Credible Rajasthan Tours in Incredible India

Credible Rajasthan Tours in Incredible India

Once known as ‘Rajputana’, Rajasthan embodies Orientalism to the hilt. The sustained influence of Rajput dominance in the region since 700 AD has left indelible impression on the culture and traditions of Rajasthan. The largest state of India with the Pink City of Jaipur as its capital, Rajasthan is mostly a desert state and covers most of the Great Indian Desert or Thar Desert. The glory and richness of its colorful traditions and customs and spectacular monuments are evidences of the royal patronage that was once extended to arts, crafts, literature and architecture in all their forms in this region.

A perfect tourist destination, Rajasthan has immense tourism potential with its heritage accommodations, awe-inspiring forts and palaces, colorful arts and crafts, hidden gems of rural Rajasthan, scenic desert landscapes, and lush green wildlife sanctuaries and national parks where a number of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna can be seen. Camel and horse safaris, multi-cuisine kitchen, exotic fairs & festivals, and folk music and dance forms of Rajasthan are cherished and admired world over. Rajasthan Tours often revolve around one or more of these themes. Palace on Wheels is one of the most luxurious tour options to explore the royal cities of Rajasthan by train, and is amongst the top 10 luxury trains of the world.

Offering impeccable hospitality and a great variety of travel experiences, the heroism and romance of its folklores add a haunting era to its formidable forts that are mostly situated on hill-tops where they stand to this day as mute but majestic sentinels of the city they served. A fantasy destination for foreign tourists, Rajasthan presents the best of natural and man-made creations. The rapidly changing landscapes and panoramas as you tour around Rajasthan along with fantastic architectural and historical legacies strewn around the ‘Land of Kings’ will leave your jaw hanging.

On one hand, you will find amazing variety of wildlife here that flourishes in its lush green forests with excellent tiger trails and birds that have chosen wetlands of Rajasthan as their home and on the other hand, you will find spectacular sand dunes, stretches of golden sands and camels in the backdrop of the oldest mountain ranges of India known as Aravalli Hills. The vibrant attires of men and women; incredible frescoes brackets that adorn its Havelies or mansions; ornate brackets, pillars, ceilings and delicate screens of its palaces and temples; world-famous tie and dye fabrics and carpets; and various forms of Rajasthani paintings that are worthy of an art connoisseur’s collection speak volumes about the profusion of colors in the state and indomitable human zeal that is infectious and enliven up barren surroundings.

Well-maintained roads and good network of railways that crisscross the state connecting cities and towns, makes sure that traveling in Rajasthan is much more fun, easy and simple. A special interest holiday destination, Rajasthan is a feast for all your senses. The customs and traditions has helped the state to retain its old-world charm and tales of bygone era often find their way in the performances of local artists – through songs, music, dance, plays or puppet shows. Even the most skeptical travelers cannot remain untouched by the eternal magic of Rajasthan and find themselves lost in the beauty of the state.

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