A New Heat-Resistant Plastic "ring Treasure" Bottles And More Competitive

A New Heat-Resistant Plastic "ring Treasure" Bottles And More Competitive

The past two years in the domestic beverage supermarket shelves, in addition to domed stadiums Coke, Sprite and other carbonated beverages, non-carbonated health drinks (tea, fruit water, fruit juice) in the market is quietly rising. Tea beverages, for example, 1997 annual output of less than 20 million tons; in 1998 to reach nearly 40 million tons; in 1999, “the sun rose,” “Chef Kang” and “unification”, “Huiyuan” “Odyssey,” “Gatorade” “Bi-Cheng Lu “and some domestic power companies have to market high-quality, multi-flavored non-carbonated beverages. Is expected in the near future, non-carbonated drinks will become the mainstream of China’s soft drinks.

With the rapid development of non-carbonated beverages, packaged as a significant problem. The traditional glass bottles, two cans, three-piece cans and Tetra Pak packaging, etc., due to poor security, lack of intuitive and high cost of a range of issues such as weakening the competitiveness of the market and eventually phased out; market, the popular polyester (PET) bottles can not withstand high temperatures can not be high-temperature sterilization; and applied by the special treatment of heat-resistant PET bottles (PET or PET / PEN mixed), in addition to high costs, the hot filling of the large-scale application is also subject to many restrictions. For example: a narrow temperature range of hot filling, bottle storage life span of only 4-6 weeks to recover the high cost of acetaldehyde precipitate caused by chemical pollution.

The just concluded in Guangzhou, China International Packaging Industry Exhibition, the Central Symbol Technologies Group (Hong Kong) displayed by polypropylene (PP) materials, through a special two-way stretch blow molding process can be made of hot-fill and transparent “circum – treasure “bottles, the site attracted more attention beverage manufacturers and great interest in the trial. “Wan Bao” bottles for hot filling non-carbonated beverages.

Hot filling plastic lid, the label can use PP material, and the “ring treasure” bottle to form a unified trinity of recovery system, it will be hot-fill packaging is currently the best, most economical environmental protection system.

“Wan Bao” used in hot-filling bottle non-carbonated beverages, besides solving the long-term environmental requirements, compared to hot-fill PET bottles also have the following advantages: First, the cost lower than the hot-fill PET bottles is about 20-25%; two hot filling temperature range widened to 100 ℃; third is the storage period of the bottle no time limits; fourth bottle free acetaldehyde precipitates long-term use not harmful to health.

With regard to every other issue of oxygen, PET materials, Oxygen-PP materials, the sex ratio is superior, but the PP molding processing compartment through the two-way stretch properties of oxygen greatly improved. Southwest Agricultural University, Food Science Professor Liu Qinjin and others on the bi-oriented PP bottles for the shelf life of tea quality changes in the test results show that: PP hot filling beverage bottles with strict conditions of hot filling filling filled with tea, its shelf life as long as half a year. to “ring treasure” applies to non-carbonated beverage bottles to provide a scientific theory. In Taiwan, the “Ring treasure” has been commercially mass-produced bottles for juice and tea drinks.

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Scientific Explaination: en.wikipedia.org What’s filtered out of the water? www.reverse-osmosis-water-filter-guide.com Use a drinking glass just like the old days… Only Better! FACTS & FAQ’s: It is estimated that over a 70-year lifespan, a person drinking tap or mineral water will be ingesting about 200 to 300 pounds of rock that their body cannot use. While most of these microscopic rock minerals will be eliminated from our bodies regularly, some will be stored in our tissues becoming toxic. The primary culprits are calcium salts and over time they can cause gallstones, kidney stones, bone & joint calcification, arthritis, and hardening and blocking our arteries. The presence of other hard metal minerals (some are radioactive!) is suspected to cause other degenerative diseases as well including eye glaucoma, cataracts, hearing loss, emphysema, diabetes, obesity and cancer. These minerals available, especially in “hard” tapwater, are poorly absorbed, or rejected by cellular tissue sites, and, if not evacuated, their presence may cause arterial obstruction, and internal damage.(Dennison 1993, Muehling 1994, Banik 1989) Distillation systems are comparable in contaminant removal, however since many synthetic chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides and chlorine solutions have boiling points lower than water, these chemicals will vaporize and can be carried over into the product water container actually making the collected purified water even more concentrated in those

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Using Water Bottles As Art

Using Water Bottles As Art

There are many art projects you can engage in by using water bottles. This is a great way to create something beautiful whilst recycling. Encourage your young ones and others to go GREEN with these crafts endeavors.

Lava lamp
All you need are simple materials that can be found in the kitchen or around the house: –

1 transparent bottle with cap
Food coloring
Either vegetable or mineral oil
1 flashlight
Salt or baking soda

First, fill the water bottle with oil, about three quarters and add on water. Leave a little space at the top. The water will descend to the bottom and minute bubbles will emerge. Add a few drops of food coloring, two or more to add dimension. It will take a few moments for the color to merge. Switch on the flashlight and point it to the makeshift lamp. Drop little bits of baking soda or salt into the concoction, and voila, you now have your very own unique home-made lava lamp. To get the same effect later on, attach the cap on the bottle and turn it upside down. A word of caution – do not expose the lava lamp to high temperatures as it can explode.

