The Advantage of Water Coolers Over Bottled Water

The Advantage of Water Coolers Over Bottled Water

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink! That probably sums up the need for pure, clean and a ‘continuous’ source of water. Over the years, the business of providing safe and clean water has improved a lot and is now much more sophisticated. Gone are the days, when you had to worry about delivery service of your standard bottled water. You could now get it through plumbed in water coolers. There are a number of service providers who help you to install a hassle free plumbing system, so that you drink clean and pure water straight from the tap.

Water coolers come in different shapes and sizes. Right from you simple wall mounted water cooler, to the sophisticated plumbed in water coolers that dispense hot or cold water instantly. When it comes to quality, bottled waters cannot match the water coolers. These manage to efficiently, remove the contaminants in water. They taste great as well. Most water cooler manufacturers use the latest technology to ensure that water is cleaned of not only impurities but also remove the taste and odor of chemicals that are generally found in tap water. Not only hygienic, water coolers are safe from the environmental aspect as well. Haven’t we all heard about the ill effects of plastic? Imagine drinking water from a plastic container all through the day! And what about the delivery service of these bottled water suppliers! Well, the less said the better. These are at most time unreliable.

Bottled water is also expensive when compared to the cost of installing water coolers. Installing a water cooler, or a plumbed in water cooler is a onetime cost in comparison to the recurring cost of bottled water.

Installing a water cooler in your office is probably the best thing you could do to boost productivity as water is believed to increase concentration. No wonder providing access to clean and uninterrupted supply of water is a legal obligation imposed by the law on offices. If you are looking to install a water cooler in your office, you could choose from a wide range of office water coolers. These are also space savers unlike the bottled water which is a huge space consumer. With a water cooler you don’t have to worry about a place to store those huge space consuming water bottles. Also, you could avoid mishaps that usually occur when refilling or carrying bottled water. Some companies even allow you to personalize your water cooler, by fixing your company logo on them.

So if you are looking to install a water cooler in your home, office or school, just go ahead without thinking twice. These are certainly economical, safe and clean in comparison with bottled water.

With national coverage, Water-Splash can offer you the plumbed in water coolers to suit your requirements, from a budget to designer water cooler for 5 to 500 people. Hot option cooler with hot water at 94c is hot enough to infuse a tea bag. Established for eight years, they are now one of the premier suppliers in the UK.

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If you know me, then you know that I LOVE making handmade gifts for xmas. This year I made a pocket wallet out of recycled blue jeans and loved it so much that I wanted to make everyone in my (Southern) family one for xmas. Here’s a sneak peek for those of you who are getting one from me this year! Enjoy! ♥ ♥ ♥ Materials: _old blue jeans and the pockets without holes, etc. _scissors (I used 2 pairs, 1 small pair for cutting the hole in the middle and 1 large pair for cutting around the pockets) _acrylic paint _hot glue _velcro _foam alphabets, flowers, etc. _old plastic bottles (optional, I used them for drying the pockets) _old plastic bottle tops (optional, I used them for the paint) _old printer paper or newspaper (I used for painting to protect my desk top)

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Get the Help from Samsung Blue Earth in Getting the Message Across

Get the Help from Samsung Blue Earth in Getting the Message Across

As parents, we all hope for a better world for our children to live in the future. But with the concerns on global warming, fuel, water and food production shortages and other environment related concerns, it is hard to imagine what kind of world we will be leaving our children with.

An unlikely ally is the Samsung Blue Earth. Produced by the Korean company Samsung, the Blue Earth is a touch screen phone that is looking to reduce energy consumption and waste. It is made of recycled plastic derived from water bottles and comes with solar panels that allow you to recharge while using it on the go. It provides not just convenience but also savings on conventional energy consumption. Should you need to recharge after the sun has retired for the night, a wall charger that is 5 star certified as energy efficient is provided.

The interface reminds us to further save on energy by switching on eco mode to dim the back lights when the phone is on standby. It is easily accessible at the home screen. It also comes in recyclable packaging materials that also use bio-derived soybean oil as ink for printing.

Child Friendly

If you would really have to give your child a mobile phone, despite warnings of its ill-effects on children’s sleeping habits, social behavior and over-all health, the Samsung Blue Earth is the best choice. This mobile phone, including the charger, is free of harmful and toxic substances such as Beryllium, Phthalate and Brominated Flame Retardants, that are commonly used in electronic gadgets.

But the mobile phone could not be likened to a child’s plaything. It is packed with features expected of the modern-day smart phone that goes beyond the call and text messaging functionalities. It can in fact be your phone for either personal of business use.

A Way to the Future

Industry insiders and technology researchers are saying that the future of mobile phones belongs to the touch screens. Let me also add that the best way to the future of touch screens is by the green path. Yes sir, the Samsung trailblazes the way to more sustainable electronic gadget use by tapping on renewable energy technology as a main feature of the mobile phone. We hope that other manufacturers follow the way and do it sooner. For parents like me, this is good news as I see a cleaner and more sustainable future for my children should industries behave this way.

Giving the Right Message

Efforts by mobile phone manufacturers and other technology companies are still few. But the springing out of a few green phones and technologies are definitely an improvement. Technology has often been perceived to be synonymous with waste. Electronic gadgets, including the colossal desktops, are usually left behind in favor of new shiny, sleeker and more “high-tech” models, even if they are still functional and does the job that we generally require. And energy consumption rise everytime we add another functionality into our gadgets.

It would be good to start sending out the message both to companies and the young people by patronizing items and technologies that are designed with our environment’s well-being in mind.

To see what Samsung Blue Earth contracts are available you can take a look at Moby1. They allow you to compare all the latest mobile phone deals for the Blue Earth and many other phones, and they have mobile reviews so you can learn more about a phone you may be thinking about buying.

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