help nature| know paper recycling myths

help nature| know paper recycling myths

Paper plus paper products are the biggest solitary component of society’s garbage stream.  The progress in order to repurpose paper plus generate products is primarily an effort diminish the quantity of high-priced, disposable leftover.  When we select to use repurposed paper for our businesses and homes, we is not going to have to sacrifice class.  Recycled paper is readily offered in many different high quality grades meeting similar official specifications for as virgin (tree) paper.  The well-quality using repurposed paper carries advanced substantially over the years, in order that it performs well in company copiers, fax equipment, printers as well as printing equipment.

The very first Paper Mill included in the U.S.  Repurposed

Believe it or not, the very first paper mill originated within the U.S. colonies in 1690 on the point of Philadelphia, as well as operated as a recycling mill.  The paper mill shaped paper from repurposed cotton and rags.  It wasn’t until the 1800s this papermakers educated to generate paper from trees.  Back as a result papermakers considering the assets from the forest have been boundless plus capable of continually renewing itself.  Today we realize that our natural resources do have limits and even sustainable options have to be applied      to guard the world’s environmental surroundings.

Only the Facts

Recycled paper has become widely used in goods these days.  Newspapers, periodicals, books catalogs, junk mail, hankie as well as wipe items, packaging products and even much more utilize recycled paper.  Nonetheless, there are numerous myths around recycling and recycled paper.

1: Recycled paper would not have a very superb appearance. You can easily look for a kind of class as well as grades obtainable.  You may locate paper created just for business cards, letterhead, as well as brochures, tissue plus towel papers and extra just because simply within recycled paper items.  Recycled paper is usually cost-comparative to virgin paper.

2: It is not going to sound right to purchase recycled goods because they look price greater. Inside the situations where recycled paper carries cost more than virgin paper,     the average charge difference is usually around 10 to 20-percent.  This tremendous advantages towards the surroundings outweight this price difference in spite of everything

3: You compromise value after you go with recycled paper items. When recycled paper was first offered, it was acknowledged for being discolored as well as uneven in texture and appearance.  Today’s recycled paper solutions having perhaps 100-percent submit customer content are comparable within well-quality to virgin paper products

4: All paper is recycled currently reason being. Basically post-consumer recycled paper includes solely about 10-percent inside the printing and stationary advertise.  90-percent of these industries may still utilize virgin paper.

5: The bad quality of recycled paper emerges paper jams in machinery. You shouldn t have any trouble discovery quality, recycled paper to use in printers, fax equipment copiers and also other gear.  No matter if you are using recycled paper or virgin paper the key is to select the acceptable paper for your task (e.g. imprinter paper for the copier).

6: The fibers in recycled paper produce excess dust which could damage equipment. This is not only a recycled paper concern.  Even if you decide on recycled paper or virgin paper, make sure to use high quality paper to reduce the incidence of grime.

7: Tree-free and chlorine-free recycled paper is the best. This is an example of distorted definitions.  “Tree-free” refers to another fiber resource like hemp, kenaf or cotton that is certainly used to make the paper.  “Chlorine-free” refers to the bleaching process.  These terms aren’t straight relevant to the recycling method.  The majority of recycled papers nonetheless, are labeled as digested chlorine-free (PCF) which tends to make them environmentally friendly in this extra method.

8: Burning paper for energy is much better than recycling.  Paper may be recycled again and again numerous times.  This protects trees, water, power and reduces air pollution, rising the worth of recycling.

9: Recycling paper costs the environment. Lastly, recycling conserves the environment by means of saving trees, water and energy.  Nonetheless, there is a sludge produced from recycling as in virgin paper making.  Many marsh checks non-poisonous, however toxic marsh could be appropriately disposed of.

10: Buying recycled paper doesn’t certainly aid the environment. This is probably the biggest myth of all.  Paper that goes into landfills Produce large amounts of methane gas.  This contributes to global warming.  The Environmental Protection Bureau reports that virgin paper decomposition in landfills is definitely one of the largest sources of methane.  Additionally the fabricate of recycled paper saves on energy, water, pollution and reduces pressures on our declining forests.

