Brand Makers: Jeff McLemore

Jeff McLemore 
Vice president of North America marketing at Sunsweet Growers Inc.

What should you do before making that first call to a package design agency?
Know your consumer and understand your brand in a way that is reflected in the design.

What are the top three criteria you use to select design firms?

1 Strategic approach

2 Graphic capabilities

3 Innovative ideas

What are your top methods for discovering design agencies?
Researching the top agencies coupled with recommendations from key industry trend setters. Positive past experience with agencies is certainly a good barometer as well.

How strongly should a brand weigh an agency’s client list?
It’s important from the standpoint of showing positive history with other quality brands, but it doesn’t necessarily impact the whole decision.

What are your pet peeves when working with design agencies?

1 Assuming they know everything about the brand

2  Lack of communication on keeping up with market and consumer trends

3  Conforming too often with old ways and templates used in the past

How would you classify your relationship with design agencies?
We feel it’s important that we balance the strategic company direction with outside perspective on the best approach for us. Our agencies would be classified as a junior partner based on our structure and approach to our business. We consider our firms to certainly be partners and have regular strategic meetings to understand our company and brand direction. 

What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had with a design firm?
The worst is when you’re in a situation leading direction without getting any market insight from the agency. We definitely battled this with a past agency several years ago, and it really let the brand stagnate.

How do you screen agencies to make sure that they won’t commit these pet peeves?
A good discussion about strategic approach is the best way to avoid potential issues. In addition, starting with a smaller project is a way to get an understanding of a new agency’s process.

What are the top three criteria you use to select structural design firms?

1 Understanding of objectives of a particular project

2  Understanding of packing capabilities

3   Innovative ideas

Please describe your “dream” design agency?
My dream agency’s understanding of Sunsweet Growers’ objectives, competitive marketplace and consumers would lead to innovation and dynamic ideas to help grow our brand.

What are the top three characteristics of great design firms?

1          Strategic understanding of your brand

2          Understanding your packing and manufacturing capabilities

3          Innovation in both design and structure

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Awards program announced for modified atmosphere packaging technology





Posted by Rick Lingle, Technical Editor — Packaging Digest, 5/29/2013 4:59:58 PM

MAP AwardsDansensor, a worldwide supplier of high-quality gas instrumentation and quality control equipment for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology, will give special recognition this year to food producers, packaging machinery manufacturers, universities or anyone else who develops innovative ideas in applying MAP technology.


In December the company will select Fresh Thinking Awards recipients for the best new ideas in two categories:

  • The Fresh Thinking Innovation Award will go to a recipient who uses MAP technology in a new and imaginative way, one that improves package durability, increases consumer safety, or delivers fresher produce – or to a recipient who introduces a completely new type of MAP innovation.
  • The Fresh Thinking Green Award will go to a recipient who uses MAP technology in in the most innovative and efficient way to minimise waste in materials, packaging and gas consumption – especially in support of the EU’s Stop Food Waste initiative.


“We’ve based the Dansensor brand on the concept of fresh thinking, which is our ability to help food producers use MAP technology in innovative ways to ensure product quality, cut raw material costs and reduce packaging and food waste,” says Karsten Kejlhof, sales and marketing director for Dansensor. “We know from experience that our customers are a tremendous source of new ideas in these areas, and the Fresh Thinking Awards are our way of giving them the recognition they deserve.”


Those with an innovative and/or green idea within MAP technology are urged to email the company at


Source: Dansensor








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The Benefits of Promotional Stainless Steel Water Bottles

The Benefits of Promotional Stainless Steel Water Bottles

In the course of a year, 38 billion water bottles are piled up in lifeless landfills across the world. To stay out of harms way, we need to stop burying our problems in our backyard. Instead, we must move forward with innovative ideas and eco-friendly alternatives to the growing problems associated with pollution and waste. With the adoption of promotional stainless steel water bottles in your life, the world is getting one step closer to its sustainable goal.

While many of the benefits of custom stainless steel water bottles pertain to environmentally friendly living, there are other important perks to be explored. Switching to promotional stainless steel sports bottles leads to a healthy earth and a healthy you. Typical plastic water bottles and nalgene containers can contain traces of the synthetic chemical Bisphtnol (BPA) that interferes with your body’s natural hormonal messaging system. New developments are discovered each day but none of them give the green light to plastic water bottles. Instead, people are urged to use promotional stainless steel water bottles that are BPA-free. These great custom BPA-free water bottles were created to keep their users healthy and encourage healthy living habits for the sake of our earth.

In an effort to make custom stainless steel sports bottles attractive to all, many special features and personalizations have been made available. Options like, attached promotional carabiners, built-in straws and an assortment of designs allow all parties to customize their ideal promotional stainless steel sports bottles. Some brand names have even created stainless steel sippy-cups for children. Raising children with fears of global warming can be constructive, but instilling an appreciation of the earth and providing children with alternatives, like custom stainless steel sports bottles is best way to ensure a green future in our world.

Using promotional stainless steel water bottles for promotional awareness events will help people to remember your environmentally friendly business’ name. These custom stainless steel water bottles are eco-friendly, pose no harm to you and come in many different styles, making it hard to believe that they’re also cost effective. But consider the amount of water bottles you personally consume in a day, have you contributed to the billions of water bottle trash each year? With custom stainless steel sports bottles, you’re encouraging sustainable living and giving your company the brand recognition it deserves.

Motivators offers a variety of products ranging from promotional stainless steel sports bottles to logo stress balls. Whether it’s a great tradeshow giveaway or fun promotional keychains that you need, Motivators Promotional Products will please every customer.

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