Different kinds of bottle labeler

Different kinds of bottle labeler

Being easy to use, bottle label dispenser working is completely managed by the computer. The bottle labeler machine is created with the use of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. It includes a memory capacity of 10 sets and offers corrosion-free performance. Self adhesive is use for complete or partial drape in the region of labeling on diverse sizes of round container.

It is capable to label up to 150 containers in a minute which completely depends on the products and label size. It is also able to do things like label round, elliptical, even, four-sided figure containers with single and double side labeling. Complete automatic labeling machines are specially used for thin diameter containers and also for bottles which are of cylindrical in shape.

Bottles are fed into the machine by using hand and the operative drags the lever which kicks off the labeling cycle. These machines are almost used in all companies which are in profession like in cosmetics, electronics, health care, FMCG, farming, Food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and distribution.

Bottle Labeling machines are appropriate for bottles labeling of diverse forms, dimension and material such as glass and plastic. There are three different kinds of bottle label applicator together with, Wrap-around front and back and Top/bottom.  

Wrap-around labeling machine is appropriate for only the bottles which are round in shape with unlike specifications. By means of a changeable railing, and a hand wheel to fiddle with the size of the applicator, the machine has the capacity to apply label of diverse size. It is able to work as a self-regulating machine or as an element of a making or assembly line.

Front and back labeling machines are appropriate for front and back labels applying of labels on different shapes like plane, round, elliptical, four-sided figure shape containers with amount produced up to 120 labels in a minute which again depends on the size and the product itself. This helps you to save a lot of time, also keeps away from machine-down time and is able to attain superior production levels. This machine is preservation free, easy to use, and protected in opposition to voltage fluctuations and appropriate for on-line Inkjet and Contact Coding system. It is completely made out of stainless steel finish.

It does not necessitate label statistics input. This labeling machine has a stature of 8mm and measurement lengthwise of 12mm with turn round diameter of 300/400 mm. It encompasses a power of 1.5 amplifiers with conveyor tallness of 850-940 mm.

When purchasing a labeling machine it is supposed to be accessible, repairs free, altering parts, power use, down time, negative response, efficiency, excellence, Performance, dependability and Technology, after sale service. Labeling machine with low down preservation raise the life span of machine and as well put aside the precious time and expenses of company.

Bottle labeler machine is certainly a time saving and user friendly and it is the best solution for labeling bottles and bottle label applicators. Please visit http://www.bottle-labeler.com to learn more about the methods and applications of bottle labeler.

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Various Kinds of Packaging

Various Kinds of Packaging

Every product whether electronic, consumer good, furniture or other, needs packaging. Packing is done to protect the product as well as it is an excellent marketing scheme for selling.

Basically there are protective, flexible and custom packaging. In protective one, great care is taken for the product, as generally it is either very expensive or fragile. So you will have to depend upon this for safe transportation of the product. Here weather, extremes of temperature along with other things are taken into account.

Pouches, bags and wraps are considered under flexible packaging. It is very helpful in reducing waste. Owing to this and other reasons, flexible packaging industry has become very big in USA.

Custom packaging is done as per the requirements of the customer. Client get this done on the basis of their marketing plan as well as kind of product. Actual creativity is shown in this type of packaging. This include attractive color, printing, labels, product related designing and more.

Basic kinds of Packaging

Film Packaging
Many kinds of films are used for packing different products. Like blister film packaging is used in pharmaceutical, medical as well as for consumer good. It is a very tough packaging that not only protects the product inside but it also displays it clearly for buyer to purchase it. Then there are shrink wrap packaging in which the film holds the product tightly after heat it, anti fog films, anti static films, barrier films and so on. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films is the chief material used in these film. In addition to this polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyolefin are also used extensively.

Plastic Boxes
Most of the grocery and dairy items are packed in different kinds of plastic boxes and plastic films. You will find curd, yogurt, juices etc in the smart plastic packaging. Also any item that needs to be transported is packed in plastic boxes.

Thermocol Packaging
Thermocol packaging is done for the consumer good such as electronics. TV, refrigerator, iron, washing machines are packed with thermocol in cardboard boxes as these protect these act as shock absorber.

Textile Packaging
Textile packaging is done for the automobiles during their transportation. Also the custom made packaging is done for this and it is really very effective from shock absorbing point of view. Generally textile inserts are used that are fit into metal containers.

Foam Packaging
Foam of varied thickness is used in the form of plain sheets as well as rolls for packing purposes. Goods are wrapped in foam packaging and these are also insert in the corner of the packed material. Sharp edges of the furniture is generally protected during travelling with foam packaging.

Check out b2b marketplace for all kinds of packaging films and industry information.

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