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<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>Paper Recycling Myths| Misconceptions</a>

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Plastic Bags – How They Can Help You Organize Your Kitchen

Plastic Bags – How They Can Help You Organize Your Kitchen

Plastic bags are not just for bringing home items from the market anymore, but they also help organize our homes. The home is the place where you and your family should spend your precious moments enjoying each other’s company. It can sometimes be very depressing to see that your home has been lost to all the unavoidable clutter, leaving your family disorganized. It is our responsibility to keep our homes clean and well-organized; not only for us, but for the sake of our household. One area of your home that can really get messy is the kitchen, which can be organized with the use of plastic bags.

The kitchen is where you prepare your family’s food. It is very important to keep it well-organized because the kitchen is normally the first place that house pests like roaches and rats attack, mainly because of all the spoilage of perishable goods. Here is where you can utilize these items to your advantage. The first thing that you can do is to gather all of your plastic bags together in one place, say, on your cupboard. The key is for you not to get drowned by all of these items that can really clutter up your kitchen space. Put them in a place where you can easily see them. Separate the big bags from the small ones so you can just easily pick from any of the two groups to suit whatever you are looking for at the time.

The smaller and more airtight plastic bags are better for storing food that can easily be spoiled. You can even use this as a container for your children’s snack or packed lunch for school. You can also tape labels on them so you can better categorize the food that is stored in the airtight plastic container. The bigger bags are great for use as trash bags or for a way to group together all of your other kitchen clutters like bottles, cans and others small things.
You can then easily store all of this clutter away that you have grouped into individual categories per plastic bag into a storage place. You can also use these big bags as a way to protect your kitchen supplies that are not in use and are stored away from unnecessary house pest damage. You can regain control of your home and especially your kitchen with a little organization skill using plastic bags.

You can also bring some organization to your office by using plastic mailing bags and resealable plastic bags.

Cassie Williams is a writer and researcher. She loves writing about home and family.

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Plastic Water Bottles and Ocean Pollution
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Get the Help from Samsung Blue Earth in Getting the Message Across

Get the Help from Samsung Blue Earth in Getting the Message Across

As parents, we all hope for a better world for our children to live in the future. But with the concerns on global warming, fuel, water and food production shortages and other environment related concerns, it is hard to imagine what kind of world we will be leaving our children with.

An unlikely ally is the Samsung Blue Earth. Produced by the Korean company Samsung, the Blue Earth is a touch screen phone that is looking to reduce energy consumption and waste. It is made of recycled plastic derived from water bottles and comes with solar panels that allow you to recharge while using it on the go. It provides not just convenience but also savings on conventional energy consumption. Should you need to recharge after the sun has retired for the night, a wall charger that is 5 star certified as energy efficient is provided.

The interface reminds us to further save on energy by switching on eco mode to dim the back lights when the phone is on standby. It is easily accessible at the home screen. It also comes in recyclable packaging materials that also use bio-derived soybean oil as ink for printing.

Child Friendly

If you would really have to give your child a mobile phone, despite warnings of its ill-effects on children’s sleeping habits, social behavior and over-all health, the Samsung Blue Earth is the best choice. This mobile phone, including the charger, is free of harmful and toxic substances such as Beryllium, Phthalate and Brominated Flame Retardants, that are commonly used in electronic gadgets.

But the mobile phone could not be likened to a child’s plaything. It is packed with features expected of the modern-day smart phone that goes beyond the call and text messaging functionalities. It can in fact be your phone for either personal of business use.

A Way to the Future

Industry insiders and technology researchers are saying that the future of mobile phones belongs to the touch screens. Let me also add that the best way to the future of touch screens is by the green path. Yes sir, the Samsung trailblazes the way to more sustainable electronic gadget use by tapping on renewable energy technology as a main feature of the mobile phone. We hope that other manufacturers follow the way and do it sooner. For parents like me, this is good news as I see a cleaner and more sustainable future for my children should industries behave this way.

Giving the Right Message

Efforts by mobile phone manufacturers and other technology companies are still few. But the springing out of a few green phones and technologies are definitely an improvement. Technology has often been perceived to be synonymous with waste. Electronic gadgets, including the colossal desktops, are usually left behind in favor of new shiny, sleeker and more “high-tech” models, even if they are still functional and does the job that we generally require. And energy consumption rise everytime we add another functionality into our gadgets.

