Vintage perfume atomizers- How to spot genuine vintage perfume bottles

Vintage perfume atomizers- How to spot genuine vintage perfume bottles

Vintage perfume bottles and its growing popularity as collection pieces are also inspiring some type of fraud. There are many people who create imitations of vintage perfume bottles because of its hefty value. However, there are some special markings and features of a genuine vintage perfume bottle that can be identified to avoid such.

Materials are very important pieces of any merchandise. In the case of vintage perfume bottles, crystal lead should be the most genuine of all its materials. However, there are also some genuine vintage perfume bottles that are made from porcelain, this is especially true it these are from the Eastern side.

Features are still very essential. These features include the different elements in the bottle itself. There are many features of modern perfume bottles that are very different from vintage perfume bottles. Some of these include how the perfume is dispensed as well as the bottles’ own design.

One of the most notable features of a vintage perfume bottle is the glass dauber stub. This is for dabbing larger areas with perfume. Say, you would be applying perfume at the lower part of the dress. If bottles have this type of top, then, there is a high probability of its originality.

Another important feature of vintage perfume bottles is the cork stub, since it keeps the perfume from spilling in case of topple. These cork stubs also keeps the top tight in place. One other feature of vintage perfume bottles are glass dip sticks. These are the sticks that are inside the bottle, used to apply in specific areas. Thus, spot application of the perfume. Just like modern perfume bottles that have a stick in the middle, their vintage counterparts have these also, only with different purpose. One was for dipping, the other as siphon for spraying.

Among the important features include the atomizer cushion which helps spray the perfume. Almost all depiction of vintage perfume bottles are with this type of cushion. Even in cartoons, perfumes are depicted in such light. Check on the materials used for the cushion and keep in mind that plastic is not yet used during that time. Any hint of plastic in the materials may mean that the bottle is fake or refurbished.

The Vintage perfume atomizers also have a difference in it. Usual modern perfume bottles have stable bases. However, some vintage perfume bottles are made to be asymmetrical that is why it cannot sand on its own. Some bases cannot stand on its own and is meant to lie down.

Perhaps the most important sign of a vintage perfume bottle is the sign at the bottom of the bottle. These usually have some type of emblem that id etched at the bottom. Check whether it has a right spelling and that these are some known brands back then. This increases the value of the vintage perfume bottle.

Make sure that you keep these in mind so that you would avoid spending on imitations and fake vintage perfume bottles.

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