Aseptic cold filling PET bottle technology will reduce the number of applications the importance of hot-fill PET bottles, PET bottles to increase non-heat-resistant PET bottle production in the whole of GDP. Mentioned earlier non- Carbonated beverages Fruit juice, vegetable juice, various flavors of tea drinks, dairy products, coffee, etc., the traditional hot filling perfusion techniques are used, but this technology PET bottles require a higher (must use high-temperature hot-fill PET bottles ), it was reported that Japan already has one-third of non-carbonated beverages using aseptic cold filling technology, therefore, that the future development of PET beverage bottles are one of the trends. A report said the new nutrient-based drinks and flavors added products can help revitalize the stagnant special drink bottled water market, and PET resin and PET bottle suppliers to bring new opportunities.

Recession in the global economy environment, the 2009 pairs of plastic food and beverage packaging industry in China will no doubt be a cold winter, but the ability of PET bottle industry is expected to warm more than other plastic packaging industry stronger. This is mainly the Chinese beverage market in recent years, especially fruit juice and tea drinks market growing rapidly. As the most mainstream of the current beverage packaging materials will also benefit from this PET bottle, so, PET bottles will have greater market opportunities.


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2009, two battle for food security

“Dumex mystery,” Who comes?

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Why Green Tea is a Great Fat Burner Choice

Why Green Tea is a Great Fat Burner Choice

Many people who wish to lose weight are looking for a healthy and safe supplement that works with dietary and exercise changes they have made to meet their goals. In this case a green tea fat burner can be a good choice for anyone trying to burn away excess body fat. If you are unsure of green teas weight loss attributes here are several reasons why it can be a good choice.

Overall, green tea is known to be good for its healthy benefits even for those who are not trying to lose weight. It is chock full of antioxidants which help rid the body of free radicals as well as toxins which many feel are linked to many health problems and diseases. One of the things many of its proponents point to is that those who use it find themselves feeling more energetic and able to do more physical activity. This, of course, leads to more calories burned through out the day.

Green tea is also very functional in that it can be used in many different ways as a fat burner. It can be made into tinctures which are placed under the tongue and seep into the blood stream quickly, giving you its benefits almost instantaneously. It can also be packages in capsules (gelpacks) which provide a more long term sustained release. You can also get its benefits simply by drinking it because it is, after all, a tea.

Probably the most compelling reason to use a green tea fat burner is that it is safe for nearly everyone who wishes to use it. It doesn’t cause the nervous jitters that many fat burners are known for because of the low amount of caffeine it contains. With the added benefit of antioxidants green tea has little to no side effects for most people. It can be a great addition to any weight loss program that incorporates a healthy diet and exercise.

For more information about Green Tea and how it will help you to meet your weight loss goals please click here.

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Bulk Tea | Bulk Organic Tea | Bulk Green Tea | Bulk Organic Green Tea | Green Tea | Organic Tea | Yogi Botanicals | Ranbir Singh Bhai | Khalsa | Sikh

Bulk Tea | Bulk Organic Tea | Bulk Green Tea | Bulk Organic Green Tea | Green Tea | Organic Tea | Yogi Botanicals | Ranbir Singh Bhai | Khalsa | Sikh

Gru Tea brings to the table an in-depth understanding of teas from around the world, infused with the Indian health and holistic concepts of Ayurveda, and enveloped with taste in every sip.

Ranbir Singh Bhai is the co-founder of “Yogi Tea-a renowned lifestyle tea in USA since 80s”. His experience and realization became the vision of Gru Tea: to inspire the well being of mind, body and spirit with the simple art of tea.

Gru Tea’s dedication to provide the finest teas can be found in the highest-quality ingredients it sources through its sister company Yogi Botanicals and the wisdom it applies when combining herbs and spices at processing and blending sites in Germany and India, while also acting socially responsible by protecting the earth’s natural resources. All Gru teas contain naturally organic ingredients in variable proportion. Our worldwide team of growers, processors, packers, blenders and tasters are committed to deliver the product and service for our clients.