It would be good to start sending out the message both to companies and the young people by patronizing items and technologies that are designed with our environment’s well-being in mind.

To see what Samsung Blue Earth contracts are available you can take a look at Moby1. They allow you to compare all the latest mobile phone deals for the Blue Earth and many other phones, and they have mobile reviews so you can learn more about a phone you may be thinking about buying.

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Bottle openers that help ailing people with easy opening solutions

Bottle openers that help ailing people with easy opening solutions


Kitchen tools are an integral part of every house hold and these are very important for the day to day activities. One such tool is an opener which is an essential kitchen entity that is used by people of all ages whether young or old. Every one wants to enjoy a nice drink but the only thing that separates your thirst and the drink bottle is the tightly sealed cap which is tough to tackle bare handedly. Hence comes in the usage of an opener, but many openers require a lot of effort when it comes to opening metal caps, plastic caps etc. Also opening cans is a difficult thing to undertake for most people.


Therefore keeping this factor in mind easy to open solutions have now been introduced in the market which are very easy to handle as per they require only little force. These openers have features that are up beat and stand apart from the rest. These openers can be used on a variety of containers, bottles, cans quickly, safely and with ease without any efforts. Especially designed and created in a way to serve those people who need extra force to open with ease most of the different variety of containers around the market.


Openers with easy to use properties are also referred to as assistive devices as they help people with medical conditions to fulfill household chores successfully. Hence patients who suffer from debilitating conditions can also enjoy a nice cool drink without having to take any second persons help.


This is also an arthritis aid as older people usually suffer with this condition that makes their joints almost futile. Hence opening any container or bottle can be a very painful procedure for these people. But with these special openers everything seems just too easy and flexible. Apart from that these bottle openers have a 3 in 1 utility as they can open all kinds of bottle caps and cans including pop-ups, tin caps, screw of tops and is also magnetic in property so this means that you have the benefit of sticking it around any area of your house be it you refrigerator, car or any other metal panel. So wherever you are or for whatever purpose you this ergonomic and durable opener, this device can go a long way in keeping you happy and satisfied as a customer whenever the need arises without fail.



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Breast Milk Storage Bottle Can Help Store the Mother’s Milk Safely

Breast Milk Storage Bottle Can Help Store the Mother’s Milk Safely

Breast feeding is one of the most important activities as far as an infant is concerned. This is so because the breast milk has a lot of proteins and antibodies that are very crucial for the infant. The milk helps him develop an immunity of his own.

Things to be kept in mind while storing breast milk
– The breast milk should be always stored in breast milk storage bottles that have sealable tops.
– Before the milk is poured into the bottles, it should be ensured that the bottles are properly sterilized and cleansed.
– The breast milk should be stored in small amounts and as per the requirements of the infant so that no milk is wasted.
– The milk should not be kept for more than 6 hours in room temperature, more than 6 days in the refrigerator and 6 months in the standard freezers.

Breast milk storage containers and bottles
Breast milk can be effectively stored in the bottles, which fit directly on the breast pump that you are using. After you pump your breasts you are just required to take out the pumping tubes, cover them with the bottle lids, label the poured milk and then put the bottle safely in the fridge. Many of the breast-pump carrying-cases come with built in cooler like compartments. They can be used for the purpose of storing the ice packs or the recently pumped milk bottles. If used optimally and properly, these cool the pumped milk till you come home and store it in the freezer or the refrigerator.

While selecting the breast milk storage bottles
When you go to the market you will find a plethora of breast milk storage bottles. The biggest question is how to select the bottle that will serve the best function. Bottles made from glass, stainless steel and/or plastic are easily available in the market.

The most important thing that you should keep in mind when selecting breast milk storage bottles is that how long you plan to store the milk. One of the milk storage options, the storage bags are especially meant for freezing. If you are looking forward to buy those bottle liners, which are disposable, then they may need additional protection for preventing leakage and possible contamination. If you would want to freeze the milk in harder containers, then it is best to opt for glass bottles and storage containers. This is so because they are least absorbent and thus provide the maximum protection. They allow the milk to expand when frozen.

Plastic containers versus glass containers
Ample researches have been conducted to find out which of the breast milk storage bottles are best – the glass ones or the plastic ones. Most of the studies claim that the glass bottles should be the first choice as they are better for the purpose of storing milk as they provide utmost protection from any plausible contamination. The second choice should be the hard plastic and the third should be the cloudy hard plastic.

