Bottle openers that help ailing people with easy opening solutions

Bottle openers that help ailing people with easy opening solutions


Kitchen tools are an integral part of every house hold and these are very important for the day to day activities. One such tool is an opener which is an essential kitchen entity that is used by people of all ages whether young or old. Every one wants to enjoy a nice drink but the only thing that separates your thirst and the drink bottle is the tightly sealed cap which is tough to tackle bare handedly. Hence comes in the usage of an opener, but many openers require a lot of effort when it comes to opening metal caps, plastic caps etc. Also opening cans is a difficult thing to undertake for most people.


Therefore keeping this factor in mind easy to open solutions have now been introduced in the market which are very easy to handle as per they require only little force. These openers have features that are up beat and stand apart from the rest. These openers can be used on a variety of containers, bottles, cans quickly, safely and with ease without any efforts. Especially designed and created in a way to serve those people who need extra force to open with ease most of the different variety of containers around the market.


Openers with easy to use properties are also referred to as assistive devices as they help people with medical conditions to fulfill household chores successfully. Hence patients who suffer from debilitating conditions can also enjoy a nice cool drink without having to take any second persons help.


This is also an arthritis aid as older people usually suffer with this condition that makes their joints almost futile. Hence opening any container or bottle can be a very painful procedure for these people. But with these special openers everything seems just too easy and flexible. Apart from that these bottle openers have a 3 in 1 utility as they can open all kinds of bottle caps and cans including pop-ups, tin caps, screw of tops and is also magnetic in property so this means that you have the benefit of sticking it around any area of your house be it you refrigerator, car or any other metal panel. So wherever you are or for whatever purpose you this ergonomic and durable opener, this device can go a long way in keeping you happy and satisfied as a customer whenever the need arises without fail.



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How To Give Your Refrigerator A Good Once A Month Cleaning

How To Give Your Refrigerator A Good Once A Month Cleaning

I must admit, cleaning out my refrigerator and giving it a good cleaning once a month is one of my least favorite household chores. However, if you get organized and get into a routine when doing it, it should become easier.

Cleaning Supplies Needed:

2 Buckets
Hot Water
Mild Hand washing Dish Soap
Clean Sponge
1 box of baking soda

The first thing you need to do is fill up your kitchen sink with warm soapy water and clean off your kitchen countertops. Remove all food and beverage items from your refrigerator and place on your countertop. Turn your appliance off . Remove racks, trays and drawers, place them into the sink to soak.

Fill up your clean bucket with semi-hot water and hand dishwashing soap. Using a clean sponge, wipe down the inside of your refrigerator, being careful to not slop water all over the place. If needed, use a plastic scouring pad to remove any stuck on food debris. Using a clean wet sponge or damp cloth, go over the inside of your refrigerator with plain water, just to rinse any remaining soap. Once you are done scrubbing the inside, take a clean cotton towel and dry it out.

Your next stop is to scrub down your racks, trays and drawers that have been soaking in the sink. Use a plastic scouring pad if needed to remove stubborn food debris. Rinse with clean water and set aside to air dry.

Fill up your bucket again with hot soapy water and scrub down the outside of your refrigerator…don’t forget to get the top. Take a clean damp sponge over it to rinse any soap that you left behind and dry with a clean cotton towel.

Place your racks, trays and drawers back inside your refrigerator. Turn the power back on. Take a clean and wet dishcloth and wipe down any containers or jars that might have sticky food debris on them. You want to really check out those sticky condiment bottles and jars. Place all your food and beverage items back into your refrigerator.

Now that it’s all clean, partially open a fresh box of baking soda and place inside on your middle rack, this will help to keep odors to the minimum.

I personally like to give my refrigerator an overall inside and out cleaning once a month. If you have a large family, you might have to do it more often. If you find that you need something stronger than just hot soapy water, I recommend a mixture of vinegar and water (1 cup of white vinegar mixed with 1 1/2 gallons of water.)

Shelly Hill has been working from home since 1989 in Direct Sales and is a Manager with Tupperware. You can visit Shelly online at: or her recipe blog at:

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How to teach your child learn to save money?

How to teach your child learn to save money?

How to teach your child learn to save money?The ability to handle personal finances by saving money and budgeting is a skill beneficial to most everyone. When children learn at an early age to save and spend money wisely, they are likely to do the same as adults.Here are ideas to help teach kids the skills of saving and budgeting money. Best Financial Advice – Financial Planning |
Give Young Children an Allowance
An easy way to begin teaching money saving skills to young children is to give them an allowance. You might want to base this on completion of some easy household chores. For young children, choose as small amount of money that they receive often, such as weekly.

Set Up Money Saving Containers
To help young children learn to save money, provide them with several savings containers, labeled with their savings goals. Small plastic jars work well. Try giving your kids their allowance in small denomination coins such as nickels and dimes, or even pennies, to make division between the savings jars easier.

Explain the Concept of Saving Money to Kids
Once your young child’s allowance is established, explain the concept of dividing up her or his money, allowing it to accumulate for savings goals. It works well to physically show children how this works with a handful of change and the labeled jars.

Help Young Children Choose Savings Categories
Once young kids understand how saving money works and how they can benefit, they are often eager to get started. Help your children choose a couple items or activities as savings goals, that aren’t too different.

You might also want to establish a mandatory category with a set amount of savings. For example, gifts for brothers or sisters, Sunday school offerings etc. Even a small percentage, maybe a nickel or dime out of each dollar of allowance can go a long ways in teaching values such as generosity and discipline.

Encourage Kids Money Saving Efforts
As young children are learning how to save and budget money, positive feedback for their successes is important. Stay involved with your child’s money saving efforts, even if you think the items or activity being saved for is trivial or worthless.

Reward Young Children’s Money Saving Efforts
Create money saving games to share with young kids to make the activity more fun for them. For instance, you might have one day a week in which you reward them with surprise small amounts of money for extra help they do on their own around the house. Or a money matching game in which you match their accumulated savings towards a more expensive goal.

Allow Young Kids to Blow Some of Their Allowances
Most of us like to spend some money impulsively at times. Young savers are likely to enjoy saving money more if they also spend some on unplanned activities and items. Allowing your kids the fun of blowing their allowances sometimes will help encourage them to save as well

Best Financial AdviceFinancial Planning | to help you improve your personal finances, get out of debt, invest, make money, save money, plan for retirement, and give you financial help and advice.

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