We are thankful to all who have contributed in this journey from growers to processors and to fellow tea drinkers for their aspiring contribution and upliftment of our experience as their choice.

Gru Tea uses 100 percent recycled and recyclable paper in its packaging, as well as vegetable-based inks and dyes. Tea bags are 100 percent oxygen bleached and use pure cotton strings and staples made of inert metal.

CTC and orthodox teas are sourced from our partner tea estates in Darjeeling and Assam. Teas are sold in bulk form packed in paper sacks, jute bags or tea chests.

We have a taste for tea. And nothing tastes better than teas that are sustainably farmed and socially beneficial.

All tea comes from the “Camellia sinensis,” an evergreen shrub that may grow up to 60 feet in the wild. When cultivated for harvest, the tea bushes are kept to a height of about three feet. There are over 3000 varieties of tea, each with its own specific characteristics.

Tea is harvested after each flush – the sprouting of the top two leaves and the bud. The top two leaves and the bud are hand plucked and then processed into any of the four types of tea: Black, Green, Oolong, and White.

Black tea is withered, fully oxidized and dried. Black tea yields a hearty, amber-colored brew. Some of the popular black teas include English Breakfast and Darjeeling.

Green tea skips the oxidizing step. It is simply withered and then dried. It has a more delicate taste and is pale green / golden in color.

Oolong tea is popular in China. It is withered, partially oxidized, and dried. Oolong is a cross between black and green tea in color and taste.

White tea is the least processed. A very rare tea from China, White tea is not oxidized or rolled, but simply withered and dried by steaming.
A range of herbal blends and health formulations can be developed as per our customers’ requests. Let GRU TEA customize a healthful blend of teas, herbs and spices personalized just for you. Enjoy tastes and flavors that conform to the following themes:
Touch the soul: Savor the enchanting flavors with sweet aroma of spices sourced from the world, truly from organic land and expertly blended, balanced with health & taste.

Soothe the mind: Nourish your mental state of mind with effective combinations of herbs nurtured in natural organic niche to relax & soothe your mind.

Live your Health: Enjoy the effective herbal tea benefits under these flavors which will be blended for your health needs.

Herbal Green Teas: Experience the anti- oxidant properties of the rich and active principles in finest quality of green tea leaves blended with a variety of healthful herbs & spices sourced specifically for your need.

Organic or Naturally Organic ingredients for blending and developing tea mixtures can be supplied in bulk. Please visit www.yogibotanicals.com for raw materials supply.

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Green Tea Diet Plan

Green Tea Diet Plan

The advantages of green tea are typically inescapable fact great. Physicians as well as dietary specialists explain that the health advantages from the tea on the body are usually so extraordinary. Tea intake is the vital thing to long life and also a wellness in addition to sustainability. The advantages of this kind of tea are tremendous and can include boosting entire body defences to various wellness enhancement problems.

The different advantages of this tea to your body are a great number of the fact that tea is today’s well-known wonder healthy drink. Gains produced by researchers to understand the advantages of this tea in our body prove truthful. This tea is among the most invaluable herbal treatments and medicines in our times. The habit of consuming tea ought to be emulated by every person and green tea needs to be made a suggestion to ensure that individuals can obtain wellness together with these advantages inside a full package.

The advantages of this tea include weight reduction and many forms of cancer prevention. Here are a few the health advantages from the tea.

• Assists in weight reduction – Shedding pounds have turned into a dream of many individuals around the globe. Green tea helps individuals with this problem to shed pounds without demanding and intense programs.

• Helps with protection against cancer – green tea help our body cease development of malignant cells making our body attain defence to cancer.

• Alleviates headaches.

• Helps with alleviating major depression.

• Assists our body to destroy down ldl cholesterol; this is important in weight reduction and supervision and modification of heart disease which come due to bad cholesterol.

• Eliminates oral smells.

• Assists in reducing rheumatism.

• Helps with the circulation of blood and regulation.

• Assists in controlling coronary heart complications.

• Stops microbial infection and assisting in impaired defence functions.