Please visit Breast Pump Product and Baby Milk Bottles for more information

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Be Lazy And Help The Planet

Be Lazy And Help The Planet

We don’t mean sitting back and not taking action. However, being lazy in some respects can help reduce emissions and help the planet. Going green doesn’t have to be a chore.

Five ways to be lazy and help the planet:

Let the laundry pile up – and leave the dishes for awhile. By waiting until clothes are truly dirty (not just worn) and until you have a full load, you can reduce the emissions required to run your washer. Same goes for dishes – dishwashers can actually be quite energy and water efficient if they are run on a full load.

Get your food delivered – Instead of making a trip to the grocery store, consider getting a seasonal box of organic locally grown produce delivered to your door. According to a University of Exeter study, on average, lower carbon emissions result from delivering a vegetable box than making a trip to a local farm shop. Considering that most food at your local supermarket is processed and packaged from regions around the world, you’re reducing some serious food miles. Check the Green Pages green directory for your local delivery service.

Work your neighbours and friends – For other groceries and essentials, consider switching off with a neighbour to make the weekly trip. Rather than two vehicles heading for the same destination every week, you can let your neighbour do some of the heavy lifting while you kick back and have a beer. With other trips, instead of driving, see if you can bum a ride from a friend. (Of course, you’ll have to return the favour every once in awhile!)

Shop online – Gift shopping too big a chore? Ditch the shops and jump online. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, reports that “desktop shoppers” are estimated to reduce substantial emissions by reducing the number of trips made in cars. “Trucks make multiple deliveries per trip, so that impact is reduced,” notes ORNL environmental scientist Jesse Miller. Also, while private parcel services add runs based on deliveries, the post makes the same number of runs regardless of package deliveries, so there is no net gain with them.

Leave grass clippings on the lawn – they contain great nutrients that are beneficial for your lawn and save landfill space. Cut back on artificial fertilisers and considering mowing less often to help reduce emissions.

Find more great green tips at the Green Pages green directory

Visit your leading sustainability directory and news source at Green Pages green directory

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Green Ecological Products Can Help Save the Earth

Green Ecological Products Can Help Save the Earth

Green ecological products are becoming more popular, we now recognize those companies that realize the importance of green ecological products. Our efforts to preserve earth to have clean water, clear skies and contaminate free soil, trying to reverse our current path of filling the air and water and soil with toxins and contaminants, perhaps we can return to a pristine earth by choosing green ecological products, we will be taking steps in the right direction. If you have noticed the various forms of pollution and the damage they cause to the world around us harming the ecosystems, animals and humans, it’s plain to see the importance of choosing green ecological products.

There are various different categories for Green ecological products to go under.

organic certified, in general it means produced without pesticides or harmful fertilizes, a good choice for a green ecological product. Britannica defines it as the following “there’s some variation: the National Organic Standards Board considers organic agriculture to be “an ecological production management system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. It is based on minimal use of off-farm inputs and on management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony.”

Green A green product, is environmentally and socially responsible, respectful of the world and the natural environment, it is a term used more so in the electronic industry, but also applies to many other industries as they aim to use less harmful components, bio-plastics less packaging, trying to eliminate harmful chemicals like fire retardants, all things green ecological.

Environmentally friendly has two dictionary definition they are #1 ‘Not damaging to the environment, or directed at preventing environmental damage.’ #2 ‘Minimizing harm to natural world: designed to minimize harm to the natural world, e.g. by using biodegradable ingredients. So being friendly to the environment is definitely doable, and these green ecological products can become more commonplace’

Fair trade, It is a socially conscious program that prevents the workers from being exploited, and ensuring they get a fair wage, a popular fair trade program has been associated with coffee such as kicking horse and Jane Goodall’s brand.

Recycled, things are new products made from old, be it of plastic cardboard metal paper or glass, these materials are given a new lease of life, or by simply donating used items to thrift stores.

Sustainable Forestry, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) put their mark on products that respect the forest ecosystems, wildlife habitats, local communities and water quality, to meet their standards, the wood and resulting products are tracked from beginning to end for complying to the correct standards.

