Plastic Mold Of The Basic Knowledge And Technology

Plastic Mold Of The Basic Knowledge And Technology

Our daily production and life to the various tools used and products, large machine tool base, body shell, an embryo as small screws, buttons and various household appliances in the shell, are all closely with the mold relationship. The shape of the mold determines the shape of these products, the quality and precision mold processing also determines the quality of these products. Materials for various products, appearance, size and use of different mold into the casting mold, forging mold, die casting mold, stamping mold and other non-plastic mold, plastic mold.


Recent years, with the rapid development of plastics industry and general and engineering plastics in the strength and precision, continuous improvement, the application of plastic products is also expanding, such as: home appliances, toys, construction equipment, automotive industry and many other fields, the proportion of plastic products is rapidly increasing. A well-designed plastic parts can often replace the more traditional metal parts. Household products plastic industrial products and the rising trend.

 General definition of mold: in industrial production, with a variety of presses and presses installed in a dedicated tool, the pressure of a metal or non-metallic materials the shape of the required parts or products, this special tool referred to as mold.

Injection molding process Description: Mold is a tool for the production of plastic products. It consists of several groups of components parts, the portfolio contribution has Type Modular cavity. Injection, the mold clamping in injection molding machine, molten plastic is injected into the molding cavity, and cooling in the cavity shape, and then die down to separate out the system through the top products from the top of the left mold cavity, the final mold is closed again for the next injection, the injection molding process is carried out cycle.

Die general categories: can be divided into plastic molds and non-plastic mold:

(1) non-plastic molds are: casting mold, forging mold, stamping mold, die casting mold.

A. Casting mold?? Faucet, cast iron platform

B. Forging die?? Auto body

C. Stamping die?? Computer panel

D. Die Casting?? Super alloys, cylinder block

(2) plastic mold production technology and production according to the different products are divided into:

A. Injection Molding?? TV cabinet, keyboard button (the most common)

B. Blowing mold?? Drink bottles

C. Compression Molding?? Bakelite switch, science bowl dish

D. Transfer Molding?? IC products

E. Extrusion Die?? Glue tubes, plastic bags

F. Hot Forming Die?? Transparent shell molding packaging

G. Rotation Molding?? Soft doll toy

Plastic Injection Molding is the most commonly used method. This method is suitable for all thermoplastic and thermoset parts, obtained large quantities of plastic products is unmatched by other molding methods, injection molding process as one of the main injection mold, precision in quality, manufacturing cycle and the injection molding process in terms of the level of production efficiency, directly affect the product quality, yield, cost and product updates, but also determines the competition in the market responsiveness and speed.

injection mold by a number of steel plates with the composition of the various parts, the basic divided into:

A molding device (die, punch)

B positioning device (guide posts, guide sleeve)

C fixtures (H board, code-mode pits)

D cooling system (carrying water hole)

E constant temperature system (heat pipe, the heater)

F flow system (pump Tsui hole, flow tank, flow holes)

G ejection system

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