In conclusion, you’ll find nothing around the globe that may give this kind of useful benefits in one package deal. There must be a nutritional professional recommendation for green tea to ensure that we are able to manage to possess this kind of healthful lifestyles. We ought to all begin using green tea as a mandatory health supplement.

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Plastic bottles cans towards "downsizing" is a disguised price increases for packaging – plastic bottles, cans, price hikes – the pl

Plastic bottles cans towards "downsizing" is a disguised price increases for packaging – plastic bottles, cans, price hikes – the pl

HC plastic net News: Recently, the reporter saw a lot of drinks in the supermarket have changed the new package, think fresh, they bought a few bottles. Accidentally found that some changed his drink packaging capacity reduced, but the price has not declined. Reporter visited further found that in addition to playing the new drinks out of “downsizing”, the mineral water bottles are thin, and beverage bottles from the iron into aluminum … …

Phenomenon 1: plastic bottles cans towards “downsizing”

5 2 at noon, reporters came to Taoyuan branch of Beijing Hualian supermarket to see the new Sprite lemon flavored soft drink green tea out of 500 ml, but the price is 2.5 yuan, and 600 ml of Sprite is a traditional price; farmers orchards replaced with new packaging, the addition of the bottlenecks of the design spiral pattern, the net content reduced from the original 600ml to 500ml; unity more and Nestle Orange Icy Tea has also switched to market, net contents were reduced from a 450ml 500ml and 480ml. In addition, the cans have long been quietly done a “thin” works. “The current market for Coke, Sprite, Fanta and other drinks in cans, packaging has been dropped from the 355ml 330ml, but the price did not decline.”

Phenomena 2: beverage cans aluminum material change from the iron

Addition to mineral water bottles, the reporter found that some drinks from the shape of the packaging materials are changed.

In shape, mainly drink put on a “spiral pattern jacket” careful consumer will find more and more bottles now become the middle of a small, but have added a “helical” and ” spiral-pattern “is a direct consequence of reduced net content drinks.

And rising raw material prices due to “change” were canned drinks, which Wong Lo Kat has replaced the original tin and aluminum cans, feels very soft and feel good as before cans. It is reported that, compared to steel cans, aluminum cans can save the cost of each is about 0.2 yuan for each beverage packaging material costs can be reduced by about 15%. According to Wong Lo Kat in the number of 3 billion pot calculation, 30% replaced by aluminum cans each year would save only this one cost 200 million yuan.

Consumers: for package prices are in effect

Reporter interviewed within the supermarket to buy drinks for five people, including 4 that did not notice after the listing of new packaging, drinks shrink capacity. “In the past I really do not care about beverage content, reduced packaging, but prices did not change, this is not a disguised price increase equal to it?” Public Zhang aunt said.

Mr Lee also said: “less than 50 ml, you do not say who know ah!” Miss Zhang is a heart, she had noticed changes in drinks: “In fact, after the Spring Festival this year, a number of beverage companies have been in use a change package ‘prices had quietly’. such as Sprite, old packaging content 600 ml, 500 ml new packaging content only, priced at roughly the same; unified Orange and more, dress up from the 500 ml into 450 ml; Nestle new out “original leaf” series has become a 480 ml cup of tea. ”

‘s A rough calculation, the original price of 2.5 yuan a 600ml drink bottle, look at reducing the 100ml, net weight was reduced by 1 / 6, the corresponding price of about 2.08 yuan, while the current price has not changed, rather was replaced with new packaging, the price has gone up.

Expert: costs should not be passed on to consumers

Replacement for packaged drinks shrink the net content of the phenomenon, experts say, steel and plastic as well as crude oil prices rising, does result in increased production costs of enterprises, businesses find ways to cope, this is a good side. This sum of money should not be passed on by the consumers, the bottle is not a great proportion of total costs, the impact on businesses is not very big. Enterprises should also have the ability to digest their own. Moreover, the current situation, mineral water, beverages said profit is not the point of an imperative need to reduce capacity. Newspaper’s chief reporter Gu Hongyu

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