Green ecological products come in all forms, but invariably are of some benefit to our world, it is also possible to choose products that can be recycled like paper, or provide recycling such as composters, an invaluable service highly recommend, worms or standard composters and the composting toilet, helping to keep sewage out of the ocean. Reducing waste input to landfills and methane gas production is an important consideration for individuals and industries although some resourceful companies have been able to harness the methane output and to use it for manufacturing thus producing green ecological products.

Green ecological products come in all forms, but invariably are of some benefit to our world It is also possible to choose products that can be recycled like paper, or provide recycling such as composters that provide an invaluable service highly recommend from worms and garden waste to the composting toilet, helping to keep sewage out of the oceans

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How Eco Friendly Water Bottles Can Improve Your Health and Help Save The Planet

How Eco Friendly Water Bottles Can Improve Your Health and Help Save The Planet

As you have probably seen, eco friendly water bottles are becoming more and more popular now as people learn of the potential dangers that plastic containers can present, and the harm they do to the environment when thrown away.

However, to be true eco friendly water bottles they should be made of stainless steel or glass. The very best stainless steel ones have no chemical liner and are BPA free.

This has been the problem with plastic bottles with over 60,000,000 of them used and thrown away each day in the US!  They can take thousands of years to break down and cause our landfills to become so full.

In addition, the chemicals in the plastic will leach out over time and into the contents, putting your health and well-being at risk. In fact no one knows just how bad the long term health effects of this could be.

If you have read the press lately you will know that we have thousands of toxic chemicals in our water supplies and so the ultimate solution for good health is to have a home filtration system of some kind and bottle your own water!

If you do a little research you can find high quality eco friendly water bottles that are either glass or stainless steel, depending on your preference and that are free from any chemicals. Be aware that some still may contain harmful chemicals in the lining so check the site carefully.

It’s scary to think what we will do in the future with sixty million plastic bottles being thrown away each day, as one day we are surely going to run out of space and options.

It is up to us to be more earth friendly and avoid filling up the landfills with unnecessary waste when such easy and eco friendly alternatives are available to us.

Visit my website today if you would like to learn more about the types of eco friendly water bottles that I personally recommend and use.


Discover the best home water purifier today.

Ray Hamilton is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the incredible benefits of safe, clean healthy filtered water. Discover which products Ray recommends after extensive research.

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Global Warming: 4 Tips To Help Slow it Down

Global Warming: 4 Tips To Help Slow it Down

Global Warming is happening, and it’s up to us to stop it. Every time we step into our car to run an errand, or buy take out for supper, we are adding to the affects our world’s over consumption of fossil fuels is having on the environment.

Global Warming isn’t just about adding a few degrees to the world’s overall temperature. It’s about melting ice caps that will slowly erode some of the world’s most fertile farmlands, making growing the food the world consumes harder and harder. It’s about people displaced in places like London, New York and Bangkok, because of rising ocean waters that will flood most low-lying homelands across the globe. And it’s about the spread of what were once inoculate diseases to the western world, like malaria and TB, as insects which thrive on higher temperatures continue to breed and spread diseases at a faster rate.

Global warming affects everyone. And it’ll take a little work from everyone across the globe to get it under control. It’s no longer “their” problem. It’s ours. Here are 4 things we can all do help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being released (and trapped), into our atmosphere every minute of every day:

Conserve Electricity. There are dozens of ways every person on earth can conserve electricity every day – without interfering with the way we live our lives:

-Turn off lights, appliances, TV’s and computers when not in use. One computer monitor left on overnight uses enough energy to print more than 5,000 copies.

-Buy only energy efficient appliances.

-Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible.

-Wrap your water heater and keep the temperature at 130 degrees or lower.

-Install a programmable thermostat.

-Turn off the AC and open the doors and windows.

-Replace traditional light bulbs with newer, long lasting and energy efficient varieties.

Save Water. Everyday precious fresh water resources are lost to laziness and neglect. Help save the world’s water supplies by:

-Put a plastic bottle full of water inside your toilet tank. Toilets use between 3-5 gallons of water with every flush. By eliminating some room in the tank with the bottle, you’ll save up to 1 gallon of water every time it’s flushed.

-Fix leaky pipes and drippy faucets right away.

-Wash only full loads of laundry.