Water bottle hat
A contraption your children will love.

2 socks with cuffs folded
2 plastic water bottles
2 pieces of aquarium plastic tubing, preferably 42 inches
1 baseball cap

To start off, sew the socks directly unto sides of baseball cap. Discard the bottles’ caps and fill with water. Thrust the plastic tubing through the holes made vacant by the discarded caps and place the bottles in the sock pockets. You can further embellish the water bottle hat with stickers or drawings.

Message in a Bottle
This is a beautiful piece of art that can be tailored for any special occasion.

Empty water bottle
1 sheet of stationery paper
1 cup granulated sugar
Plastic or acrylic jewels, beads and confetti
Marker pen (choice of color is infinite)
Thumbtack or glue

First, make sure that the bottle is clean and free from all labels. Using your marker pen, write a note or poem on the stationery paper. Tie the note with some ribbon, leaving one end and attaching it to the end of the bottle cap using a thumb tack or glue. Set it aside. Pour sugar into the bottle, enough to ensure that the letter is visible in the neck for easy removal. Now, drop the beads, confetti or jewels into the sugar. Carefully, push the note into the neck of the bottle. Make sure that the long end of the ribbon is also in the neck and put in the cap. Decorate your bottle using paint, making your designs as festive as possible.

Recycled garden
A garden made from recycled bottles and other easy to find materials.

Empty 2 liter bottles
Pipe cleaners
Dryer sheets
Drinking straws
Construction paper (various colors)
Popsicle sticks
Cardboard box
Styrofoam bowl (for containing paint)

Fashion flowers out of the dryer sheets, and place them one inside the other. This can be done by dipping each cut flower into a Styrofoam bowl filled with paint. Do not forget to lightly pinch the flowers in the center. Next, wrap the pipe cleaners around the pinched areas and twist to hold the flowers. Fluff the flowers to make them seem alive. To form the stems, slip the pipe cleaners down into the drinking straws. Utilizing the cardboard box as the base, cut out one side and start decorating with construction paper. You can fashion a fence using Popsicle sticks. To hold the flowers in place, cut the bottom of the water bottle and place it upside down into the bottom of the box. For grass, use green construction paper.

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Food With Mineral Water Bottles Can Cause Cancer, The Incidence Of Oil

Food With Mineral Water Bottles Can Cause Cancer, The Incidence Of Oil

6 PS common snack, noodle boxes, can not be heated in a microwave oven, can not install acid, such as orange juice, alkaline substances, can not dress hot food, so as to avoid the release of carcinogenic substances. 7 PC common with bottle, space cup, bottle, etc., these plastic products can not be in the sun exposure, not heating, not to pour boiling water, heated to release the carcinogenic substances.

HC food industry network You know with a mineral water bottle for holding food, oil and other Seasoning Re-use can lead to cancer, the incidence of common sense it? We use every day Plastic bottles Most high-density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, low density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other chemical product manufacturing, manufacturers of these items when in use have different labels, different grades of plastic bottles have different use purposes.

1 PEI is a common mineral water bottles, heat-resistant to 70 easily deformed. 1 bottle use after 10 months may release carcinogens DEHP.

2 HDPE is a common bottle, cleaning supplies, bath products, do not use water storage boxes, can not recycle.

3 PRC common raincoat, building materials, plastic film, Plastic Box And so on. Do not recycle or packaging purposes.

4 common PE cling film, plastic film, high temperatures can release toxic substances, it can enter the body with food after the cause of breast cancer, neonatal birth defects and other diseases, not to put food into the microwave with plastic wrap.

5 PP common milk bottles, yogurt bottles, Juice Drink bottles, lunch boxes and other microwave ovens, melting point up to 167 , can be reused after careful cleaning, some microwave meal box body to manufacture 5 PP, but the lid is to 1, PE manufacturing. Since PE can not withstand high temperatures, it can not be placed in a microwave oven box body.

6 PS common snack, Instant noodles Box, can not be placed in the microwave heating, can not install acid, as orange juice, alkaline substances, can not dress hot food, so as to avoid the release of carcinogenic substances.

7 PC common with kettle, space cup, bottle, etc., these plastic products can not be in the sun exposure, not heating, not to pour boiling water, heated to release the carcinogenic substances.

Liu Lifang told reporters, plastics No. 1 and use our regular contact, some people do not know the knowledge, use mineral water bottles for holding food, oil and other seasonings, so repeated use can lead to cancer incidence. Toxicity is most critical to 3,6 and 7 plastic containers, with the bottles into more dangerous foods on the human body. CPPCC member Liu Lifang

City to enforce the proposed increase use of plastic products, access to food law enforcement system, in particular, cooked foods increase the food with the mandatory use of QS logo Plastic bags Packaging law enforcement to ensure that the cooked food packaging Dalian quality and safety aspects. Adhere to long-term propaganda, calling on the proper use of a variety of plastic products, and to consciously use Environmental protection Bags, plastic bags from the root to resist the use of ultra-thin. Set up telephone hotlines, and launch reward systems. Processed by the public to report the black point of a verified law enforcement officers can scale a certain amount of reward to be an informer.

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