-Collect and use rain water to water plants, feed animals and wash outdoor furniture and cars.

Recycle and Reuse. It can take 5 years for a cardboard milk container to biodegrade in a landfill. Try these recycling tips to help save the earth:

-Fill those community-recycling buckets. Check with your municipality to see what types of items they offer recycling pickup for, and then kick all of your newspaper, magazines, junk mail and assorted paper products out to the curb. Don’t forget about your household plastics, aluminum and cardboard.

-Stop buying disposal utensils, plates, napkins and cups. Use washable items and save a ton of landfill space, as well as money.

-Reuse food containers such as mayonnaise jars, coffee cans, even those cute little plastic baby food containers. They’re great for storing leftovers and other small items.

Go Green. Get back into nature by:

-Plant a backyard garden or a few trees at the neighborhood park.

-Switch to all-natural cleaning supplies.

-Start a compost pile in your backyard or with a group of neighbors.

Buy organic.

-Eat only fresh fruits and vegetables. It’ll save on packaging waste.

More Global Warming Environment Articles at Get Your Own Successful Niche Website Network at Get Your Niche Website with

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Over 400 people stopped by Madison Square Park in NYC on Saturday, September 19th to kick off Recycle Glass Week and recycle their empty glass containers, cans, and plastic bottles. On Sunday, September 20th Little Bottle met up with glass recyclers in NYC, stopping at celebrated landmarks. On Monday, September 21st, ‘friends of glass’ held up Little Bottle’s posters in the outdoor broadcast area of Rockefeller Center at the Today Show to spread the word about the benefits of glass container recycling. They even got to meet Matt, Meredith, and Al, who as expected, are ‘friends of glass’! Find out more at!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Use Your Imagination to Help The Environment

Use Your Imagination to Help The Environment

Just about anything imaginable can be recycled. Either through government programs, paid companies or for personal use, the options for recycling are amazing. Since the beginning of time, people have been junking up the environment with their garbage. Recycling is a way to stop the trend and reuse items that don’t really need to go to waste.

When it comes to recycling, there are some considerations. Since some items can be recycled for use by companies to make new products, it’s not a bad idea to look into government recycling programs to assist in this effort. And while some communities have mandatory recycling, others do not. No matter where a person lives, however, there are ways to get involved in recycling.

Here are some ideas of how to recycle regular household garbage:
* Cans, bottles, plastics, papers. All of these things are generally accepted by curb side recycling services. Many cities and county governments across America and in other countries require recycling and make the effort fairly easy for their residents to take part in. Glass, too, is sometimes taken by these services. In many cases, special tubs or bags will be required to make the recyclables stand out from the garbage and some sorting and cleaning might be needed, too. All in all though, these services do make it easier to help the environment.
* Composting. A compost bin in a backyard is a great way to put organic waste to good use. There’s no reason to throw out food products and so on when they can serve as a rich fertilizer for trees and plants.
* Tires. Some communities offer tire recycling services. The rubber from the treads can be reused for a number of things. Perhaps one of the most interesting is for playground matting to protect young children from dips, falls and tumbles.
* Boxes, bags and so on. The things gifts and packages tend to come in generally can be stored and used again. Why spend on a gift bag when you got 10 for Christmas and they’re all in good working order? There’s no need to throw these things away when they can come in handy down the road for other occasions.
* Metal scraps. Some industrial recycling sites take metals other than aluminum. Copper, for example, can be worth a pretty penny, too. Check with local recycling places to see what’s accepted and what’s not before driving around to dump off a load. When dealing with wires, such as copper, most places will require the insulation be stripped first, too.
* Soup cans, toilet paper and paper towel rolls and so on. These things are loved by local elementary school art teachers. Even things like tissue boxes, baby food jars and beyond can be used in arts and crafts projects. Check with your local school to see if they need any of these items before you throw them in the trash or consider creating your own projects at home with the little ones.

With a little imagination and some persistence almost anything that’s not dangerous can be recycled. For those things that are pretty basic and routine, many communities offer free recycling services and for those that don’t, there are commercial locations. Depending on what’s being recycled, a person who does the leg work can even get paid.

Copyright (c) 2006

Aaron Vaughn writes about Recycling and you can find more news and innovations about recycling at the website Recycle Anything .

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